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As Colorado schools reopened, many agreed that education should not return to normal. One school took that to heart.
Jan 3, 7:47 AM: "Being small and flexible, co-creating authentic learning experiences with our families and actually learning in the community feels like the antidote to some very outdated practices in education,” Gamba said. “We need to >
Southwest Denver Micro School fostering cultural pride with curriculum
Dec 28, 9:40 AM: La Luz Education launched in the fall of 2021 with a group of sixth grade Hispanic/Latino students. The school aims to prioritize social and emotional learning.
Editorial: Make 2022 the year of education reform
Dec 28, 8:19 AM: As children return to school after the holiday, parents, the media, and business leaders should keep a closer eye on classroom performance and outcomes. They should make 2022 the year of public education reform — the >
Opinion: School choice ‘slippery slope’ crowd leaves underserved families behind
Dec 28, 7:38 AM: Perhaps what is needed is just better marketing on the part of those who seek to expand choice. Instead of tuition credits or opportunity scholarships or vouchers, let’s call them Pell Grants for Middle School. In place of >
Adams 14 board approves opening University Prep charter school
Dec 16, 9:29 AM: In a split vote, the Adams 14 school board Tuesday night approved opening a new charter elementary school, while refusing to assume oversight of an existing charter school.
Colorado’s largest teacher’s union says burnout, low pay is putting public education at risk
Dec 15, 6:46 AM: The Colorado Education Association represents 39,000 educators in Colorado, and is looking ahead to the next legislative session to address priorities for teachers and students across the state.
More Than $1.6M Spent In This Year's Denver School Board Election
Dec 6, 6:27 AM: The election was a sweep by candidates backed by the Denver teachers union and critical of Denver Public Schools' past reforms.
Two Rivers Community School re-applies for district authorization
Dec 2, 11:51 AM: Local charter school Two Rivers Community School is again applying for district authorization, which could turn over oversight responsibilities to the Roaring Fork School District (RFSD), a news release stated. >
Denver, once a reform darling, will have 7 union-backed board members
Nov 8, 10:17 AM: The Denver school board is once again politically unanimous — but in the opposite way it was four years ago. In a complete flip, all seven members will now be backed by the Denver teachers union instead of by education >
Getting college and career ready: High school seniors determine what comes next
Nov 5, 6:44 AM: The nonprofit Vail Valley Foundation’s YouthPower365, which provides year-round extended learning opportunities to youth in Eagle County, has grown its programs and services in this area over the past few years to help >
Colorado parents’ advocates reject CRT explanation for school board wins
Nov 5, 5:01 AM: Tyler Sandberg, vice president of the educational reform nonprofit Ready Colorado, said Tuesday’s parent-driven conservative wins in Colorado and Virginia came primarily from parents frustrated at how public school >
EDITORIAL: Colorado parents take back their schools
Nov 4, 9:43 AM: An uprising by parents in key school board races across the state Tuesday has opened the schoolhouse doors to fresh thinking, needed reforms — and new hope for many Colorado kids. Voters in those districts toppled an >
Aurora election results: Charter educator Anne Keke gets most votes, union keeps board majority
Nov 4, 5:19 AM: Union-backed candidates appear likely to hold the majority on the Aurora school board, but a charter educator with support from education reform interests was the top vote-getter in Tuesday’s returns.
Colorado voters reject marijuana tax hike for after-school tutoring programs
Nov 3, 7:59 AM: Colorado voters were not convinced the state should gradually raise taxes on marijuana sales to pay for tutoring programs aimed at reversing learning loss caused by the coronavirus pandemic.
Aurora election results: Charter educator Anne Keke leads along with union candidates
Nov 3, 5:49 AM: Union-backed candidates appear likely to hold the majority on the Aurora school board, but a charter educator with support from education reform interests was the top vote-getter in Tuesday’s returns.
Column: Unions are failing our teachers
Oct 29, 7:35 AM: When it comes to educating kids, teachers are the lifeblood of a school. Each day, they do their best to provide children with the quality education they deserve. Unfortunately, educators in Colorado today — and especially >
School choice is at stake in Aurora school board election
Oct 29, 7:14 AM: Most of the six Aurora school board candidates are saying similar things: They’re lauding the city’s diversity, expressing an interest in improving equity, and promising to work toward pandemic recovery. But one issue >
Judge: Colorado parents can’t exempt kids from school masks
Oct 28, 9:38 AM: A federal judge has issued a restraining order against a suburban Denver county’s policy allowing parents to opt their children out of a mask mandate at school, finding that the rule violates the rights of students with >
Christian schools note growing enrollment as parents seek alternatives to public schools
Oct 26, 4:59 AM: Like many private religious schools, Colorado Springs Christian Schools stayed open after mandatory closures lifted last spring, while still following public health practices, such as installing air filtration systems and >
Teacher unions, charter school activists spenders in Aurora area school board races
Oct 25, 6:15 AM: Groups backed by teachers unions and charter schools have made the biggest contributions to the Aurora and Cherry Creek school board races, according to campaign finance records.



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