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Voucher vote creates dilemma for school-choice supporters
Jul 23, 4:26 AM: School-choice supporters won legislative passage of a 2017 law to expand Arizona’s voucher program, but some now aren’t sure whether they want the law’s fate in the hands of a voters’ referendum. >
Opinion: Like school choice in Arizona? Here's your wake-up call
Jul 23, 4:20 AM: The school choice movement has had a good and productive run in Arizona. But there are some political ill winds beginning to blow. The movement needs a wake-up call.
Voters to decide on school voucher program expansion in November
Jul 19, 7:19 AM: Voters will decide whether to expand Arizona’s school voucher program this November, spurring promoters and challengers to vie for community support for or against Proposition 305.
South Mountain High School transforming campus to attract students
Jul 19, 6:09 AM: South Mountain High School will start the school year with a new concept in learning, with specialized programs to prepare students for career fields like aerospace science, nursing, and legal services. Administrators are >
Letter: Time to try something new in education
Jul 18, 5:10 AM: Union contracts prevent firing poor teachers unless they commit severe crimes. Despite crying poor, unions are able to muster hundreds of thousands of voters to prevent real change in the status quo.
Letter: I feel good about choosing a charter school. Except for one thing
Jul 17, 4:47 AM: But I do know this. The financial reporting requirements are not as stringent for charter schools as it is for traditional public schools. So there’s a lot we don’t know about how charter schools use their money. >
Brighton Charter School focuses on family atmosphere for education success
Jul 13, 6:21 AM: Nearly six years ago, Omega Academy charter school was forced closed, but in its place, Brighton Charter School has excelled as the fifth school year begins in August.
The charter-vs.-district school funding debate: Who gets more money?
Jul 13, 4:46 AM: Charter school advocates say parents have voted with their feet, switching their students from traditional schools to charters. District schools counter by saying chronic under-funding has left them less equipped to serve >
Arizona superintendent candidates: Charters need more financial oversight
Jul 13, 4:32 AM: Six of the candidates running for state superintendent of public instruction believe Arizona's public charter schools need more financial oversight.
Arizona Has Long Been a Testing Ground for Education Reformers. Now Teachers Could Lead an Election Year Backlash Against Republicans
Jul 12, 4:38 AM: The seeds for this moment — which could cause one or both chambers of the legislature to change hands, as well as the governor’s mansion and a U.S. Senate seat — were laid last year, when Gov. Doug Ducey and his Republican >
Invest in Education submits nearly twice the signatures needed for tax initiative
Jul 6, 6:27 AM: The proposed ballot measure, introduced during the statewide #RedForEd teacher walkout, would bring in $690 million in funding for public schools by nearly doubling income-tax rates on Arizona's highest earners. >
Battle heats up over school vouchers
Jul 5, 5:27 AM: The Democrats complained that there are key provisions in two measures that will be on the November ballot that are not included in the explanations that will be provided to voters in official ballot pamphlets. And those >
Descriptions of ballot measures spark political quarrel
Jul 3, 5:58 AM: And Quezada said what’s also missing is the fact that the explanation voters will see speaks not of “vouchers’’ but instead “Empowerment Scholarship Accounts,’’ the legal term for the system that provides money to parents >
Lawmakers quarrel over descriptions of ballot measures
Jun 29, 6:10 AM: Democrat lawmakers accused their Republican colleagues Thursday of hiding relevant information from voters about upcoming ballot measures. The Democrats complained that there are key provisions in two measures that will be >
With few resources from state, feds, struggling schools draft improvement plans
Jun 25, 5:34 AM: Failing and near-failing schools sent out their scarlet letters last week, filling thousands of mailboxes across Arizona with legally required notices stating the local public school earned a D or F in the state’s new >
Lasting effect of grassroots movements at Capitol questioned
May 25, 7:19 AM:

For six days beginning on April 26, thousands of teachers and their supporters lined the Capitol lawn protesting for higher wages, among several other demands. And while not all of their demands were met, the governor >

Opinion: Like perfect pie, preparation crucial to successful grassroots effort
May 25, 4:46 AM: Like grilling a perfect steak or baking a perfect pie, the secret to grassroots political success is all in the preparation. In the case of our historic citizen referendum against Proposition 305 and its evolution into the >
Robb: Judge charter schools on their performance, not how they are managed
May 24, 5:51 AM: The public discussion about charter schools in Arizona badly needs some perspective. And a firmer grounding in what a charter school is and is not.
State Charter Board OKs Basis expansion despite concerns about finances, teacher pay
May 15, 6:35 AM: The Arizona Charter Board on Monday unanimously approved a request from Basis Charter Schools Inc. to expand its Mesa and Flagstaff campuses, despite some members' reservations about Basis' debt, teacher pay and >
Basis attributes success to flexibility of Arizona charter school laws
May 14, 5:05 AM: Basis Charter Schools Inc. attributes much of its success to Arizona laws that give charter operators greater flexibility than traditional public schools.



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