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Opinion: Falling birth rates and charter schools are threats to public school funding
Jul 15, 7:09 AM: School districts’ financial and structural planning can often seem mysterious to outsiders. As administrators grapple with significant demographic and policy changes, we should at least be aware of the forces at play, >
Charter bows out of volatile Catskill campus share arrangement in Carson
Jul 15, 7:07 AM: Citing "an unprecedented level of animosity and harassment as we worked diligently to open the school in the City of Carson," Ganas Academy posted on its website that it will not be opening its doors this fall. >
New charter schools to open this fall despite efforts to curb growth
Jul 12, 5:44 AM: It took Tiffany Gilmore 14 months, two failed petitions to the Moreno Valley school board and two appeals to the Riverside County Board of Education before she secured approval to open her charter school.
Commentary: When success is not enough — charter schools delivering better outcomes for low-income students still target of progressive ire
Jul 11, 6:05 AM: As charter schools, Voices use their public funding — and flexibility on staffing, curricula and scheduling — to provide academic instruction in Spanish and English. This helps them tailor their school model for their >
A tug-of-war over empty classrooms between a charter school and its host campus
Jul 10, 7:05 AM: Under state law, charters — which are privately operated — are entitled to a “reasonably equivalent” share of space on public school campuses. The Los Angeles Unified School District says Magnolia already occupies its fair >
Opinion: Defending my community’s access to quality public charter schools
Jul 10, 5:07 AM: I have decided to stand up and fight back. Today I empower other parents with facts. I assist and support them with making informed decisions and choosing the best quality education for their children. Black students are >
Dehesa School District profited by cultivating charter schools
Jul 9, 5:19 AM: The duty to watchdog multiple charter schools involved in a recent alleged charter school scam lay on the shoulders of Dehesa School District, a tiny district that consists of a single elementary school with 138 students >
Controversial bill that would make local districts sole authorizers of charter schools moves to a public hearing in the California Senate
Jul 9, 5:17 AM: A controversial charter school regulation moving through the California legislature will take its next step Wednesday when the state Senate Education Committee holds a public hearing that’s expected to draw crowds of >
Commentary: Desert or mirage - educational access is limited in North County
Jul 8, 6:45 AM: More than three years ago we started a conversation about higher education deserts on the Central Coast. Today that conversation is taking on national importance as evidenced by the recent report Place Matters: A Closer >
L.A. charter schools’ plans: Take back mayor’s office, sue district, battle teachers union
Jul 3, 6:07 AM: In the wake of the Los Angeles teachers strike, a group of key charter school supporters, concerned about political backlash, worked on a plan to stem anti-charter sentiment and regain control of local education reforms. >
In Move Away From Remedial Classes, California Community Colleges Roll Out More Transfer-Level Alternatives
Jun 27, 5:53 AM: Under a new state law enacted in 2018, community colleges can no longer require most students to take remedial classes; schools must instead offer college-level math and English course alternatives.
In California, ‘home school charters’ let families use state dollars to buy Disneyland tickets and more
Jun 26, 7:11 AM: There are a handful of charter schools that give students’ families as much as $2,800 to $3,200 — tax dollars sent to the charter schools — every year to spend on anything they want from a list of thousands of home school >
Charter schools get OK’d: Two new schools coming to Redwood City in 2015
Jun 26, 5:32 AM: Two new charter schools will be coming to Redwood City in 2015, much to the dismay of opponents who fear they will take away resources from already struggling schools, while others are pleased to have more choices. >
Charter school vote in Redwood City: Financial impact main point of concern for those opposed, supporters seek choice
Jun 25, 6:46 AM: The controversial addition of two new charter schools in Redwood City is up for vote Wednesday night, with some saying the new schools provide great choices to the area while others believe they will siphon off resources >
California finally to move ahead with 'cradle to career' data system
Jun 25, 5:38 AM: With $10 million in funding, an ambitious timeline and a champion in Gov. Gavin Newsom behind it, the Legislature is poised this week to pass legislation for a statewide education data system that will follow children from >
The Focused Student: Education beyond the college years
Jun 24, 8:19 AM: Today, post-school education offers a wealth of opportunities in a variety of formats and fulfills a variety of purposes. Some people acquire additional education to advance in their professional lives. Others take courses >
Reject Charter School Bill: Black Parents, Civil Rights Groups Ask Gov. Newsom
Jun 21, 7:23 AM: Christina Laster made a special trip from Southern California up to the State Capitol Wednesday. The grandmother of a seven-year-old charter school student said she came to Sacramento to make sure Gov. Gavin Newsom knows >
Gov. Newsom Should Stand With Black Charter School Parents and Students
Jun 21, 7:22 AM: As the attacks on charter schools continue in the Legislature, many are wondering, where precisely the Governor stands on this issue. Traditional public schools have dramatically underserved Black kids. Black students are >
Opinion: Students need properly resourced schools, not gimmicks like charters
Jun 21, 7:10 AM: From reading the Southern California News Group publications, one might think that California teachers unions’ charter school policy initiatives were a search and destroy mission motivated by malice, self-interest, and >
Teacher Union Leaders Focus on Charter Schools Amid Dwindling Membership
Jun 18, 7:06 AM: During the January teachers’ strike in Los Angeles, unions dedicated a great deal of attention to charter schools, with some even accusing officials of hurting public schools.



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