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California Sued By Parents Over Remote Learning Inequalities
Dec 3, 8:21 AM: Earlier in the week, a group of seven Los Angeles and Alameda County families sued the California Board of Education, the Department of Education, and state Superintendent for Public Instruction Tony Thurmond over >
‘Great unequalizer:’ Seven families sue the state of California, saying remote learning is leaving Black and Latino students behind
Dec 2, 8:54 AM: Seven families are now suing the state of California, charging that it has failed to ensure “basic educational equality” for Black and Latino students and for students from low-income households in the shift to remote >
Los Angeles charter schools offered reprieve amid pandemic
Nov 30, 7:30 AM: Several charter schools in Los Angeles Unified facing possible closure under a new state law were given reprieves Tuesday by district leaders wary of shutting down schools amid the Covid-19 pandemic.
As California’s new charter law takes effect, schools bracing for shutdowns could win a reprieve from pandemic
Nov 25, 9:15 AM: Last year, California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a new charter school law intended to settle a longstanding feud between charter operators and those calling for tighter restrictions on their growth.
Opinion: Blaine Amendments and California charter schools
Nov 24, 8:46 AM: California grants a right to run a charter school to anyone except a religious institution. The ban applies without regard to what is taught at the charter school. Applying last June’s ruling, the court might hold that, >
As California’s New Charter Law Takes Effect, Schools Bracing for Shutdowns Could Win a Reprieve from Pandemic
Nov 23, 6:53 AM: Last year, California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a new charter school law intended to settle a longstanding feud between charter operators and those calling for tighter restrictions on their growth.
COVID-19 cases spike at partially reopened L.A. schools, but it’s hard to draw conclusions
Nov 20, 8:55 AM: Coronavirus infections among staff and students at partially reopened L.A. County schools spiked in the past week, but incomplete data make it difficult to gauge whether educators and parents should be worried or assured >
Newsom displays hypocritical arrogance
Nov 17, 7:03 AM: The French Laundry incident came just days after Newsom revealed that his children were back in classes at their private school while millions of other California kids are confined to homebound classes via the Internet. >
Charter schools could find it tougher to win approval in San Diego
Nov 16, 8:04 AM: San Diego Unified is proposing adding dozens of standards for new and expanding charter schools after a new state law gives districts more leeway to deny charters.
Ross Valley School District denies charter school renewal
Nov 13, 7:50 AM: After weeks of testimony, review and debate, Ross Valley School District officials have denied a five-year renewal petition from Ross Valley Charter.
Who’s learning at school and who isn’t? Data show private-public school divide in San Diego County
Nov 12, 7:28 AM: Less than a third of San Diego County students are attending school in-person to some degree, while 84 percent of private school students are
OC charter school opens back up, using Kinsa app to check students' temperature
Nov 11, 7:02 AM: An Orange County elementary school has reopened with help from an app that lets students check their temperature at home and report the results.
Folsom Cordova teacher’s union president blasts district’s decision to return to in-person learning
Nov 11, 6:56 AM: This is a totally irresponsible and careless act being carried out by FCUSD, putting the lives of everyone in danger,” Angelica Miklos said.
Here’s how Biden’s win could help California school districts, teachers and students
Nov 10, 8:16 AM: After four years of school voucher talk under the Trump administration, the education community across California was giddy in the wake of Joe Biden’s presidential win, with his platform of more money for teachers, >
No sharing, use ‘airplane arms’: Las Virgenes kids are among first in L.A. to return to school
Nov 10, 6:50 AM: As of Monday, the county public health department had granted waivers to 74 elementary schools, a tiny fraction of the 2,200 public schools in L.A. County. The vast majority have gone to private schools. The health >
COVID-19 cases are on the rise, but so are failing grades. Here's what the MVLA school board is considering for reopening schools
Nov 10, 6:20 AM: Despite those obstacles, there are some warnings that the current system is not serving all students well. The district reported in documents ahead of its Nov. 9 meeting that, based on at least one indicator, students' >
After a costly campaign, charter- and union-backed candidates each win seat on L.A. Unified school board
Nov 6, 8:01 AM: Charter school supporters and teachers union backers each won a seat on Los Angeles Unified School District’s school board Tuesday after a campaign that again set records for spending.
How California teachers are making bilingual education work online
Nov 6, 7:25 AM: California is actively trying to expand the number of dual-immersion programs as part of a state initiative to get half of all K-12 students participating in programs by 2030 that teach them two or more languages. >
In San Francisco, Closed Public Schools, Open Private Schools
Nov 5, 9:02 AM: As the results of the 2020 election hang in the balance, we’re focusing  on a district that epitomizes the heated debate over reopening schools.
Split results in two L.A. school board races suggest a pro-charter school tilt
Nov 5, 8:40 AM: The titans of Los Angeles school politics — charter-school advocates and the teachers union — have fought to an expensive draw in Tuesday’s school board races, with a winner expected from each side and a board majority >



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