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Opinion: How the teachers’ unions dupe the public
Feb 4, 8:22 AM: United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) and other powerful teacher unions nationwide claim parents and kids stand in solidarity with union strikes. They prove it by parading families on picket lines.
This list helps minority students find a college with a solid graduation rate
Feb 4, 8:19 AM: To give more guidance to families, Alliance has created a “Power 150” list of colleges most successful at helping students like Nevarez get to graduation. It has just begun making the list widely available. The list ranks >
East Palo Alto community debates KIPP expansion
Feb 4, 6:57 AM: As the newly constituted Ravenswood school board moves toward making what could be one of its most consequential decisions -- closing a neighborhood school to make room for a growing charter school -- trustees and >
Opinion: Charter school bans and the black hole of liberal morality
Feb 1, 7:44 AM: Because the powerful Los Angeles teachers union, loved by all major Democrats, has now persuaded its city's supplicant school board to call for a moratorium on new charter schools across California. It's an extraordinary >
After charter moratorium vote, families voice anger, betrayal, disappointment — and vow to fight back
Feb 1, 6:16 AM:

Families, teachers and students from Los Angeles’s independent charter schools turned out by the thousands Tuesday to urge school board members to reject a resolution calling for a moratorium on new charters in L.A. >

LA Unified, teachers still face challenges over contract and charter school moratorium
Jan 31, 8:53 AM: But the board’s actions also create challenges and tensions on two new fronts: with the Los Angeles County Office of Education, which is giving the district 45 days to show how the contract it called financially “not >
Ross Valley schools, charter lock horns on future space allotment
Jan 31, 7:08 AM: Just a few weeks after Ross Valley School District and Ross Valley Charter finally settled their 10-month-long space feud for the current school year, the two sides are again embroiled in a tug-of-war on the same issue for >
L.A. school board calls for moratorium on new local charter schools
Jan 30, 8:47 AM: Los Angeles school officials made good on a deal with the teachers union on Tuesday, bringing forward and passing a resolution that calls for a local moratorium on new charter schools until their impact can be studied. >
Editorial: Hold the line on charter enrollment
Jan 30, 8:11 AM: The Los Altos School District needs to come up with a proposal by Friday on how to accommodate Bullis Charter School and its 190-student increase from 915 to 1,105 students for the 2019-2020 school year.
Letter: Teachers Union Chief Defends the L.A. Strike
Jan 29, 8:50 AM: Regarding Jason Riley’s “Teachers Unions Don’t Really Strike for ‘the Kids’” (Jan. 23): It’s hard to argue that teachers in Los Angeles didn’t care about kids when the entire six-day strike was about children’s needs. >
Charter Schools Suffer Setback in Aftermath of Los Angeles Strike
Jan 29, 8:44 AM: It was the latest in a string of defeats for a movement that for over a decade has pointed to Los Angeles and California as showcases for the large-scale growth of the charter school sector.
Op-Ed: Striking teachers scapegoated charter schools, but they're not the problem
Jan 28, 9:24 AM: Listening to the rhetoric of the teachers unions, one might have thought the teachers’ strike in Los Angeles was about charter schools. “When someone says there’s no money, why isn’t there money?” National Education Assn. >
L.A. charter school teachers reach deal to end strike, the first of its kind in California
Jan 28, 8:35 AM: A South Los Angeles charter school network reached a tentative deal Sunday to end an eight-day strike, the first job action of its kind in California, union officials said.
Opinion: Capping charter schools in LAUSD will hurt students and families
Jan 28, 7:20 AM: With the Los Angeles Unified School District teachers union strike now over, it’s easy to understand why a combination of relief and celebration permeates most corners of the nation’s second-largest school system. Having >
Teachers’ strike is over, but LAUSD still faces threats from charters and finances
Jan 25, 8:19 AM: The union “won the public perception battle about the challenges that teachers face. And I think that’s a good thing,” said UCLA education professor Tyrone Howard. But that did not change the big picture financially or >
Opinion: If you actually want to fight for students, then listen up
Jan 25, 7:23 AM: Our school system is setting students up to fail, and adults who are supposedly fighting for our best interests aren’t taking responsibility.
While LAUSD Strike Ends, South LA Charter School Strike Continues
Jan 25, 6:26 AM: Teachers for three South Los Angeles charter schools who have been on strike for 10 days held a rally Thursday morning along dozens of student and parent supporters in attendance.
Review & Outlook: L.A. Schools and Students Lose
Jan 24, 8:41 AM: Los Angeles teachers called off their six-day strike on Tuesday, and it looks like everyone came out a loser—teachers, schools and students. But then this was more about political muscle-flexing than improving education. >
Santa Ynez school district says payments to charter school could be detrimental
Jan 24, 8:30 AM: A 2018 decision by the State Board of Education requires several Santa Barbara County school districts to pay a local charter school system hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to help it operate.
Opinion: I'm a charter school teacher. The LAUSD strike made me realize how I'm part of the problem
Jan 24, 8:27 AM: It’s a confusing time to be a charter school teacher in Los Angeles. Usually, I consider myself to have everything in common with my husband and friends who teach in the Los Angeles Unified School District. We put in the >



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