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Deer Valley Unified School District misses AYP mark for 3rd year
Aug 2, 1:31 PM:

Deer Valley schools fail to make AYP for 3rd year. Peoria district also falls short. Almost 42% of schools don't make AYP statewide. Associate super says needs to boost math and special ed performance, but few specifics >

Peoria Unified School District fails to meet AYP benchmarks
Aug 2, 10:16 AM:

Peoria not pleased that some of their schools again failed to make NCLB benchmarks. Complains that even if one of the subgroups (including English-language learners, special ed kids and kids in poverty) fails, school can >

ASU charter school in Phoenix gets 9th-graders
Aug 2, 6:10 AM:

University-run AZ charter opens classes to ninth graders. A strong reputation has developed as school focuses on preparing students for higher education. Part of a growing trend of college-operated charters -- a model >

Arizona schools altering their schedules
Aug 1, 11:00 AM:

Many AZ schools have switched to 4-day week, cutting transport, utility costs. Popular with staff and high school students, with little change in academic achievement. But can create problems for working parents, while >

Phoenix mayor hopeful Greg Stanton says his priority is schools
Jul 29, 2:12 PM:

Phoenix mayoral candidate says education should be top priority in building economy.  Bio of leader in polls, setting out his vision for city. He'd advocate for early childhood ed, after-school programs. Says all the >

Mesa charter school executive poised to run against Pearce
Jul 28, 10:04 AM:

Charter school executive enters race against controversial AZ Senate President. He's staying tightlipped on policies, apart from extending focus beyond illegal immigration. More details on his resume and achievements >

TUSD moves forward to put most of its closed schools to use
Jul 28, 10:02 AM:

After last year's closure of 9 Tucson elementaries, board looks for buyers for vacant buildings. Big question here is why charters are not in "1st tier" of approved buyers. It's hard to see why another school wouldn't >

Arizona schools fail to hit test targets in record numbers
Jul 28, 9:59 AM:

Record number of AZ schools failed to meet NCLB requirements. Other states have same problem due to higher goals. with many applying for waivers.. Illustrates case for updating law. 100% pass rate by 2014 is clearly >

'Adequate progress' gets harder for schools
Jul 28, 9:01 AM:

Tougher standards on state standardized math and writing tests have relegated more AZ schools to failing status. By-the-numbers coverage here with no room for critical analysis or perspective. What are schools doing to >

Committee exploring union of Arizona school districts
Jul 28, 6:46 AM:

AZ ed officials and politicians are pondering consolidation for school districts. Good details here on how this is different from previous unification efforts with committee goal of designing models for rural and urban >

Phoenix Collegiate Academy: Tough school, Top results
Jul 26, 10:31 AM:

High expectations and strict discipline get results at Phoenix charter. In-depth look at Teach for America alumna's ambitious plans for academy. Now reaping results with low-income and minority students. While it touches >

Vail school district starts another year
Jul 19, 8:42 AM:

Staff and students prepare to return to Tucson year-round school. Brief look at advantages of shorter summer vacation. Kids forget less, teachers don't waste time refreshing old material. Could expand scope with research >

Private K-12 school settles with state over charter partnership
Jul 19, 6:05 AM:

Article spotlights Glendale (AZ) private Christian school that had public charter teach its courses but continued accepting tuition payments from parents. Details here on how deal violated state consumer fraud law and >

Cactus Shadows to expand online-learning program
Jul 15, 12:14 PM:

Another story about the growth of online learning.  Again, though, must define terms for this new vehicle for learning. Blended learning, for example, means a combination of online and face-to-face teacher time.  Put >

AIMS results show strength in reading, less in writing
Jul 15, 8:55 AM:

Quick breakdown of how AZ students performed on state standardized tests. Impressive gains in reading and math, but disconcerting drops in writing. Only superficially explores disparity, though. That should be the center >

NPA posts high pass rates on AIMS
Jul 15, 8:53 AM:

Review of charter school's test scores is too short. How do these scores compare with its surrounding schools? Other charters? Public schools? Do they show an improvement from last year or the year before? Should be easy >

All options should be in play for closed schools
Jul 6, 6:01 AM:

Editorial argues all options should be considered for 8 closed Tucson schools. Weighs proposals with district's obligations. Leasing to charters seems natural choice, but too few details here. Tell us about plans and how >

Charter schools offer millions for closed TUSD buildings
Jun 30, 9:50 AM:

Focus here on Tucson, AZ district's reluctance to sell vacant, vandalized school properties to three charter schools willing to pay system total of $12.3M.  Reason? School officials more worried about competition than >

Charters turn to Arizona for financing
Jun 28, 6:30 AM:

Albany charters look to AZ for funding after city panel rejects request. Explains complicated system, and bitter local debate. But fails to mention unequal charter funding -- they get no cash for facilities. Look at >

Tucson charter school named third-best high school in country
Jun 21, 2:18 PM:

Basis Tucson is third-best high school in nation in Newsweek's annual rankings. Focus here on stats, but give us specifics on what school is doing -- i.e. curriculum, teaching style --to have "all of its students meet or >



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