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This small Arizona high school has state-of-the-art college-like facilities
Sep 13, 7:49 AM: It's only a 3A school tucked away in ever-growing Queen Creek, where new homes are under construction just a few streets away.
Opinion: Arizona parents want school choice and support charter schools. Here's proof
Sep 6, 6:03 AM: For parents of the more than 1.1 million Arizona students enrolled in a public school, it’s hard to imagine that less than a generation ago, the decision about where your child would attend school was made for you, not by >
Arizona’s ESA school voucher program shares problems California’s Medicaid system
Sep 4, 5:00 AM: The people who suffer most when Republican lawmakers purposefully hobble oversight of the voucher program are the families trying to secure the best education for their children and the taxpayers of Arizona who fund the >
School vouchers awarded up 33% this year, but oversight funding unchanged
Aug 22, 4:59 AM: The Arizona Department of Education says a record 8,200 students are expected to receive $110 million in school vouchers this school year.
Ducey may seek ESA changes due to recent controversies
Aug 21, 5:58 AM: In the midst of several recent controversies and a PR campaign against the new Democratic superintendent of public instruction by a prominent school choice advocacy group, Gov. Doug Ducey is signalling that he’ll push for >
Letter: Online school allows family to focus on son’s health
Aug 16, 7:09 AM:

Over the years, one of our biggest concerns was that Drew would lead as normal a life as possible, including getting a great education. His condition leaves him susceptible to sickness, so we have to protect him from >

Arizona celebrates 25 years of charter schools
Aug 13, 7:15 AM: In 1994, Arizona became just the second state in the nation to enact a law that would establish public charter schools in the state. The following year, 67 charter schools opened and enrolled under 8,000 students >
Mesa homeschooled students given ESA vouchers by mistake
Aug 12, 6:18 AM: An error by Mesa Public Schools could lead to 27 homeschooled students losing access to the Arizona Empowerment Scholarship Accounts program they were mistakenly granted.
Charter school to make $2.55 million offer on Green Fields School
Aug 8, 6:34 AM: Accelerated Learning Laboratory, a Tucson charter school, is set to offer $2.55 million to purchase Green Fields School, which announced recently that it was closing due to financial troubles.
Supt. Hoffman asks Legislators to release full ESA administration funding
Aug 8, 5:41 AM: Video complaints of delays in approving Empowerment Scholarship Account applications led an Arizona legislator to ask for an investigation of the process and the Superintendent of Public Instruction to again request the >
Records show history of long ESA delays at Dept of Education
Jul 31, 4:45 AM: Records obtained by Arizona Mirror show that missed deadlines in approving applications for the state’s school voucher program were a common occurrence under former state schools Superintendent Diane Douglas, though the >
Colorado City family losing ESA voucher after school moves across state lines
Jul 30, 6:36 AM: A family in the polygamous enclave of Colorado City appears likely to lose the vouchers it was using to send three children to private school because that school has moved across the state line and now is in Hilldale, >
Hoffman, school choice group clash over voucher program
Jul 29, 5:54 AM: A school choice organization fired its third broadside in as many months against the Arizona Department of Education, accusing the Democratic administration of playing fast and loose with state laws to stifle the voucher >
Opinion: Voucher shenanigans afoot? Blame the Legislature, not Kathy Hoffman
Jul 29, 5:51 AM: If there is a conspiracy afoot to sabotage Arizona's ESA program, it probably starts with the Legislature, not Superintendent Kathy Hoffman.
How much is Arizona spending to bail out private schools?
Jul 25, 5:48 AM: Tucson's Green Fields private school is closing. According to an article in the Star, the school's enrollment has fallen from 246 students in 2001 to as few as 105 in 2015. Green Fields is a K-12 school, so the 2015 >
Excalibur Charter Schools marks 20 years of operation
Jul 19, 7:22 AM: When students fill Avalon Elementary in Apache Junction on the first day of school July 29, they will join the ranks of thousands educated by a charter school company that marked 20 years in 2019.
Opinion: Why are Arizona schools outperforming their peers nationally? Thank school choice
Jul 8, 5:09 AM: For some time conservative scholars, most prominently Matt Ladner now with the Arizona Chamber Foundation, have pointed out that Arizona students have been outperforming those of other states in gains on the federal >
Opinion: Both sides of school choice debate lose sight of best interest for kids
Jun 26, 5:25 AM: The political fight over School Choice – Arizona’s Empowerment Scholarship Accounts seem to never end. The latest battle continues over a small group of Navajo children, who needed the Education Savings Accounts to attend >
Arches Academy charter school opening in Apache Junction
Jun 20, 5:21 AM: A school centered on self-paced education for each individual student has its first classes starting Aug. 5 in Apache Junction.
Don’t fall for Gov. Ducey’s latest voucher scam
Jun 17, 4:20 AM: Governor Doug Ducey and his underlings are upset with media types like me for wondering if the governor is planning another school voucher scam.



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