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Opinion: The Teachers’ Revolt Spreads to Arizona
Apr 27, 6:49 AM: On Thursday, a historic walkout by teachers and the support staff closed more than 1,000 public schools in Arizona. The state became the latest and the largest to be swept by a labor insurgency among underpaid educators >
Arizona teachers latest to stage walkout for better pay
Apr 26, 6:55 AM: Arizona teachers say they will walk off their jobs in public schools across the state on Thursday to demand better pay and more education funding, which is expected to leave students sitting home for at least a day and >
Some Flagstaff charter schools still on fence about closing for walkout
Apr 26, 6:14 AM: Several charter schools in the Flagstaff area have announced that they’re closing. Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy sent out a letter to parents on Sunday. The letter states that the board and administration supports >
Some local charter schools plan to close for walkout
Apr 26, 5:19 AM: Tri-City charter schools are supporting the Arizona Educators United #RedForEd movement’s call for adequate educational funding and an equitable salary schedule, but only two of 15 schools reached for comment Tuesday said >
#RedForEd school walkout plans vary from charter to charter
Apr 25, 6:55 AM: Charter schools, much like traditional public school districts, are debating whether to close during Arizona's educator walkout Thursday.
Top Republicans meet to work out deal on teacher pay
Apr 24, 7:42 AM: Top Republicans are huddling to see if they can reach an accord over the issue of teacher pay ahead of Thursday’s strike deadline, potentially forestalling or at least undermining the walkout.
Arizona charter school educators find their footing in #RedForEd movement
Apr 13, 6:27 AM: Charter school teachers are finding their footing in the #RedForEd movement. Just like their district counterparts, educators at charters are forming Facebook groups, painting their cars and demanding more funding for >
Column: Arizona leaders preparing end run on voters to save their school voucher law
Apr 12, 5:49 AM: From the moment a grassroots group of Arizona citizens had the nerve to challenge our leaders and freeze their efforts to divert more of our money to private schools, You. Knew. This. Was. Coming.
Will Arizona Republicans 'repeal and replace' voucher expansion to thwart referendum?
Apr 11, 4:35 AM: A Republican state lawmaker is discussing with colleagues and outside groups a plan that could knock Proposition 305 off the November ballot before voters can decide the fate of Arizona's expanded school-voucher program. >
Kids already in private schools could receive tuition vouchers under GOP plan
Apr 6, 5:30 AM: The Arizona Legislature is debating further loosening a key requirement to participate in the state's school voucher-style program.
State Supreme Court rules vote on school choice initiative will take place
Apr 6, 4:56 AM: The Arizona Supreme Court ruled those filing a challenge to the ballot initiative had no standing to question the validity of some of the more than 75,000 signatures presented by grass roots organizations and public school >
Opinion: The real reason behind Arizona's expanded voucher law? Profit
Apr 5, 6:00 AM: So, profitability – not student achievement – was the primary motivation in pushing Arizona to create a universal voucher program. Well, there’s a shocker.
Column: Charter schools, teachers crucial to outcome of #RedForEd movement
Apr 4, 6:11 AM: Inspired by a successful strike in West Virginia, teachers are moving toward a possible walkout for better pay here in Arizona. But there’s a big difference between the two states that the so-called #RedForEd movement may >
Bill gives special treatment to corporate sponsors of charter schools
Apr 3, 6:05 AM: A controversial bill making its way through the Legislature is sparking claims that it gives education kickbacks to corporations.
Fate of Imperial Valley charter school hangs in the balance
Mar 29, 7:25 AM: Last fall, Imagine School, a charter school that's attended by more than eight hundred students, was denied a re-newal by the El Centro Elementary School District. I spoke with Grace Jiminez, the school's principal, who >
Column: School voucher lobby loses another round
Mar 29, 6:02 AM: The Arizona Attorney General's Office found no evidence that Sen. Catherine Miranda committed a crime while circulating petitions to put Arizona's expanded voucher law on the ballot.
Teachers swarm Capitol, demand 20 percent pay hike
Mar 29, 5:58 AM: Save Our Schools Arizona is not only gearing up for a possible referendum on whatever lawmakers may replace existing voucher expansion legislation with but also for a potential initiative to address public education >
Opinion: ASU students should get active in school choice initiatives
Mar 23, 4:54 AM: School of choice and Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (ESAs) are controversial subjects that have divided political parties for several years. In Arizona, personal choice in education is a huge issue, and the benefits that >
Voters may get the last word on school voucher expansion
Mar 22, 5:14 AM: Arizona voters will have the last word on expanding a program that gives parents money to send their children to private and parochial schools — unless Republican lawmakers take it away.
Bill would force Arizona districts to consider charter, private school proposals to buy closed buildings
Mar 21, 6:11 AM: The legislation which already has passed the House and now goes to Gov. Doug Ducey, spells out that when a district offers a building or even part of a building for sale or lease, it cannot accept an offer from a potential >



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