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Los Angeles technical high school is all it should be, but will soon be history
Jun 13, 1:03 PM:

Los Angeles' Santee Construction Academy on budget chopping block because of district's budget woes. Focus here on school's positives, but would like to know more about why test scores remained low, given small class >

Four students take alternate paths to graduation
Jun 13, 8:32 AM:

Stories of graduating seniors from 4 different CA schools. Tales stand alone-- would've been nice to have short blip weaving them together. Tell us why CA allows kids to have diverse set of school options that help >

Textbook-tampering bill advances
Jun 10, 11:41 AM:

CA Senate passes bill outlawing textbooks altered for political purposes. Follows concerns about TX Ed Board guidelines, which could be interpreted as biased. Major issue that has been going on for a very long time. Ask >

Clear need for oversight
Jun 10, 6:30 AM:

Editorial supports decision to appoint new San Bernardino charter director and makes case for more oversight. Tell us exactly what he'll do. District is already investigating problems at 2 charters -- it seems schools >

California Schools in a 'State of Emergency': Do We Really Value Education?
Jun 9, 2:25 PM:

Deep cuts, inc.possible 6 fewer weeks of school, are no joke, writer says. Argues a society that values education should put money where mouth is. But stats on spending and teacher-pupil ratio only tell part of story. >

Editorial: Graduates succeed, but we need more of them
Jun 9, 11:25 AM:

Editorial congratulates recent grads, but highlights social and economic costs of high school dropouts. Considers reasons for worrying stats -- 28% of CA 9th graders fail to get diploma on time. Makes good case for >

More changes expected at Los Angeles arts high school
Jun 9, 11:22 AM:

High-profile head of NY's LaGuardia High School is expected to take over L.A. arts school. Report outlines a rocky 2 years at new school; but doesn't really explain reasons for revolving door of management. Student >

Arcadia schools, well-heeled but still pinched
Jun 9, 8:28 AM:

Column looks at Arcadia schools and coming battle with looming state budget cuts. Commends community for its involvement and school for innovative instruction that produces results. But it's unclear what the reader >

Locking the Parent Trigger
Jun 8, 1:25 PM:

Past and present on CA parent trigger law. City Journal highlights actions being taken against parent-empowerment law that "strengthen union's hand." Would've been nice to tell us how parent trigger legislation is >

School officials to open more charter schools in San Jose
Jun 8, 11:25 AM:

San Jose, CA area parents want ed improved for Latino students. Local school officials promised more charter schools but hedged on closing poor schools. Detailed look at problems, but little pressing of officials on why >

Report eyes fixes to LAUSD contracts
Jun 8, 10:01 AM:

Report suggests eliminating "first-in, last-out" policy and revamping evaluation system as a means of improving Los Angeles schools. Met with typical resistance from teachers union. Shouldn't allow president to make a >

SBCUSD board moves to hire charter schools director
Jun 8, 6:18 AM:

Article says San Bernardino City Unified School Board appears to be moving ahead with hiring of charter schools director but doesn't tell reader what board is doing. Unclear what action board has taken and whether there >

Fight over principal, school overhaul divides Hiram Johnson High
Jun 7, 12:03 PM:

New leader brought in to improve failing Sacramento school. Some teachers accuse principal of being bully. Article explores both sides. Says principal no nonsense guy who rubbed teachers wrong way. Just one example >

School officials oppose subway extension under Beverly Hills High
Jun 7, 11:53 AM:

L.A. subway extension plan could squelch Beverly Hills High plans to modernize campus. Rundown of pros and cons of both routes, as school district pushes for one that avoids school. Real problem seems to be lack of >

California Education Service Workers Will Take 'Midnight Ride' To Sacramento
Jun 7, 9:43 AM:

Unionized cafeteria servers, bus drivers, custodians and others head to Sacramento to urge legislature to extend temporary tax increases. Part of push for ed budget spending. Article sympathetic. Would like more details >

School in power struggle
Jun 7, 6:14 AM:

San Bernardino's Public Safety Academy in turmoil as board of trustees and administrators fight over who has ultimate authority. Nasty spat, shaky finances, allegations of cheating all detailed here. No mention of how >

California's kindergartner vaccination rates below federal goals
Jun 3, 1:00 PM:

CA vaccination rate for kindergartners falls below US goals, putting children at risk of infectious diseases. Report shows big variation in rates nationwide -- would be interesting to explore reasons for this. More info >

Schools still in limbo despite new outlook for California
Jun 3, 8:05 AM:

School districts thought their budget problems had been solved but are now asked to pay for costly mental health services. Las Virgenes asks city councils/parents to help with $3M bill. Lots of unanswered questions -- is >

Teachers starting vote on contract
Jun 2, 2:38 PM:

Teachers union president urges members to support deal with district, saving 1000s of jobs. But still uncertainty over high school layoffs. Report fails to question seniority laws, which mean last-in, first-out. Any >

Charter school petition OK'd, with strings
Jun 2, 5:52 AM:

Prejudice against charters surfaces as Stockton Unified district reluctantly approves new one. Usual moans about charters taking funds without asking why so many families choose them. If district says it can do better, >



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