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Morning Report: Charter School Teachers Far Less Experienced Than Peers
Oct 21, 8:46 AM: On average, charter school teachers have half as much experience as those in traditional public schools in San Diego Unified School District, according to a new data analysis by Voice of San Diego and the UC San Diego >
Opinion: It’s time for change in the NAACP’s leadership
Oct 16, 8:28 AM: Over the past several years, the leadership of the San Francisco NAACP has again and again showcased that they are out of touch with what’s actually happening in the Black community.
Letters to the Editor: Teachers don’t need mandates on handling ‘willful defiance’
Oct 16, 8:22 AM: There is nothing new in the article on new rules limiting school suspensions that good, caring teachers haven’t been doing forever. Spending time with troubled kids, being a role model for a problem child for other kids to >
Commentary: How Parents Helped Transform a Los Angeles School
Oct 15, 7:22 AM: Urban public schools in America have been failing for generations. Yet the turnaround of one public school shows how progress can be made. When parents and an education-reform nonprofit recently stepped in to take control >
Opinion: California’s education establishment continues to fail students and families
Oct 15, 5:57 AM: The recent release by the CA Department of Education of the 2018-19 statewide proficiency test scores reveals no surprises:  we’re still failing California’s 6.2 million public school students. >
Only half of California students meet English standards and fewer meet math standards, test scores show
Oct 11, 8:22 AM: Just over half of public school students who took the state’s standardized English language arts test performed at grade level, while only 4 in 10 are proficient in math, scores that represent a slow upward trend over the >
A3 Charter Scandal Reveals Major Flaws in State’s Auditing Process
Oct 11, 7:44 AM: California lawmakers created a system that places just one process at the forefront of detecting fraud and mismanagement in the state’s schools: a yearly audit, conducted by a “state-approved,” “independent” auditor, >
Opinion: It’s time to trust the parents
Oct 11, 5:52 AM: A young child struggles in school, is diagnosed with dyslexia, attends a variety of different schools to find the right fit and goes on to a successful career in business and politics.  This is the true life portrayal of >
Editorial: Compromise law will slowly gut charter schools in California
Oct 10, 7:00 AM: Many schools will remain as charters, but could become charters in name only. With their new leverage, however, school districts will be able to force them to accept new conditions, which undermine the reason that these >
Holding traditional public schools accountable in California
Oct 10, 5:53 AM: Charter schools should be held to strong performance standards, and for-profit schools offering post-high school, employment-oriented instruction should give students more insight into their job prospects. However, >
Black Educators to Unveil “Blueprint” for Improving California Black Student Test Scores, Learning
Oct 9, 6:36 AM: A group of Black educators are heading to San Diego this week from around the state, and across the country, to meet with each other. Their goal is to leave their conference with strategies that school districts and >
A Charter School Co-Location Debacle
Oct 8, 5:33 AM: The resulting drawn-out dispute between Promise and SJUSD would come to illustrate the complex balance of power between charters and school districts, how even small charters can leverage outsized litigation power and why >
Editorial: California law on charters ushers in a new era — one charters should fear
Oct 7, 6:40 AM: The fact that the leader of the California Charter Schools Association showed up Thursday for a ceremony in which Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a major overhaul of the charter system pushed by the California Teachers >
Families endure costly legal fights trying to get the right special education services
Oct 7, 5:02 AM: Due process cases often pit families and schools against each other, instead of being partners in improving special education, critics say.
Gavin Newsom gives California districts more power to block charter schools with new law
Oct 4, 6:30 AM: California school districts will soon have more power to block proposed charter schools under a new law Gov. Gavin Newsom signed Thursday.
Newsom to sign charter school bill that takes state out of appeal process
Oct 3, 5:54 AM: Gov. Gavin Newsom will sign a charter school bill into law Thursday, one that has worried opponents since it was first proposed in the state Legislature.
When unions open their own charter schools — lessons from San Carlos’s Kwachiiyoa elementary
Oct 2, 7:38 AM: As difficult as it may be to believe nowadays, when teacher unions deem charter schools their mortal enemies, there was a brief period of time when they took a different approach. Affiliates of the National Education >
Engagement process meetings on BCS facilities kick off
Oct 1, 7:02 AM: Approximately 200 people packed into Blach Intermediate School’s multipurpose room last week to discuss potential long-term facilities options for Bullis Charter School.
KIPP to open new charter high school in East Palo Alto next year
Sep 27, 6:39 AM: Despite initial concerns that "could have justified denial" of KIPP Bay Area Public School's request to open a new charter high school, the Sequoia Union High School board of trustees ultimately gave the green light for >
LAUSD Abruptly Cracks Down On Charter Schools That Took District Classrooms, Then Didn't Use Them All
Sep 26, 6:30 AM: In Los Angeles' tough real estate market, the operators of charter schools have to make do with whatever classroom spaces they can find: hospital daycare centers, downtown office suites, even churches and former Hebrew >



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