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Bentonville School Board approves expansion of virtual education
May 21, 6:58 AM: The School Board approved a program Monday to provide students in grades five through 12 the option of getting all of their schooling online.
Northwest Arkansas schools working to boost graduation rates
May 20, 6:45 AM: This year's graduation rates aren't known yet, but the 2018 statewide rate of 89.2% marked Arkansas' third straight year of improvement. The statewide rate was 84.9% for the class of 2015.
Opinion: Close the gap
May 17, 6:32 AM: Three generations of children have gone through our schools since 1954, when Brown was decided. While there have been gains in educational achievement for black and brown students, they have not kept pace with that of >
EDITORIAL: Why not reduce regulations in all schools? Answer: We don't know
May 17, 6:28 AM: Then again, since our correspondent mentioned teachers, unions have a big impact on regulations as well. Because of union-demanded regulations, principals rarely have the ability to hire and fire teachers for simply doing >
Editorial: The courts should overrule school districts that fail their students
May 13, 4:45 AM:

If local schools are failing, students should have the opportunity to go elsewhere. It's compassionate, it's humane, it's the law. What the latest ruling does is essentially tell these children "Sorry, you have to go >

Soon-to-open charter school in NLR chooses site, leader
May 2, 5:34 AM: Premier High School-North Little Rock, which is scheduled to open to ninth-through-12th-grade students in August, has announced its location and campus director.
Remedial students increase to 35% of state's 1st-time college-goers
Apr 22, 7:09 AM: The proportion of Arkansas public college students needing remedial courses is back up to where it was when schools began being able to more flexibly change their remediation policies, according to a new report from the >
Northwest Arkansas Children's Shelter seeks to add charter school
Apr 17, 6:45 AM: Northwest Arkansas Children's Shelter officials want to open a charter school that would specialize in serving children who have experienced trauma. The school would open for kindergarten through third grade in August 2020 >
Proposals on school vouchers split GOP
Apr 15, 5:16 AM: For the second-straight regular legislative session, state lawmakers, led by Republicans, rejected GOP-backed legislation to use public funds on private-school tuition. The disagreements have caused frustration and some >
Private-school voucher plan dies in panel
Apr 5, 5:10 AM: A proposal to use $3 million in state income tax dollars to send mostly low-income students to private schools died in a House committee on Thursday.>
Commentary: Choice works
Mar 29, 5:40 AM: What have we learned? First, the opportunity to select a private school for one's child is popular among parents in Milwaukee. In less than 30 years, enrollment in the program has grown from 341 to 28,702 students. >
Editorial: Let's have more choice
Mar 29, 5:13 AM: So the bill that's been debated all week--Senate Bill 620--would create a scholarship program/voucher system for just Pulaski County students and just Pulaski County's private schools. But the surprise bill--SB539--would >
Senate committee approves $3 million voucher bill; could mean trouble for Pulaski voucher plan
Mar 28, 5:34 AM: The Senate Revenue and Taxation Committee this morning approved SB 539 to create a $3 million voucher program that would send roughly 400 students to private schools statewide. Some unusual circumstances, suggest the >
Arkansas School Voucher Proposal Spurs Debate Between Governor, Democrats
Mar 27, 5:47 AM: Gov. Asa Hutchinson is lending his support to legislation that would create a five-year pilot program using state money to cover the cost of sending low-income students to private schools in Pulaski County. It’s called the >
Officials split on bill to start voucher plan
Mar 26, 4:58 AM: Both opponents and supporters of a proposal to use public money to fund private-school tuition in Pulaski County made their opening arguments in various news conferences Monday.
Bill calls for 5-year test run on private school vouchers
Mar 21, 5:57 AM: Lawmakers late Wednesday filed governor-backed legislation to create a pilot private school voucher program in Pulaski County.
Hendren sponsors a $3 million school voucher bill
Mar 13, 5:31 AM: Private school voucher advocates will try again this year to expand use of public tax money to support private education. The bill was introduced today, with sponsors including the governor's nephew and Senate president >
7 groups to apply for charter schools
Mar 7, 7:30 AM: Seven organizations notified the Arkansas Department of Education this week that they intend to apply for state-issued charters for schools that would open for the first time in the 2020-21 school year.
Charter panel backs LISA expansion plan
Feb 26, 7:33 AM: The Arkansas Charter Authorizing Panel approved the expansion of LISA Academy charter school system into Northwest Arkansas.
State's AG appealing school case
Feb 19, 5:41 AM: Arkansas' legal and education leaders are appealing a federal judge's orders that exempt four south Arkansas school districts from participating in interdistrict student transfers because of their decades-old federal >



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