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Democrats kill attempt to provide tax credits for private education
Apr 25, 6:00 AM: A backdoor attempt to institute an education voucher-like program in Colorado was struck down Monday by Democrats in the state Legislature.
Project-based charter school proposal piques D-11’s interest
Apr 24, 6:13 AM: After denying proposals from other charter schools for reasons that included concerns about costs and duplication, Colorado Springs School District 11's board has nudged one idea forward.
Senate Bill 61 to address unequal funding of charter public schools
Apr 17, 6:21 AM: Charter public schools currently enroll 115,000 students in 238 schools across the state. They have been an integral component to the Colorado public education system for nearly 25 years, and are held to the same accountability >
New charter school to offer high school students college credits
Apr 17, 5:32 AM: Colorado Early Colleges is opening a new school this fall in the former National University Campus at 350 Blackhawk St. The charter school, accredited through Colorado Charter School Institute, is set to enroll up to 325 students in >
Failing online charter school leaders pledge greater focus on student test scores, better teachers
Apr 14, 5:35 AM: Leaders of HOPE Online charter school, facing state intervention for poor performance, pledged Thursday to improve teacher quality, hold themselves more accountable and renew their focus on boosting student test scores.
HOPE Online charter school would dodge closure under state plan, but that doesn’t mean it&#821
Apr 13, 5:33 AM: One of Colorado’s lowest-performing — and most controversial — online charter schools would reorganize its board of directors and hire outside help to better recruit and train educators under an improvement plan negotiated with the >
DSST doesn’t want to open a new school in Aurora. The charter network wants to open two.
Mar 30, 5:11 AM: The application comes with a provision that the schools operate in buildings provided by the suburban school district. Space for charter schools in Aurora has been historically difficult to find, and the district has provided little >
Charter schools in Colorado are growing in number and influence 25 years after they took hold
Mar 27, 5:08 AM: His show jumping days well behind him, 32-year-old Chicho soaks in the morning sun while students from Boulder Preparatory High School gently feed and pet him. Chicho’s caretakers at the Medicine Horse Program say the old horse’s >
Mix-up leaves opening of 350-student Colorado Springs military charter school in jeopardy
Mar 24, 6:55 AM: Several hundred Colorado Springs-area students' plans to attend a military-style charter school this fall are in jeopardy after organizers failed to get state approval instead of linking up with a local district.
Limited transportation undermines school choice — even in Denver
Mar 23, 5:19 AM: Six years after Denver Public Schools created an innovative bus shuttle system to help get students to school, the effort has expanded and evolved but the larger problem it sought to fix remains.
Charters provide ways to match ‘philosophical beliefs and values’
Mar 17, 6:37 AM: When it came time to choose a school, she decided on American Academy Charter School in Castle Pines. American Academy offers ability group learning for math, reading and writing. This means students take classes based on skill >
Teachers’ union calls Colorado charter funding bill ‘DeVos-style’ legislating
Mar 16, 5:38 AM: The legislature continues to advance a measure that aims at equitable funding for charter schools, despite cries of "DeVos-style" mandates.
Charter school funding bill gaining bipartisan support; Dems get support on amendment
Mar 13, 6:19 AM: Second reading of a bill that would equalize local mill levy funding for charter schools was postponed for the second time this week after senators spent nearly two hours debating several amendments to the bill.
Colorado Students Continue To Flock To Online Charters, Despite Controversies
Mar 3, 7:02 AM: Colorado parents are leaving traditional school districts at a higher rate in the last five years. Their destination? Virtual schools. According to a report by the non-profit think tank A+ Colorado, charter schools -- both online >
New charter schools step closer to reality in El Paso County
Mar 1, 6:00 AM: More proposed charter schools, one focusing on the arts, the other on classical education, are making progress in their quest to open in Colorado Springs in the fall of 2018.
DougCo school voucher lawsuit nearing critical junction
Feb 28, 6:13 AM: Proponents of school vouchers in Douglas County have spent 16 months waiting for the U.S. Supreme Court to decide if it will consider their appeal of a case that could have national implications for spending tax dollars on religious >
Denver Looks For Balanced Approach To School Choice
Feb 21, 6:11 AM: Denver's innovative approach to school choice gets high marks from parents and pundits. The program also includes rebooting and even closing down under-performing schools, mostly in neighborhoods with some of the most vulnerable >
The Mile High Promise, And Risk, Of School Choice
Feb 20, 8:30 AM: During Betsy DeVos' bitter confirmation hearing last month for education secretary, U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet pointed to Denver as a potential national model of a big city school district that's found an innovative, balanced approach >
Charter schools get warm treatment ahead of a bill’s hearing
Feb 16, 6:07 AM: How tax money is divided between traditional public schools and charter schools is a thorny political issue. Wednesday afternoon, Hill and Democratic Sen. Angela Williams will present Senate Bill 61 to the Senate Education Committee >
How some Colorado schools are finding success with poor and minority students
Feb 10, 6:53 AM: Platte Canyon’s approach, which includes heavy collaboration among teachers and plenty of face-to-face interactions between students and teachers, is hailed as “trend-busting” in a new report that says many low-income or minority >



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