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Knights Landing preschool gets reprieve
Jul 8, 10:41 AM:

Knights Landing, CA, district  renews parent-run pre-school's contract, after threatening eviction. No explanation why they wanted to replace popular program with smaller, part-time pre-school. Victory for choice and >

S.F. schools try to cut number of unused workbooks
Jul 8, 10:36 AM:

Stink over San Francisco school dumping textbooks in recycling. Talk of donating books to schools or organizations in need instead. Could push harder on publishers' role. Would be nice to hear their side. Baffled as to >

Steinberg defends budget bill protecting teachers from layoffs
Jul 8, 9:17 AM:

CA Senate Prez. defends last-minute budget bill protecting teachers' jobs and reducing district authority. But it's unclear how they'll balance budget if state imposes $1.5B midyear cuts. Imposing paycut should be last >

Manteca Unified, Great Valley & public education
Jul 8, 6:34 AM:

Editorial welcomes first charter in CA district. Makes some acute observations about the role of competition in charter system. But conclusion leaves you wondering what the point was. If it was simply to defend charters, >

Stealth attack on California's schools
Jul 8, 6:18 AM:

Editorial portrays CA bill, which forces districts to make unrealistic assumptions and prevents them from laying off teachers, as a dangerous disaster. Passed to "appease" unions. LA Times outlines potential fallout for >

Teachers from low-performing schools face stigma on job search
Jul 8, 6:14 AM:

Most insightful and unique perspective on impact of teacher layoffs -- the job hunt for teaching positions in other schools. Sounds pretty bleak, particularly the last quote on medical benefits being the determining >

Programs try to save students from 'summer slide' in academics
Jul 7, 1:30 PM:

San Fernando camp addresses problem of "summer slide" among low-income kids. Paints picture of coaches making learning fun, weaving this in with studies on vacation learning loss. Strong arguments against cutting summer >

Santa Ana schools chief ends tenure
Jul 7, 10:28 AM:

Q&A session with retiring Santa Ana, CA, super. Detailed look at her achievements, inc. raising test scores and grad rates, trimming costs and securing extra resources. Shows difference a talented and dedicated leader >

State lawmakers pass gay history bill
Jul 7, 10:25 AM:

Schools could be required to include gay history in social studies class if Gov signs bill. Requirements seem vague: it's up to school boards how, and when, to implement. Aims of fairness and inclusiveness are laudable, >

Schools tackle African-American achievement gap
Jul 7, 10:23 AM:

San Diego launches plan to boost success among African-American students. Shocking stats show big achievement gap, high expulsion rates. Detailed look at plan, inc. college-prep workshops, parent centers and single sex >

District evicts Knights Landing preschool from former elementary campus
Jul 7, 10:04 AM:

Article about parent-run Knight's Landing Children's Center losing space shared with Science and Technology Academy because charter school is expanding. Given level of tension apparent between parents and district, there >

11 new schools superintendents begin in Santa Clara County
Jul 6, 12:31 PM:

New leadership in CA county. Litany of names and bios doesn't help tell the story of how each super plans to run his or her district.  Hands-on or distant?  interest in reform measures or satisfied with the status quo? >

“Bumping” school personnel adds to disruption of layoffs, budget squeeze
Jul 6, 11:57 AM:

As San Diego lays off 1400 school staff, senior employees can "bump" junior ones from positions. Case study illustrates how  process disrupts schools and staff/student relationships. Ask district reasons for system. >

Locke High School graduation: A Locke High milestone
Jul 6, 5:27 AM:

Focus here on personal stories reflective of morphing of Los Angeles' Locke High School into a charter and graduation of last of original Locke students. Well done piece, but would like more details/specifics on what was >

Charter schools still in infancy
Jul 5, 11:04 AM:

Article spotlights two troubled charter schools as jumping off point for discussion of newness of charters, some problems, and complaints about them from traditional public school supporters. Unchallenged is San >

West Sac school board chief leads district shake-up
Jul 5, 9:51 AM:

High expectations and measurable goals are getting results in CA district. Report examines district turnaround plan, with intervention for struggling students and parental involvement. Still work to be done in reducing >

California school districts push to reverse new protections for teachers Share
Jul 5, 9:50 AM:

New bill protects teachers from further layoffs, but ignores possibility districts could lose funding midyear. Districts claim it's unstable and restricts planning ability. Without details of reductions, it's hard to >

Public schools see paradox of lower funding, higher test scores
Jul 5, 9:24 AM:

CA state test scores go up despite cuts in funding since 2008. Naysayers say full effects of classroom cuts haven't been realized, citing low NAEP science scores. Need to make connection that focus on basics necessary >

School budgets adopted amid continued uncertainty
Jul 5, 9:21 AM:

CA districts wonder if they'll need to make midyear cuts. Possibility if state budget doesn't materialize. No rationale behind optimistic state budget. More importantly, no link to how teacher cuts will affect learning. >

Grand jury blasts Luther Burbank School District -- again
Jul 5, 9:16 AM:

CA school district under fire from grand jury for financial mismanagement. Almost $1 million wasted, according to report. What's not clear is where case goes from here. Will district likely be merged with larger >



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