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LAUSD teachers’ strike, Day 4: Talks reopen, attendance falls, losses mount
Jan 18, 8:05 AM: Although heavy rain dampened the turnout at some picket lines Thursday, the job action is in full force, exacting a toll on teachers, families and the school district. On Wednesday, fewer than a third of students came to >
Editorial: Why does the L.A. teachers union want to limit the options for poor children?
Jan 18, 6:48 AM: Trotted out is the now-familiar and phony trope about charters “draining” or “siphoning” money from public schools. Charters are public schools. In California, they are operated by nonprofit organizations, and the money >
Teachers union and LAUSD to return to bargaining table Thursday at City Hall
Jan 17, 8:20 AM: The Los Angeles teachers union and the school district will return to the bargaining table at noon Thursday at City Hall, Mayor Eric Garcetti announced Wednesday night.
Opinion: The LA teachers strike is actually a win for charter schools and students
Jan 17, 5:28 AM: If California takes over the LAUSD, it should follow in Louisiana’s footsteps and transition district schools to charters. If we really want what’s best for students, we should give individual schools the authority to make >
Opinion: School choice must prevail in California
Jan 17, 5:17 AM: The outcome of the strike launched this week by United Teachers Los Angeles is surely being closely watched by unions, school districts, taxpayers and parents across the state and across the country. There’s certainly >
Commentary: L.A. Schools Have a Math Problem
Jan 16, 9:10 AM: By going on strike, the teachers union makes it even harder to increase wages and staffing.
Beneath the LAUSD teacher strike, the quiet anxieties of parents facing a multitude of fears
Jan 16, 9:06 AM: Under the radar were the parents of 140,000 students who crossed the picket lines to take their children to class — because they said they had no choice, because they thought their kids might be better off at school, might >
Teachers strike at L.A. charter schools too, a first for California
Jan 16, 8:13 AM: Teachers at three charter schools in South Los Angeles walked off the job Tuesday, marking the first time ever that a charter school organization in California went on strike, according to the teachers union. >
Charter School Educators Back Striking Los Angeles Teachers
Jan 16, 7:58 AM: Teachers with the independent Accelerated Schools charter network — who are also union members but negotiate their contract separately — walked off the job Tuesday to demand better working conditions and in support for >
The Unique Racial Dynamics of the L.A. Teachers' Strike (CER in the news)
Jan 15, 8:34 AM: The city’s public-school teachers are predominantly people of color—and a plurality of them are Latino, like most of the students they serve.
Review & Outlook: Unions in La-La Land
Jan 15, 8:27 AM: But as LAUSD Superintendent Austin Beutner notes nearby, schools can’t spend money they don’t have. LAUSD has offered teachers a 6% raise over two years and to hire 1,300 teachers and support staff. The union is demanding >
Opinion: Charter schools are draining LA’s public schools. That’s why I’m on strike
Jan 15, 7:52 AM: On paper, my school looks good: high test scores, 100 percent graduation rate, an award-winning journalism program (my humble brag) and the smallest comprehensive high school in the Los Angeles Unified School District >
Only about a third of LAUSD students attended school on first day of teachers' strike
Jan 15, 7:46 AM: About 31,000 members of the teachers union had agreed to walk out to try to win smaller class sizes, more support staff at schools and better pay. Only about a third of Los Angeles Unified students showed up to school >
As LAUSD teachers prepare to strike, one central question: Where's the money?
Jan 14, 8:35 AM: The message has been clear for months from the president of the Los Angeles teachers union: Not only does the L.A. Unified School District have no deficit, it has a huge reserve, more than large enough to meet the union’s >
Opinion: Charters are the subtext of this strike and UTLA is correct to stand against them
Jan 14, 8:01 AM: Los Angeles teachers are on strike for smaller class sizes and full staffing, but the subtext of the conflict is the issue of charter schools. United Teachers of Los Angeles is calling for a moratorium on new charter >
Column: Charter schools — a quick guide to a complex topic
Jan 14, 6:46 AM: One of the great charter schools, the Marin School of Arts and Technology, existed just long enough for the first class of students to graduate, many of whom went on to top colleges and/or to successful careers. It was >
How the Debate Over Charter Schools Is Fueling the Looming Los Angeles Teacher Strike
Jan 11, 8:38 AM: More than 30,000 Los Angeles teachers are preparing to strike on Monday for the first time in 30 years due to failed negotiations over school funding, pay raises and classroom sizes. But as they look to mobilize support, >
Judge rules that LAUSD teachers' strike can begin on Monday as negotiations continue
Jan 11, 8:25 AM: A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge Thursday cleared the path for a Los Angeles teachers’ strike to start Monday. Whether it does, however, will depend on negotiations that resume Friday and could stretch into the >
Experts: Crippling long-term debt isn’t leaving L.A. schools much wiggle room to avert a teacher strike — and may doom the district to takeover (CER in the news)
Jan 10, 8:37 AM: The looming teacher strike in Los Angeles, no matter how it’s sliced, comes down to money — but not the salary raises and cost of new hires that have kept the district and its teachers union apart during nearly two years >
L.A. teachers union postpones strike until Monday
Jan 10, 8:33 AM: Thousands of signs were ready, along with thousands of teachers to hold them. Nothing, it seemed, could stop a Los Angeles teachers’ strike from starting Thursday.Then, the day before, came a midday announcement from the >



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