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Arizona Supreme Court Blocks a Ballot Measure, and Schools Miss Out on $690 Million
Aug 31, 5:45 AM: In a major blow to the national protest movement against classroom budget cuts and stagnant teachers’ salaries, the Arizona Supreme Court blocked a ballot initiative Wednesday that would have increased taxes on the wealthy >
3 Ways Education Is Influencing Arizona's Midterms
Aug 28, 7:14 AM: In Arizona, the energy around education issues that sprang up in April during the teacher protest walk-outs is still in the air leading up to the primary election Tuesday.
Arizona school-choice backers promote vouchers to undocumented immigrants
Aug 28, 4:55 AM:

A group promoting school choice in Arizona is marketing the state's controversial voucher program to Spanish-speaking parents by telling them immigration status isn't a barrier to receiving public money to attend private >

Educational leaders explain AZMerit scores
Aug 27, 7:19 AM: With time to analyze the AZMerit data since the state’s release of the standardized language arts and math scores earlier this month, area district educators, parents and school advocates say they are proud to see students >
#RedForEd advocates slam wording changes for school-funding ballot measure
Aug 27, 6:25 AM: More than 100 supporters of the #RedForEd education movement gathered at an unusual Saturday hearing at the state Capitol after a judge ordered a Republican-controlled legislative committee to rewrite the ballot wording >
Charter schools are big business. Who's making money off public education?
Aug 23, 6:33 AM: Today, about 16 percent of Arizona students attend a charter school. And one of the state's big chains, Basis, operates some of the best public schools in the country. But not all charters are academic powerhouses, and >
Mesa's online program educates students at 1/8th the cost of Primavera online charter
Aug 23, 5:37 AM: So how much should it cost to provide a publicly funded education to students who pursue it online? Comparing the online operations of the state's largest public district, Mesa Public Schools, with Arizona's largest >
Are charter school teachers eligible for loan forgiveness?
Aug 21, 5:55 AM: It allows public servants to wipe away certain student loan debt after 120 qualifying payments and meeting certain requirements. For Gardner that meant teaching at a non-profit, public school that served students from >
How School Choice Is Increasing Opportunity for This Blind Teen Who Plays High School Football
Aug 17, 7:32 AM: Adonis’ story is interesting not only because of his commitment to a sport that is nerve-wracking even for athletes who aren’t blind, but also because he is benefitting from the newest form of school choice: education >
Do charter schools cherry pick students? AzMERIT data says no
Aug 17, 5:48 AM: There’s a pervasive belief that charter schools are only doing well – or, at least, better than district schools – because they cherry pick the best students, leaving district schools to educate everyone else. And, yes, >
Charter schools executive aids his own recruiting business with inside information
Aug 14, 4:52 AM: When a small central Phoenix charter school decided last week that it would close its doors because of low enrollment, the Arizona Charter Schools Association stepped in to find new campuses for SySTEM's 32 students. >
800 percent rent increase could force closure of ASU Prep in downtown Phoenix
Aug 10, 6:47 AM: Opinion: A successful inner-city school could be forced to close after its school district landlord raised the rent. In Arizona, a state with a crying need to improve public education.
ASU Prep families flood PESD board meeting about rent increase
Aug 10, 6:29 AM: ASU Preparatory Academy students and parents attended the Phoenix Elementary School District (PESD) Governing Board meeting Thursday night to talk about the fate of the charter school.
As elections near, interest in schools fades for some campaigns
Aug 10, 5:25 AM: A Third Way listening tour after the 2016 election found that voters “care about issues that affect them on a daily basis, like education.” That mirrored an informal Cronkite News query that found Arizona voters put >
Opinion: I Have To Admit, I Don't Understand the Popularity Of Virtual Schools
Aug 8, 6:31 AM: Maybe the answer to the question, "Why are virtual schools so popular?" is they really aren't all that popular. They've just got a great sales pitch, and parents who don't know much about the schools and want their >
Education tax proponents sue over voter info guide
Aug 8, 6:07 AM: Saying voters are purposely being misled, organizers of the Invest in Ed initiative asked a judge on Friday to force lawmakers to recraft the description of the measure that will go to voters.
GOP candidates for Arizona’s top schools post debate taxes, vouchers
Aug 2, 6:37 AM: Voters will not only likely decide the fate #InvestInEd proposal, which is still being reviewed by elections officials, they also will vote on Proposition 305, a ballot initiative that asks whether to keep or do away with >
If you have a kid in public school (or know one), you need to follow this race
Jul 30, 4:45 AM: Arizona's education superintendent can't change what we pay teachers. But it's still a critical office for the state's district and charter schools.
Opinion: American Leadership Academy is not the villain in this charter-school war
Jul 27, 6:48 AM: American Leadership Academy (ALA) is the result, bringing together rigorous academics with Arizona’s best facilities, athletic programs and performing arts – all in a moral, wholesome environment. It’s a combination you >
7 candidates jockey to be next Arizona schools chief
Jul 26, 4:34 AM: After tens of thousands of Arizona teachers walked out of their classrooms in protest over pay and funding this spring, voters must decide whether to choose a new chief of the public school system.



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