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Colorado to give charter schools ‘equal’ share of local public education funds
May 26, 5:51 AM: In a move with little national precedent, the Colorado legislature approved a bill this month that requires school districts to share money raised from local tax increases with charter schools.
These 20 schools just won approval from the Denver school board
May 22, 6:44 AM: The Denver school board Thursday unanimously approved 11 new elementary charter schools, all of which are part of charter networks that already have a presence in the city.
Denver Public Schools’ glaring conflict: both authorizing and operating schools
May 19, 5:22 AM: In a district that has long supported charter schools, it is charter schools that are leading the criticism. Even after DPS took extra steps this year to address the operator/authorizer conflict, charter operators are saying the >
Denver charter applicant alleges school isn’t getting a fair shot because of ‘prior cont
May 19, 5:16 AM: The leader of a Wyoming-based charter school is asking the Denver school board to reject a recommendation that his application to open a school in the city be denied, saying he suspects it’s based on “prior controversy” rather than >
New state laws to impact school funding
May 17, 6:36 AM: In addition to local efforts, new state laws will impact local school district funding in the future. The state Legislature rammed through two education bills before the session closed. One is likely to evoke cheers from school >
School districts can create brand-new innovation schools, state high court rules
May 15, 6:46 AM: In a win for Denver Public Schools, the Colorado Supreme Court has ruled the state’s largest school district didn’t break the law when it approved “innovation plans” granting more flexibility around staffing, curriculum and >
“Historic” Colorado charter school funding measure headed for governor’s signature
May 11, 4:49 AM: A bipartisan charter school funding bill that backers termed “historic” is headed for Gov. John Hickenlooper’s signature after passing the State Senate Wednesday.
Lawmakers kill bill to send more tax money to Colorado charter schools, separate charter bill surviv
May 10, 6:36 AM: Opponents Tuesday cheered the defeat of a controversial measure that would have funneled more money to Colorado’s charter schools from voter-approved mill levy overrides.
Two Colorado Springs charter schools prepare to swap buildings
May 10, 6:00 AM: In a somewhat unusual turn of events, two charter schools in Colorado Springs are preparing to swap buildings.
Tensions mount in Colorado House as debate continues on charter school funding deal
May 9, 5:47 AM: The fate of a proposed compromise that could send more funding to charter schools was unclear Monday night as lawmakers in the Colorado House of Representatives battled over the issue.
Colorado Democrats block charter school funding mandate in larger spending bill
May 8, 6:24 AM: Colorado Senate Democrats, aided by a rural Republican, stripped away a contentious amendment from this year’s school funding bill that would have mandated school districts share local tax increases with charter schools.
Charter school funding fight - and a contentious amendment - shake up Colorado school finance debate
May 5, 5:47 AM:

When state Sen. Owen Hill proposed an amendment to Colorado’s annual school funding bill, he told his colleagues on the Senate Education Committee no less than three times that the language was a carbon copy of another bill, >

Amendment to school finance act leads to squabble
May 1, 6:08 AM: The Democrats voted against the measure because of an amendment that would require districts to equally distribute funds to traditional schools and charter schools in their jurisdiction.
Charters appeal to a growing number of families
Apr 27, 5:25 AM: Although Colorado is already a state in which parents have the option to enroll their children in public schools outside of their neighborhood, charters add an additional, attractive option for parents. Less regulation allows for >
Democrats kill attempt to provide tax credits for private education
Apr 25, 6:00 AM: A backdoor attempt to institute an education voucher-like program in Colorado was struck down Monday by Democrats in the state Legislature.
Project-based charter school proposal piques D-11’s interest
Apr 24, 6:13 AM: After denying proposals from other charter schools for reasons that included concerns about costs and duplication, Colorado Springs School District 11's board has nudged one idea forward.
Senate Bill 61 to address unequal funding of charter public schools
Apr 17, 6:21 AM: Charter public schools currently enroll 115,000 students in 238 schools across the state. They have been an integral component to the Colorado public education system for nearly 25 years, and are held to the same accountability >
New charter school to offer high school students college credits
Apr 17, 5:32 AM: Colorado Early Colleges is opening a new school this fall in the former National University Campus at 350 Blackhawk St. The charter school, accredited through Colorado Charter School Institute, is set to enroll up to 325 students in >
Failing online charter school leaders pledge greater focus on student test scores, better teachers
Apr 14, 5:35 AM: Leaders of HOPE Online charter school, facing state intervention for poor performance, pledged Thursday to improve teacher quality, hold themselves more accountable and renew their focus on boosting student test scores.
HOPE Online charter school would dodge closure under state plan, but that doesn’t mean it&#821
Apr 13, 5:33 AM: One of Colorado’s lowest-performing — and most controversial — online charter schools would reorganize its board of directors and hire outside help to better recruit and train educators under an improvement plan negotiated with the >



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