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eStem Public Charter High School Opens On UA-Little Rock Campus
Aug 14, 5:43 AM: Later, Bacon told KUAR he has not found another such arrangement in the U.S. He says some universities operate their own private, preparatory schools on campuses, but he knows of no other public charter/public university >
Arkansas Board of Education salutes report on district, charter cooperation
Aug 14, 5:38 AM: The Arkansas Board of Education offered assurances Thursday that it will address as best it can the recommendations of a committee tasked a year ago with finding ways for collaboration between Pulaski County's school >
LR district seeks Key OK to sell school for $425,000
Aug 10, 7:30 AM: Little Rock School District leaders have historically objected to the establishment of most of the open-enrollment charter schools that now operate within the district's boundaries, even to the point of unsuccessfully >
Fayetteville Virtual Academy welcomes students to a new school year
Aug 9, 5:27 AM: The virtual academy enrolled its first students in the 2016-2017 school year. The school enrolled 53 students from the 4th grade through the 8th grade. For the 2017-2018 school year the academy added 9th grade through the >
Charter panel now fewer, meets today
Aug 8, 6:56 AM: An Arkansas Department of Education panel responsible since 2013 for initial decisions on charter school applications, renewals and revocations has been overhauled, resulting in a majority of its members coming from >
Report urges shift in course of public, charter schools in Pulaski County
Aug 2, 5:26 AM: A committee that was directed last year to find ways to end animosity between Pulaski County's traditional and charter schools said Monday that the absence of a long-term, data-driven strategic plan for public education >
Report urges shift in schools' course
Aug 1, 7:06 AM: A committee that was directed last year to find ways to end animosity between Pulaski County's traditional and charter schools said Monday that the absence of a long-term, data-driven strategic plan for public education >
EStem high school nearly ready
Jul 24, 7:18 AM: The high school is one of two new open-enrollment charter high school buildings opening next month. Academics Plus charter system, once a campus composed of prefabricated buildings and a former strip mall, is putting the >
Newest Mena classrooms could be virtual
Jul 13, 6:58 AM: The proposed school, Polk County Virtual Academy, would open for the 2018-2019 school year and operate under District Conversion Charter School guidelines, if approved. Some need-based assistance would be available to >
UA says no gun-free zone required by charter school on Little Rock campus
Jul 3, 6:51 AM: The opinion followed a June 18 Arkansas Democrat-Gazette article detailing a plan to draw 1,000-foot-radius gun-free zones around the eStem High School in Larson Hall and the Donaghey Student Center under the federal >
Zoning shift advances plan for charter school
Jun 21, 6:26 AM: Plans to convert the long-vacant Mitchell Elementary into a Walton Family Foundation-backed charter school moved forward after Little Rock’s Board of Directors approved a zoning change Tuesday.
Tyson School of Innovation in Springdale School District prepares to add seventh grade
Jun 20, 7:23 AM: The School of Innovation opened in 2014-15 and last school year had 500 students in the eighth through 10th grades.
State cites 20 schools for gaps in standards
Jun 9, 6:43 AM: The Arkansas Board of Education on Thursday placed 20 of the state's 1,065 traditional and charter public schools on first-year probation for violating assorted education standards during the just completed 2016-17 school >
Return schools' control, LR says
Jun 7, 7:32 AM: Little Rock's Board of Directors on Tuesday asked state officials to return control of the city's public schools by calling for an election, making the formal request nearly 21/2 years after the state swept the elected >
Struggling school keeps charter after board voteĀ 
May 31, 6:29 AM: Covenant Keepers College Preparatory Charter School for sixth through eighth grades in southwest Little Rock will keep the state-issued charter it must have to be able to operate.
New charter school pitched for Bentonville
May 24, 6:09 AM: A charter school focused on science, technology, engineering and math plans to open in Bentonville for the 2018-19 academic year if state officials approve.
NLR school to use online tool to help 'personalize learning'
May 19, 7:01 AM: The North Little Rock School Board on Thursday approved a memorandum of understanding with the California system for the free use of the Summit Learning Program, an online platform intended to help pupils in all of the >
Virtual school gets panel OK for more kids
May 18, 5:53 AM: The state's Charter Authorizing Panel on Wednesday approved a 1,000-student increase to 3,000 for the Arkansas Virtual Academy after the school's leader described steps taken by the school to improve data reports to the >
Popularity of online charter schools increasing across Arkansas
May 18, 5:36 AM: When it comes to K-12 education, Arkansas families have some options, but one in particular is becoming a fast favorite for students, parents, and teachers.
School gets last chance to retain its charter
May 12, 5:41 AM: Covenant Keepers College Preparatory School, an open-enrollment charter school in southwest Little Rock, on Thursday won at least a temporary reprieve from state-ordered, permanent closure at the end of this school year. >



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