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Excalibur Charter Schools marks 20 years of operation
Jul 19, 7:22 AM: When students fill Avalon Elementary in Apache Junction on the first day of school July 29, they will join the ranks of thousands educated by a charter school company that marked 20 years in 2019.
Opinion: Why are Arizona schools outperforming their peers nationally? Thank school choice
Jul 8, 5:09 AM: For some time conservative scholars, most prominently Matt Ladner now with the Arizona Chamber Foundation, have pointed out that Arizona students have been outperforming those of other states in gains on the federal >
Opinion: Both sides of school choice debate lose sight of best interest for kids
Jun 26, 5:25 AM: The political fight over School Choice – Arizona’s Empowerment Scholarship Accounts seem to never end. The latest battle continues over a small group of Navajo children, who needed the Education Savings Accounts to attend >
Arches Academy charter school opening in Apache Junction
Jun 20, 5:21 AM: A school centered on self-paced education for each individual student has its first classes starting Aug. 5 in Apache Junction.
Don’t fall for Gov. Ducey’s latest voucher scam
Jun 17, 4:20 AM: Governor Doug Ducey and his underlings are upset with media types like me for wondering if the governor is planning another school voucher scam.
Opinion: Why isn't it a crime for charter school owners to spend public money on Cardinals tickets?
Jun 14, 7:14 AM: The owners of an Gilbert charter school blew $105,000 of public money – money given them to educate kids -- on tickets to Arizona Cardinals games.
Law or not, school voucher oversight in the works
Jun 14, 6:18 AM: A provision slipped into the budget directs state officials to contract with a private company to help administer Arizona’s school voucher program. No problem, says Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman – that >
Arizona to gradually lower amounts companies can divert for tuition tax credits
Jun 7, 5:56 AM: Arizona is finally ready to curtail — but not stop — the ability of corporations to divert what they owe in state income tax to instead help send children to private and parochial schools, a system of credits that >
Arizona Governor OKs School Voucher Fix for Navajo Children
Jun 7, 5:30 AM: Legislation giving a handful of Navajo children from Arizona another year to use their vouchers for tuition at a private New Mexico school has been signed by Gov. Doug Ducey.
Compromise bill caps corporate tax credits for private school tuition
Jun 6, 5:56 AM: A future drain on state revenues has likely been averted after lawmakers were able to reach an elusive agreement to cap a program that provides tax credits to companies that fund scholarships for students to attend private >
Opinion: State should do more to empower Native Americans with school choice
May 31, 8:31 AM: I can relate to their predicament. I also grew up and attended public school on a reservation, in a small rural community with limited economic resources. I am a tribal member of the Apache Tribe in San Carlos, where the >
‘Rigorous’ charter school opening this fall
May 30, 6:04 AM: Dr. E. D. Hirsch Jr. once said, “For the sake of academic excellence, greater equity and higher literacy, elementary and middle schools need to teach a coherent, cumulative and content-specific core curriculum. >
Charter school reform failed. If you want to see what it looks like, visit this Prescott campus
May 28, 4:23 AM: The Arizona Legislature is expected to adjourn without addressing an issue that Gov. Doug Ducey, Attorney General Mark Brnovich and key state lawmakers had agreed was desperately needed: Charter school reform. >
Arizona voucher bill could pay private schools 2 miles into other states
May 21, 5:02 AM: A bill would allow students on Indian reservations to use the vouchers to attend private schools within 2 miles of the Arizona border.
Basis charter school loses top spot on list of America's best high schools
Apr 30, 6:38 AM: Basis Scottsdale, a charter school in the Basis network, is the nation's third-best high school, according to annual rankings from U.S. News & World Report's, but the school slipped two spots from the top after snagging it >
Commentary: Instead of reforming charters, Ducey wants to reward bad actors
Apr 25, 5:55 AM: Republican leadership punted on the only charter school reform bill that made it through committee, which was really just a fluff piece that sounded great but did little to provide any sort of actual reform. And the >
ASU Prep schools could lose more than $6 million after education department changes mind
Apr 23, 5:20 AM: Arizona State University’s charter schools could lose more than $6 million in school funding that the Arizona Department of Education says was inappropriately paid to ASU Prep sites over the past few years, the department >
Kathy Hoffman rode a #RedForEd wave into office. 100 days in, here's what she's done
Apr 17, 5:54 AM: This week, Hoffman marks 100 days in office as the state Superintendent of Public Instruction. She is the first millennial to win statewide office in Arizona. She is the first Democrat to lead the state's schools since the >
ASU guiding students at Phoenix charter school on path to college
Apr 12, 7:07 AM: Arizona State University is partnering with a charter school network on an outreach program to help guide students on a path toward college.
Opinion: The real reason my charter school reform bill came up short
Apr 12, 5:11 AM: Why did it come up short? Simply put, some lawmakers believed the legislation went too far while others felt strongly it didn’t go far enough, thereby ensuring there would not be the required 31 yes votes on the floor of >



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