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Editorial: Another shot at Race to the Top
May 31, 9:01 AM:

State has twice failed to win Race to the Top grant money. Editorial calls on teachers union to back this latest attempt, arguing previous lack of buy-in doomed proposals. Reform in how teachers evaluated now law, so >

School districts in north Denver metro area consider bus fees
May 31, 8:02 AM:

Denver schools considering transportation fees to close budget gap. Interesting proposal -- could become widespread as many districts look to fix their money problems? Glad to hear low-income exempted. Accessibility key; >

Campaign to raise taxes for education uses online strategy to collect signatures
May 30, 8:15 AM:

Social networking used to rallly support/gain signatures for more ed dollars. Campaigners may have good intentions, but not much more. No word on number of signatures on petition, or how extra money would be spent. >

Michelle Rhee pats DougCo schools on back for voucher program
May 27, 6:41 AM:

Brief taste of Michelle Rhee's speech congratulating Douglas County on voucher program. Sums up her support -- it's about finding best option for each child, and an alternative for families with failing local schools. A >

Broomfield OK's Prospect Ridge Academy charter school
May 26, 10:03 AM:

After controversy, new CO charter finds space for its facility. But story doesn't tell us why this site is better than others that have been proposed. That's an important aspect of the debate. How is this facility going >

Schools Spend $9 Million On Phones Despite Budget Crunch
May 24, 12:44 PM:

State's largest district spending $9M to replace/update phone system at same time has $40M budget deficit and is closing schools and cutting teachers. Excellent investigative story with outraged parents and system super >

$52M budget gets early OK from school district officials
May 20, 9:45 AM:

Windsor, CO board gives preliminary approval to $52M budget... some $20M less than last year. Article notes staff salary increments funded, and gap created was closed by other cuts. Few specifics on those cuts. Tell us >

Thompson School District board gets ready to present budget to public
May 20, 8:45 AM:

Thompson, CO, school budget proposal would save $3M by cutting 60 staff, and reducing funds for textbooks, teacher training and transport. How many teachers will lose jobs and how will this affect students? These figures >

Denver Public Schools OKs innovation status for 3 future schools
May 20, 5:43 AM:

Denver teachers union vehemently opposed to plans for new schools to operate under “innovation status.” Why? Denver Post lets president get away with cryptic answer. Law was intended to give schools greater autonomy and >

Within a year, it's no longer ‘new' to talk about iPads as learning tools
May 18, 11:24 AM:

iPads are the latest experiment in one district. Biggest plus is ability to differentiate instruction. Slanted entirely in direction of iPad technology. Need to hear what may be problems in classroom when using the >

Denver mayoral candidates line up support in education
May 17, 6:58 AM:

Both Denver mayoral candidates support school reform, but their supporters are divided. Reporters should outline differences in policies. Lotsa talk about reform, but what does it involve and is it working? More facts >

Once welcomed, charter school battles for approval in D-49
May 16, 3:19 PM:

Imagine Pioneer Academy battling school district over approval once granted but now rejected. Issues with operator cited, but another school already open has same operator. Unclear what's next since state board ordered >

State board allows union opt-out at three future DPS schools
May 12, 5:52 AM:

New Denver charters approved to opt out of unions. Part of a comprehensive turnaround strategy for some city schools. Union naturally opposed, but weak reasoning given. Story should pry more into the need for change at >

Colo. House committee backs 'No Child' repeal
May 10, 1:09 PM:

CO House supports repealing NCLB. Apart from claims it's "inefficient", this tells us nothing about law, its success or failure. Ask members why they support this and what should replace it. Rewriting NCLB is a national >

Advanced Placement courses test Colorado schools' path to success
May 9, 10:46 AM:

Expanded AP programs helping CO students prepare for college. Rigorous curriculum in high school promotes good study habits, and state seems to be seeing the benefits. Many schools placing among best in U.S. Few >

Charter Schools reduce parent's choices
May 6, 6:31 AM:

Uses examples of two families angered by CO charter schools as a condemnation of all charters. Where to begin? Uses isolated incidents to paint broad strokes. Declines to investigate overall achievement records for >

School Voucher Program A Hit
May 4, 1:26 PM:

High demand for Douglas County pilot voucher program could mean lottery for 500 places. 300 applications in 2 days shows parents want choice. Comparing district with private schools would complete picture here.

Look at >

Manual-Saving Their School; Glade Park Gets Boost from D51 School Board
May 4, 12:08 PM:

District 51 School Board lets plan move forward to turn Glade Park into a charter school so it can stay open. No details on what charter status means for students. Tell us what, if anything, is expected to change.

Manual-Teachers look for work at Colo. education job fair
May 3, 10:18 AM:

CO budget cuts to K-12 mean tough market for educators searching for positions, though Denver and Aurora plan to hire. Article focuses on traditional public schools. No mention of charters and whether they're hiring. >

Charters’ challenge
May 3, 5:51 AM:

Two Pueblo West schools to offer new learning opportunities for students. Among them is Core Knowledge program, successfully used at two local charters. Give us details on what program does right and how traditional >



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