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San Francisco Pauses School Renamings to Focus on Returning Students to Classrooms
Feb 24, 9:26 AM: Amid substantial pushback, the head of the San Francisco Board of Education said this week that the board was pausing plans to purge the district of school names that it said were linked to racism, sexism or slavery until >
S.F. school board approves plan with labor unions to reopen classrooms
Feb 24, 8:00 AM: San Francisco school officials unanimously approved a health and safety agreement with labor unions allowing the reopening of schools before the end of the academic year.
Huge Waiting List for Orange County Classical Academy Validates its Approach to Education
Feb 24, 7:43 AM: Across California, where barely ten percent of K-12 public schools are charters, the Waiting for Superman scenario plays out year after year. A new charter school in Orange County, the Orange County Classical Academy, >
BISD, Green Dot Public Schools partnership 'not a takeover'
Feb 24, 7:16 AM: Teachers and parents had the first opportunity Tuesday night at a virtual town hall to meet officials with Green Dot Public Schools, the Los Angeles-based charter operator that will be staffing ML King Middle School next >
Editorial: If opening schools means vaccinating teachers now, do it
Feb 23, 8:35 AM: Let’s not kid ourselves. Efforts by both Gov. Gavin Newsom’s office and state legislators to reopen schools by vaccinating teachers aren’t the result of science or even fairness. But with teachers nervous about returning >
Angry North Bay Parents Use Electronic Billboard to Send Message to Reopen Schools
Feb 23, 7:10 AM: The electronic sign, shared with several other advertisers, says, “Missing: all California students, last seen March 13, 2020. Reward-their future. #OpenSonomaCountySchoolsNow.
Solano County parents frustrated with distance learning create classroom in their garage
Feb 23, 6:48 AM: You've heard of one room school houses? How about the two-car garage school house where the Ferrucci family, their kids and friends attend class together.
Families demand wider school reopening as LAUSD moves toward limited in-person instruction
Feb 23, 6:43 AM: Los Angeles schools will resume some services next week for a small percentage of students with special needs, Supt. Austin Beutner announced Monday. However, the measures fall far short of demands from parents who rallied >
Bay District Schools superintendent says over 200 kids are “missing”
Feb 23, 6:06 AM: COVID-19 has impacted many things, children’s education is one of them. The pandemic has amplified the rate of “missing” children at Bay District Schools.
No quick path to reopening L.A. Unified is emerging as school year slips away
Feb 22, 8:55 AM: The union’s posture — similar to that of school employee unions in San Francisco and of the California Teachers Assn. — comes as union leaders in the nation’s second-largest school district continue protracted negotiations >
Editorial: Politics, not science, drives school reopening demands
Feb 22, 8:30 AM: California public school parents have become understandably exasperated with the months of squabbling between teacher unions, county officials, the state Legislature and Gov. Gavin Newsom over school reopenings. >
In search of in-person learning, parents pull kids from public school
Feb 22, 6:44 AM: Growing increasingly frustrated with the challenges of distance learning, some parents are pulling their children from public schools and enrolling them in private schools.
East Bay school board members caught on hot mic slamming parents: 'They want their babysitters back'
Feb 19, 8:44 AM: A hot mic gaffe at an East Bay school board meeting Wednesday has landed board members in hot water, specifically for pointed and sometimes explicit comments about parents calling for schools to reopen.
LAUSD parents plan Zoom blackout to protest school closures as other school districts open
Feb 19, 7:58 AM: "The parent have started to question the union's motives here and say you know what regardless of what you are trying to do the ultimate outcome is you are hurting our kids. You're even hurting the teachers who want to >
California lawmakers, governor at odds on school reopening
Feb 19, 6:28 AM: After weeks of tense negotiations, California’s legislative leaders agreed Thursday on a $6.5 billion proposal aimed at getting students back in classrooms this spring following months of closures because of the pandemic. >
Belmont school reopening plan roiling parents
Feb 18, 9:26 AM: Officials and teachers in the Belmont-Redwood Shores Elementary School District are nearing an agreement to bring students back to the classroom, but terms of the deal fall short of the expectations from some parents. >
L.A. Unified gets 100 doses but needs thousands to reopen schools
Feb 18, 9:01 AM: The L.A. Unified School District doled out 100 vaccine doses Wednesday for school staff, but its leaders are demanding immunizations for at least 25,000 workers to reopen elementary campuses. Long Beach Unified presses >
Editorial: L.A. Unified is officially out of excuses for keeping elementary schools closed
Feb 17, 8:22 AM: Schools have been reopening across the country for months now, illustrating that students can return to classrooms with little risk if the proper precautions have been taken. This is especially true of elementary schools, >
L.A. County elementary schools are cleared to fully open
Feb 16, 8:36 AM: Los Angeles County elementary school campuses are cleared to fully reopen for the first time in nearly a year because of dropping coronavirus rates, health officials confirmed Monday night.
Some schools could reopen this week with L.A. County set to meet threshold Tuesday; parents rally to demand on-campus learning
Feb 16, 6:50 AM: Some schools is Los Angeles County could resume on-campus learning as early as this week with the county poised to meet a state threshold for reopening, officials said Monday evening.



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