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Opinion: State laws keep stopping employers from giving students apprenticeships
Nov 15, 8:43 AM: As we conclude National Apprenticeship Week, a week that was marked by events across the country held by leaders in business, labor, education, and government, we have to ask ourselves: Why aren’t more industries using >
Connecticut's Rural Schools Get Creative To Stay Viable
Nov 13, 9:02 AM: Schools throughout rural Connecticut have been shrinking or closing for years. Many districts have consolidated with neighboring towns to pool resources, in a process called regionalization.
State's High School Graduates Often Need Remediation In College, Whether From High Or Low-Performing Districts
Nov 8, 7:08 AM: A new study shows that a higher percentage of the state’s black and Hispanic high school graduates enrolled in the states’ regional public universities and community colleges need remedial help when compared to their white >
Here’s why some students land a seat in coveted magnet schools outside the lottery
Nov 2, 5:05 AM: More than a year has passed since state auditors revealed students were being enrolled in high-performing magnet schools outside the state-run lottery – but were unable to say why those students were offered one of these >
Five things to know about Stefanowski’s plans for public schools, if elected governor
Oct 26, 4:54 AM: Bob Stefanowski says a new approach is needed to turn around chronically struggling school districts in Connecticut – a businessman’s approach.
Five things to know about Lamont’s plans for public schools, if elected governor
Oct 24, 5:08 AM: Connecticut’s governor for the next four years will face a wide range of challenges to improve the state’s public schools.
Opinion: A Constitutional right to education would be a win for school choice
Oct 22, 7:00 AM:

If the plaintiff’s claims are upheld in federal appeals court, education reformers could have another avenue for moving state school choice programs forward — an avenue that is desperately needed. Traditional public >

Court to consider discrimination in state’s magnet school lottery
Oct 16, 4:55 AM: More minority students from the neighborhood couldn’t be let in because the school has to be integrated, meaning no more than three out of every four students could be black or Hispanic. That’s because University High is >
Scores Suggest Personalized Learning Pays
Oct 11, 5:53 AM: For years, New Haven Public Schools have tried to shift the way classes are taught. Rather than covering the same material with the entire class, teachers are now expected to differentiate the lessons for a wide range of >
Feds toss out challenge of Connecticut choice law
Oct 10, 7:07 AM: The lawsuit was filed in 2016, arguing that state laws and policies, including a moratorium on the opening of new magnet schools and laws that restricted the opening and expansion of charter schools, forced students to >
Appeal planned in Connecticut school choice lawsuit
Oct 5, 7:15 AM: A group of Connecticut parents and students intends to appeal after a federal judge dismissed most of its claims in a lawsuit challenging the state’s restrictions on magnet schools, charter schools and school choice >
Judge dismisses most claims in school choice lawsuit
Oct 4, 4:58 AM: A federal judge has dismissed most claims in a lawsuit challenging Connecticut's restrictions on magnet schools, charter schools and school choice programs, saying there is no fundamental right to equal education >
Is state headed for another charter school showdown?
Oct 3, 6:16 AM: The last time the State Board of Education approved the education plan for a batch of charter schools vying to open in Connecticut, the schools quickly started enrolling students. "Enroll now! Accepting applications for >
Charter school gets the students it needed
Oct 2, 6:06 AM: The Bridge Academy reached its 280 student enrollment cap and won’t be losing any state revenue. The charter school picked up 13 students since it announced two weeks ago it was more than a dozen students shy of its >
A charter school puts out the “Students wanted” sign
Sep 18, 6:25 AM: Perhaps it is the competition.The city is now home to six charter schools, a half dozen traditional high schools and a smattering of private school choices. Maybe it’s reputation. The Bridge Academy Charter School >
Stemerman Wants School Choice Based on School Success
Jul 16, 5:01 AM: Republican gubernatorial candidate and former hedge fund manager David Stemerman says the time has come to start rating schools based on certain criteria, and to dictate their funding.
Letter: Parents have good reasons to homeschool
Jul 11, 6:23 AM: Sadly, numerous surveys show that that the No. 1 concern driving parents into homeschooling is the unsafe environment of many public schools.
Willimantic Charter School To Close, State Seeks Alternative Option For Students
Jul 10, 4:47 AM: Path Academy will be closing its doors this coming school year. The state Board of Education voted in June to begin the charter revocation process, but last week, the school's governing body decided to voluntarily >
Forum: It’s time to irrigate New Haven’s charter school deserts
Jun 22, 6:05 AM: Our organization’s new study, Charter School Deserts: High-Poverty Neighborhoods with Limited Educational Options, did just that. The lead author, assistant professor Andrew Saultz of Miami University, defined “charter >
State working to revoke charter of Path Academy attended by 31 local students
May 29, 5:19 AM: The state Board of Education made a rare move Wednesday, voting unanimously to start the process to revoke the charter of the Path Academy in Windham.



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