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Arizona voucher bill could pay private schools 2 miles into other states
May 21, 5:02 AM: A bill would allow students on Indian reservations to use the vouchers to attend private schools within 2 miles of the Arizona border.
Basis charter school loses top spot on list of America's best high schools
Apr 30, 6:38 AM: Basis Scottsdale, a charter school in the Basis network, is the nation's third-best high school, according to annual rankings from U.S. News & World Report's, but the school slipped two spots from the top after snagging it >
Commentary: Instead of reforming charters, Ducey wants to reward bad actors
Apr 25, 5:55 AM: Republican leadership punted on the only charter school reform bill that made it through committee, which was really just a fluff piece that sounded great but did little to provide any sort of actual reform. And the >
ASU Prep schools could lose more than $6 million after education department changes mind
Apr 23, 5:20 AM: Arizona State University’s charter schools could lose more than $6 million in school funding that the Arizona Department of Education says was inappropriately paid to ASU Prep sites over the past few years, the department >
Kathy Hoffman rode a #RedForEd wave into office. 100 days in, here's what she's done
Apr 17, 5:54 AM: This week, Hoffman marks 100 days in office as the state Superintendent of Public Instruction. She is the first millennial to win statewide office in Arizona. She is the first Democrat to lead the state's schools since the >
ASU guiding students at Phoenix charter school on path to college
Apr 12, 7:07 AM: Arizona State University is partnering with a charter school network on an outreach program to help guide students on a path toward college.
Opinion: The real reason my charter school reform bill came up short
Apr 12, 5:11 AM: Why did it come up short? Simply put, some lawmakers believed the legislation went too far while others felt strongly it didn’t go far enough, thereby ensuring there would not be the required 31 yes votes on the floor of >
Families of students who faced bullying switching to online schools
Apr 11, 5:31 AM: It is a school choice that is growing in popularity for families in Arizona. In the last few years, tens of thousands of families have pulled their children out of traditional brick and mortar schools to send them to >
First, Arizona House speaker said charter school bill lacked accountability. Now, he blames Democrats for its demise
Mar 27, 5:09 AM: Republican House Speaker Rusty Bowers on Monday used a procedural move to effectively kill modest reforms to the laws governing Arizona charter schools.
Opinion: Arizona charter school reform wasn't perfect, but that was no reason to kill it
Mar 27, 5:06 AM: Arizona's charter school reform bill isn't a joke. It's a good start to rein in shameful operations enriching themselves at taxpayers' expense.
House speaker halts Arizona charter reform bill, saying it lacks 'accountability and transparency'
Mar 26, 5:16 AM: House Speaker Rusty Bowers put a hold Monday on legislation to modestly reform laws governing Arizona charter schools, saying the proposal lacked "accountability and transparency" and as a result didn't have the votes >
Acclaimed BASIS charter schools nearly $44 million in the red, audit shows
Mar 21, 6:50 AM: The globally renowned BASIS charter school system is nearly $44 million in the red, according to a recent report from a Phoenix-based watchdog group.
Local teenage silversmith overcomes bullying through online education, faith
Mar 18, 6:30 AM: Growing up can be tough, especially if some of those tough situations include being bullied at school for following a certain religion, the way you sound, dress and anything else people can find to pick at. But there’s >
Charter school reform bill takes another step after GOP rebuffs efforts to make it tougher
Mar 14, 5:22 AM: Legislation to modestly reform the law governing Arizona's 500-plus charter schools took a step forward in the state Senate after amendments to add more teeth to bill were defeated.
How Arizona EdTech Is Changing the World of Learning (CER in the news)
Mar 12, 7:40 AM: In an increasingly digital world, educators are looking for ways to expand access and engage students, while corporations seek to equip their workforce with skills for the jobs of the future.
Opinion: The legislature lacks courage for real charter reform, despite outcry
Feb 27, 6:24 AM: This poses a problem because charters, unlike district schools, have corporate boards in addition to school governing boards. The school governing boards set policy, but it’s the corporate boards that deal with financial >
Opinion: These charter school reforms aren't perfect, but they strike the right balance
Feb 25, 6:05 AM: Understanding that the actions of a few outliers have rightfully caused concerns, the public charter sector has engaged in conversations with lawmakers, the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools, the Attorney General’s >
Opinion: SOS AZ wants real reforms of vouchers, not extinction
Feb 22, 7:27 AM: Remarkably, I learned at last week’s Senate Finance Committee hearing that there are some people who still don’t know Save Our Schools Arizona’s stance on the Empowerment Scholarship Account voucher program. As an >
Senate panel approves ESA bill amid fierce opposition
Feb 14, 6:44 AM: Senate Bill 1395, sponsored by Sen. Sylvia Allen, R-Snowflake, seemingly expands the Empowerment Scholarship Account program in many areas, including allowing students who don’t use the funds to keep them until they are 22 >
Column: Mark Brnovich doesn't understand how Arizona charter schools work
Feb 13, 7:53 AM: Attorney General Mark Brnovich has weighed in on the charter school reform debate, but in a way that indicates that he doesn’t really understand the charter school system. Or, alternatively, that he doesn’t support it. >



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