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Supreme Court cements Arizona school tax credit
Jul 1, 7:37 AM: At issue in both Arizona and Montana is a system that gives people a dollar-for-dollar credit against their income taxes for money donated to organizations that provide scholarships for students to attend private and >
Phoenix Union says schools will start virtual learning on Aug. 3, not Aug. 17
Jun 30, 7:02 AM: Gestson cites three reasons Phoenix Union will be starting on August 3 for the 2020-2021 school year. First, he says the "achievement gap" will grow wider if teaching is delayed.
Ducey unveils aid package to help keep Arizona's K-12 schools afloat during pandemic
Jun 25, 5:34 AM: Arizona students can attend class virtually in the coming academic year without public schools losing significant amounts of per-pupil funding, thanks to one of several measures rolled out by the governor on Wednesday to >
Commentary: Great schools innovate to teach our kids successfully during and beyond this pandemic
Jun 19, 6:17 AM: Great school leaders and teachers who create opportunity for our most vulnerable students today are keys to achieving the more equitable future our children in Arizona deserve.
Opinion: The coronavirus pandemic thrust my ASU classes into remote learning. We thrived
Jun 3, 6:55 AM: Teaching college journalism remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic forcibly separated me from my students, who scattered from Mexico to Canada and throughout the United States. To my surprise, I got closer to them. >
Schools will reopen in the fall. School leaders are asking for help from lawmakers
May 29, 6:59 AM: Some Arizona schools will open up as early as July for the next school year. But as state leaders push to return students to classrooms, questions remain about money, logistics and the impact of the virus.
FHCS finds success in online classes
May 20, 7:16 AM: Like all schools across the country, Fountain Hills Charter School has had to make the not-so-insignificant jump of moving classes from in person to online these past couple of months. While it has certainly been a >
As coronavirus school closures continue, scores of Tucson children have fallen off the radar
May 4, 7:48 AM: Since the coronavirus shuttered Arizona schools seven weeks ago, scores of Tucson children have fallen off the radar, despite attempts by concerned educators to connect.
Letter: Impossible to replicate what kids get at school
Apr 27, 6:28 AM: Even though we have been able to keep some bit of routine going with learning at home (still nothing close to what they get at school) they are missing so much more than lessons. They are missing relationship building, >
Arizona Auditor General report shows ESA parents misled by state, services delayed
Apr 22, 5:26 AM: A state auditor report into Arizona’s Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (ESA) Program shows inconsistent customer service, lapses in student privacy protections and a need for more staff than was anticipated by lawmakers. >
This Arizona high school is ranked as one of America's best public high schools
Apr 21, 7:06 AM: Basis Chandler was ranked seventh-best in America, according to U.S. News & World Report's annual rankings, released Tuesday. Another Basis school, in Oro Valley, made the top 20. A high school in Virginia nabbed the top >
Opinion: What we'll need to slow the 'coronavirus slide' for Arizona students
Apr 20, 7:13 AM: While unemployment climbs and economic uncertainty looms, educators all over our state have mobilized to ensure that students can continue learning through these extraordinary times.
Charter schools fill niche, thrive in Gilbert market
Apr 6, 5:39 AM: In the 25 years since charter schools began operating in Arizona, Gilbert has proven to be a popular landing spot despite three highly rated public school districts serving residents.
Opinion: Ballot initiatives are asking the court for an end-around lawmakers. It may not work
Apr 3, 7:10 AM: But many others, including one to cap the number on school vouchers and Invest In Education, which seeks to tax high-earners for K-12 funding, had banked on big drives in the spring — right as the COVID-19 outbreak >
Challenge Charter School makes quick transition to digital lessons
Apr 2, 7:28 AM: Within days of Gov. Doug Ducey announcing that Arizona schools would remain closed through the end of the academic year, Challenge Charter School, 5801 W. Greenbriar Dr., in Glendale, had launched digital curriculum for >
Letter: Supports Save Our Schools Act
Apr 1, 5:31 AM: My child attended a charter school, and I am thankful Arizona has so many school choice options, but the Legislature needs to ensure our tax dollars are being used to responsibly benefit our state.
Opinion: School choice necessary, but it’s not solution for special ed students
Mar 23, 5:55 AM: As the school year is coming to a close and parents are deciding where to send their kids next year, school choice is once again at the forefront of everyone’s minds – especially for families with children who have >
Republicans press to remove oversight of voucher program away from education agency
Feb 27, 8:16 AM: A pair of Republican state senators plans to independently amend an Empowerment Scholarship Accounts bill to change partial oversight of the program and establish a plan to determine what happens to unused money in >
Arizona Public School Supporters Want to Limit Number of Vouchers
Feb 27, 6:40 AM: An organization of public school supporters wants voters to limit the number of vouchers of state tax dollars that parents can use to send their children to private and parochial schools.
New Arizona school voucher bills revive clash over their expansion
Feb 18, 7:41 AM: Two bills at the state Legislature would allow Arizona families to use school vouchers to send their children to out-of-state schools.



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