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LAUSD ramps up conflict-of-interest inquiry at Ref Rodriguez's former charter school
Dec 14, 6:38 AM: The conflict-of-interest allegations against Los Angeles Unified School Board member Ref Rodriguez continue to cause problems for the network of charter schools he helped start.
Ross Valley charter school enrollment dispute intensifies
Dec 14, 6:04 AM: A war of enrollment calculators is escalating in Ross Valley and is expected to spill over into the new year.
White paper’ challenges plans for Elite Charter School
Dec 13, 8:15 AM: Ambitious enrollment claims by backers of the proposed Elite Charter School come despite declines in the number of students attending Vallejo public schools when Ramona Bishop, lead petitioner for Elite, was superintendent >
Turlock schools’ innovation honored at awards ceremony
Dec 13, 6:19 AM: Turlock’s schools have a lot to brag about, and that list was recently made even longer thanks to the innovative efforts of Walnut Elementary School and Dennis Earl Elementary School, which were both recognized by the >
Local unions oppose charter school petition
Dec 12, 8:17 AM: If approved by the Solano County Board of Education, the ELITE Public Charter School will harm local neighborhood schools, forcing them to make difficult budget cuts, the Napa-Solano County Central Labor Council says. >
CUSD school board evaluates charter school application
Dec 12, 7:18 AM: At the Claremont Unified School District’s November 16 meeting, the board of education held a public hearing on a petition from Ingenium Wings Schools to open an independent study charter school in Claremont. >
$43 million public high school finds home on Oracle’s campus
Dec 11, 8:05 AM: Putting a charter school — that is, a publicly funded school that has its own school board and operates independently — on the campus of a tech giant is a new twist on the evolving relationship between big tech companies >
Staff layoffs loom for Vacaville charter schools?
Dec 11, 6:40 AM: At least two of Vacaville Unified’s three dependent charter schools face enough serious red ink in the coming years that staff layoffs may be required to balance the books, district leaders said Thursday night. >
LAUSD agrees to more consistency when tacking on additional requirements to charter renewals
Dec 8, 7:31 AM: LA Unified’s charter division agreed this week to be more consistent when making additional requirements of independent charter schools during their renewal process.
Charter, board resolve funding request feud
Dec 7, 7:05 AM:

The Morgan Hill Unified School District Board of Trustees this week broke an impasse between district and charter school administrators, agreeing to report to the California State Finance Authority that Charter School of >

Chico Unified OKs local charter school, agrees to look at new location for Inspire
Dec 7, 7:05 AM: Pivot North Valley Charter School submitted a charter petition to the board to renew its charter in the district earlier this year, and students and staff spoke at a board meeting, describing the school as an alternative >
Lawyers sue California because too many children can't read
Dec 6, 6:42 AM: The plaintiffs want the state to create an accountability system to monitor literacy levels. They also seek screenings of reading levels at the beginning and middle of the school year for elementary school students and >
Anaheim’s Palm Lane Elementary is getting closer to charter school conversion. This is the next step.
Dec 6, 6:26 AM: Parents who were dissatisfied with the school’s performance launched an effort in 2015 to use the state’s so-called “parent trigger” law to convert the school to a charter.
Laguna Beach Unified will experiment with online tutoring program
Nov 29, 7:17 AM: Students at Thurston Middle and Laguna Beach High schools will soon have access to tutors at any time if they encounter a difficult calculus problem or have a question on their Spanish homework.
Ross Valley Charter, district joust over enrollment numbers
Nov 28, 7:32 AM: As school enrollment projections for 2018-19 are coming due to the state, some parents in Ross Valley are demanding local and state officials intervene in the standoff between Ross Valley Charter and Ross Valley School >
Voices, county delay charter renewal hearing
Nov 28, 7:07 AM: A local charter school and its county authorizer agreed to postpone a vote on the school's petition renewal until Dec. 13, despite a staff recommendation for approval.
NAACP calls for ‘state of emergency’ to close achievement gap in SF schools
Nov 27, 7:12 AM: Despite years of targeted programs, San Francisco district schools have failed to close an achievement gap in which black students lag behind their peers and fall short of state learning standards.
Songs about computer coding? It’s what happens when an arts school adds STEM focus
Nov 22, 7:02 AM: Renaissance Arts was founded as an arts school in 2003. When a committee from the California Department of Education examined the rigor of the school’s academic programs in 2013, the group designated Renaissance a >
Blue Oak Charter offering new homeschooling option
Nov 21, 6:53 AM: With the launch of a new program, Blue Oak Charter School hopes to offer a Waldorf education, at home. Blue Oak has launched a home schooling/independent study program centered around Waldorf education, a teaching >
SF education leaders resist efforts to open new charter school
Nov 20, 6:16 AM: When the Board of Education on Tuesday unanimously rejected an application for a new KIPP elementary school set to open in the Bayview next school year, hundreds of parent, teacher and student supporters — including Turner >



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