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Parents finding ways to make another round of remote learning work
Nov 24, 8:07 AM: As more districts return to virtual learning, parents across Arizona are overwhelmed and frustrated. Still, they are finding ways to make it work.
Gov. Ducey begins federal CARES Act funds distribution to schools
Nov 20, 7:48 AM: Schools will have the flexibility to use funds from the ESG program to ensure the safety of students and staff have safe in-person and virtual learning experiences. Every eligible district or charter that applied will >
With no plan from state leaders, Arizona's school districts confront hard choices on COVID-19
Nov 19, 9:23 AM: Parents painted a bleak picture of their children in virtual school at a recent Madison School Board meeting in Phoenix.
Candidates divided on public school funding and private school vouchers
Oct 28, 5:01 AM: More than half the state budget goes to education — both K-12 schools and universities. So the stark differences between candidates in state Legislative District 6 could have a huge impact on the whole state in the next >
Hoffman says parents should reconsider keeping kids out kindergarten
Oct 27, 5:23 AM: A sharp drop in the number of youngsters in Arizona kindergartens this year due to COVID-19 could have ripple effects for years to come on their education.
Column: The real history of education funding in Arizona (it's not as bad as everyone says)
Oct 26, 6:59 AM: The Arizona economy shouldn't be put at risk by Proposition 208 to punish lawmakers for education funding sins they didn't actually commit.
Opinion: Students are learning less amid the pandemic, but schools aren't just wringing their hands
Oct 26, 6:11 AM: Learning loss is not new. Nor is it fair to blame parents and teachers, implying they aren't doing enough for our kids through this difficult time. In truth, multiple issues have long bedeviled education and impacted >
Review & Outlook: Tax Raid in Arizona
Oct 20, 8:09 AM: The tax referendum is driven by unions seeking more money for education, though as recently as 2018 teachers went on strike and won a pay raise of 20% statewide.
Ducey thinks small when it comes to education
Oct 16, 8:01 AM: Ducey announced Thursday the state will make a $500,000 investment in small learning models. This model takes a more personalized approach to teaching. It works particularly well for high-needs students.
New collaboration seeks to transform the way teaching and learning is done in Arizona schools
Oct 16, 6:05 AM: Three organizations have committed to collaborate with Mesa Public Schools, the largest school district in Arizona with more than 64,000 students, to support district leaders in efforts to create equitable learning >
Prop. 208 will decide if wealthiest Arizonans should pay more taxes for schools
Sep 21, 7:22 AM: Opponents of Proposition 208 say it could put some dollars into the pockets of administrators, but Arizona schools, on average, spend less on administrative expenses than the rest of the country, an average of $903 per >
Great Hearts Academies is just the latest public school to face racism allegations
Sep 17, 7:19 AM: Former students and teachers from Great Hearts Academies have come forward to draw attention to what they call a pattern of racist and sexist practices in the charter school network.
Black students in Arizona rank near top for academic gains
Sep 15, 7:28 AM: Black students in Arizona rank near the top in the nation for posting academic gains year after year, and those who attend charter schools may appear to have a competitive edge, according to an analysis by the nonprofit >
Phoenix Union High School District will remain in remote learning until next year
Sep 15, 6:09 AM: As it stands on Monday, the largest high school district in the state, Phoenix Union High School District, will remain in remote learning mode until next year. The district had plans to start in-person learning next month >
Supreme Court puts school funding measure back on ballot
Sep 2, 7:01 AM: The high court overturned a Superior Court judge’s ruling that the 100-word description of the Invest in Education ballot measure on the top of the signature gathering forms wasn’t so incomplete that it invalidated the >
Charter schools can double dip up to $100 million in PPP funds and that's OK in Arizona
Sep 1, 7:24 AM: Opinion: Arizona's state auditor says charter schools can keep up to $100 million double dip because PPP funds come from a bank and not the federal government? Huh?
Some Tucson charter and private schools reopen, prompting complaints about safety
Aug 31, 6:58 AM: Some Tucson charter and private schools have reopened for traditional in-person learning despite Pima County falling short of meeting state benchmarks to safely do so.
Online petition for in-person learning delay targets Great Hearts Charter Schools
Aug 25, 6:39 AM: The charter school group, Great Hearts, is the target of an online petition urging the board to reconsider its decision and not reopen for in-person learning before all state safety benchmarks are met.
Arizona Teachers Waged a Sickout Over Coronavirus Concerns, and Organizers Say Other School Districts Could Be Next
Aug 19, 8:15 AM: An Arizona school district was forced to cancel classes this week after teachers waged a sickout over safety concerns about returning to classrooms during the coronavirus pandemic, the latest example of turmoil facing the >
Arizona teacher’s union guiding 'sick-out' in district, per leaked video
Aug 18, 7:09 AM: In a Sunday video conference call that leaked on Twitter, state union leaders spoke to district teachers, inferring they had organized the effort that forced the school to cancel classes.



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