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An open letter to state education leaders: Local control is best for LRSD
Sep 20, 6:05 AM: We, the parents, grandparents, and caregivers of current and future students in the Little Rock School District, urge you to return the LRSD to local control to be governed by an elected school board. Because our children >
Editorial: Look for the union label
Sep 16, 6:07 AM: The Little Rock teachers' union has a good proposal with which we agree: If a school's letter grade (in this case, a D or an F) has not improved over three consecutive years, the principal should be removed and not allowed >
New program to create 200 apprenticeships in Northwest Arkansas
Sep 5, 6:55 AM: A new program in Northwest Arkansas will create hundreds of apprenticeship positions to help Arkansans start their careers at local companies was announced in a press release Wednesday.
Charter school touts changes in Springdale
Sep 3, 6:23 AM: A change in management and philosophy at a downtown charter school has led to higher enrollment and better academic results, according to school officials.
Speakers press for local control over LR schools
Aug 30, 5:35 AM: The fourth forum in two weeks on the future of the state-controlled Little Rock School District -- this one at Longley Baptist Church on Geyer Springs Road -- again attracted a boisterous crowd of at least 200 Thursday but >
Shouting again fills schools meeting
Aug 28, 6:28 AM: Tuesday's state-hosted community meeting -- the second in as many days to solicit ideas about the future of what is now the state-controlled Little Rock School District -- was nearly as crowded and just as raucous as the >
Protests overtake Little Rock school meeting
Aug 27, 5:50 AM: The second in a series of planned meetings on the future of the Little Rock School District quickly turned into a raucous protest Monday night at Don Roberts Elementary in West Little Rock. Several hundred people packed >
State board's decision near for LR schools
Aug 26, 6:30 AM: At a time when the Arkansas Board of Education is holding public forums to collect ideas for how the district might be managed within the parameters of current state law, advisory board members were pressed last week by >
Districts pitch career-focus
Aug 23, 7:26 AM: Pulaski County school district superintendents on Thursday described for nearly 200 business leaders and other education stakeholders their commitment and enthusiasm for cooperatively reconfiguring the county's 10 high >
State panel endorses proposed Northwest Arkansas charter school
Aug 14, 6:42 AM: The state’s Charter Authorizing Panel on Tuesday endorsed a proposed open-enrollment charter school designed to expand educational and social/emotional services to children in kindergarten through sixth grades who have >
Gov. Hutchinson: High school graduation rate climbs along with access to workforce training
Jul 30, 6:11 AM: The state’s high school graduation rate has risen three straight years and now stands as the nation’s 14th best, while more students have access to workforce training centers, Gov. Asa Hutchinson said Monday. >
Test data dash Little Rock district's hopes
Jul 8, 6:22 AM: Overall, about one-third of Little Rock students in grades three through 10 achieved the desired "ready" or "exceeds ready" levels on the literacy, reading, math and science parts of the state-required tests. >
More schools opening virtual options for students
Jun 24, 6:40 AM: Some of Northwest Arkansas' largest school districts are investing more in online education platforms because of growing demand from students and their families.
LISA Academy readies 'smart school' for 2019-20
May 28, 6:13 AM: Not only is the Little Rock-based system authorized for the first time by the state to serve 3,000 kindergarten-through-12th graders, but it's also opening its first campus in the northwest part of the state and is just >
Bentonville School Board approves expansion of virtual education
May 21, 6:58 AM: The School Board approved a program Monday to provide students in grades five through 12 the option of getting all of their schooling online.
Northwest Arkansas schools working to boost graduation rates
May 20, 6:45 AM: This year's graduation rates aren't known yet, but the 2018 statewide rate of 89.2% marked Arkansas' third straight year of improvement. The statewide rate was 84.9% for the class of 2015.
Opinion: Close the gap
May 17, 6:32 AM: Three generations of children have gone through our schools since 1954, when Brown was decided. While there have been gains in educational achievement for black and brown students, they have not kept pace with that of >
EDITORIAL: Why not reduce regulations in all schools? Answer: We don't know
May 17, 6:28 AM: Then again, since our correspondent mentioned teachers, unions have a big impact on regulations as well. Because of union-demanded regulations, principals rarely have the ability to hire and fire teachers for simply doing >
Editorial: The courts should overrule school districts that fail their students
May 13, 4:45 AM:

If local schools are failing, students should have the opportunity to go elsewhere. It's compassionate, it's humane, it's the law. What the latest ruling does is essentially tell these children "Sorry, you have to go >

Soon-to-open charter school in NLR chooses site, leader
May 2, 5:34 AM: Premier High School-North Little Rock, which is scheduled to open to ninth-through-12th-grade students in August, has announced its location and campus director.



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