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Will Westchester High's magnet plan stick?
Mar 28, 1:33 PM:

Plan to turn CA high school into magnet draws mixed reaction and skepticism from parents. Pros and cons, plus administrator and community reaction. What do teachers think? They're missing here but surely have some ideas. >

New teachers union leader calls on Gov. Brown to extend tax increases
Mar 25, 3:45 PM:

Call in to LA Times: New CA union head says more taxes to stave off budget cuts in ed. New Sec-Treas. says no to evaluations based on student tests. Shocked! No, it's same old news.

Pink slips for some SD teachers may be rescinded
Mar 25, 1:32 PM:

City board may recall more than a fifth of 1,335 layoff warnings sent teachers 2 weeks ago -- by using library school funds and cutting contractors. Learning to move money around! Boost bang for the buck info too.

Majority of California schoolchildren flunk fitness tests
Mar 25, 1:04 PM:

Majority of CA students flunked last year's School Physical Fitness Test. Decline in PE blamed, but overall lifestyle changes may be culprit. Did 2 or 3 hours weekly of PE alone keep past generations trim and fit?

As school districts slash textbook spending, some consider e-books
Mar 25, 12:43 PM:

Budget cuts push move from printed texts to e-books, but some say cost of digital devices offsets savings. Good rundown on expenditures for textbooks, but nothing on what digital would cost on an ongoing basis.

Students win with parent trigger law despite union opposition
Mar 25, 8:17 AM:

CA court rules in favor of parents using parent trigger to convert McKinley ES into a charter. Contested by unions and district, who are trying to block school change. Not over, but good to see court sticking up for >

Arcata School District staff to learn emergency team skills
Mar 23, 1:45 PM:

CA educators learn skills to use if there's an earthquake or any other kind of emergency, including extinguishing real, not metaphorical, fires. Details why, given the Japan earthquake/tsunami, this kind day-long >

Third-grade literacy effort announced by mayor
Mar 23, 1:23 PM:

Sacramento, CA third-graders are focus of a new campaign to improve literacy. Goal is to get them reading at grade level. Brief description of why third grade reading is key transition time for most students. No details >

Virtual reality the newest thing in school field trips
Mar 22, 4:08 PM:

Virtual field trips replace real thing in Riverside County because of tighter budgets. Plus, schools reluctant to have students spend time away from classroom instruction. Enterprising look at the kinds of interactive >

Charter school eyes Watsonville High campus for expansion: Ceiba College Preparatory Academy outgrowing downtown location
Mar 22, 12:33 PM:

Ceiba College Preparatory Academy needs more space. Its building is at capacity. Enrollment is limited. This ponders options well, including the plan for portable classrooms. Missing is any mention of the size of the >

David Cary on a mission to fix education in Vallejo
Mar 22, 8:13 AM:

Man in this CA town dedicates time to perfecting his charter model, which combines education with afterschool activities and care. Has been trying to interest school district, but they're not biting. Why isn't the >

The San Diego Union-Tribune
Mar 21, 4:54 PM:

CA Gov Brown warns the school year could end in April 2012 -- six weeks earlier than normal -- if his proposed tax extension doesn't get on the ballot or pass. Article questions whether it's a false choice or a >

Pink slip season for teachers getting tougher
Mar 21, 4:40 PM:

Vignettes of CA teachers who just got pink slip. Paper slips up by not identifying the research that says by learning a string instrument, student learning is improved. Doesn't it have something to do with intense daily >

Vacaville school board approves boundary changes
Mar 18, 2:03 PM:

Vacaville School District Trustees approve boundary changes for students attending the closing Sierra Vista Elementary school. Students split between three others, including one charter. Focus is jump in numbers at the >

Parents wait in 'agony' for school entrance lottery results
Mar 18, 11:35 AM:

Elementary in CA county "built specifically to cater to workers and commuters" in Bakersfield City School District. Gives history, selection criteria, and personal anecdotes about lottery process for this high-performing >

SLV school board makes deal for education-related mental health services funding
Mar 17, 1:25 PM:

Former CA Gov suspended funds for mental-health programs for students, but now county Office of Ed and school districts join forces to keep programs going. Lots on the dollar and cents of the issue, but nothing on >

School board to consider denying charter petition
Mar 17, 12:05 PM:

Chino district officials urge denial of new K-8 charter application, finding it unsound "to the extent that educational program encourages students younger than 16 to work." Charter applicant says that's unfounded. >

Union: California school districts issue 19,000 teacher pink slips so far
Mar 16, 1:01 PM:

CA teacher union announces 19,000 pink slips issued statewide, yet some districts haven't reported a number yet. Wonder if the union wrote this short article, otherwise there certainly would be verification of numbers >

L.A. students fight for quality education as their teachers get layoff notices
Mar 16, 6:24 AM:

Dramatic rendering of damage to music and theatre programs take center stage in this emotional play about Los Angeles teacher layoff notices and the reactions of kids (complete with adagio as music class blares trumpets >

Last-in, first-out layoff policies hit some schools harder than others
Mar 15, 4:48 PM:

Oakland sends out layoff warnings based on state's "last-in, first-out policy". Impact worst for schools that need the most help.  Highlights one school that could potentially lose every teacher despite gains on test >



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