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Vilonia board addresses increased enrollment
Aug 15, 10:49 AM:

AR district hoping for approval of mill increase to fund new building, as there aren't enough classrooms for teachers. All do to increased enrollment. Principals explain to Board steps they are taking to accommodate >

A Plus gets early start
Aug 14, 1:03 PM:

Classes begin 2 weeks before trad publics at Academic Plus School in Maumelle (AR). Describes enrollment and effort to increase number of African Americans in high school.

School Choice lawsuit raises questions, concerns
Jul 18, 3:31 PM:

Salem Co. fall applicants approved for transfer amidst AR law disagreement. Federal judge eliminated state choice law, but final order is pending appeals.  

Tablets Lead Charge in Classroom Innovation
Jul 16, 2:42 PM:

Even in high poverty schools, tablets are infiltrating AR classrooms. Convenience and mobility emphasized, but no mention of how tech will be harnessed to improve learning.  

County school districts: No student transfers allowed this fall
Jun 22, 2:58 PM:

Law that allows students to attend other school districts revoked, limiting school choice and leaving administrators with their hands tied. Schools and legislators mostly opposed, and anticipate negative effects.

Vilonia board holding off on transfer apps in wake of ruling
Jun 13, 6:35 AM:

Fed court ruling strikes down AR's school choice law. It appears this has only to do with public school choice. Complicated case needs more context, at least as much as the athletic issues that follow.

Fate of two charter schools up in air
Jun 11, 5:59 AM:

State to decide whether 2 charters will remain open. No deeper digging on how state got stats when Super says achievement up. Wider discussion about AR weak charter law left out. 

Two School Districts: Two Approaches to Growth in NW Arkansas
May 18, 12:14 PM:

Comparison of how Northwest AR schools handling rapid growth and technology. Seems to say Bentonville lags Fayetteville because waiting for residents to approve tax increase. Doesn't clearly tell story behind timing or >

Common Core Education Overhaul Underway
Apr 6, 12:11 PM:

Examination of implementation of Common Core in AR schools with attention on young students completing work previously wouldn't have been given until later. Notes critics, but doesn't say why rollout done in stages.

Charter Schools: Fighting the Burnout
Mar 27, 10:10 AM:

Looks at teachers in high-performing charters, with emphasis on high stress, high turnover. Numerous perspectives, much data on both performance and teacher retention, realistic about both the challenges and the >

Some leery of cap on enrollment at career centers
Jan 30, 12:36 PM:

AR lawmakers want to cap percentage of students coming from each district to technical career program. Bigger issue is giving students in these districts more choices, which are clearly in demand given enrollment >

Magazine ranks Arkansas 5th in educational policies, performance
Jan 12, 3:09 PM:

State moves from sixth to fifth in Ed Week Quality Counts rankings, scoring high marks in quality teaching, standards, accountability and assessments. Grades listed here with reaction from advocate who says more work >

Heber School Board approves bonuses for all school employees
Nov 30, 3:56 PM:

Heber Springs (AR) district approves equal Christmas bonuses for teachers and all school workers. Move controversial because some wanted higher amounts for certified teachers, but strong opposition to providing >

Enrollment still falling in city's schools
Oct 27, 4:00 PM:

Enrollment is down again this year in district, but not as much as last year. Charter schools cited as part of reason. Perhaps it's time to look at what charters are doing to attract students and meet their needs.

The choice not taken
Oct 12, 5:54 AM:

Blasts Little Rock's "Billionaire's Club" for bypassing traditional publics in favor of choice. Says that's bad for economy, among other bits of nonsense. Since when does the economy distinguish between jobs created in >

Federal funds for Carlisle after school program facing possible cuts
Sep 27, 4:06 PM:

Federal budget and concerns about deficit may impact after class programs in schools and Boys and Girls Clubs in AR. Teachers worried about losing funding and having to stop programs that help students with homework and >

Charter Schools: UA sets discussion
Sep 12, 11:08 AM:

U of Arkansas holds "Waiting for Superman" screening. Of course liberal columnist calls movie "propaganda" and wants Univ. to chalk up fee for Ravitch to speak against "Billionaire Boys Club initiative." Unfairly turns >

Schools Adopt Unified Standards
Aug 29, 1:01 PM:

AR adopts Common Core, a "state-led effort to create a single set of measures for language arts and math." Opponents say there's no evidence that unified curriculum leads to higher achievement and that these standards >

A new civil rights struggle in Little Rock?
Aug 25, 7:18 AM:

Civil rights battle returns to Little Rock. Today's focus is to provide quality educational choice to minority kids. Led by Little Rock mom and choice advocate, this is chance "to put conservative ideology on right side >

Legislature could debate school choice issue in 2013, lawmaker says
Aug 23, 12:46 PM:

AK lawmakers propose broadening state's school choice system. Vouchers would play key role, according to early models, allowing parents a choice between assigned public school or private school. Current regulations >



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