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Teachers call for full remote learning, absent new protocols
Nov 24, 7:57 AM: Teachers’ unions on Monday said all Connecticut public schools should switch to full-time remote learning until at least mid-January unless statewide coronavirus safety protocols are established and strictly enforced. >
Connecticut charter schools take advantage of PPP funding, while traditional public schools are left behind
Nov 3, 7:02 AM: The Achievement First Charter Network in Connecticut, as well as other public charter schools, have received $12.5 million to $16.5 million from the PPP. Here is the problem: while traditional public schools also received >
As New Haven schools move to reopen, 37% of parents are opting out
Oct 28, 7:40 AM: Despite widespread reservations from parents and guardians – and widespread teacher opposition – city and state officials are eager to move ahead, hoping to keep New Haven students from falling academically behind. Nearly >
Opinion: Gov. Lamont, please fund Danbury Prospect charter school
Oct 23, 8:08 AM: I’m therefore calling on Gov. Lamont to do one better, to bridge the gap between right now and the future success of his program. Guide our legislature to open Danbury Prospect Charter School, which will bring greater >
School districts work to fix remote learning issues after 5,000 students statewide have yet to log on
Oct 20, 6:03 AM: News 8 has learned that about 5,000 students who signed up for remote learning statewide haven’t logged on once this school year.
Opinion: Barring charter school in Danbury ‘doesn’t make sense’
Oct 2, 6:04 AM: In a previous op-ed, it was falsely stated that Connecticut’s public charter schools do not live up to the so-called “hype.” This is blatantly false. In reality, students in Connecticut’s public charter schools have >
Opinion: Teachers’ union opposes charter school for Danbury
Sep 21, 7:05 AM: That’s why we stand strongly against the proposal to bring the Prospect Charter School, run by a charter management organization out of New York, into our Danbury community. The charter school organization wants you to >
Editorial: Unfair to go outside the rules to obtain school choice
Sep 15, 5:44 AM: Students in Connecticut have significantly more school choice than they did a generation ago. Charter schools, magnet schools and regional vocational schools offer many students and parents choices, but not all. >
As some teachers opt to stay home, educators find ways to keep schools open
Sep 4, 6:05 AM: The Connecticut State Department of Education is hearing from districts that between 25% to 30% of the state’s teachers are requesting not to physically return to school. How state and local officials respond to these >
Catholic schools see bump in enrollment ahead of new school year
Aug 26, 5:11 AM: It’s been a difficult time for Catholic schools in Connecticut. Many shut down or merged because of few enrollments, or out-of-date buildings. However, there’s been a resurging interest in Catholic schools as of late. >
Unions say many schools can’t meet COVID-19 safety measures
Aug 25, 8:11 AM: Many Connecticut school districts preparing for in-person classes are unable to comply with social distancing recommendations and unwilling to allow teachers with compromised immune systems to work remotely during the >
Charter Schools Ready Hybrid Reopening
Aug 25, 6:43 AM: Common Ground High School, Booker T. Washington Academy and the five New Haven schools in the Achievement First network have all committed to a hybrid of in-person and virtual classes this fall as the Covid-19 pandemic >
Opinion: Danbury Prospect charter would improve education choices
Aug 25, 6:34 AM: I don’t expect every legislator to agree with me on every issue. I do expect every legislator to have an honest conversation about improving Danbury schools because the status quo is not sustainable. Sen. Kushner’s >
Connecticut’s largest teachers union recommends delaying reopening schools until mid-September
Aug 18, 6:58 AM: The state’s largest union representing teachers is recommending the reopening of public schools be delayed until mid-September because of new concerns about the spread of coronavirus disease.
Opinion: Charter schools are not ‘magic bullet’ to improving Danbury schools
Aug 10, 7:02 AM: Years of neglect have left our schools in a precarious position, with widening disparities and an urgent need to expand facilities, with nowhere near the funding to do so. There are no shortcuts that will solve these >
Opinion: All Connecticut students deserve a quality education, regardless of school model
Aug 4, 6:59 AM: Our 2020 policy goals of continued student learning, technology access, mitigating learning loss and equitable funding for all public schools would address many of the education-related disparities listed above; >
A quarter of CT students went MIA when COVID closed schools. Could holding live, online classes lure them back?
Jul 28, 5:55 AM: With many expecting schools to close again this upcoming school year as the virus rages around the country, educators must figure out how to lure online the 137,000 children throughout Connecticut who either didn’t >
The governor says it’s safe to reopen schools, but will teachers return?
Jul 22, 7:57 AM: The pushback from teachers — which continued Tuesday when the state’s largest teachers’ union called on the state to allow districts to delay opening schools for in-person instruction or provide weekly testing for every >
Opinion: Charter schools fill a vital need
Jul 15, 8:24 AM: Historically, our state has operated a separate and unequal system of public education based on a student’s Zip code, race and economic status.
Stamford charter school allowed to add grade but not increase enrollment
Jul 15, 6:43 AM: Stamford Charter School for Excellence was given state approval to add a sixth grade, but not increase its enrollment.



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