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Opinion: Let's clarify why Basis charter schools asks parents for donations
May 10, 6:10 AM: It’s worth noting no one donates more to Basis than our founders, Michael and Olga Block, who in 2017 made a multiyear, $2.5 million commitment to the teacher fund. Inexplicably, The Arizona Republic attempted to put a >
Roberts: Et tu, AEA? Teacher union backstabs its allies over vouchers
May 10, 5:26 AM: While Save Our Schools Arizona was working to preserve the public’s right to right to have the final word on universal vouchers, their allies over at the AEA were working to block that vote.
Charter schools to raise average pay for teachers
May 10, 5:18 AM: Gov. Doug Ducey, and a majority of state legislators, may not have met all the demands of Arizona Educators United #RedForEd movement, but teacher pay is slated to increase by an additional 19 percent for both district and >
Analysis: 1 in 4 charters shows significant financial red flags
May 10, 4:54 AM: Charter operators representing 138 of the state's 538 charter schools showed financial warning signs in the 2016-17 school year, according to an Arizona Republic analysis of data from the state charter board. >
Report: America's top 5 high schools are all Basis charter schools in Arizona
May 10, 4:36 AM: The nation's top five public high schools have two things in common: They're all in Arizona and they're all part of the Basis charter network.
Grassroots school group to tackle ‘dark money’ measure
May 9, 5:54 AM: The group responsible for forcing a public vote on the future of vouchers will now help a bit to block “dark money” in future political campaigns.
Editorial: Failed leadership in #RedforEd misses an opportunity
May 9, 5:05 AM: The leadership of the Red for Ed movement clearly understood that the time was right to make needed changes in education funding. It’s a shame that leadership didn’t help teachers understand the unique opportunity that was >
At Basis charter schools, another way to boost teacher pay: Parent donations
May 8, 5:35 AM: Long before the groundswell of demands for higher teacher pay that led to a school walkout in Arizona, one of the state's high-profile charter schools found a novel way to boost teachers' income: Push parents to pay. >
Voters will decide Ducey's controversial school-voucher law after repeal effort fails
May 4, 4:45 AM: A push to repeal the Legislature's controversial 2017 expansion of the state school voucher program — and to prevent it from going on the November ballot — failed as the Legislature ended the annual legislative session >
Rural Arizona school districts skip #RedForEd teacher walkout, stay open
May 3, 6:11 AM: At the small grade school tucked into the ponderosa pine forest about 20 miles west of Flagstaff, most everyone knows each other. The Maine Consolidated School in Parks has an average teacher to student ratio of 1:10 in a >
Arizona teachers will walk out again Thursday as budget votes drag on
May 3, 5:23 AM: Arizona's historic #RedForEd teacher walkout will stretch to a sixth school day, as Arizona Educators United organizers urged teachers to return to the Capitol Thursday amid unresolved budget discussions. >
ASU Prep Poly STEM Academy tied for top spot in Arizona school ratings
May 2, 7:08 AM: The ASU Prep Poly STEM Academy in Mesa tied for the top spot in Arizona school ratings for 2017, based on the final letter grades and scores recently released by the state Department of Education.
More than money: School vouchers also irk Arizona teachers (CER in the news)
Apr 27, 7:20 AM: Arizona leaders dealing with an unprecedented teacher strike are paying the political price for long-festering resentment among many public school teachers who say they are fed up with lagging salaries and what they see as >
Opinion: The Teachers’ Revolt Spreads to Arizona
Apr 27, 6:49 AM: On Thursday, a historic walkout by teachers and the support staff closed more than 1,000 public schools in Arizona. The state became the latest and the largest to be swept by a labor insurgency among underpaid educators >
Arizona teachers latest to stage walkout for better pay
Apr 26, 6:55 AM: Arizona teachers say they will walk off their jobs in public schools across the state on Thursday to demand better pay and more education funding, which is expected to leave students sitting home for at least a day and >
Some Flagstaff charter schools still on fence about closing for walkout
Apr 26, 6:14 AM: Several charter schools in the Flagstaff area have announced that they’re closing. Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy sent out a letter to parents on Sunday. The letter states that the board and administration supports >
Some local charter schools plan to close for walkout
Apr 26, 5:19 AM: Tri-City charter schools are supporting the Arizona Educators United #RedForEd movement’s call for adequate educational funding and an equitable salary schedule, but only two of 15 schools reached for comment Tuesday said >
#RedForEd school walkout plans vary from charter to charter
Apr 25, 6:55 AM: Charter schools, much like traditional public school districts, are debating whether to close during Arizona's educator walkout Thursday.
Top Republicans meet to work out deal on teacher pay
Apr 24, 7:42 AM: Top Republicans are huddling to see if they can reach an accord over the issue of teacher pay ahead of Thursday’s strike deadline, potentially forestalling or at least undermining the walkout.
Arizona charter school educators find their footing in #RedForEd movement
Apr 13, 6:27 AM: Charter school teachers are finding their footing in the #RedForEd movement. Just like their district counterparts, educators at charters are forming Facebook groups, painting their cars and demanding more funding for >



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