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Editorial: The Union and Lawyer State
Sep 20, 8:31 AM: Despite political howling about corporate power, California is demonstrating that private businesses are no match for unions and plaintiff attorneys. Witness the crush of anti-business and charter-school legislation that >
Letter: Charter schools under fire
Sep 20, 8:21 AM: Assembly Bill 1505, a bill developed by the California Teachers Association — a major donor to Gov. Newsom and anti-charter affiliates — passed the Senate and Assembly floor, becoming law. This bill allows a charter >
A College Education in Prison Opens Unexpected Path to Freedom
Sep 20, 8:13 AM: One of the first things Charlie Praphatananda did when he got out of prison was vomit. After 22 years inside, hurtling down the freeway at 70 miles an hour was overwhelming, a feeling he’d have again and again in the >
Ingenuity Charter School’s Year of Growth and Impact
Sep 19, 6:52 AM: Making a positive impact and growing are two major accomplishments for any learning institution. But they are especially important factors at Ingenuity Charter School, where underserved students can get a high-quality >
California Teachers Association is flush with campaign cash to advocate for its 2020 agenda
Sep 19, 6:49 AM: There isn’t much to occupy California’s teachers unions politically for the rest of 2019, but that only allows them to accumulate more funds for what promises to be a very busy 2020 on the campaign trail. >
Dehesa School District drafts new charter school oversight guidelines
Sep 16, 6:58 AM: After taking in millions of dollars in charter school oversight fees over the years, the Board of Trustees for the tiny Dehesa School District met Thursday to discuss the proper way to handle their watchdog role. >
Battle between charter schools, unions not over: Letters
Sep 13, 7:17 AM: I do not believe that the battle between California’s public school districts and charter schools has been resolved with the additional changes made to Assembly Bill 1505 by Gov. Gavin Newsom. Although the bill gives some >
It’s charter-school deja vu: The same campus Montebello Unified denied is back again
Sep 13, 7:03 AM: The same charter school concept Montebello Unified School District denied nearly a year ago is back again applying to open a ninth- through 12th grade campus.
Opinion: Expanding school choices have changed Glendale Unified over the years
Sep 13, 5:33 AM: Families have a lot more public-school options for their children than were available a generation ago. They also have more information to guide them.
Commentary: Why charter schools will continue to thrive
Sep 13, 5:17 AM: With California lawmakers creating a two-year moratorium on the creation of new charter schools offering independent study, it is clear that those of us currently working in the field have an obligation to operate with >
LASD accuses Bullis Charter School of discriminatory enrollment practices
Sep 12, 7:56 AM: The Los Altos School District sent a strongly worded letter to the Santa Clara County Board of Education on Tuesday demanding that it prevent "longstanding discrimination" by Bullis Charter School, accusing it of seeking >
Editorial: Why can’t San Diego school board have more independent trustees?
Sep 12, 6:59 AM: Since Evans took office, the board majority has too often put the interests of adult employees ahead of students. In 2009 — after repeated clashes with the San Diego Education Association, the local teachers union — >
Long-Awaited Charter School Reform Just Scratches the Surface, Parents Say
Sep 11, 7:05 AM: California is on the verge of passing major reform that returns much of charter school approvals to local control — but due process remains a central issue.
California Lawmakers Send Bill Tightening Charter School Approvals to Gov. Newsom
Sep 11, 6:24 AM: The measure approved by the Assembly on a 56-16 vote would no longer let the state authorize charter schools, leaving that responsibility to school districts and county governments. The legislation also would require that >
California expands ban on ‘willful defiance’ suspensions in schools
Sep 11, 6:22 AM: California schools will no longer be able to suspend students in elementary and middle school for disrupting school activities or “willfully defying” the authority of teachers or administrators, ending a practice that many >
Charter school competition a good thing: Letters
Sep 11, 6:17 AM: Until recently, I was a member of the teachers union in California. During my years of membership I learned the union was opposed to any change from the status quo. It is important to realize the status quo has taken >
Many San Diego Unified Schools Are Nowhere Near Full
Sep 10, 6:03 AM: Budget documents show San Diego Unified officials anticipate a loss of about 1,500 more students next year, and again the year after, when enrollment may dip below 99,000 students. That’s bad news for district leaders who >
California’s charter schools face uncertain future under a new state law
Sep 10, 5:46 AM: Legislation that could determine the future of charter schools in California introduces questions that school districts have been barred from asking for three decades.
Column: Here is a Bay Area charter school that does it right
Sep 9, 7:08 AM: I dedicate this column to those who oppose all charter schools and those who seek ways of creating effective ones. This is a story about a charter school that is widely recognized as one of the best in the country. >
Protect school choice in California: Kathleen Hermsmeyer
Sep 9, 4:48 AM: Yet while most charter schools have a proven record of success and are serving students of diverse needs and backgrounds throughout California, there are powerful political forces in our state that are hostile to change >



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