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LR district seeks Key OK to sell school for $425,000
Aug 10, 7:30 AM: Little Rock School District leaders have historically objected to the establishment of most of the open-enrollment charter schools that now operate within the district's boundaries, even to the point of unsuccessfully >
Fayetteville Virtual Academy welcomes students to a new school year
Aug 9, 5:27 AM: The virtual academy enrolled its first students in the 2016-2017 school year. The school enrolled 53 students from the 4th grade through the 8th grade. For the 2017-2018 school year the academy added 9th grade through the >
Charter panel now fewer, meets today
Aug 8, 6:56 AM: An Arkansas Department of Education panel responsible since 2013 for initial decisions on charter school applications, renewals and revocations has been overhauled, resulting in a majority of its members coming from >
Report urges shift in course of public, charter schools in Pulaski County
Aug 2, 5:26 AM: A committee that was directed last year to find ways to end animosity between Pulaski County's traditional and charter schools said Monday that the absence of a long-term, data-driven strategic plan for public education >
Report urges shift in schools' course
Aug 1, 7:06 AM: A committee that was directed last year to find ways to end animosity between Pulaski County's traditional and charter schools said Monday that the absence of a long-term, data-driven strategic plan for public education >
EStem high school nearly ready
Jul 24, 7:18 AM: The high school is one of two new open-enrollment charter high school buildings opening next month. Academics Plus charter system, once a campus composed of prefabricated buildings and a former strip mall, is putting the >
Newest Mena classrooms could be virtual
Jul 13, 6:58 AM: The proposed school, Polk County Virtual Academy, would open for the 2018-2019 school year and operate under District Conversion Charter School guidelines, if approved. Some need-based assistance would be available to >
UA says no gun-free zone required by charter school on Little Rock campus
Jul 3, 6:51 AM: The opinion followed a June 18 Arkansas Democrat-Gazette article detailing a plan to draw 1,000-foot-radius gun-free zones around the eStem High School in Larson Hall and the Donaghey Student Center under the federal >
Zoning shift advances plan for charter school
Jun 21, 6:26 AM: Plans to convert the long-vacant Mitchell Elementary into a Walton Family Foundation-backed charter school moved forward after Little Rock’s Board of Directors approved a zoning change Tuesday.
Tyson School of Innovation in Springdale School District prepares to add seventh grade
Jun 20, 7:23 AM: The School of Innovation opened in 2014-15 and last school year had 500 students in the eighth through 10th grades.
State cites 20 schools for gaps in standards
Jun 9, 6:43 AM: The Arkansas Board of Education on Thursday placed 20 of the state's 1,065 traditional and charter public schools on first-year probation for violating assorted education standards during the just completed 2016-17 school >
Return schools' control, LR says
Jun 7, 7:32 AM: Little Rock's Board of Directors on Tuesday asked state officials to return control of the city's public schools by calling for an election, making the formal request nearly 21/2 years after the state swept the elected >
Struggling school keeps charter after board voteĀ 
May 31, 6:29 AM: Covenant Keepers College Preparatory Charter School for sixth through eighth grades in southwest Little Rock will keep the state-issued charter it must have to be able to operate.
New charter school pitched for Bentonville
May 24, 6:09 AM: A charter school focused on science, technology, engineering and math plans to open in Bentonville for the 2018-19 academic year if state officials approve.
NLR school to use online tool to help 'personalize learning'
May 19, 7:01 AM: The North Little Rock School Board on Thursday approved a memorandum of understanding with the California system for the free use of the Summit Learning Program, an online platform intended to help pupils in all of the >
Virtual school gets panel OK for more kids
May 18, 5:53 AM: The state's Charter Authorizing Panel on Wednesday approved a 1,000-student increase to 3,000 for the Arkansas Virtual Academy after the school's leader described steps taken by the school to improve data reports to the >
Popularity of online charter schools increasing across Arkansas
May 18, 5:36 AM: When it comes to K-12 education, Arkansas families have some options, but one in particular is becoming a fast favorite for students, parents, and teachers.
School gets last chance to retain its charter
May 12, 5:41 AM: Covenant Keepers College Preparatory School, an open-enrollment charter school in southwest Little Rock, on Thursday won at least a temporary reprieve from state-ordered, permanent closure at the end of this school year. >
10 more charter schools proposed to state, 4 in LR
May 8, 6:26 AM: More than half of the nine organizations that have submitted applications to open 10 independently operated public charter schools in 2018-19 are proposing locations in the Greater Little Rock and Pine Bluff areas. >
Offers for 2 LR schools reopened
Apr 26, 6:32 AM: The Little Rock School District is reopening its request for proposals for the re-purposing of the soon-to-be-vacant Franklin Elementary and Woodruff Early Childhood Education Center in the district.



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