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A Topsy-Turvy Week for Charter Schools and School-Choice Tax Credits
Jul 20, 7:45 AM: Charter school politics don’t get more topsy-turvy than in Sacramento, where the State Board of Education (SBE) is charged with doing good for California’s 6.2 million-student system of public schools, but which last week >
This charter school wants to focus on dyslexic students. But will the county allow it?
Jul 18, 5:45 AM: A charter school whose curriculum would focus on the needs of dyslexic students may not get off the ground in Fresno, after a review by the County Superintendent of Schools recommended denying its petition.
Oakland charter school approved amid concerns over fiscal impact on district
Jul 18, 4:56 AM: California State Board of Education decision to approve a charter school over a school district’s objections laid bare the limits of the state’s charter laws.
San Jose Unified, charter battle over school site
Jul 18, 4:26 AM: A month before the start of the new school year, dozens of parents are still battling with the San Jose Unified over a location for a new K-8 charter school that the district has been reluctant to support.
Don’t like your kid’s school district? Transferring could become easier—if they’re being bullied
Jul 17, 4:50 AM: Last year’s bill would have made it easier for all 3.6 million students from low-income families to transfer to another district, by prohibiting the family’s home district from denying the request if the chosen district >
Opinion: Still Pulling the Strings
Jul 13, 7:13 AM: As a result of the Supreme Court’s ruling in Janus v. AFSCME, teachers and other public employees in 22 states can no longer be compelled to pay “agency fees”—the money that the union claims it costs to represent them—as a >
Opinion: The Burden of Charter Schools in San Diego County
Jul 13, 5:11 AM:

The California charter school law is doing serious harm to public schools. Few counties in the state have been more impacted by charter schools than San Diego County. This past school year 75,473 of the 508,169 publicly >

Op-Ed: SFUSD and parents address historic challenges
Jul 12, 6:11 AM: Much of this negative narrative is pushed by Innovate Public Schools, which I find duplicitous. While vilifying our schools and scaring families, they are drumming up enrollment for their proposed charter school. They are >
LAUSD postpones effort to raise new parcel tax
Jul 11, 5:20 AM: Charter school advocates, several of whom spoke at the board meeting, said they would not support a ballot measure that increased funding only for L.A. Unified but not for the more-than 200 charter schools within its >
Which Oasis Charter allegations were true? Alisal Union releases investigation's findings
Jul 11, 4:46 AM: The investigation into a laundry list of allegations that threatened closure of Oasis Charter Public School has been completed, revealing some of the complaints held merit, while others did not.
LAUSD Board Frees Principals of Struggling Schools From Having to Hire Teachers Sent to Them by the District
Jul 9, 6:34 AM: About one-fourth of LA Unified schools have just won a coveted freedom: the right to hire the best teacher for the job. However, the majority of Los Angeles schools are still shackled by a longtime districtwide policy that >
Innovation Station provides new educational opportunities
Jul 9, 4:55 AM: With the push to integrate technology into today’s education, many schools are taking different directions to keep up with new developments. One example is Russell Ranch Elementary School, which is in the beginning stages >
Column: Opportunities for creativity and innovation abound through career-education program
Jul 6, 6:10 AM: With a statewide goal to help students gain meaningful experience and knowledge in courses of study leading toward good careers in growing industries, the VCTC grant focused on digital arts and advanced manufacturing, two >
Editorial LAUSD's extra-credit program for teachers is too easy to ace
Jul 5, 6:39 AM: In 2005, the Los Angeles schools reached an agreement with its teachers’ union providing extra pay to teachers who take courses beyond the standard training requirements. The investment has proved substantial. The extra >
District promises changes to better meet needs of Ventura College East Campus students
Jul 5, 6:23 AM: Critics, like the Santa Clara Valley Together coalition, say the district has left behind Santa Paula, Fillmore and Piru students since that decision. Community members have pleaded with the district at board meetings and >
Republican gubernatorial candidate John Cox offers solutions to the Left’s failures on education in California — and across the nation
Jul 5, 5:11 AM:

Although the research on the effects of state takeovers on academic outcomes is mixed, takeovers often have devastating political and economic implications for black communities. As states increasingly attempt to take >

Op-Ed: Why don’t more parents know about SFUSD’s African American Parent Advisory Committee?
Jul 3, 6:39 AM: The SFUSD has an emergency on its hands — in the 2016-17 school year, 74 percent of black students did not meet state standards in at least one subject area. The district’s African American Parent Advisory Committee is >
Commentary: Tying high-school diploma to college entrance requirements could hurt some students
Jul 2, 6:55 AM: Requiring students to meet the eligibility requirements of a four-year college does not ensure that students are prepared for college. More than a third of all freshmen enrolled in the CSU system are now required to take >
Editorial: MH district, trustees and charters fumbled chance
Jun 29, 6:44 AM: The Morgan Hill Unified School District Board of Trustees’ decision to withdraw a parcel tax proposal for the November ballot rather than share a piece of the pie with two local charter schools revealed much about the >
San Diego charter backers lose
Jun 29, 6:38 AM: On June 19, the San Diego City Council took on a staff error made in 2015 that limited the growth of schools, assembly, entertainment, and religious uses. That code change has been hard on charter schools, said speakers >



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