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'Parent trigger' limbo
May 3, 5:09 AM:

Editorial calls for careful consideration of parent trigger pilot program. Lists legitimate questions about law as written and offers some useful solutions. Gives general support to policy and recognizes that some will >

Manual-School District’s Draft Strategic Framework Revealed
May 2, 1:05 PM:

Santa Monica-Malibu system gets community feedback on its framework for the future. Document is roadmap for next five years. Analysis of process for deciding priorities/goals. Great to include feedback. No mention of >

Two families choose different paths to academic excellence
May 2, 11:11 AM:

Profiles two CA families with two very different approaches. One operates on a strict regimen; other encourages flexibility and motivation from within. Both finding success. Fascinating, balanced look at how students >

School trigger law threatened
Apr 29, 2:00 PM:

Editorial lambastes amendment to parent-trigger law that would mandate agreement to pull trigger by majority of teachers, not just parents. Says teachers already have law that allows them to convert schools. Short to the >

Governor vows fight for public education
Apr 29, 1:04 PM:

Gov. Brown reassures parents and teachers of his commitment to protect education funding. Says tax extensions necessary. Majority of voters oppose tax raise to support schools But everyone wants improvements. No real >

California students shouldn't be casualties
Apr 29, 11:01 AM:

Editorial bemoans CA’s lack of investment in higher education and trend toward attracting out-of-state students. Distressing to see top students on waiting lists and correctly observes they’ll seek education elsewhere. >

Los Altos charter school dispute enters Measure E debate
Apr 29, 6:12 AM:

CA district, charter school quarrel over proposed parcel tax. Charter school fears disparity in funding if passed; district states legally not obligated to share. On both sides, where is the concern for students? >

California state Senate leader makes sweeping education proposals
Apr 28, 12:47 PM:

CA lawmaker wants to de-emphasize standardized tests to better prepare students for world of work and/or college. Sounds nice, but nothing here to anchor this idea.

Does he hold that all standardized tests are bad, or >

CV charter school drive sparks interest
Apr 28, 10:28 AM:

Languishing CA high school considering switch to charter status. Enthusiastic support from parents and teachers, who see benefits of localized control. Thorough overview of process and possible changes. 


Puts in >

Charter tries Sulphur Springs again
Apr 28, 9:36 AM:

APART charter school revamps petition and garners support to try to win over school district. Charter school previously denied over unsound education program, financial challenges, and not meeting state requirements. >

Now is not the time to cut dual immersion
Apr 28, 9:33 AM:

Op-ed argues CA should retain dual immersion programs for Spanish-speaking kids. Research shows improved achievement by 5th grade, despite lower test scores in early years. Cogent arguments in favor of chioce and >

New California bill would change charter school approval process
Apr 28, 8:23 AM:

Who should approve charters? That's the heart of a bill passed by CA Assembly. Public schools now require majority vote from both teachers and support staff to convert. Charter School Association says approval shouldn't >

Who pulls the trigger on school reform?
Apr 28, 6:23 AM:

Editorial challenges some of the changes proposed for CA's parent trigger law, particularly ones that encourage teachers to be part of trigger process. Conflict of interest, perhaps? Also expresses concern over heavy >

More California high school courses blend college and career prep
Apr 27, 3:33 PM:

CA Gov pushes for more college-prep, career-oriented courses. Good that officials are weighing in on concept. Provide a more in-depth look at potential results for students and learning.



Senator says "There has >

Public schools: Is California's middle class heading for the exits?
Apr 27, 12:55 PM:

Threatening state budget cuts leave CA families inquiring about private schools. Class size increase in public schools is a main concern, but bet that's not the only difference. How does quality of instruction compare, >

Two Charters Told to Shape Up or Shut Down Comments (1) | 9:49 am
Apr 26, 10:07 AM:

San Diego Unified might close two charter schools if they don't shape up. The schools, especially Promise, have been under investigation problems, including violating state law and shoddy financial statements. 


Parcel tax for schools?
Apr 26, 10:02 AM:

CA district preparing for massive cuts. Apocalyptic stuff: school closures, class size increases, the works. Considering parcel tax and makes case that community must invest in education. Less doomsday preaching; >

Manual-Gov. Jerry Brown warns of California education crisis
Apr 25, 11:35 AM:

Gov. Brown warns state's global competitiveness at risk because of K-12 system and budget woes. State spends $7,000 per student. That's less than half of top state averages. Tell us whether execs have innovative >

Manual-Crack Down on Teachers Behaving Badly
Apr 25, 11:21 AM:

State audit of commission charged with handling teacher misconduct finds major flaws and says program could pose risk to children. Details failings and includes commission reaction but none from parents. Time should be >

'Parent trigger' one step closer to reality
Apr 21, 6:10 AM:

CA parent trigger law gives families opportunities to change failing schools by voting to restructure or change them to a charter. Law lacked clarity, so new proposals by 2 groups to solidify rules of engagement. More >



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