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LAUSD chief signals desire to limit teacher job protections and change funding rules
Sep 14, 6:47 AM: Los Angeles schools Supt. Austin Beutner has yet to lay out his plans to help the nation’s second-largest school district shore up its finances and improve its academics. But on Thursday, in a speech to an invitation-only >
Could Long Beach have a charter school dedicated to student activism? Its founders think so, but LBUSD says not enough kids
Sep 14, 6:04 AM: A group of local educators, parents and students is rallying to bring a charter school to Long Beach that would revolve its curriculum around student activism, but it remains an uphill battle.
Ross Valley Charter offered special-ed space in San Anselmo
Sep 13, 5:36 AM: Over the opposition of some Ross Valley Charter parents, school district trustees voted to offer the charter program space for special education classes in San Anselmo.
Ingenuity Students Reflect on Their Incredible Success
Sep 12, 7:08 AM: Students have a wide array of different learning abilities, styles and habits. They also have unique home and life circumstances that will further impact how, and when, they study and learn. Ingenuity Charter School – a >
Enrollment open for California Connections Academy online school
Sep 12, 5:59 AM: This school year, thousands of students across Northern California will open their laptops and go back to school virtually, taking advantage of increased flexibility without sacrificing a quality education.
Tensions grow between LASD and Bullis Charter
Sep 12, 4:51 AM: Los Altos School District board members on Monday night accused Bullis Charter School of not being forthcoming with its enrollment growth plans. Trustees say that years of good-faith cooperation between the two agencies is >
Science/arts charter school aimed at boosting minority achievement pitched in Moreno Valley
Sep 11, 6:14 AM: Educator Tiffany Gilmore has proposed opening a Moreno Valley charter school that would aim to boost the academic achievement of minority students, while emphasizing both the arts and sciences.
Editorial: For-profit charter schools gave California movement a bad name
Sep 10, 6:36 AM: It’s rare that a bill about the often-contentious issue of education unites factions so often at odds, but legislation Gov. Jerry Brown signed Friday that banned for-profit charter schools was just such a bill. >
Controversial Bullis Charter School wants to expand into the Mountain View Whisman district
Sep 10, 6:21 AM: Bullis Charter School, the controversial program in the Los Altos School District, is seeking to expand into the Mountain View Whisman School District with a new charter elementary school in Mountain View.
Vista High transitioning to 'personalized learning' program
Sep 7, 4:47 AM: Three years into a $10 million grant to transform Vista High School into the high school of the future, the campus is adjusting to a new approach to education, and welcoming a new principal.
Colun: California’s most interesting race is over education
Sep 6, 4:52 AM: The most interesting statewide contest this year is for an office that’s little known to the public but affects arguably the most important state responsibility, K-12 education.
Letter: Charter schools make all schools try harder
Sep 5, 5:58 AM: Anti-charter forces have some valid points in some of their criticism of charters, but the value of having them as competition to those public schools is obvious. Without that competition, few of the improvements described >
10th Site Task Force leans toward moving Bullis Charter School
Sep 5, 5:40 AM: The majority of the Los Altos School District’s 10th Site Advisory Task Force members said that placing Bullis Charter School on the 10th site is their first choice, as opposed to the site housing a neighborhood school, >
California race for schools superintendent is a proxy war
Sep 5, 5:03 AM: The most interesting statewide contest this year is for an office that’s little known to the public but affects arguably the most important state responsibility, K-12 education.
School district plan to oust charter school to make way for apartment complex is raising hackles in Scripps Ranch
Sep 4, 5:11 AM: San Diego Unified School District officials on Tuesday will discuss using $18 million in bond money to purchase new property for a charter school, to make way for development of an apartment complex with a resort-style >
A new push to mobilize voters in a San Jose school district
Aug 31, 7:13 AM: After years of damning audits and rebukes from city and county officials have failed to make a difference at the troubled Alum Rock Union School District, a group of fed up parents is launching a grassroots campaign to >
Opinion: Time to end the myth about California’s charter schools
Aug 31, 6:34 AM: A hallmark distinguishing California’s charter school movement from other states is that 99 percent of our schools always have operated as nonprofit organizations. But “almost all” isn’t good enough for our remarkable >
Old Highland Kmart transformed into a charter school
Aug 30, 6:07 AM: Highland Avenue is dotted with businesses. Many of them are big box stores. The old Kmart building is still there, only it's no longer a Kmart, it's a brand new charter school.
Charter School Crusader Fights Unions in Bid for California Schools Supe
Aug 30, 5:58 AM: Not the union label. Tuck’s rough treatment by Dem activists reflects the dynamic of the campaign for the open superintendent’s post, a competitive, big-dollar race that represents a kind of proxy war in the long-running >
Mayor Eric Garcetti offers to mediate between L.A. school district and teachers union in contract talks
Aug 28, 6:53 AM: The offer comes as United Teachers Los Angeles is conducting a strike-authorization vote, which would allow the union leadership to call a strike without going back to the membership for approval.



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