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Colorado Education Association survey: nearly 40% of members considering leaving teaching
Feb 19, 8:03 AM: The top reasons given included: an unrealistic workload, potentially unsafe working conditions during the pandemic and low pay, according to the CEA, the state's largest union of educators.
Schools in most Colorado counties should shift to hybrid, remote learning under new CDC guidance
Feb 17, 7:10 AM: Schools in most Colorado counties should generally reduce physical attendance through hybrid or remote learning under new guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released Friday.
What does a “recovery summer” look like? It could include summer academies focused on more than classes.
Feb 16, 8:14 AM:

A group of Colorado school districts and educators is calling for summer planning to start now, with a community-wide approach across the state.

BVSD charter schools adding more in-person options for students
Feb 15, 8:18 AM: Boulder Valley’s charter schools are starting to add more in-person options for students, especially at the secondary level, as teachers begin getting vaccinated and new coronavirus cases decline.
Colorado school districts announce remote learning options for 2021-2022 school year
Feb 10, 6:59 AM: As vaccines offer hope for a full return to in-person learning in Colorado, two of the state’s largest school districts have already announced remote learning plans for the 2021-2022 school year. JeffCo Public Schools and >
APS teachers union won’t support candidates taking donations from education reform group
Feb 8, 6:23 AM: The small donor committee of the Aurora Education Association passed a resolution that it will not endorse or support any candidates that accept donation money from Democrats for Education Reform or similar groups. >
Do parents want Colorado to give standardized tests? It depends who you ask
Feb 5, 6:38 AM: Whether to give standardized tests in the middle of a pandemic is shaping up to be one of the key education debates of Colorado’s 2021 legislative session, dividing education advocates and elected officials alike. >
BVSD creates new online-only option for the fall
Feb 2, 6:35 AM: Boulder Valley parents who want to keep their elementary and middle school students learning remotely in the fall will have a new option, called Link.
65 percent of Denver parents say kids are learning less in online school, survey finds
Jan 29, 8:36 AM: While online education has become a necessity of the COVID-19 pandemic, a new survey found most Denver parents feel their children are learning less when seated in front of a computer versus in the classroom. >
Governor grants charter schools $2.25 million to improve engagement
Jan 27, 7:13 AM: The goal is to help diverse learners who have struggled with remote learning during the pandemic.
'3,001 times happy to be back': Swallows Charter Academy returns to in-person learning
Jan 21, 8:00 AM: Monday marked the beginning of the spring semester for Swallows Charter Academy, and with that 75% of the students returned for in-person learning.
COVID lessons public schools could learn from private school that stayed open
Jan 19, 8:47 AM: When many school districts across Colorado were deciding what to do for the fall 2020 school year, one school knew since June that they were going to open for in-person learning.
Column: Importance of expanding school choice
Jan 13, 8:34 AM: Colorado’s public school open enrollment law, which hundreds of thousands of Colorado families exercise every year, empowers families to choose the public school that works best for their child — be it their assigned >
Build on open enrollment to expand educational choice
Jan 11, 6:39 AM: As we look forward, let’s advocate for expanding school choice beyond public schools–empowering parents to choose the best education for their child. That will lead to better academic outcomes for children, stronger >
Jefferson County Teachers Protest A Planned Return To School, Citing Safety Worries
Jan 7, 7:56 AM: Teachers in the Jefferson County School District said Wednesday that they are concerned about the district’s plan to educate elementary students in-person. The district plans to begin returning students to school buildings >
Woodland Park school board denies Merit Academy application
Jan 5, 7:37 AM: The Woodland Park RE-2 School District Board of Education had a virtual special meeting on Dec. 28 to determine the fate of the Merit Academy Charter School’s application, which it denied.
Has the pandemic changed Colorado education forever? Experts hope so.
Jan 4, 6:51 AM: The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted education across Colorado and the rest of the nation in 2020, forcing schools and families to figure out how to facilitate learning and critical support services outside the confines of >
Opinion: Charter schools are pivotal to better public ed
Dec 28, 8:19 AM: As a strong advocate for high-quality public schools, I root for all children in our state to find schools that best meet their needs and allow them to find success. We have a wide variety of students in Colorado who are >
Opinion: Even amid COVID, charter and innovation schools grew
Dec 28, 6:59 AM: There are some interesting nuggets hidden in the data about pandemic-related enrollment drops in Denver Public Schools that haven’t been reported up until now.
Colorado lawmakers promise enrollment drop won’t hurt school funding
Dec 23, 7:10 AM: Colorado school districts reported a 3.3% overall enrollment decline this year, as well as decreases in the number of students eligible for subsidized lunches, a measure of poverty. Both numbers influence school funding. >



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