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Editorial: Sacramento’s ongoing hits at charter schools
Jul 6, 7:30 AM: At a time when many Californians are being thrown out of work and forced to close their businesses because of the COVID-19 emergency, one select group of people has been fully protected by a provision in the new state >
Some teachers unions, districts at odds over live distance learning instruction
Jul 6, 5:20 AM: In negotiations with school districts around the state, the California Teachers Association has argued, with some success, that school districts lack the authority to force teachers to do live online instruction or to >
Opinion: It’s time to enforce the law and help at-risk kids
Jul 2, 6:01 AM: It has fallen to civil rights and school reform groups to do what Brown and Torlakson refused to do — enforce the law. They have filed complaints and lawsuits against local school officials, challenging their plans, called >
L.A. schools reopening: 20% of parents, 36% of staff are not ready for campuses to open
Jun 30, 8:01 AM: About 20% of Los Angeles parents said they are not ready to send their children back to a campus this fall, and more than a third of employees said they are against returning amid the COVID-19 pandemic, according to survey >
Online or in the classroom, teachers and students must show up every day, new rules say
Jun 29, 8:37 AM: When it comes to education, the new state budget goes beyond providing $70.5 billion in funding for K-12 schools — it sets fundamental accountability rules for a new era of distance learning in California by requiring >
California schools must provide daily live interaction, access to technology this fall
Jun 25, 5:46 AM: California schools will need to offer daily live instruction and regular communication with parents, among other requirements, in order to receive state funding for the upcoming school year.
Unchartered Territory: County Charter Schools Take $15.8M in Federal Small Biz Loans
Jun 24, 7:26 AM: Publicly funded charter schools in San Diego County have received more than $15.8 million through the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP,) a federal government fund aimed at helping small businesses from shutting down during >
Thousands of community college students withdraw after a lost semester amid coronavirus
Jun 23, 8:15 AM: With nine colleges and an annual enrollment of more than 200,000, the district serves some of the most vulnerable students in the state’s systems of public higher education. An estimated 1 in 5 were homeless before the >
Bullis Charter gets over $2M federal pandemic relief loan
Jun 23, 7:26 AM: Bullis Charter School recently received more than $2 million in federal COVID-19 relief funds, through the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program.
Opinion: How the Union Stopped Innovation at My School
Jun 23, 6:08 AM: Innovative charter schools get in the way of unions, the special interests that benefit most from traditional public schools. Loss of students and teachers in traditional public schools equals loss of revenue for the >
‘They are not alone’: Fuente Nueva Charter School teachers, staffers create a special music video
Jun 22, 7:48 AM: Teachers at Fuente Nueva Charter School in Arcata came up with a special surprise for this year’s graduating fifth-graders who, because of the coronavirus pandemic, missed out on the usual festivities. >
Editorial: The next school year could be a nightmare in San Diego County
Jun 22, 7:36 AM: San Diego school officials are already asking parents which learning options they would prefer. It’s a good start. But schools will have to get a lot better at communicating with parents in the days ahead. >
Union to California’s teachers: Brace for cuts steeper than the Great Recession
Jun 22, 7:27 AM: In a signal that California public education leaders are bracing for the possibility of drastic funding cuts, the state’s teachers association is counseling local unions how to forestall the worst in their districts. >
Letters to the Editor: Forcing kids back to school would be reckless. Instead, improve distance learning
Jun 18, 7:55 AM: The premise that remote learning is inherently inferior is both false and self-defeating. Whether or not politicians and school administrators want to accept it, remote learning must continue. Administrators cannot go back >
County overrules Montebello Unified, authorizes charter school
Jun 18, 7:27 AM: The KIPP petition approved Tuesday was the very same one rejected by the Montebello Unified school board in April, due to reasons ranging from an insufficient special education program to a lack of health and physical >
Bullis Charter School receives $2M in federal COVID-19 relief for small businesses
Jun 17, 6:29 AM: Bullis Charter School has been awarded $2 million in forgivable loans through a federal relief program meant to help struggling small businesses pay employees and other big bills during the COVID-19 pandemic. >
Editorial: Reopening California schools is dangerous. But so is letting kids go a year without learning
Jun 15, 8:14 AM: This spring was tough. Reopening schools will almost certainly be tougher. But leaving students to stumble through another year without real learning is unacceptable.
Column: Post-pandemic high schools should offer more career and technical training. Here’s why.
Jun 12, 8:19 AM: Peters thinks it no longer makes sense to load up all high school students with academic subjects like science, math and history. He believes all students need to take more CTE to develop individual interests, talents and >
Plumas Charter School offers creative graduation ceremonies
Jun 12, 7:42 AM: As a personalized learning school, Plumas Charter is no stranger to creativity and individualized education — PCS staff and teachers made full use of these skills last week as they honored 31 graduates in the Class of >
Southeastern San Diego’s Gompers charter school laid off more than a third of its teachers
Jun 11, 7:59 AM: Phylicia Johnson isn’t sure what to do for her son’s education next school year. Her 12-year-old son, who goes to Gompers Preparatory Academy in southeastern San Diego, is going to lose five of his six teachers next school >



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