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Editorial: California’s school funding flaws demand fixing
Nov 7, 6:47 AM: A new report from State Auditor Elaine Howle makes plain what critics have said for years: The state can’t ensure that a 2013 law providing more money to districts with lots of English learners, students from poor families >
Why is the California Teachers Association hiding the school reform background of its new executive director?
Nov 7, 6:32 AM: Despite this level of detail, there is a substantial omission from Boyd’s résumé. In 2014, he partnered with Steve Barr, the founder of Green Dot Public Schools — described by California Democrats for Education Reform as >
LAUSD board rejects Yelp-like rating system for schools
Nov 6, 9:20 AM: The Los Angeles school board rejected a proposal to give Yelp-like ratings to its schools, but agreed Tuesday to make data on how students perform year to year on standardized tests more easily available.
LASD demands Santa Clara County act to reverse alleged charter school discrimination
Nov 6, 8:22 AM: The Los Altos School District fired off a letter to county education officials last week citing data and parent statements alleging that Bullis Charter School has a long history of deterring low-income and special needs >
State audit finds education money not serving high-needs students, calls for changes in funding law
Nov 6, 7:35 AM: In its first detailed examination of former Gov. Jerry Brown’s landmark school funding law, the California State Auditor sharply criticized the Legislature and State Board of Education for failing to ensure that billions >
Newsom has an organized labor problem
Nov 5, 7:20 AM: Some of California's most powerful unions are openly denouncing Gov. Gavin Newsom less than a year into his tenure, exposing early fractures in the Democratic governor's base after he spurned proposals they considered a >
California interest groups near the $300-million mark in Sacramento lobbying
Nov 4, 9:50 AM: No stranger to the upper echelons of lobbying, the California Teachers Assn. spent more than $6.2 million to sway lawmakers on education issues. Few were as high-profile as the effort to impose new rules on the operation >
Parents flock to charter schools for home school, personalized education
Nov 4, 7:21 AM: Dissatisfaction with brick-and-mortar public schools is helping drive thousands of families to dozens of California charter schools that offer personalized approaches to education, such as home schooling.
San Diego Cooperative Charter School Is in Meltdown Mode
Nov 1, 7:07 AM: The San Diego Cooperative Charter School is in crisis. The future of 180 kids at one campus and even the entire institution – known for its progressive, child-centered learning model – are uncertain. >
Angry, tearful parents plan to fight San Jose charter school’s closure
Nov 1, 6:54 AM: Parents, teachers and school officials at Cornerstone Academy Preparatory School — a kindergarten through eighth grade charter school in the Franklin-McKinley district — are surprised and disappointed by district board >
‘Distinguished’ SJ Charter School Community Blindsided After District Votes To Shut It Down
Oct 30, 6:54 AM: A San Jose charter school that has twice been awarded one of the state’s top academic honors is now fighting to keep its doors open after the Franklin-McKinley School Board voted to not renew its charter. >
Pilot Program Focuses on First Generation College Students
Oct 30, 6:53 AM: The initiative aims to make the dream of college completion a reality for 50 OCCF scholarship recipients who are the first in their families to attend college, officials explained in a press release shared last month. >
California Teachers Association posts membership decline of about 15,000
Oct 28, 7:09 AM: The membership of California’s largest teachers’ union, and by far the largest state-level teachers’ union in the nation, has declined by about 15,000.
California rural schools struggling to hire teachers could get help from $9.4 million in grants
Oct 25, 5:37 AM: The Teacher Quality Partnership Grant for nearly $7 million will fund a teacher residency program in Visalia. That 18-month program, the Teacher Residency for Rural Education, will allow prospective teachers to earn a >
Opinion: California’s New Charter School Laws Could Trigger Voucher Initiative
Oct 24, 5:32 AM: California Gov. Gavin Newsom recently signed Assembly Bill 1505 and Bill 1507 into law, expanding the authority of school districts to reject new charter school applications and charter school renewals. This new >
Eighth county superintendent asks for state audit of Inspire charter schools
Oct 23, 7:06 AM: An eighth county superintendent has joined a group requesting the state to audit the Inspire charter school network, adding to those calling for an investigation into potential fraud by Inspire.
LA Unified must not keep data on academic growth from parents
Oct 22, 7:50 AM: Imagine you’re trying to choose a Los Angeles school for your child. The Los Angeles Unified School District has data that signal which schools help students learn more. In fact, the school board already agreed to share >
Morning Report: Charter School Teachers Far Less Experienced Than Peers
Oct 21, 8:46 AM: On average, charter school teachers have half as much experience as those in traditional public schools in San Diego Unified School District, according to a new data analysis by Voice of San Diego and the UC San Diego >
Opinion: It’s time for change in the NAACP’s leadership
Oct 16, 8:28 AM: Over the past several years, the leadership of the San Francisco NAACP has again and again showcased that they are out of touch with what’s actually happening in the Black community.
Letters to the Editor: Teachers don’t need mandates on handling ‘willful defiance’
Oct 16, 8:22 AM: There is nothing new in the article on new rules limiting school suspensions that good, caring teachers haven’t been doing forever. Spending time with troubled kids, being a role model for a problem child for other kids to >



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