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EDITORIAL: Unions plan a merger to protect the establishment
Sep 17, 7:37 AM: Make no mistake, together or apart the teachers unions run public schools. They control the administration, determine who is on the school board, and therefore what is taught in classrooms. They control a system in which >
Editorial: Time for Denver’s school board to refocus
Sep 16, 7:32 AM: Denver parents and other stakeholders in our community’s schools will be watching how well — and, we hope, how swiftly — the district’s leadership is able to navigate the transition back to in-person learning for children >
Stuck in online school, an 8-year-old started an in-person reading program
Sep 11, 8:47 AM: Without in-person school because of the novel coronavirus outbreak, Johara sought to teach and engage children while being safe. The 8-year-old’s solution was a small reading program that would occur twice per week in her >
In-Person learning: Why some families are transferring out of virtual classrooms
Sep 11, 7:34 AM: More than 150 students are back to in-person learning at Globe Charter School in Colorado Springs, something Jan Edwards is thankful for, for her granddaughters.
Charter school enrollment increases as school year begins
Sep 4, 6:25 AM: With a hybrid schedule for students, the days they're learning in person include breaks outside, cleaning desks before and after using them, and masks in the classroom. Their return to learning and the programs it focuses >
Proposed new charter public school seeks approval to launch in Woodland Park
Sep 1, 7:03 AM: Proposed by a group of parents led by Nicole Waggoner, Kimberly Porter, John Dill and Jason Ledlie, the nonprofit school would offer what is known as a classical education.
Thousands of kids in Colorado’s largest school districts didn’t show up for spring remote learning.
Aug 26, 5:44 AM: Districts have devoted part of the summer to trying to regain contact with families who fell out of touch. They’ve called, texted and even visited homes.
BVSD charter schools trying some in-person options
Aug 26, 5:27 AM: About a third of the 100 students enrolled at the Gunbarrel charter school requested to attend an in-person study hall on campus. About 15 students a day have “passes” to attend their online classes while spread out >
As Denver Public Schools start online, some children gather in 'learning pods'
Aug 25, 7:20 AM: Monday is the first day of instruction for Denver Public Schools. As thousands of the district's students begin the year online, some parents have gathered their children into what has become known as 'learning pods.' The >
Northern Colorado's smaller charter, private schools hope for successful in-person learning
Aug 24, 7:11 AM: While thousands of Poudre school districts students will start off the 2020-21 school year Monday in front of a computer screen, some Larimer County charter and private schools have found ways to welcome students back >
Denver Public Schools says it's short on computers days before beginning online-only classes
Aug 21, 5:33 AM: Denver Public Schools says it has a computer shortage, just days before online-only classes are set to begin.
Pueblo private, charter schools returning to in-person instruction
Aug 19, 7:15 AM: With the 2020-21 school year destined to be a history-making one, two charter schools, Pueblo School for Arts and Sciences and Chavez-Huerta K-12 Preparatory Academy, have already welcomed students back.
Denver Public Schools warns parents that unenrolling students for 'pandemic pods' would lead to segregation, revenue losses
Aug 17, 4:33 AM: The Denver Public Schools Board of Education is urging parents not to unenroll their children in favor of private teaching or “pod” learning, citing segregation and potential revenue losses.
Colorado students may shuffle schools, leaving a mess in their wake
Aug 13, 7:15 AM: The district doesn’t know why its student enrollment numbers have tumbled, but a big force could be at play: the coronavirus pandemic. With it comes the prospect of families pursuing homeschooling, opting to enroll in an >
Black leaders are setting up spaces to keep Denver kids safe and learning as school begins online
Aug 12, 8:08 AM: McBride has spent years trying to steer young people away from gangs and violence. As Denver Public Schools prepared to begin the new year with virtual instruction, he saw a way to continue that work while ensuring kids >
Pods for all? Some districts and nonprofits are reimagining the remote learning trend
Aug 11, 7:06 AM: After the Adams 12 district north of Denver announced it would start the school year fully remote, an official raised a novel idea: school-run learning pods.
Reopening schools during pandemic doesn’t mean one set of plans in Greeley area
Aug 5, 7:47 AM: While traditional public schools in Greeley, Evans and Windsor follow a certain set of plans for reopening during the COVID-19 pandemic, other area schools can modify protocol ranging from minor to drastic changes as >
School opening plans for area charters include remote only, hybrids, full-time in person
Aug 5, 7:35 AM: As both the Boulder Valley and St. Vrain Valley school districts announce a switch to online-only learning to start the school year, charter schools also have been announcing fall plans.
“Pandemic pods” aim to provide stability to Colorado families worried about COVID-hampered schooling
Aug 4, 7:35 AM: Some say learning pods, benefiting families that can afford them, could exacerbate inequities in public education
D70 parents calling for choice through petition
Aug 4, 5:47 AM: The petition, started by parents of students, is titled 'D70 My Child, my choice'. The petition criticizes D70's decision to hold off on in-person learning, and begin the 2020-21 school year with online at home learning >



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