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Incumbent elected with teacher's union support is challenged by charter leader
May 16, 6:25 AM: It was one of the most expensive county board races in history, bringing in at least a million dollars in contributions that pitted charter school advocates against teachers unions.
Opinion: Act with urgency to support our students
May 16, 6:04 AM: The achievement gap is not just something you read about in a newspaper. It is a reality for me and thousands of other parents. When we look around at the options for our kids in San Francisco, it’s easy to feel hopeless >
Letter: Closing Kepler makes no sense
May 16, 5:11 AM: The recent 5-2 decision of the Fresno Unified School District board to reject the Kepler Charter School renewal petition (May 11) is a decision in search of a justification. The reasons seem extremely thin.
Letter: Charter school closing shameful
May 15, 5:55 AM: I am appalled that the Fresno Unified School District board voted to close this school. Have any of the board members actually been there? I am a strong supporter of this school and am aware of many of its trials. But what >
A few rich charter school supporters are spending millions to elect Antonio Villaraigosa governor
May 15, 4:59 AM: Their efforts are part of a broader proxy war among Democrats between teachers unions — longtime stalwarts of the party — and those who argue that the groups have failed low-income and minority schoolchildren. >
Two more charter schools get approved in Antioch
May 14, 5:10 AM: The Antioch Unified School District trustees approved petitions for two charter schools, though district staff fought against the approval.
Charter Or Labor Majority At Stake In San Diego County School Board Races
May 14, 4:35 AM: The last time San Diego County Board of Education seats were up for election, charter school backers and labor groups poured more than $1 million into the once-sleepy races to win dominance on the board.
Top NAACP official slams charter schools 
May 11, 7:23 AM: The president of the California NAACP is slamming the nation’s burgeoning charter school movement as bad for teachers, bad for kids and bad for accountability to parents. And it especially hurts kids in inner-city schools, >
Oasis parents fight school closure, fate in hands of board
May 11, 6:28 AM:

Sandoval said he's been organizing parents and a group has been formed. It's aptly named the Committee to Keep Oasis Open. Sandoval said not all parents have agreed with him, but now they have all come together for the >

Opinion: Charter Schools Threaten the Existence of Public Education
May 11, 5:27 AM: Proclaiming May 6-12 National Charter Schools Week, President Trump kicked off a huge public relations campaign by the charter industry to ballyhoo the supposed success of these schools, although that success is a matter >
San Diego Unified Superintendent Seeks Charter Changes Following Critical Report
May 10, 5:30 AM: Citing a report that contends the district loses $65.9 million a year in state funding due to students attending area charter schools, San Diego Unified School District Superintendent Cindy Marten called Tuesday for >
Oakland's Exclusive Deal to Sell City-Owned Land to Charter School Draws Opposition
May 9, 7:02 AM: Education activist Mike Hutchinson said he thinks the charter school will undermine nearby district-run public schools.
Charter Schools Costing San Diego Unified $65.9 Million Annually in Lost Funding, Report Finds
May 9, 6:31 AM: Citing a report that contends the district loses $65.9 million a year in state funding due to students attending area charter schools, San Diego Unified School District Superintendent Cindy Marten called Tuesday for >
Teachers union gains a foothold in L.A.'s largest charter school group
May 3, 5:57 AM: For years, the possibility of organizing the employees of the largest charter school group in Los Angeles was an elusive goal for the teachers union. Efforts launched in 2015 sputtered out during an extended and expensive >
Editorial: Words of wisdom for our old boss, Austin Beutner, L.A. Unified's new superintendent
May 2, 7:16 AM: Some people — maybe a lot of people — will see the appointment of Austin Beutner to be superintendent of the L.A. Unified school district as a victory for charter school supporters and a loss for the teachers union. They >
Cook Middle School braces for arrival of Santa Rosa Spanish-language charter
May 2, 6:53 AM: The Santa Rosa school board last week approved moving a growing Spanish-language immersion charter school to Cook Middle School, but questions remain about the fate of the southwest Santa Rosa campus and its teachers and >
L.A. school board makes a bold, controversial choice in Beutner
May 2, 4:54 AM: The Los Angeles school board made a bold and controversial move Tuesday in selecting former investment banker Austin Beutner to lead the nation's second-largest school system.
L.A. school board poised to name Beutner as superintendent
May 1, 6:54 AM: The Los Angeles Board of Education is poised to select philanthropist and former investment banker Austin Beutner to be the next superintendent of the nation's second-largest school system.
Column: Maybe this teachers union needs a crash course in truth in advertising
Apr 30, 6:42 AM: The spot is cleverly written. It never actually says charter schools — public schools run ­independently of school districts — are designed to make money. Instead, it calls them “corporate” or “corporate-run,” not >
Chico Unified accepting pre-enrollment for new online school
Apr 26, 6:25 AM: The program, which is scheduled to open for the 2018-2019 school year, will offer online curriculum for students grades 6-12 and provide support through a resource center, run by district teachers, located in the Chico >



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