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Student Apprenticeship Programs Open Doors To Manufacturing Jobs
May 4, 6:14 AM: But the pre-apprenticeships have an even bigger impact on the students at Synergy Alternative High School, which serves students who are struggling in traditional academic environments.
Two Fairfield County charter schools put on probation
May 3, 5:35 AM: Vowing that the days of rubber-stamping charter school renewals are over, the state Board of Education put both a Bridgeport and Stamford charter school on probation Wednesday.
Two local charter schools recommended for probation
May 1, 5:25 AM: State education officials are recommending shorter leashes for all four charter schools up for renewal this week. Two, New Beginnings Family Academy in Bridgeport and Stamford Academy are being recommended for probation >
New digital academy accepting all Norwalk students
May 1, 5:01 AM: The academy was the brainchild of Karl and three other veteran teachers who wanted to create a collaborative space among students and teachers involved in the school’s journalism and media courses.
Most GOP candidates for governor call for school choice
Apr 20, 5:24 AM: Republican candidates for governor took a page out of their national counterparts’ playbook when they addressed education for the first time in a debate.
New London shows off its magnet schools, works to attract more state funding
Apr 6, 7:12 AM: Thursday’s magnet school showcase was a chance for parents and their kids to explore the district’s magnet school options and for New London to highlight its work to become the state's first all-magnet school district. >
Letter: Too many unanswered questions about charter school proposal
Mar 22, 6:13 AM: I am a Danbury parent and taxpayer and proud supporter of the Danbury Public Schools. I am strongly opposed to a privately managed charter school in Danbury. We need and deserve local oversight for public schools, and yes >
Mary Wilke: Voucher bill doesn’t help all children
Mar 19, 5:48 AM: If you had $1 million and could use it to either improve your local public school for the benefit of all of its students or pay for a handful of students to attend private school, what would you do? The current school >
Report: Charter schools struggle to pay for inadequate facilities
Mar 19, 5:39 AM: Unlike traditional schools, PACE Career Academy, a charter high school in Allenstown, doesn’t have a prep kitchen, a band room, or athletic fields. Instead, it rents space at the Suncook Business Park in Allenstown, and >
School choice lets wealthy families gentrify neighborhoods, avoid local schools
Mar 19, 4:30 AM: When school choice is limited, lower-income communities with fewer people of color are more likely to see an influx of affluent residents. With additional school choice options, that relationship reverses.
Dozens come out to support, question Danbury charter school proposal
Mar 16, 5:45 AM: Dozens of local parents, teachers, nonprofit leaders and elected officials came out for and against the proposed Danbury Prospect Charter School at a state hearing in Danbury on Thursday night.
Proposed charter school draws mixed reaction
Mar 16, 5:00 AM: The proposal of a new charter school in Norwalk received enthusiastic support from advocates of school choice at a public hearing Wednesday night. But the district and several residents who fear it might disrupt recent >
New charter school proposed in Norwalk
Mar 13, 4:32 AM: A Bronx-based outfit has proposed a new charter school for Norwalk. Schools for Excellence, which also has a school in Stamford, said it intends to help close achievement gaps among students.
Danbury school board leaders discuss chater school application
Mar 1, 7:24 AM: Local school board members are both interested in and skeptical of a proposal for a public charter school in Danbury that will be reviewed by state education leaders this spring.
School choice lottery a mystery for parents as desegregation efforts wane
Feb 28, 5:58 AM: Kaydeann Cameron for the last four years has entered her children in the state-run lottery that determines which students will attend a high-performing magnet school in the Hartford region.
An innovative approach to education comes to Shelton
Feb 27, 7:43 AM: From unconventional seating to its collaborative approach, the School of Innovation is Shelton’s attempt to shake things up.
Suit Challenges Sheff Magnet-School Lottery Process
Feb 19, 9:38 AM: The lawsuit, filed in federal court on behalf of eight Hartford families, also charges that a policy of leaving magnet-school seats empty rather than admit minority students on wait lists runs afoul of constitutional >
Board rejects legislature’s budget for more charter school funding
Feb 15, 6:45 AM: Adding insult to injury for the public school advocates, the legislature’s two-year budget next year will send charter schools another $7.1 million. It will increase charter school enrollment and pay for an additional $250 >
Democratic Lawmakers: Fight To Close Achievement Gap Must Go On
Jan 19, 7:31 AM: Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy says the State Supreme Court decision on the state’s landmark education funding case should not stop policymakers from continuing to look for ways to close the achievement gap. >
Charter school parents sound off
Jan 19, 7:29 AM: State Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff and several other panelists came under fire from charter school advocates during a forum Thursday evening on changes Connecticut’s Education Cost Sharing formula.



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