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Arizona candidates on both sides of the aisle calling for charter school reform
Oct 31, 5:17 AM: Now many political candidates from both sides of the aisle are embracing this call for reform. This includes Governor Doug Ducey, Democratic candidate for governor David Garcia, and the state's Attorney General Mark >
Editorial: Prop. 305 won't solve Arizona's school voucher debate. Here's what it will do
Oct 31, 5:14 AM: It won't solve the philosophical debate over whether Arizona should use public funding for private schools. But your vote can send a message to lawmakers.
Proposition 305 earns the ire of teachers and confuses voters
Oct 30, 4:53 AM: The ballot initiative is emblematic of a tug-of-war between public and private schooling in Arizona and a debate over school choice across the nation. It is an unusual proposition in that it addresses a bill already passed >
School choice opponent sends her kids to charter school
Oct 30, 4:34 AM: Buried in an AZ Central article about a number of topics relating to school choice and education in Arizona, it's reported that “...Kirsch, who sends her children to a charter school, agreed with Robinson. She said she's >
After Teacher Walkouts, Arizona Republicans Jostle Onto Education Platform
Oct 29, 5:31 AM: Campaign signs are clustered on street corners and highway ramps across this low-slung, sun-baked city, proclaiming “#YesforEd” and “Protect Public Education.” In TV commercials, the Republican governor promises to “put >
Opinion: Really? Charter School Cheerleaders Are Going To Reform Charters All By Themselves?
Oct 24, 6:18 AM: We're supposed to believe the people who have always coddled charters and condemned school districts are going to take charters to task for their corruption and profiteering. And they'll do it after the elections are over, >
Arizona Charter Schools Association joins governor, AG, lawmakers in call for reforms
Oct 23, 6:41 AM: The Arizona Charter Schools Association has joined a growing list of education advocates and elected officials calling for greater oversight of the state's 500-plus charter schools.
Opinion: Everything you need to know about Arizona charter schools
Oct 22, 5:08 AM: We can and should strengthen the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools’ ability to hold outliers in the public charter school sector accountable. And transparency and accountability are essential when stewarding public >
Charter School reform affects the ballot box
Oct 22, 4:59 AM: Charter school reform has emerged as a divisive issue in a variety of state elections Rim Country voters will weigh in on Nov. 6. Driven by investigative stories on charter schools in The Arizona Republic, charter school >
Arizona rural schools struggle with teacher recruitment
Oct 22, 4:57 AM: According to a recent study published by the Center for Public Education, rural students often become rural teachers, with 80 percent of teachers staying within just 13 miles of their hometown when seeking employment. >
Online schooling helps teen with anxiety graduate
Oct 18, 5:40 AM: Dani McCartney is 19-years-old and now a full time student at Pima Community College, but her education path hasn’t been so easy.
Ducey backing school voucher expansion measure
Oct 17, 5:22 AM: Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey is apparently willing to risk further angering the state's teachers by forcefully backing a measure that would massively expand the state's private school voucher system.
Proposition 305: ESA Program Expansion
Oct 16, 7:09 AM: Currently, about 23,000 students are eligible for the program and slightly over 5,000 are receiving vouchers, most of whom have disabilities. Most ESA money has been spent for tuition to private schools.
School voucher ballot question can be a confusing one
Oct 15, 4:31 AM: But the more than 100,000 people who signed petitions to put Proposition 305 on the ballot now find they have to vote against it to get what they want: repealing legislation to expand who can get vouchers of taxpayer funds >
Opinion: Prop. 305, expanding school vouchers, could pass? I think I'm going to faint
Oct 11, 4:55 AM: A recent poll shows that Prop. 305, Arizona's expanded school-voucher law, could pass. That cannot to be right.
Pointe charter students didn't take AIMS science test — and it could shut the school down
Oct 10, 4:34 AM: Pointe Schools, an Arizona charter school operator with three schools and more than 1,100 students, is at risk of closing amid a slew of problems — including neglecting to give its students the required state AIMS science >
Opinion: Why I'm not buying Gov. Ducey's phony support for charter school reform
Oct 9, 6:08 AM: The governor has had four years to fix the corrupt charter school system. He's done just the opposite.
To support Arizona's Prop. 305's goal — blocking vouchers expansion — you vote 'no'
Oct 9, 4:47 AM: But the more than 100,000 people who signed petitions to put Proposition 305 on the ballot now find they have to vote against it to get what they want: repealing legislation to expand who can get vouchers of taxpayer funds >
State Charter Board makes complaints against schools hard to find
Oct 9, 4:41 AM: Ashley Berg, the agency’s executive director, indicated in a budget request that the 11-person agency doesn’t have the resources to properly respond to complaints and monitor charter schools. She is asking lawmakers to add >
Opinion: Voucher expansion will undermine community
Oct 5, 5:28 AM: Communities like ours are more tightly-knit than the big cities. Proposition 305 universal ESA voucher expansion is set to undermine the foundation of our community by striking at our public schools, and that’s why I >



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