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Some students will stay home in the fall. School districts have to figure out how to teach them.
Jun 29, 5:48 AM: But many school districts are also beginning to plan for a whole other world of teaching and learning — the all-virtual experience that students who stay home for medical or other reasons will need, and that some share of >
Achievement gaps for English learners linger, troubling CT’s first Hispanic education chief
Jun 18, 7:31 AM: Bridgeport is at the epicenter of the state’s failure to narrow its largest-in-the-U.S. achievement gap between English learners and their classmates. And unless something changes, most of these students are not expected >
Opinion: It’s time to fund Danbury Prospect charter school
Jun 4, 8:04 AM: In recent years, our city’s economy has boomed and our community has flourished. Families have flocked to Danbury and we value those from every background. We welcome new residents with open arms because we know that each >
Opinion: What if the coronavirus could change high school for the better?
Jun 2, 6:08 AM: As we piece together what the new normal might look like in our high schools, we should take advantage of this disruption to reconfigure the many moving parts that have been used as excuses for maintaining the status >
With thousands of students not logging on for online learning and others struggling to learn from home, Connecticut educators look to combat the ‘corona slide’
May 18, 6:51 AM: Schools officials are anticipating the onset of the “corona slide" — a learning loss similar to the annual “summer slide" phenomena, in which students regress academically during school vacation, only worse. >
Online or in person, no easy course for colleges in the fall
May 18, 6:03 AM: Last week, the higher education subcommittee of Gov. Ned Lamont’s Reopen CT Task Force issued a report recommending a phased reopening of the state’s colleges. It would, at the school’s discretion,  start with >
Opinion: In National Charter Schools Week, let’s address educational inequities
May 14, 5:45 AM: During this difficult time, I have been inspired by the creativity and commitment the Connecticut charter community has shown in serving its students and communities. We are in an unprecedented pandemic, and Connecticut’s >
Will extra education aid go to remedy learning lost from school closures – or close budget holes?
Apr 24, 6:05 AM: During the last recession, public schools across Connecticut shed nearly 1,300 jobs. More than half of those positions were held by teachers and the instructional specialists they work with.
Opinion: Addressing gaps on new education landscape
Apr 22, 7:26 AM: The days of just checking boxes versus digging deep and setting a high bar that must be met are over. Due to the epidemic, Gov. Ned Lamont recently waived the 180-day requirement for schools. While these decisions are >
Internet access, attendance among distance learning challenges
Apr 20, 5:51 AM: Internet access is the new school bus to transport students to online classes and is the focal point of ensuring all students have equal access to education. That’s especially difficult for low-income families who have >
Some kids with disabilities can’t learn at home. Parents and advocates want to know: what’s the plan?
Apr 15, 7:00 AM: The experts they relied on to help educate and socialize their children – and who provide them with a little respite – shut down in-person programs when COVID-19 touched down in Connecticut. School and therapy may be >
Opinion: Why virtual learning has a future in the coronavirus age
Apr 8, 7:28 AM: During the initial weeks of the coronavirus outbreak, many high school students in Connecticut felt as though the threat was both distant and insignificant. However, the sense of panic that would ensue in the coming weeks >
Opinion: Education policy best guided by parents and teachers — not politicians
Jan 28, 8:16 AM: Elected policy decision makers who lack relevant experience are often placed in important decision-making positions. Next time someone in Hartford gets a big idea on how schools should be run, they should ask the experts, >
Opinion: School choice offers a chance for everyone
Jan 15, 6:29 AM: By exercising school choice, my family has been able to select a school that fits my daughters’ interests, talents and learning styles. We have seen the impact is has made to find a school where Ariana and Michaela are >
Opinion: Stop blaming schools for chronic absenteeism
Dec 10, 7:13 AM: Thus, although under Connecticut’s accountability system, chronic absenteeism is an indicator of school quality, and can contribute to a school or school district being subjected to increasingly draconian sanctions, none >
Opinion: Partnering to improve student outcomes
Nov 27, 7:02 AM: While we might be cross-town rivals, our schools are working together to help all of our students succeed in and beyond high school. In fact, our partnership extends beyond Platt and Maloney High Schools and Meriden Public >
Opinion: CSCU’s transfer ticket to nowhere
Nov 14, 8:05 AM: A statewide transfer credit system would save the students and the state of Connecticut millions of dollars each year and make higher education more affordable and accessible for all students, especially our low income, >
Study: Many CT colleges not delivering for students
Nov 13, 6:10 AM: Many of Connecticut’s four-year colleges have low graduation rates and some also charge low-income students considerably more than they would have to pay elsewhere, according to a report from the non-profit organization >
Charter schools say state is ‘starving’ them by providing less funding than traditional public schools
Nov 11, 7:36 AM: The funding problem, says the head of the state’s charter school association, is threatening the existence of Connecticut’s 22 charter schools.
Charter schools ‘literally starving’ for state funds says school leader
Nov 7, 7:33 AM: Over the past few years, Dacia Toll, co-CEO of the charter organization Achievement First, has been forced to economize by cutting teaching positions, curriculum budgets, field trips, after-school programs, and teacher >



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