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New Arizona school voucher bills revive clash over their expansion
Feb 18, 7:41 AM: Two bills at the state Legislature would allow Arizona families to use school vouchers to send their children to out-of-state schools.
Opinion: Education Department keeps children from education they deserve
Feb 14, 6:29 AM: I am the mother of four children, two of whom participate in Arizona’s Empowerment Scholarship Account program. That means I am one of nearly 7,000 parents whose personal information was inadvertently disclosed by the >
Seven thousand school choice students had personal data leaked by state Department of Education
Feb 5, 7:03 AM: Hoffman’s anti-choice stance is a slap in the face of the families who exercise their legal right to seek alternative options for the education of their children — especially since Hoffman herself attended an expensive >
Opinion: If Arizona taxpayers fund student vouchers, why are their parents sitting on the cash?
Feb 4, 6:59 AM: While Arizona's public schools are shortchanged, some parents have more than $100,000 in their Empowerment Scholarship Accounts accounts. Don't look for our leaders to do anything about it.
Opinion: Arizona's education chief may not like vouchers, but she must follow the law
Feb 3, 7:09 AM: Hopefully, the breach was a mistake as the department claims. Yet, it is just the latest example of their sloppy management of the program. Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman is on record as opposing ESAs, >
Education Department blunder puts ESA parent names in hands of group that opposes expansion of voucher program
Jan 28, 7:49 AM: The Arizona Department of Education provided a spreadsheet that inadvertently named every parent with an Empowerment Scholarship Account in the state to a group that widely opposes the program, a likely violation of >
New think tank will focus on charter school innovation
Jan 23, 7:22 AM: A new think tank dedicated to further improving student achievement and educational opportunity at charter schools across Arizona recently was launched by the non-profit Arizona Charter Schools Association (ACSA). >
Opinion: Arizona does school choice right
Jan 20, 9:19 AM: In fact, the type of school environment where a child spends more than six hours a day can be life-changing. And, if children benefit from environments that tap into their strengths — while nurturing and invigorating them >
Opinion: Hey, Gov. Ducey, vouchers and charters don't win Arizona education. Teachers do
Jan 20, 8:10 AM: During his State of the State address, Gov. Doug Ducey spoke a lot about school choice, open enrollment, charter schools and vouchers.
Scholarships give more students with autism a chance at Phoenix school
Jan 20, 7:31 AM: The classrooms of Gateway Academy are a safe place where challenges are learning opportunities and students are celebrated for their differences. The private school now will be able to serve more “Twice-Exceptional >
Results-Based Funding: A Tale Of Two Districts And a Charter Chain
Jan 17, 7:52 AM: If the students who walk through a school's doors have high family incomes, it's close to a sure thing the school will get results-based funding. As students' family incomes go down, and, ironically, the need for extra >
Micro schools and more school choice helps tribal children succeed
Jan 15, 6:45 AM: In our San Carlos Apache Tribal community, along with most other Arizona tribal communities, children are among the lowest performing on standardized state tests. Approximately 50% of our teens ultimately drop out of >
Opinion: School choice just fantasy for special needs families
Jan 14, 6:18 AM: The promise of parental choice in education is a profound lie and it is particularly galling to parents of children with special needs who are exhausted from fighting for our kids.
Goldwater Institute sues Arizona Department of Education over vouchers
Jan 8, 7:07 AM: The Goldwater Institute today sued the Arizona Department of Education, alleging it mishandled the state’s school voucher program in a way that breaks state law.
Arizona not on track to meet key education goals
Jan 7, 9:19 AM: The progress meter shows the state is far behind meeting the state’s goal of having 3- and 4-year-olds who are enrolled in quality early learning settings. The state also has a long way to go to improve the high school >
Opinion: Camping for a spot at Sunnyslope High? That's a problem, but not the one you think
Jan 7, 6:27 AM: Arizona parents are under tremendous pressure to send their kids to a 'good' school. But we misunderstand what that means.
Parents camp out 36 hours to register for Glendale's top-ranked Sunnyslope High School
Jan 6, 6:14 AM: Krassner and a team of parents she assembled began camping Saturday night on the school grounds to get their spots for fall registration, which doesn't officially occur until Monday morning. They will have waited more than >
Great Hearts, Great Minds
Dec 23, 8:50 AM: An unusual charter school network, serving middle-class families, promotes a classical curriculum—and gets results.
State voucher program under legal scrutiny
Nov 18, 7:14 AM: The fight over funding to administer the state’s voucher program may be spilling over into court.
Conservative groups plan to sue ADE over voucher funds
Nov 15, 6:46 AM: Two legal organizations intend to sue the Arizona Department of Education over the state’s school voucher program on behalf of a military parent who claims her family isn’t receiving funds in a timely manner. >



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