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Teachers Union Says Connecticut's Charter Laws Need Improvement
May 14, 8:22 AM: A new report by the National Education Association, the nation's largest teachers union, says that Connecticut's charter school laws need to be improved.
Opinion: The purpose of CSCU’s ‘Students First:’ Saving money
Apr 18, 7:07 AM: The statement that the main objective of Students First “is to ensure our students receive the supports they need from the time they enter our colleges through the time they graduate and enter the workforce” is a >
Study: Crisis in Connecticut’s urban centers
Apr 18, 6:14 AM: The report initially aimed at studying five areas — employment, education, income, affordable housing and health disparities — but as researchers began interviewing focus groups, three critical issues emerged: >
Online Courses Allow Students Flexibility
Apr 10, 5:56 AM: At Fairfield University, each semester a student is allowed to enroll in one online course. During the Winter and Summer Intersessions, students are allowed to enroll in as many online courses as they like, but that comes >
Opinion: CT schools must close the achievement gap more quickly
Apr 9, 6:08 AM: Without intervention, the U.S. racial “achievement gap,” also known as the “equity gap,” will close roughly by the year 2266. Year after year, news of Connecticut’s own intractable “achievement gap” has become a familiar >
Opinion: A ZIP code shouldn’t determine a child’s education.
Mar 28, 6:49 AM: As lawmakers and advocates continue to address a wide range of statewide education issues this legislative session, we must remain mindful of a hard truth: For far too many of our students, their academic success is still >
Letter: What’s not to like about charter schools?
Mar 14, 6:37 AM: Charter schools cost less and do a better job educating minorities. What’s not to like? Well, charter school opponents (read: teacher’s unions) always find a way.
CT charter schools earn renewals, despite flaws
Mar 7, 7:36 AM: Two state charter schools with less-than-stellar track records were awarded two-year renewals on Wednesday, with the chairman of the state board of education praising the body for holding the independent schools more >
Short renewals recommended for two area charter schools
Mar 5, 8:10 AM: Two more state charter schools are being recommended for renewals shorter than the five-year maximum when they go before the state Board of Education on Wednesday.
Column: More wasteful debate on school funding while state ignores the obvious
Jan 15, 6:35 AM: High on the agenda for the new session of the General Assembly is rewriting the formula for state financial aid to municipal school systems. It will be a big waste of time. Connecticut has been rewriting its school aid >
Profs Tapped To Fix School-Choice Lottery
Jan 9, 5:38 AM: Newly arrived in the city, parents with a 4-year-old plan to enter the lottery for kindergarten spots at one of New Haven’s public schools next year. They know they’re rolling the dice in a game many consider rigged or >
Mallory confronts school inequities: 'the civil rights issue of our time'
Jan 7, 7:29 AM: During Malloy’s tenure school choice options for Connecticut students – magnets, charters and vocational schools – have increased steadily. The year before he took office there were nearly 44,000 students attending >
Malloy: 'weak-kneed' Democrats and teacher unions hold back education reform
Dec 6, 6:30 AM: Turns out a couple of groups who might once long ago been among Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s biggest allies — fellow Democrats and teachers — were among his biggest headaches when it came to school reform. >
Opinion: State laws keep stopping employers from giving students apprenticeships
Nov 15, 8:43 AM: As we conclude National Apprenticeship Week, a week that was marked by events across the country held by leaders in business, labor, education, and government, we have to ask ourselves: Why aren’t more industries using >
Connecticut's Rural Schools Get Creative To Stay Viable
Nov 13, 9:02 AM: Schools throughout rural Connecticut have been shrinking or closing for years. Many districts have consolidated with neighboring towns to pool resources, in a process called regionalization.
State's High School Graduates Often Need Remediation In College, Whether From High Or Low-Performing Districts
Nov 8, 7:08 AM: A new study shows that a higher percentage of the state’s black and Hispanic high school graduates enrolled in the states’ regional public universities and community colleges need remedial help when compared to their white >
Here’s why some students land a seat in coveted magnet schools outside the lottery
Nov 2, 5:05 AM: More than a year has passed since state auditors revealed students were being enrolled in high-performing magnet schools outside the state-run lottery – but were unable to say why those students were offered one of these >
Five things to know about Stefanowski’s plans for public schools, if elected governor
Oct 26, 4:54 AM: Bob Stefanowski says a new approach is needed to turn around chronically struggling school districts in Connecticut – a businessman’s approach.
Five things to know about Lamont’s plans for public schools, if elected governor
Oct 24, 5:08 AM: Connecticut’s governor for the next four years will face a wide range of challenges to improve the state’s public schools.
Opinion: A Constitutional right to education would be a win for school choice
Oct 22, 7:00 AM:

If the plaintiff’s claims are upheld in federal appeals court, education reformers could have another avenue for moving state school choice programs forward — an avenue that is desperately needed. Traditional public >



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