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Lawmakers balk at being excluded from decision making in education partnership
Sep 12, 6:56 AM: A proposal that would dramatically weaken oversight of  — and public access to — an initiative that will pump hundreds of millions of public and private funds into Connecticut schools has run afoul of state legislative >
Small gains on state test, but troubling achievement gap persists
Sep 9, 6:18 AM: A slightly greater percentage of  Connecticut students performed at grade level on this year’s state standardized test, with the state’s black and Hispanic students outpacing the statewide rate of improvement. >
Connecticut’s new education commissioner focuses on students
Aug 19, 7:32 AM: On charter schools, Cardona said it is important for parents to have choices.
Achievement gaps, shortcomings in math persist in latest SAT scores
Aug 6, 7:08 AM: The state Department of Education on Monday released the fourth year of results from its Connecticut SAT School Day, showing average scores for 2018-19 that were down just slightly from last year in English language arts >
Connecticut SAT numbers barely move
Aug 5, 6:49 AM: For all the instructional changes and efforts made, the needle has barely moved on the number of high school juniors making the grade since the state started administering the SAT in school four years ago.
Goldson Targets Magnet “Hustle”
Jul 25, 4:55 AM: Now Goldson is helping lead a charge to press — and maybe even sue — the state to allow New Haven to fill more of its magnet school slots with city rather than suburban children. He is looking as well at whether to charge >
In switch, state board of education withdraws support for Bloomfield superintendent and Meriden educator is expected to be tapped as next commissioner of education
Jul 17, 6:31 AM: Miguel Cardona, an assistant superintendent in Meriden, is expected to be chosen as Connecticut’s next state education commissioner, rather than Bloomfield Superintendent James Thompson, sources close to the search >
New Haven schools’ decision-makers at odds over who is in charge
Jul 10, 6:09 AM: The school district lost on what had been called a “win-win” when a charter school seeking to lease a building for $100,000 backed out. The ensuing discussion at Monday’s Board of Education meeting about several >
Commentary: Charter schools bypass racial imbalance laws
Jul 8, 7:21 AM: At its June meeting, the State Board of Education accepted the State Department of Education’s (“SDE”) report on racial imbalance in Connecticut’s public schools, as required by the racial imbalance law. >
Letter: Fight for students is far from over
Jun 12, 6:19 AM: Our students need resources to reach for their dreams. A better future for Bridgeport will never come if our students are denied the opportunities for a better future.
Connecticut doesn’t view the military as a path to college. Should it?
Jun 11, 7:08 AM: Each year, the state evaluates the performance of school districts and individual schools across Connecticut, including the number of students who enroll in college out of high school. But the assessment doesn't take into >
Opinion: Opportunity knocked, we opened the door, now what?
Jun 10, 7:41 AM: Presently, there are nearly 5,500 Connecticut-based computer science jobs available, yet last year just over 500 Connecticut college seniors graduated with computer science degrees. With an average salary of $97K (which is >
“When someobody looks like you, there’s something that they instill in you:’’ House passes bill to boost number of minority educators
Jun 5, 7:15 AM: As an African American girl growing up in the South, Patricia Billie Miller had three black teachers before she reached fourth grade.
Teachers Union Says Connecticut's Charter Laws Need Improvement
May 14, 8:22 AM: A new report by the National Education Association, the nation's largest teachers union, says that Connecticut's charter school laws need to be improved.
Opinion: The purpose of CSCU’s ‘Students First:’ Saving money
Apr 18, 7:07 AM: The statement that the main objective of Students First “is to ensure our students receive the supports they need from the time they enter our colleges through the time they graduate and enter the workforce” is a >
Study: Crisis in Connecticut’s urban centers
Apr 18, 6:14 AM: The report initially aimed at studying five areas — employment, education, income, affordable housing and health disparities — but as researchers began interviewing focus groups, three critical issues emerged: >
Online Courses Allow Students Flexibility
Apr 10, 5:56 AM: At Fairfield University, each semester a student is allowed to enroll in one online course. During the Winter and Summer Intersessions, students are allowed to enroll in as many online courses as they like, but that comes >
Opinion: CT schools must close the achievement gap more quickly
Apr 9, 6:08 AM: Without intervention, the U.S. racial “achievement gap,” also known as the “equity gap,” will close roughly by the year 2266. Year after year, news of Connecticut’s own intractable “achievement gap” has become a familiar >
Opinion: A ZIP code shouldn’t determine a child’s education.
Mar 28, 6:49 AM: As lawmakers and advocates continue to address a wide range of statewide education issues this legislative session, we must remain mindful of a hard truth: For far too many of our students, their academic success is still >
Letter: What’s not to like about charter schools?
Mar 14, 6:37 AM: Charter schools cost less and do a better job educating minorities. What’s not to like? Well, charter school opponents (read: teacher’s unions) always find a way.



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