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PUSD on the cusp of a vicious cycle
Apr 14, 9:56 AM:


Innovative Paradise Unified sixth-grade programs face staff and course reductions. Cuts in programs may give local charters a competitive edge. Are charters budgeting better? How does achievement factor/compare?

Westchester: School board votes to turn high school into full-time magnet
Apr 14, 9:29 AM:


As new options open for Westchester, CA students, some feel the decision was not properly discussed and presented to community members, or options for the students who may not fit the magnet profile.


Give us a >

Lynwood Unified School District plans its future
Apr 14, 9:22 AM:


Lynwood Unified School Committee meets to map out districts’ future for next five years. Teachers, parents unhappy with representation. How does board intend to allocate money? Not enough info on achievement in >

Waldorf in transition
Apr 14, 8:16 AM:

Blue Oak school given ultimatum to improve test scores in order to obtain new charter after being denied renewal. School's unconventional philosophy goes against nature of standardized testing. But accountability is key. >

'Parent choice' application deadline nears for Vallejo's K-8 schools
Apr 13, 2:24 PM:

Vallejo families applying for 3 "parent-choice" schools: Vallejo charter, health and fitness academy and dual-language immersion. Shows choice is alive and well. Info on why these models were selected and how teachers >

Teachers to Be Spared on Redevelopment Dime
Apr 13, 2:01 PM:

San Diego school board uses redevelopment money to cancel fraction of planned teacher layoffs. Causes uproar from members who shout shortsighted. Saving jobs of quality teachers more critical to learning than just >

SUSD board hears support for preschool
Apr 13, 1:47 PM:

Stockton Unified pre-K funding slashed by 25%. Many pre-K teachers/assistants issued layoff notices. Would help to know what economic class is served by pre-K and could include research on early childhood ed. Given >

Redondo Beach's principal of the year
Apr 13, 9:36 AM:

Shows importance of having admins like CA Principal O'Sullivan in our school systems. Look at the before and after stats of Birney Elementary to really show how it has improved (other than enrollment and API score). What >

End drama of layoff notices
Apr 13, 6:51 AM:

Editorial thinks proposal pushing CA school budgets back to coincide with state budget makes sense because it takes out guessing game and layoff drama. Don't schools need to figure out finances though before students are >

Vallejo trustees renew charter for Mare Island Technology Academy
Apr 8, 4:18 PM:

Five more years for Mare Island Tech Academy. Vallejo District approved after concerns resolved and appoints rep to school's governing board. Clear that rep is to keep eye on things. How charter feels about rep's >

Education Report: Oakland school district's budget balancing act
Apr 8, 2:35 PM:

CA school district braces for large cut in state funding. Staff doesn't think additional cuts at schools, school closures, or furloughs necessary. Plan entails one-time funds taken from state loan, reserves, and adult >

Lax state regulation leads to school projects without quake certification
Apr 8, 10:21 AM:

CA state regulators failed to enforce earthquake safety laws, meaning tens of thousands of kids in schools with possible structural flaws. Top marks to reporting team who uncovered failures in system. Now safety must be >

Audit finds years-long backlog of investigations into accused teachers
Apr 8, 6:03 AM:

Takes CA state agency two years to follow up on teachers kissing, showing pornography, or sexually harassing students. Attempt to move to electronic system to expedite process, but will that really help? Bring in teacher >

F.J. White Elementary gets some green? for their farm
Apr 7, 4:46 PM:

Tulare County Farm Bureau gives grants for students to either plant or maintain an existing garden. Nice publicity for Farm Bureau, but lacking details on which schools have gardens, what they've grown or plan to grow, >

School Board seeks funds for tsunami off-day
Apr 7, 11:33 AM:

School board asking for state funding to cover canceled school day. Board's attempt at saving money also includes cutting summer school, except for two mandated programs. Look at other ways schools can curb expenses, >

DP charter school plans moving along
Apr 7, 8:36 AM:

Golden Lakes Charter School set to open after earlier denial. Concern over violations of petition, including average daily attendance. Need to include stats on per-pupil funding in CA and explain need for school option.

Lodi Unified offers up Clements school
Apr 6, 12:04 PM:

Lodi Super recommends school closure, defies budget committee recommendation to shutter two other schools. At a loss: Give more on their academic achievement records and open discussion to affected parents.


The >

Valley schools in LAUSD are seeking 'affiliated' charter schools status
Apr 6, 10:41 AM:

San Fernando Valley schools among growing list of campuses seeking unique affiliated charter school status, which provides district services but freedom from its mandates. Concerns and advantages presented but little on >

HEMET: District mulls charter school options
Apr 5, 1:04 PM:

Vote on closing CA's Hemet Academy postponed. No specific reason provided. Closing school could save $400K, but is it penny wise, pound foolish since students take accelerated course loads and graduate in less than four >

Peninsula faithful work weekend to give East Palo Alto chart school a radiant makeover
Apr 4, 11:52 AM:

More than 1,200 volunteers refurbish an East Palo Alto, CA charter school, replacing flooring, electrical wiring, and painting. Great focus on good deed, but what about the school's academic program -- the true nuts and >



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