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Ducey backing school voucher expansion measure
Oct 17, 5:22 AM: Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey is apparently willing to risk further angering the state's teachers by forcefully backing a measure that would massively expand the state's private school voucher system.
Proposition 305: ESA Program Expansion
Oct 16, 7:09 AM: Currently, about 23,000 students are eligible for the program and slightly over 5,000 are receiving vouchers, most of whom have disabilities. Most ESA money has been spent for tuition to private schools.
School voucher ballot question can be a confusing one
Oct 15, 4:31 AM: But the more than 100,000 people who signed petitions to put Proposition 305 on the ballot now find they have to vote against it to get what they want: repealing legislation to expand who can get vouchers of taxpayer funds >
Opinion: Prop. 305, expanding school vouchers, could pass? I think I'm going to faint
Oct 11, 4:55 AM: A recent poll shows that Prop. 305, Arizona's expanded school-voucher law, could pass. That cannot to be right.
Pointe charter students didn't take AIMS science test — and it could shut the school down
Oct 10, 4:34 AM: Pointe Schools, an Arizona charter school operator with three schools and more than 1,100 students, is at risk of closing amid a slew of problems — including neglecting to give its students the required state AIMS science >
Opinion: Why I'm not buying Gov. Ducey's phony support for charter school reform
Oct 9, 6:08 AM: The governor has had four years to fix the corrupt charter school system. He's done just the opposite.
To support Arizona's Prop. 305's goal — blocking vouchers expansion — you vote 'no'
Oct 9, 4:47 AM: But the more than 100,000 people who signed petitions to put Proposition 305 on the ballot now find they have to vote against it to get what they want: repealing legislation to expand who can get vouchers of taxpayer funds >
State Charter Board makes complaints against schools hard to find
Oct 9, 4:41 AM: Ashley Berg, the agency’s executive director, indicated in a budget request that the 11-person agency doesn’t have the resources to properly respond to complaints and monitor charter schools. She is asking lawmakers to add >
Opinion: Voucher expansion will undermine community
Oct 5, 5:28 AM: Communities like ours are more tightly-knit than the big cities. Proposition 305 universal ESA voucher expansion is set to undermine the foundation of our community by striking at our public schools, and that’s why I >
Voters confused by Prop. 305 school voucher measure, Republic poll shows
Oct 5, 4:51 AM: Arizona voters appear deeply confused by the ballot language of Proposition 305, which will help decide the future of the state's expanded universal voucher program, and that confusion could influence the outcome in >
Opinion: Why I chose to make Benjamin Franklin Charter School a non-profit
Oct 1, 4:50 AM: I am the owner of Benjamin Franklin Charter School. In existence for more than 20 years, we provide an excellent education for more than 3,000 students with a 96 percent graduation rate. We do so with fewer costs and >
Ducey favors cautious charter school finance reform
Sep 27, 4:55 AM: Gov. Doug Ducey said he’s open to the idea of reforms in how charter schools are operated, including how they handle their finances.
Challenger blasts governor for "broken promises," support for private school vouchers
Sep 25, 5:45 AM: Gov. Doug Ducey defended his decision Monday to sign legislation to allow any student get a voucher of tax dollars to attend private or parochial schools, a measure that voters will decide in November whether to ratify >
Education supporters say political signs aim to confuse, rock the vote
Sep 25, 5:02 AM: It's hard not to miss the dozens of campaign signs all along Valley roads, but do you know what they really support? Educators say the red and white signs asking voters to check "Yes on Prop 305" are misleading. >
LD12 candidates spar on charter schools, prisons, energy
Sep 24, 6:58 AM: Candidates running for state House and Senate in Legislative District 12 touted their respective party’s platforms last week when it came to issues such as education, the economy and renewable energy.
Opinion: Dark money groups' stand on Prop. 305 shows the public got played on voucher expansion
Sep 21, 5:51 AM: The lack of support for Prop. 305 shows the true intent of the powers-that-be: to create an unlimited school-voucher program in Arizona.
Opinion: Charter schools move Arizona forward, but more can be done
Sep 21, 4:32 AM: Arizona’s charter schools are indeed a success story for our state. Our leaders should be applauded for having the vision to carefully create a climate in which school choice benefits so many through specialized learning, >
Voucher Showdown
Sep 20, 5:18 AM: Prop 305 would expand the Empowerment Scholarship Account program, referred to colloquially as school vouchers. The ESA program started in 2011 to provide educational options other than public school for children with >
Column: Gov. Doug Ducey is finally backing charter school reform? Now, that's funny
Sep 20, 4:45 AM: While I’m certainly happy to see that Ducey and his Republican colleagues at long last might be willing to plug gaping loopholes that have allowed some charter operators to plunder public money, I have to ask the same >
Opinion: Arizona's Prop. 305 is a false choice on school choice. We have a better way
Sep 20, 4:28 AM: We support the legislation behind Prop. 305. But the referendum is so flawed that parents lose, no matter how they vote.



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