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Union blasts state bill for teachers
Mar 15, 12:25 PM:

A new bill in the CA legislature calls for basing teacher layoffs on performance, not seniority. Getting rid of the entrenched seniority system may be about as easy as getting a straight answer from a politician -- we >

The mayor's hard-case schools
Mar 15, 11:35 AM:

LA mayor shares control over city's worst schools. They have a way to go but after four years their achievement scores are gaining more than those in the rest of the city. Some specifics about the schools' turnaround >

School districts in budgetary limbo
Mar 14, 3:26 PM:

Some CA districts are in "budgetary limbo" while waiting to see if temporary sales, income, and vehicle tax will be extended. Growing classes one consequence of discontinued revenue, but is the projected two-student >

Forum provides education on schools
Mar 14, 11:33 AM:

Forum in Auburn reviews charters, accountability and state funding. Speaker claims state has cut funding by 14 percent. He also says $10 billion in state funds have been "deferred" over the last 10 years. What is the >

East Bay school districts grapple with budget scenarios ranging from flat to catastrophic
Mar 14, 8:44 AM:

Budget deficit in California forcing large cuts in education spending -- $2 billion or more -- and putting pressure on districts. Districts now deal with at least $700 less per student. Union contracts restrict what can >

State ed board gives 'parent trigger' new life
Mar 11, 8:31 AM:

CA state board says parent trigger will stay as it is -- until it beefs up regulations for implementation. Editorial thinks this is a good thing, since "only 24% of fifth graders are proficient in reading and math" at >

Oakland middle school named charter school of the year for California
Mar 11, 6:38 AM:

Middle school in West Oakland with a 9.5-hour day wins statewide Hart Vision Award. KIPP Bridge is part of a national network set up to close the achievement gap of minority students. Scores here for black students were >

San Diego to host school charter conference -
Mar 8, 1:08 PM:

CA weeklong charter conference will feature discussions on "Superman" film and Compton parent trigger law problems. No clue what else is being discussed or who else permitted to attend besides charter educators and >

Teachers in a changing class by themselves
Mar 7, 5:25 PM:

CA columnist gives attention to retired dean/current Vista board member on changing culture of teaching. Future educators will be attracted to profession because of accountability and evaluation pressures. Interesting >

Shutdown of campuses shows charter school model allows more accountability
Mar 4, 6:59 AM:

Editorial puts Crescendo cheating scandal into bigger picture -- swift CA charter shutdowns highlight "black hole of accountability at traditional public schools". Condemns board for not shutting these down, but no >

California teachers' supplemental pension plan is flawed, study finds
Mar 2, 6:54 AM:

Open market retirement supplement for teachers in CA is massive, cumbersome and expensive for teachers. Not a good alternative to pensions likely to be reduced or eliminated with budget cuts looming. Only 30 percent of >

L.A. school board to close six charter schools caught cheating
Mar 2, 6:51 AM:

L.A. Board votes to close chain of 6 charters in city because of systematic cheating accusations on recent round of state tests. Some board members and others thought charters deserved a second chance, a 1-year probation >

A Rare Investment Amid Gutted Schools Comments (1) | 5:00 pm
Feb 24, 8:46 AM:

Failing CA school turns charter and replaces principal and staff to get federal money aimed at increasing performance. Brings up bigger problem of inequitable school funding, but doesn't go much further. Ask why some >

More LA schools convert to charters as funds dip
Feb 21, 11:21 AM:

Top-ranking CA public school decides to break-up with district to become charter.  In love with flexibility.  Board member says it feels like a divorce, adds we're "losing our high-performing high schools."  Well, gotta >

Editorial: School board is stacking deck against parents
Feb 21, 10:11 AM:

Editorial questions CA board's motivation for opposing Parent Trigger Law, but doesn't go much further. Are they scared giving more control to parents would reduce status? Could've examined how scenario in Compton played >

Capital Area Intermediate Unit wants to test digital textbooks in midstate schools
Feb 18, 11:18 AM:

PA school district consortium wins grant from the State Department of Education for digital textbook program. Conflicting info presented here whether digital textbooks affect achievement. 

E-schooling an idea with virtual benefits
Feb 15, 10:59 AM:

A look at various approaches to providing virtual learning and how different Calif. charter schools approach it, what parents are looking for. Addresses important details that often go unmentioned.

Dropouts bigger long-term crisis than budget
Feb 14, 12:07 PM:

High dropout rate is driven in part by illegal immigration; could create permanent uneducated underclass. Hope seen rate may have stabilized, but no information on efforts or proposals to stem dropout epidemic. 

Schools craft budgets in the dark -- and prepare for deep cuts
Feb 14, 11:15 AM:

Lots of numbers and what-if planning among CA school districts to as-yet-undetermined 2011-2012 budgets.  Missing: Concrete ideas for guaranteeing academic progress for students whatever the budget hits. 

Mercury News editorial: State education board, Legislature must not weaken parent trigger law
Feb 13, 2:55 PM:

Assault on trigger law by CA politicos. creating "clean-up" bill intended to weaken parent power.  Current, forceful opinion that could use achievement data for readers to understand why some parents feel they have no >



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