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Opinion: A tale of two sons: our families deserve school choice
Jan 29, 5:38 AM: Unfortunately, some of our state leaders have recently limited the very options, like charter schools, that serve more than 600,000 California students and that have been linked to significant achievement gains for >
California’s big education dilemma
Jan 27, 9:18 AM: California’s largest, most important — and perhaps most troubled — governmental program is the education of nearly 6 million elementary, middle and high school students.
Editorial: Newsom’s education plans wrongly focus on spending rather than reform
Jan 20, 6:48 AM: In his budget proposal last week, Gov. Gavin Newsom proposed massive new investments in California’s public-school and community college systems, including $900 million in teacher recruitment, $1.2 billion in local-control >
Santa Clara County reverses decision to close San Jose charter school
Jan 16, 7:16 AM: Officials at a high-performing San Jose charter school that has served thousands of students on the city’s east side over the last decade overcame an emotional battle this week to stop the school from closing. >
Orange Unified approves a charter school focused on ‘classical education’
Jan 16, 7:12 AM: A charter school with ties to a conservative think tank and a curriculum focused on “classical education” could open in Orange by the fall.
YouthBuild Charter School offers high school diploma program
Jan 15, 8:00 AM: An innovative high school in Fresno is giving students a new way to obtain a diploma and learn a trade at the same time.
Newsom’s budget includes $900 million to address California teacher shortage
Jan 13, 9:26 AM: Gov. Gavin Newsom’s proposed state budget includes $900 million to recruit and retain teachers, part of a plan to attack a critical statewide shortage of instructors, especially in math, sciences and for students with >
Commentary: Nearly half of California students can’t read at grade level. Here’s what we must do
Jan 10, 9:51 AM: Results from the 2019 National Assessment of Educational Progress show that only 32% of fourth graders are reading proficiently. These results put California below the national average and behind 25 other states. >
Inglewood charter school with history of alleged wrongdoing denied renewal by county
Jan 9, 8:32 AM: The Los Angeles County Board of Education voted Tuesday to close an Inglewood charter school with a lengthy history of financial problems and mixed academic performance that illustrated flaws in California’s oversight >
Commentary: Analysis: With school revenues at record highs, why are California districts facing inso
Jan 9, 7:18 AM: Unlike most school districts, Sacramento Unified pays 100 percent of the health care coverage for its teachers and their dependents. The auditor found this cost the district an average of $35,000 annually for each teacher. >
Opinion: Where political action is — and isn’t — in 2020
Jan 8, 7:40 AM: Thirdly, the gigantic Los Angeles Unified School District is the scene of the latest battle between unions and charter school advocates for control of its board. It’s a critical contest for the latter because last year, at >
Churches, private entities that served A3 charter school students say they’re owed $1.8 million
Jan 6, 9:21 AM: Churches and corporations that were paid tax dollars to educate A3 charter school students are asking a judge for $1.8 million they say they are owed by the network, which was shut down last year after A3 leaders were >
School choice is as important as ever: Kathleen Hermsmeyer
Jan 6, 7:04 AM: I urge every Californian to support choice in public education, and to resist the misleading efforts of those who would hamper the establishment or renewal of charter schools. Choice is best for our state, best for our >
Lawmaker considers regulating home school charter vendors
Dec 30, 7:31 AM: Private businesses and religious organizations have been getting public school dollars through charter schools that allow home-schooling parents to use state funds to pay for certain services for their children — a >
Charter schools vs teachers union: A high stakes L.A. school board election takes shape
Dec 27, 9:00 AM: The candidates are confirmed and the upcoming Los Angeles school board races are all but certain to make for a high-stakes election cycle that will pit teachers and their allies against backers of charter schools for >
California Charter Schools Had a Rough Year – and the Future Is Uncertain
Dec 26, 8:55 AM: Many lawmakers and teacher’s union backers had long sought new rules around transparency and accountability for charter schools, but for several years then-Gov. Jerry Brown managed to hold off significant reforms. 2019 – >
Grades vs. SAT scores: Which is a better predictor of college success?
Dec 23, 8:53 AM: Pressure is growing on the University of California and California State University to drop the SAT and ACT exams as admission requirements because of their perceived bias against disadvantaged students and >
Opinion: California Students Deserve Properly Vetted Charter Schools
Dec 20, 6:38 AM: The insinuation that California’s charter schools have suffered a setback simply because the state passed a few pieces of legislation tells a highly biased, one-sided story. While the California charter school system has >
The long road to college from California’s small towns
Dec 20, 6:28 AM: And she’s not alone: As enrollment in California’s public 4-year universities surges, one demographic group is notably under-represented on the state’s public college campuses: Students who come from the vast, lightly >
Inspire charter school says it sometimes struggles to monitor student work
Dec 16, 8:14 AM: School leaders within Inspire — a homeschool charter network targeted for a state audit into alleged fiscal malfeasance — recently described how it’s difficult to ensure students meet statewide learning standards because >



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