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Why Hickenlooper wants to give some charter schools $5.5 million
Nov 20, 6:38 AM: The seven-figure ask is part of Hickenlooper’s proposed budget that he sent to lawmakers earlier this month. The money would go to state-approved charter schools in an effort to close a funding gap lawmakers tried to >
Students learn Mandarin or Spanish first, then English, at popular Denver public school
Nov 10, 8:08 AM: The school opened its doors in August 2010 as Denver’s only full-language immersion K-8 charter school. Kids in the primary grades often lag behind their peers in English language skills. But once they hit the fifth or >
Douglas County school vouchers hanging by a thread after opponents’ victory in Tuesday elections
Nov 10, 6:38 AM: Backers and foes of school vouchers can finally agree on one thing: Douglas County School District’s first-of-its-kind school voucher program is hanging by a thread.
Power over Douglas County School changes
Nov 9, 7:34 AM: Since 2009, the Douglas County School Board pushed for a school voucher program which is still involved in a prolonged fight in the court system. It dissolved negotiations with the American Federation of Teachers. A new >
In thorny Douglas County school board races that drew national scrutiny, anti-voucher candidates prevail
Nov 8, 8:14 AM: A slate of anti-school voucher candidates won a contentious race Tuesday night for the Douglas County School Board, effectively killing the district’s controversial voucher program and entirely remaking the seven-member >
Oil man, voucher proponent Alex Cranberg donates $20,000 to Douglas County school board candidates
Nov 7, 6:45 AM: Four Douglas County school board candidates who want to continue the legal defense of the district’s stalled private-school voucher program continued to bring in more money than their opponents, new records show. >
Group agrees to stop using term ‘for-profit charter’ in election material after complain
Nov 1, 5:51 AM:

An independent committee trying to sway a Denver school board race has agreed to stop saying a “for-profit charter school” is moving into a DPS campus in northeast Denver.

From Denver to Douglas County, school board elections are drawing big money and plenty of partisanship
Oct 27, 5:15 AM: Big money and rigid partisanship are infusing at least one key area school board race and casting a shadow on others, including the 10-candidate contest in Denver.
Denver school board campaign mailer’s false statement about ‘for-profit charter school’ draws criticism
Oct 26, 6:06 AM:

An election mailer from an independent committee trying to influence the outcome of a hard-fought race in northeast Denver goes a step further, falsely stating that the school district is “ceding space to a for-profit >

Where Douglas County School Board candidates stand on vouchers
Oct 25, 7:04 AM: The Douglas County School Board election is one of the most closely watched board elections in the nation. Big money is flooding in from around the country to try and influence the vote.
First new charter school in 20 years coming to Academy D-20
Oct 24, 5:18 AM: Two decades after its first charter school was launched, Academy School District 20 will get a second charter school.
D-20 school board gives approval for new charter school
Oct 20, 4:54 AM: On Thursday night, the D-20 school board gave conditional approval for the New Summit Charter Academy to open in Fall of 2018.
Big outside money pours into Denver, Dougco school board races
Oct 18, 5:12 AM: The first volley of big money that will be spent on school board races in Colorado this year comes from opposing sides, but most of the money is being spent in two separate counties, Denver and Douglas.
Douglas County School Board race drawing national attention, cash
Oct 12, 4:58 AM: Four seats are on the line, and with them, control of the board. For many observers, this race boils down to one word – vouchers.
These Two Colorado Counties Are Ground Zero For School Choice Across The Country
Oct 10, 7:17 AM: School choice has become a hot-button issue in Colorado over the past decade. Currently two of Colorado’s largest school districts are engaging in very public fights over the future of K-12 education.
Blended learning study results show success in Greeley-Evans School District 6
Oct 10, 6:02 AM: The Greeley-Evans School District 6 Board of Education heard the results of a study of the district's blended learning initiative at its meeting Monday night, showing some of the clearest data yet of the initiative's >
Denver, Boulder schools home to the state’s largest achievement gaps based on race, new data shows
Oct 5, 6:09 AM: Since Colorado introduced new, more challenging state math and English tests in 2015, schools and families have seen a steady — and often slow — trickle of results.
School officials look for creative solutions to growing enrollment numbers
Oct 4, 6:28 AM: Charter schools do a lot to lessen the burden of growing enrollment numbers. In the past 10 years, most of the significant building growth in District 6 has been through the charter schools, Myers said.
Boulder's Summit Middle, BVSD's first charter school, proposes adding a high school
Sep 28, 6:36 AM: Summit Middle School, founded 21 years ago as Boulder Valley's first charter school, is looking to start a high school. Summit first started exploring starting a high school two years ago as part of the XQ Super School >
Colorado Springs School District 11's CIVA charter school featured by state
Sep 28, 6:11 AM: After capturing the Governor's Distinguished Improvement Award in February for exceptional student growth on state assessments, CIVA is the only educational program in the Pikes Peak region to date to be featured in a >



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