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Letter: CTA propaganda keeps rolling along
Apr 26, 6:19 AM: On Monday, Leota McLean wrote that “privately run” charter schools are “draining our public school system,” (“Charter schools” published in the April 23 edition of the Daily Journal). You can hear the same spurious >
Charter schools are booming in California. Here’s where they are growing fastest
Apr 24, 5:34 AM: California’s charter school enrollment continues to skyrocket, growing by more than 25,000 students during each of the past 10 years.
Letter: Charter schools
Apr 24, 5:29 AM: Charter schools are draining our public school system. Why is everyone so quick to blame Proposition 13 for lack of funding and the decline of our school system? I blame the rise of charter schools.
SF public schools protest sharing space with charters
Apr 23, 8:14 AM: Plans to house charter schools on the campuses of two San Francisco elementary schools that serve high needs students in the Bayview and in Noe Valley have been met with strong opposition from public school administrators, >
Mission Education Center clashes with SFUSD’s efforts to put a charter school at its campus
Apr 23, 5:48 AM: Parents, teachers, school board candidates and labor union representatives said Thursday afternoon at a protest at the Mission Education Center that they would not mind sharing space with some charter schools, but opposed >
Inside Why deep-pocketed charter school advocates are pouring money into the governor’s raceOcean County's first charter school
Apr 23, 4:54 AM: Get ready, California voters: A deluge of political TV ads is headed your way as candidates scramble for position in a crowded primary election and deep-pocketed donors rush to prop them up.
Column: Big spending turns California's race for governor into a proxy war between teachers unions, charter school backers
Apr 19, 7:00 AM:

For most of us, the notion of someone spending $7 million to help another person run for governor is beyond comprehension. Even if you had that much spare change, what could possibly justify such a huge personal >

L.A. school board meets privately with finalists and debates choice for school district leader
Apr 18, 6:09 AM: The Los Angeles Board of Education adjourned late Tuesday after spending more than 10 hours interviewing candidates and trying to reach a decision on who would be the next leader of the nation's second-largest school >
Charter school backers spend millions to support Antonio Villaraigosa for California governor
Apr 13, 6:39 AM: Wealthy charter school supporters are pouring millions of dollars into the battle to succeed Gov. Jerry Brown, throwing their money into an independent committee to push former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa ahead >
Who’s about the kids and who’s about the money?
Apr 13, 6:34 AM: On April 3 the San Diego Unified School Board granted the charter school petition of National University Academy 1001 STEAM, the first approval of a charter school new to the district in over four years.
In Vista Unified, More School Choice Means More Traffic
Apr 13, 4:43 AM: It’s a few minutes past 7 a.m. when Lonna Leghart pulls her hybrid sport utility vehicle out of the driveway. She worries it’s a few minutes too late.
California’s largest virtual charter school network agrees to contract with its teachers
Apr 12, 5:54 AM: Nearly four years after teachers at California’s largest online charter school voted to unionize, they have reached a deal to increase pay and create job protections, according to a spokesman for the California Teachers >
Here’s one thing that California charter schools and public school boards agree on
Apr 11, 6:47 AM: The California Charter Schools Association and the California School Boards Association are unlikely partners. We are rarely on the same side of an issue, and we’re occasionally on opposing sides of a courtroom. >
School board approves a new formula for funding high-need schools
Apr 11, 5:37 AM: Until now, L.A. Unified has doled out additional money to schools primarily based on the number of high-need students they have. But some argued that this formula oversimplified complex issues and factors such as community >
Charter school group drops two lawsuits against L.A. Unified
Apr 10, 5:48 AM: A charter schools advocacy group last week announced that it would end two long-running lawsuits in which it was seeking more classroom space and construction money from the Los Angeles school district.
Charter school rises as Fair Oaks elementary declines in enrollment
Apr 9, 6:36 AM: While Fair Oaks Elementary’s enrollment is shrinking, the charter school it shares a campus with in North Fair Oaks is seeing an increase in enrollment.
New charter school submits petition
Apr 9, 5:04 AM: Watsonville Prep would start with two classes each of kindergarten, first and second grade, for a total of 180 students. It would add another grade every year until it had an eighth-grade class.
A new LA charter school may share a campus with a Chatsworth high school
Apr 5, 6:34 AM: California’s Prop. 39, which voters approved in Nov. 2000, requires that school districts offer equitable and adequate unused public space to charter schools in their areas.
LAUSD board to play more direct role in setting rules for charter schools — and charter leaders are thrilled
Apr 5, 4:42 AM: Five months ago, the Los Angeles Unified School District was locked in a "game of chicken" with the leaders of almost two-dozen L.A. charter schools — a showdown that appeared headed for a crash.
LAUSD Approves Policies For Operating Charter Schools
Apr 4, 6:03 AM: Striving to provide consistency in operating requirements for charter schools, the Los Angeles Unified School District board approved a list of policies Tuesday applying to all charters in the district, covering issues >



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