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L.A. schools chief urges administrators to break bureaucratic rules to help kids
Aug 10, 7:18 AM: He asked administrators to wake up every day “with a sense of urgency” and to focus “on getting results for kids … not bureaucracy and compliance.
Former Tommie Kurst principal working to bring new charter school to county
Aug 9, 7:09 AM: The nation's student population has been diversifying for decades, but Rivera said teaching strategies used have largely gone unchanged. American kids still spend most classes sitting in rows, silently listening, reading, >
Los Angeles Teachers Take First Step Toward Strike
Aug 7, 6:53 AM: After contract negotiations between the Los Angeles teachers' union and the school district reached an impasse, the union announced it will conduct a strike authorization vote from Aug. 23 to 30.
After quarter century of rapid expansion, charter school growth slowing in California
Aug 6, 6:30 AM: After a quarter century of steady expansion, the rate of growth for charter schools in California has slowed to a crawl over the past five years.
Column: Experimenting for education reform
Aug 6, 5:08 AM: Regardless of the cause, I know from conversations with teachers, administrators and parents that the existing thicket of rules and regulations are widely perceived to be stifling and bureaucratic. But perception, even >
Column: A California election that might actually matter
Aug 2, 7:20 AM: The choice Californians make for the next superintendent of public instruction could catalyze improvements regarding the education of grades K-12.
Column: Two events frame California educational crisis
Aug 2, 6:06 AM: There’s a lesson there, and it might be that stricter accountability from Sacramento, as the lawsuit seeks, is needed to crack down on failing districts and compel them to replicate California’s small district successes. >
Opinion: California Parents Need Educational Choices, Not Court Battles
Aug 2, 5:48 AM: Parents shouldn’t have to wait years at a time or have attorneys on speed dial just to ensure their children’s schools provide basic literacy instruction. Nor should taxpayers be on the hook for the state’s legal bills. >
Charter schools not documenting spending on low-income kids, report says
Aug 2, 5:40 AM: The vast majority of California’s charter schools sampled for a study failed to fully disclose how they spent money on students targeted for assistance under the state’s funding formula. Some didn’t account for any of that >
Trivium Charter School to offer additional on-campus day this fall
Aug 2, 5:28 AM: Trivium, which has learning centers in Santa Maria, Lompoc, Santa Barbara, Arroyo Grande, and Atascadero, is a K-12 public charter school system that allows families to blend homeschooling practices with classroom >
New charter middle school in SLVUSD is denied, again
Aug 2, 5:17 AM: Several reasons were listed by the school district on why the petition for the charter school was recommended to be rejected, including, the petition was deemed by the district to be “unlikely to be successful,” the >
Former Santa Maria principal plans to create new charter school
Aug 1, 6:32 AM: A former Santa Maria principal is putting in an application to the state to create a new public charter school in Santa Barbara County.  Carmen Rivera has been working in education since 1993 as a bilingual teacher in >
Two more unions settle with L.A. Unified, which remains in standoff with teachers
Jul 31, 6:43 AM: Two more labor groups have agreed to a new contract with the Los Angeles Unified School District, but negotiations with the teachers union remain at a tense standstill.
Charter school delays opening over location dispute
Jul 31, 5:41 AM: A new charter school that dozens of families in downtown San Jose hoped would open this fall will not welcome students in 2018 after all, leaving parents scrambling for alternatives as summer winds down.
Group threatens San Diego City Council with lawsuit over school elections
Jul 31, 5:25 AM: In an effort to overhaul San Diego Unified School District elections with a November ballot measure, an advocacy group is threatening the San Diego City Council with legal action if it fails to place the matter before >
Don’t like your kid’s school district? Transferring could become easier—if they’re being bullied
Jul 31, 4:55 AM: Shaw told this story to a panel of legislators last year, testifying in support of a bill that would have allowed more children like hers to transfer to a school outside their own district. But school administrators and >
Opinion: ‘Invest and prioritize’: What to do about California schools
Jul 30, 4:41 AM: The single most important thing we can do to improve opportunities for California schoolchildren is to stop focusing just on catching up and instead focus on leapfrogging into the 21st century. We’ve got to allow for, and >
Under new formula, L.A. Unified graduation rate is lower than expected
Jul 27, 6:41 AM: Last year, Los Angeles Unified officials predicted an 80% graduation rate for the class of 2017 — its highest ever — based on preliminary numbers. That continued an upward trend that district officials said was the product >
Letter: USD should reject charter school's petition
Jul 27, 5:53 AM: Research has shown that virtual courses are ineffective and in five years, Uplift is looking to enroll 1,250 students, which would pull $14 million from our local schools.
Twain Harte district disputes charter school’s use of former booster club name
Jul 27, 5:07 AM: The Twain Harte School District has accused a Pinecrest educational fundraising group of illegally using the name Pinecrest School Club to raise thousands of dollars under false pretenses.



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