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What families should know as school choice enrollment begins in Colorado
Jan 18, 6:00 AM: Colorado is one of 10 states that allows parents to opt out of sending kids to their default neighborhood school in favor of a school of their choice, without restrictions.
Charter and online schools report the largest increase in students in Colorado
Jan 10, 6:04 AM: Colorado’s student population grew again in the fall of 2017, but by the smallest numbers since 1989. The biggest increases were in charter and online schools, according to data released by the state.
Schools recognized for performance
Dec 28, 7:45 AM: It was the first year that Dual Immersion Academy received the Governor's Distinguished Improvement Award, marking it one of 124 schools in the state that showed significant growth on test scores. Taylor Elementary School >
APS grading turnarounds for troubled schools
Dec 21, 6:32 AM: The Aurora Public School Board is set to approve turnaround plans for 13 struggling schools in the district, including five schools entering the state’s accountability clock for the first time.
Opting for choice
Dec 11, 7:15 AM: The only Waldorf school in Mesa County offers a microcosm of what's happening in the region and across the state: Charter schools are expanding at a rate that outpaces their traditional school counterparts. Three of the >
More immigrant families discovering school choice
Dec 8, 5:57 AM: Recent immigrants Samuel and Iliana Bernal had been sending their daughter, Annette, to a private school in Mexico before relocating to Garfield County earlier this year.
Dougco kills school vouchers, but the movement lives on, proponents say
Dec 6, 6:07 AM: The Douglas County School Board threw a knockout punch at school vouchers locally but fell short of staggering the movement nationwide, voucher supporters said Tuesday.
Douglas County school board ends controversial voucher program
Dec 5, 6:48 AM: The Douglas County School Board voted Monday to end a controversial private-school voucher program and directed the school district to end a long-running legal battle that reached the nation’s highest court. >
Douglas County board publishes resolution to end voucher program
Dec 4, 6:59 AM: The Douglas County School District published a resolution Saturday that begins the process to rescind the Choice Scholarship program and end the legal fight over its controversial voucher program.
School choice, Jeffco style: District considering new school models, centralized enrollment
Dec 1, 5:40 AM: Jeffco Public Schools is considering significant changes to make its schools more desirable and accessible, including adopting a centralized school choice system, launching new specialized programs in district-run schools >
Douglas County school voucher program appears to be on the way out
Nov 30, 6:33 AM: The election earlier this month of four anti-voucher candidates reshaped the district's Board of Education from 4-3 in favor of vouchers to 7-0 against, means that the voucher program is all but certain to be trash-canned >
Dougco seats new school board, future of divisive school voucher program still uncertain
Nov 29, 6:29 AM: Four new Douglas County School Board directors were sworn in Tuesday night, effectively ending an era of controversial decisions and policies including a divisive school voucher program.
Peak to Peak charter starts heritage Spanish class for native speakers
Nov 27, 7:09 AM: Lafayette's Peak to Peak Charter started a Spanish class for heritage speakers this fall, creating a community for the school's small but growing Latino population.
Poudre School District conditionally approves new charter school
Nov 20, 7:59 AM: Poudre School District will have a new charter school come August, so long as the school can meet conditions set by the district's governing board this month.
Why Hickenlooper wants to give some charter schools $5.5 million
Nov 20, 6:38 AM: The seven-figure ask is part of Hickenlooper’s proposed budget that he sent to lawmakers earlier this month. The money would go to state-approved charter schools in an effort to close a funding gap lawmakers tried to >
Students learn Mandarin or Spanish first, then English, at popular Denver public school
Nov 10, 8:08 AM: The school opened its doors in August 2010 as Denver’s only full-language immersion K-8 charter school. Kids in the primary grades often lag behind their peers in English language skills. But once they hit the fifth or >
Douglas County school vouchers hanging by a thread after opponents’ victory in Tuesday elections
Nov 10, 6:38 AM: Backers and foes of school vouchers can finally agree on one thing: Douglas County School District’s first-of-its-kind school voucher program is hanging by a thread.
Power over Douglas County School changes
Nov 9, 7:34 AM: Since 2009, the Douglas County School Board pushed for a school voucher program which is still involved in a prolonged fight in the court system. It dissolved negotiations with the American Federation of Teachers. A new >
In thorny Douglas County school board races that drew national scrutiny, anti-voucher candidates prevail
Nov 8, 8:14 AM: A slate of anti-school voucher candidates won a contentious race Tuesday night for the Douglas County School Board, effectively killing the district’s controversial voucher program and entirely remaking the seven-member >
Oil man, voucher proponent Alex Cranberg donates $20,000 to Douglas County school board candidates
Nov 7, 6:45 AM: Four Douglas County school board candidates who want to continue the legal defense of the district’s stalled private-school voucher program continued to bring in more money than their opponents, new records show. >



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