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Gov. Doug Ducey backs GOP lawmaker's call for charter-school reform
Sep 19, 4:33 AM: A Republican state senator said Tuesday that she will push for an overhaul of Arizona's charter-school laws to require that they be more transparent and comply with the same procurement and conflict-of-interest laws that >
Arizona Republicans Are All In For "Education Reform." Charter School Reform? Not So Much.
Sep 18, 5:12 AM: Arizona became an early adopter in the privatization/"education reform" movement almost a quarter century ago when it opened its first charter schools.
Candidates for Arizona schools chief debate vouchers, charters' oversight and more
Sep 14, 6:12 AM: The two contenders for state schools chief found one key agreement in a debate Thursday: Both oppose Proposition 305.
How much will school choice define Arizona's education superintendent race?
Sep 12, 5:26 AM: Frank Riggs and Kathy Hoffman have different views about school choice. But should that be the key issue driving this race? Good question.
Charter Board vote allows Eddie Farnsworth, school operator and lawmaker, to make millions
Sep 11, 5:54 AM: East Valley charter-school owner and state lawmaker Eddie Farnsworth is poised for a payday of up to $30 million after the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools approved the transfer of his for-profit charter-school >
Arizona is losing money on private school subsidies, research finds
Sep 11, 5:31 AM: Arizona is losing money on its private school subsidy programs, a policy paper from the Grand Canyon Institute recently found.
It's official: Frank Riggs narrowly wins GOP primary in school superintendent's race
Sep 11, 4:44 AM: Frank Riggs, a former California U.S. congressman and charter school founder, narrowly won the Republican primary in the race for Arizona superintendent of public instruction, official results released Monday show. >
State Charter Association adopts tougher ethics policy after Republic reports on inside deal
Sep 10, 6:56 AM: The Arizona Charter Schools Association has adopted a new conflict-of-interest and ethics policy after The Arizona Republic revealed its chief operating officer had used inside information to benefit a student-recruitment >
'It's time to say no more': Teachers, parents take to streets in fight against Proposition 305
Sep 10, 5:09 AM: Valley teachers and parents took to neighborhood streets Saturday morning to urge voters to vote against a controversial expansion of the state school voucher program on the November ballot.
Opinion: Results show why demand for charter schools remains strong
Sep 7, 5:01 AM: Parents are demanding options. Indeed, the market has responded, offering parents a long list of ways to educate their children, all of them tuition free. Our lawmakers have wisely created an atmosphere in which quality >
Teachers Target Arizona Supreme Court Justices in Elections After Tax Ruling
Sep 6, 6:43 AM: Teachers who championed the doomed Invest in Education initiative are preparing to target two Supreme Court justices in the November election.
Frank Riggs is winner in GOP primary for state schools chief
Sep 6, 5:47 AM: The Republican Party finally has its nominee for superintendent of public instruction. Final unofficial vote tallies show former California Congressman Frank Riggs with 124,666 votes, edging out Bob Branch who has been >
Arizona Lawmakers Cut Education Budgets. Then Teachers Got Angry.
Sep 5, 6:51 AM: How a grassroots movement was born from educators working to find out why their schools are so poorly funded.
'I can't believe it's not a crime': Brnovich says lawmakers must pass charter school reforms
Sep 5, 5:12 AM: Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich is calling for new legislation to provide more oversight of the state's charter schools in response to the latest Arizona Republic investigation into financial dealings at a major >
Opinion: No matter the vote, empowerment scholarships have helped many
Aug 31, 5:49 AM: In November, Arizona voters will decide whether expanding the state’s Empowerment Scholarship Account program makes sense. It was originally started to help the parents of disabled children, foster children, or parents who >
Arizona Supreme Court Blocks a Ballot Measure, and Schools Miss Out on $690 Million
Aug 31, 5:45 AM: In a major blow to the national protest movement against classroom budget cuts and stagnant teachers’ salaries, the Arizona Supreme Court blocked a ballot initiative Wednesday that would have increased taxes on the wealthy >
3 Ways Education Is Influencing Arizona's Midterms
Aug 28, 7:14 AM: In Arizona, the energy around education issues that sprang up in April during the teacher protest walk-outs is still in the air leading up to the primary election Tuesday.
Arizona school-choice backers promote vouchers to undocumented immigrants
Aug 28, 4:55 AM:

A group promoting school choice in Arizona is marketing the state's controversial voucher program to Spanish-speaking parents by telling them immigration status isn't a barrier to receiving public money to attend private >

Educational leaders explain AZMerit scores
Aug 27, 7:19 AM: With time to analyze the AZMerit data since the state’s release of the standardized language arts and math scores earlier this month, area district educators, parents and school advocates say they are proud to see students >
#RedForEd advocates slam wording changes for school-funding ballot measure
Aug 27, 6:25 AM: More than 100 supporters of the #RedForEd education movement gathered at an unusual Saturday hearing at the state Capitol after a judge ordered a Republican-controlled legislative committee to rewrite the ballot wording >



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