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Arizona awards controversial loan guarantees to privately owned charter schools
May 1, 5:51 AM: The state has awarded the first two loan guarantees to privately owned charter schools in a program that has raised legality questions.
Leman Academy continues Southern Arizona expansion with new online school
May 1, 5:23 AM: Leman Academy of Excellence continues its expansion across Southern Arizona with the launch of an online charter school for grades K-8.
Voucher-backing group runs thank-you TV ads in Arizona
Apr 25, 6:05 AM: A national group vocally backing school voucher expansion in Arizona ran television ads during a political talk show over the weekend thanking Republican Gov. Doug Ducey and GOP lawmakers who voted for the legislation. >
Letter: More School Choice (by Jeanne Allen)
Apr 24, 7:19 AM: Arizona has a long history with school choice — it has a pioneering strong charter school law, various tax credit and special needs scholarships, and competitive public schools. Now, Empowerment Scholarship Accounts will >
After passage of voucher bill, critics raise voices on Arizona House floor
Apr 24, 5:42 AM: For many Republican lawmakers, the fight over school vouchers ended earlier this month when they expanded the state's program. But for opponents, the battle is far from over.
Basis planning new charter school on Tucson's south side
Apr 24, 4:40 AM: Basis school network is planning to open a primary campus on Tucson’s south side as part of an initiative to bring its challenging curriculum to underserved areas.
Arizona is expanding its school-voucher program. What does it mean for parents?
Apr 21, 6:24 AM: Since its passage, there have been unanswered questions about how the expansion will be implemented. The Arizona Republic sought to answer them, but in some instances, state officials said they can't fully explain how the >
GOP lawmaker questions school voucher costs
Apr 18, 5:41 AM: It was billed as taxpayer savings. But will it end up costing them in the end? State Sen. Kate Brophy McGee, R-Phoenix, is now determined to find out the real costs of Arizona's school voucher program.
Arizona is leading the nation with great charter schools, but for how much longer? (CER in the news)
Apr 12, 7:21 AM: The just-released 17th edition of the Center for Education Reform's yearly scorecard of state charter school laws once again finds the Arizona charter law right up there at the top of the list, one of only two states (plus >
School-voucher, initiative bills spur Gov. Doug Ducey recall effort
Apr 11, 5:46 AM: An effort is afoot to recall Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey in response to his signing legislation that expands the state's school-voucher program and a separate measure adding hurdles to the citizen-initiative process. >
Arizona Frees Money for Private Schools, Buoyed by Trump’s Voucher Push
Apr 10, 7:14 AM: Gov. Doug Ducey of Arizona has signed into law sweeping changes in how state money can be used to educate students, making it easier for parents to enroll their children in private schooling at public expense. >
That cap on school vouchers? 'We will get it lifted,' influential lobbyist says
Apr 10, 5:09 AM: A key architect of the greatly expanded school-voucher plan approved Thursday is already looking to undermine the compromise provision that secured its passage.
Private school vouchers pass with cap
Apr 7, 7:14 AM: With just a handful of Republicans in dissent and not a vote to spare, state lawmakers voted Thursday to make all public school students in Arizona eligible to get state money to attend private and parochial schools. >
Gov. Doug Ducey signs expansion of Arizona's school-voucher program
Apr 7, 5:07 AM: Late Thursday night, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey signed into law an expansion of the state's Empowerment Scholarship Account program, his spokesman said, which will allow any student to use taxpayer dollars to pay >
National Ranking: AZ charter school laws are second best in the nation (CER in the news)
Mar 28, 7:24 AM: The Center for Education Reform is giving Arizona and “A” for its laws on charter schools, moving Arizona up three spots (since 2015) in the national ranking to No 2.
Arizona parents, teachers denounce divisive school bills
Feb 21, 6:42 AM: As education has consumed the attention of the public and state lawmakers, parents and educators are working to influence the state budget and other legislation they say will affect their families for years to come. >
School-voucher expansion could cost Arizona $24M a year or more
Feb 20, 6:26 AM: Republicans pushing to expand the state's school-voucher program argue it will save Arizona thousands of dollars per student, even as it provides more options for parents to educate their children.
Plan to allow vouchers for all would be costlier to Arizona, budget analysts say
Feb 16, 7:01 AM: Making vouchers universally available to pay for all children to attend private and parochial schools would increase costs to the state and not result in savings — as the plan’s prime sponsor says, according to legislative >
Lobbyist pushes Arizona school-choice bill that could benefit his family
Feb 16, 5:52 AM: A school-choice bill pushed by a lobbyist who could have benefited was pulled by the bill’s sponsor after The Arizona Republic started asking questions about it, but the lobbyist is vowing to find another way to advance a >
Arizona school-choice expansion could cost $46 million
Feb 15, 6:17 AM: A sweeping expansion of Arizona's school-choice program could cost the state general fund an estimated $46 million in its first four years, according to an independent fiscal analysis released Tuesday.



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