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State education board overturns Denver’s decision on DSST Noel charter school
Nov 20, 8:44 AM: In a win for the DSST charter school network, the Colorado State Board of Education Thursday overturned a Denver school board decision to delay the opening of a new DSST high school.
As coronavirus drives more Colorado school districts to stop in-person learning, some neighboring charter schools buck that trend
Nov 18, 1:44 PM: Two Roads Charter School’s Arvada and Littleton campuses are continuing in-person instruction. Sending students home would harm them, leaders say. “COVID would be the least of their concerns.
Concern Grows For Mental Health Of Colorado Children During Remote Learning
Nov 17, 7:08 AM: A coalition of families, teachers and administrators from across the state met on the Colorado State Capitol steps Monday to rally for in-person learning. The gathering comes as schools are switching to remote learning due >
Column: Myths about charter schools
Nov 9, 7:43 AM: We have about 250 charter schools in Colorado representing 13% of all public K-12 students. Five of these schools are here in Grand Junction.
Opinion: Charters give DPS parents, students a choice
Nov 3, 8:55 AM: From a large STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) high school in Denver with over 90% students of color to a small rural school in North Routt focused on expeditionary learning, charter schools are located >
Denver Public Schools shifts more students to remote learning following COVID-19 surge
Oct 28, 7:15 AM: DPS makes decision after city imposes tighter community restrictions.
Area superintendents pen letter to state asking to push back standardized testing
Oct 22, 5:49 AM: Area schools are pleading with the state to put a hold on most state required testing because of the pandemic.
Editorial: Teachers unions — far afield from education
Oct 21, 7:46 AM: And when it comes to helping elect union-friendly school boards, it's nothing more than a matter of taking care of business and looking out for their interests. It just so happens those interests don't often appear to >
“They silenced us”: Colorado parents-turned-teachers want schools, lawmakers to give them a voice
Oct 19, 8:43 AM: Even as many parents have become their child’s lead educator during the coronavirus, they feel muted in conversations about schooling.
Merit Academy founders submit 475-page application for proposed Woodland Park charter school
Oct 13, 8:18 AM: The proposed Merit Academy moved a step closer this month to opening a K-10 charter school in Woodland Park next year.
Unsatisfied with district options, some Summit County parents move to homeschool
Oct 5, 6:05 AM: During a school year unlike any other, parents are having to make a lot of choices. For an increasing minority, that choice has been to homeschool their children. While official enrollment numbers for Summit School >
With Enrollment Down In Some Colorado School Districts, Polis Asks For Community Support
Sep 30, 6:10 AM: Gov. Jared Polis on Tuesday urged Colorado families to enroll their children in school as some school districts report a sharp decline in the number of students enrolled. Enrollment is down particularly among younger >
Denver weighs the tension between school autonomy and teacher job protections
Sep 29, 5:52 AM: A debate about freeing schools to design their own programs, and whether teachers should give up hard-won contract rights in the process, is bubbling over in Denver.
Colorado’s substitute teacher shortage, worsened by coronavirus, could force some schools to close. Again.
Sep 28, 7:07 AM: Districts are finding creative ways to fill the gap, leaning on their own teachers, administrators and even parents to sub
“At a breaking point”: Colorado schools plead for help as stress of pandemic teaching piles up
Sep 25, 7:33 AM: The start of school has been chaotic for districts amid the coronavirus crisis. Educators fear that without more support, students will be left behind.
Durango School District 9-R bond passage would fund charter schools
Sep 24, 5:46 AM: Board approves $2.5 million each for Animas High, Mountain Middle and The Juniper School
EDITORIAL: Unions plan a merger to protect the establishment
Sep 17, 7:37 AM: Make no mistake, together or apart the teachers unions run public schools. They control the administration, determine who is on the school board, and therefore what is taught in classrooms. They control a system in which >
Editorial: Time for Denver’s school board to refocus
Sep 16, 7:32 AM: Denver parents and other stakeholders in our community’s schools will be watching how well — and, we hope, how swiftly — the district’s leadership is able to navigate the transition back to in-person learning for children >
Stuck in online school, an 8-year-old started an in-person reading program
Sep 11, 8:47 AM: Without in-person school because of the novel coronavirus outbreak, Johara sought to teach and engage children while being safe. The 8-year-old’s solution was a small reading program that would occur twice per week in her >
In-Person learning: Why some families are transferring out of virtual classrooms
Sep 11, 7:34 AM: More than 150 students are back to in-person learning at Globe Charter School in Colorado Springs, something Jan Edwards is thankful for, for her granddaughters.



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