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National Ranking: AZ charter school laws are second best in the nation (CER in the news)
Mar 28, 7:24 AM: The Center for Education Reform is giving Arizona and “A” for its laws on charter schools, moving Arizona up three spots (since 2015) in the national ranking to No 2.
Arizona parents, teachers denounce divisive school bills
Feb 21, 6:42 AM: As education has consumed the attention of the public and state lawmakers, parents and educators are working to influence the state budget and other legislation they say will affect their families for years to come.
School-voucher expansion could cost Arizona $24M a year or more
Feb 20, 6:26 AM: Republicans pushing to expand the state's school-voucher program argue it will save Arizona thousands of dollars per student, even as it provides more options for parents to educate their children.
Plan to allow vouchers for all would be costlier to Arizona, budget analysts say
Feb 16, 7:01 AM: Making vouchers universally available to pay for all children to attend private and parochial schools would increase costs to the state and not result in savings — as the plan’s prime sponsor says, according to legislative budget >
Lobbyist pushes Arizona school-choice bill that could benefit his family
Feb 16, 5:52 AM: A school-choice bill pushed by a lobbyist who could have benefited was pulled by the bill’s sponsor after The Arizona Republic started asking questions about it, but the lobbyist is vowing to find another way to advance a similar >
Arizona school-choice expansion could cost $46 million
Feb 15, 6:17 AM: A sweeping expansion of Arizona's school-choice program could cost the state general fund an estimated $46 million in its first four years, according to an independent fiscal analysis released Tuesday.
Arizona school-choice plan falls short on taxpayer saving
Feb 14, 7:31 AM: But despite supporters' claims that universal school choice saves taxpayer dollars, 12 News' reporting shows the state would have to spend more tax dollars on children who attend a private school after ditching a public >
Plan to expand private school vouchers to all Arizona students advances
Feb 10, 5:57 AM: Saying they're promoting the rights of all parents to choose, members of a Senate panel agreed Thursday to open the door to allow all 1.1 million students in Arizona schools to use state dollars to attend private or parochial >
Republicans fast-track school-voucher bill in Arizona Legislature
Feb 9, 5:55 AM: Republican lawmakers in the Arizona Legislature are attempting to fast-track a plan to eventually offer vouchers to every public-school student and, in separate legislation, privatize oversight of the public money given to parents >
School choice ‘keeps public schools on our toes,’ Mesa principal says
Feb 1, 6:22 AM: One principal in the Mesa Unified School District fears school choice will affect public school funding but believes potential competition between schools is good.
Controversial purchase of Gilbert land to build charter school is approved
Jan 31, 6:29 AM: But Mayor Jenn Daniels and three other council members voted to approve the controversial annexation, despite their misgivings about the site, saying the school would be built anyway if the land remained in an unincorporated county >
Charter school celebrates school choice
Jan 30, 6:39 AM: The charter school, which opened in 1999, first participated in the National School Choice Week celebration last year, handing out bright yellow scarves to students and staff. This year, in addition to the scarves, Soto and her >
Governor praises school choice advocates
Jan 27, 5:27 AM: Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey on Thursday praised school choice advocates gathered at the Capitol and then defended state funding to private schools that critics say siphons cash from public schools.
Charter school leaders encourage lawmakers to add dollars to education
Jan 25, 7:32 AM: Leaders of some area charter schools say they are eager to see state lawmakers endorse proposals to infuse more money into educational coffers, a must if students in this state are going to succeed.
Lesko proposal could greatly expand school ‘voucher’ funds
Jan 25, 6:55 AM: State lawmakers are making a new attempt to provide taxpayer-provided dollars to all of the 1.1 million students in Arizona schools to help their parents pay to instead send them to private and parochial schools.
Arizona proposal would expand ‘vouchers’ for private, parochial schools
Jan 25, 6:49 AM: State lawmakers are making a new attempt to provide taxpayer-provided dollars to all 1.1 million students in Arizona schools to help their parents pay to instead send them to private and parochial schools.
Charter schools sports explosion taking AIA by storm
Jan 20, 6:42 AM: Two years ago, they were playing basketball on outdoor courts with chain-link nets, rusty rims and a cold wind in their faces.
Prop. 123 seen as only a down payment
Jan 9, 6:49 AM: Any discussion of K-12 funding will be complicated by efforts by some legislators to expand the existing program which gives parents a voucher of state dollars they can use to send their children to private or parochial >
Charter School Enrollment Continues To Rise In Arizona
Dec 28, 6:35 AM: According to the Arizona Department of Education, the number of students enrolled in charter schools continues to grow.
Gilbert and Higley districts criticize town over charter school plan
Dec 22, 7:53 AM: American Leadership Academy charter schools, which have several other locations in the Valley, is asking Gilbert officials to annex its property into the town limits.



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