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Denver’s education superintendent Tom Boasberg is stepping down after nearly a decade
Jul 18, 4:37 AM: Boasberg announced Tuesday he’s leaving his post after an unusually long tenure – nearly 10 years at the helm of Denver Public Schools, a 92,600-student urban district nationally known for its innovative approaches to >
Loveland Planning Commission supports New Vision Charter School campus expansion
Jul 10, 6:05 AM: Facing a lengthening wait list of potential students, New Vision Charter School in Loveland wants to increase its enrollment capacity with a new campus.
Organizers of Ascent Classical Academy Flatirons eye Boulder County for new charter school
Jul 6, 5:10 AM: A group of classical charter schools is looking to expand locally, submitting an intent-to-apply notice in the Boulder Valley School District as organizers consider where to locate.
Charter schools to see funding bump
Jul 5, 6:08 AM: The law directs school districts to either share 95 percent of their mill levy revenue with charter schools — with five percent reserved for administrative costs — or develop a plan for sharing the money based on what the >
Denver’s new plan gives its neediest students a shot at coveted schools, but waitlists could grow
Jul 3, 5:14 AM: Denver has a new plan to ensure some of its neediest students get spots in its best schools – but it will require a potentially controversial tradeoff.
Summit Academy eyeing Superior as location for new charter high school
Jun 29, 5:10 AM: Summit Academy, a proposed new charter high school, is eyeing Superior as its future home in partnership with a town resident's nonprofit organization that's looking to build an "innovation campus." >
KIPP charter network launching biliteracy program at new Denver elementary school
Jun 29, 4:33 AM: A high-performing charter network will run a biliteracy program at a new elementary school in southwest Denver this fall — a first for KIPP schools in Colorado.
Pueblo GOAL graduate finds niche in alternative education
Jun 28, 6:40 AM: After visiting with her mother about the possibility of changing schools, Pettie discovered GOAL and was impressed with its blended learning offerings as well as the opportunity to concurrently pursue a college degree at >
Jared Polis, Walker Stapleton face off in a Colorado governor’s race that became testy from the start
Jun 27, 7:19 AM: The issue of education became a defining one in the race, and it influenced the vote of Sean Grieser, a 53-year-old Denver Democrat. Grieser said he voted for Polis despite his preference for Kennedy's education plan. >
Couple finds new start in Pueblo library's online high school program
Jun 26, 6:27 AM: A full-fledged, state-accredited and funded high school diploma program, Career Online High School affords adults 19 and older the chance to pursue -- at their own pace and within their own homes -- a diploma. And with >
Column: Only in the Democratic primary would education reform carry a stigma
Jun 22, 7:04 AM: It is telling that the Democrat frontrunners and so many of their flock do in fact consider support for school choice and teacher performance evaluation as biting animadversions against the respective candidates. It >
Change in Colorado law sets up a ‘David and Goliath’ school choice battle no one saw coming
Jun 22, 4:37 AM: That’s the concern of small, relatively poor districts in Colorado after a last-minute provision tacked onto an unrelated bill in the closing days of the legislative session became law. It allows school districts to run >
Study: 35 percent of Colorado high school graduates need remedial classes in college
Jun 21, 6:40 AM: Weld County school districts had a higher rate of remediation than the state average; 52.3 percent of college-bound high-school graduates from Weld needed some form of remedial education, a 66.2 percent increase since >
Douglas County district pays $1.3 million to settle landmark special education case
Jun 21, 5:59 AM: The Douglas County School District has paid $1.32 million to settle a long-running special education case brought by a couple who sought reimbursement from the district for their son’s education at a private school for >
The public education candidate has the base. Is that enough to win the primary?
Jun 21, 4:58 AM: All four Democratic primary candidates say they want to put more money into public education. But Kennedy has made the issue the engine of her campaign. She has aligned herself specifically with the teachers unions and >
A few Colorado charter schools won ‘the lottery’ in this year’s round of school construction grants
Jun 20, 6:45 AM: Five Colorado charter schools are among the nearly three dozen schools getting new roofs, HVAC systems, or even entire new buildings courtesy of state land proceeds, lottery funds, and marijuana tax revenue. >
Monument voters will be asked to support two school financing proposals on Nov. 6 ballot
Jun 20, 6:43 AM: Leaders of the 6,700-student district in Monument want to build a 650-seat elementary school west of Bear Creek Elementary in the Jackson Creek neighborhood and convert Bear Creek back to a middle school for 925 sixth-, >
School board denies approval of STEM-based charter school
Jun 19, 7:04 AM: "It really brings a lot of technological innovation to students who are desperately needing it,” said parent Darick LaSelle, who serves on the board of directors for the proposed school, Alexandria School of Innovation. “I >
Denver’s largest charter network wins $250,000 national prize
Jun 19, 6:16 AM: Denver’s largest homegrown charter school network, DSST, won a $250,000 prize Monday for its success educating students from low-income families and students of color.
New Vision to build new charter school with private bond
Jun 18, 7:16 AM: New Vision Charter School is building a new school on 10 acres about a block from its existing facility, allowing the school to grow its size and shrink its waiting list.



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