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Opinion: Anti-charter school bill would rob from our kids to feed the bureaucracy
Mar 1, 8:36 AM: Rep. Cathy Kipp, a freshman Democrat from Fort Collins, is proposing a bill, HB 1190, that threatens school equality in Colorado. On contentious issues like education funding (and why, exactly is this contentious?), it can >
Bay Area district joins others in calling for moratorium on charter school expansions
Mar 1, 8:34 AM: West Contra Costa Unified has seen charter school enrollment double from 5 percent to 10 percent of all students in the district.
Despite Tensions, Some Oakland Charter School Teachers Join Picket Line in Solidarity
Mar 1, 8:32 AM: It's a sentiment heard loudly and clearly on the picket lines of striking teachers throughout Oakland and in the organizing playbook of their union: charter schools are bad news for Oakland's teachers and students. >
L.A. school board asks property owners to show support with more tax money
Mar 1, 8:27 AM: Los Angeles school officials once saw the January teachers’ strike as a calamity. Now they realize it created an opportunity.
Oakland teachers, school district deeply divided over how much city can pay
Mar 1, 8:15 AM: How realistic are the teachers’ demands? Union leaders and district officials fundamentally disagree over how much leeway the school district’s $580 million budget has for raises, which would probably be given to employees >
Oakland school board cancels meeting, citing fear of safety as teachers picket outside
Feb 28, 7:24 AM: With hundreds of picketing teachers and supporters gathered outside and fearing for its safety, the Oakland school board cancelled its meeting Wednesday, putting off a decision on whether to cut millions of dollars from >
Oakland teachers strike costing $1 million a day, district says as 4th day passes
Feb 27, 6:37 AM: Just 6 percent of Oakland students have attended school during the teachers’ strike, which continued for a fourth day Tuesday, costing the school district about $1 million daily, district officials estimate. >
Oakland teacher negotiations carry on into evening as union reports progress
Feb 26, 8:19 AM: Negotiators working to resolve the Oakland teachers strike met all day Monday — restarting talks that had sputtered over the weekend — with a boost from state Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond. >
Letter: Hold Charter Schools Accountable
Feb 26, 7:55 AM: Re “Strike Throws Cold Water on a City’s Embrace of Charter Schools” (front page, Jan. 29): The League of Women Voters of Fresno has completed a two-year study of the 17 charter schools in Fresno. We found that parents and >
California charter schools facing new oversight under fast track legislation
Feb 26, 6:37 AM: At the urging of Gov. Gavin Newsom, a bill that will require charter schools to be more accountable and transparent is making its way swiftly through the legislature and may be the first of several bills seeking to tighten >
Charter schools are a flashpoint in California’s teacher strikes—here’s where and how they’ve grown
Feb 25, 8:47 AM: As teachers picket in the streets of Oakland in their second high-profile strike this year in California, state lawmakers are hearing their battle cry loud and clear.
Cal State remedial education reforms help thousands more students pass college-level math classes
Feb 25, 8:32 AM: The first results are in for the Cal State system’s controversial move last year to eliminate non-credit remedial classes and replace them with regular courses, buttressed with extra support, that count toward an >
Oakland teachers' strike expecting support from 'sick' charter school educators
Feb 25, 7:14 AM: Some teachers in the city's 34 charter schools have distributed fliers online calling for a wildcat sickout on Monday to support the striking public educators.
Charter school disclosure bill on fast track after push by Gavin Newsom
Feb 22, 7:11 AM: Charter schools are one option in the growing "school choice" movement. Funded by taxpayer money, these schools are growing nationally, though some states have yet to pass related laws.
Oakland teachers strike is on heading into Thursday
Feb 21, 7:48 AM: After protracted negotiations that ended Wednesday with union officials rejecting a last-minute pay raise offer, Oakland’s public school teachers were poised to strike Thursday for the third time in 23 years. >
School board pressures Supt. Beutner for details of reform plans
Feb 20, 8:56 AM: L.A. schools Supt. Austin Beutner works for the Board of Education, but some board members say they need to know more about where he intends to take the nation’s second-largest school system.
Denied three times, charter middle school still fighting to open in San Lorenzo Valley
Feb 20, 7:11 AM: A charter school battle brewing in the San Lorenzo Valley throughout 2018 is coming, once again, to a head. Educators hoping to open public-charter middle school Integrative Leadership Academy in Boulder Creek have been >
O.C. board postpones decisions on 2 charter schools' requests to start campuses that local districts rejected
Feb 14, 7:34 AM: In a fight over two charter schools proposing to open alternative campuses in two local districts, the Orange County Board of Education decided Wednesday to give all parties more time to hash out disagreements and meet a >
Do charter schools harm traditional public schools? Gov. Newsom wants to find out
Feb 7, 7:50 AM: In the wake of the Los Angeles teachers’ strike, California Gov. Gavin Newsom has joined a push for a review of how charter schools could be causing financial problems for traditional school systems.

Gov. Newsom asks to review impact of California charter schools on district finances
Feb 6, 7:04 AM: In one fallout from the recently settled strike of teachers in Los Angeles, Gov. Gavin Newsom has called on State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond to establish a panel of experts to examine the impact of >



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