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Opinion: ASU students should get active in school choice initiatives
Mar 23, 4:54 AM: School of choice and Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (ESAs) are controversial subjects that have divided political parties for several years. In Arizona, personal choice in education is a huge issue, and the benefits that >
Voters may get the last word on school voucher expansion
Mar 22, 5:14 AM: Arizona voters will have the last word on expanding a program that gives parents money to send their children to private and parochial schools — unless Republican lawmakers take it away.
Bill would force Arizona districts to consider charter, private school proposals to buy closed buildings
Mar 21, 6:11 AM: The legislation which already has passed the House and now goes to Gov. Doug Ducey, spells out that when a district offers a building or even part of a building for sale or lease, it cannot accept an offer from a potential >
Audit says charter school received too much state aid
Mar 19, 7:27 AM: A Fort Mohave charter school is disputing an audit by the Arizona Department of Education that says the school has to pay back more than $100,000 in state aid.
Teachers fight school tax credit expansion, call for more public education funding
Mar 16, 5:20 AM: Kelbick and other teachers at the Capitol Wednesday targeted a bill that would make several changes to the state's School Tuition Organization tax credit program, which gives taxpayers a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for >
Teachers in Red Rally at Arizona Capitol, Protest Tax Credits for Private Schools
Mar 15, 5:29 AM: About 100 Arizona teachers and supporters rallied at the Arizona Capitol on Wednesday, turning out in support of their Red for Ed movement and to oppose a private-school tax-credit bill.
How did Phoenix become the Silicon Valley of EdTech? (CER in the news)
Mar 13, 7:08 AM: Arizona is one of the top three states in the nation for school choice, according to the Center for Education Reform’s 2017 Parent Power Index. Both Sobon and Zylstra said this created an environment open to embracing >
ACLU demands changes at charter schools over alleged enrollment practices
Mar 13, 6:24 AM: It's been a bumpy road for charter schools in Arizona, with events ranging from closures to controversy. Now, there is a new concern. The document was supposed to rattle the cages of charter schools statewide back in >
In Arizona, a push for school choice targets Latino voters
Mar 7, 6:29 AM: In April of 2017, school choice advocates across the country applauded a historic win when Arizona passed a law expanding Empowerment Scholarship Accounts. The accounts, which operate as a type of school voucher program >
Senate committee targets vacant schools, charter buyers
Mar 5, 5:58 AM: The Arizona Senate Education Committee took steps Thursday to prevent school districts from taking lower offers from potential buyers if a higher offer from a charter school exists.
In Arizona, tuition tax credit cap faces party-line stalemate
Mar 1, 6:58 AM: A stalemate between Republicans and Democrats means that Arizona corporations will be able to continue divert an ever-increasing share of their state income tax to help students attend private and parochial schools. >
ASU Digital Prep offers college-level classes to high school students
Feb 28, 7:10 AM: ASU Prep has expanded its curriculum to include an online option by launching ASU Prep Digital,  which offers high school students the ability to take college-level classes.
TUSD requests for student info raise privacy concerns at charter schools
Feb 19, 8:15 AM: The Tucson Unified School District has filed public records requests with nearly 100 local charter schools seeking student directory information to try to woo kids and parents into attending TUSD.
Will Arizona Legislature rein in private-school tax credits?
Feb 12, 7:13 AM: Arizona Senate President Steve Yarbrough, who for years ran a private-school tax-credit organization of his own, is pushing legislation that he says will rein in the cost of the state's ballooning tax-credit program. >
Two-pronged voucher fight looms in courts, Legislature
Feb 8, 5:50 AM: A judge has refused to block voters from getting the last word on whether they want to expand a system of vouchers that uses public funds to send children to private and parochial schools.
Koch brothers are promoting school vouchers in Arizona
Feb 7, 6:46 AM: The Koch brothers have set their sights on Arizona trying to leverage a win for school vouchers. Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey attended a policy session with the Kochs' network of donors in California last month. The Koch-funded >
Tax documents of shuttered Goodyear charter school raise spending questions
Feb 6, 6:50 AM: Teachers and parents impacted by the abrupt closure of a Goodyear charter school are threatening to sue over unpaid wages, and questioning how the owners were spending state money.
Avondale school district opens its doors – and wallet – to displaced Goodyear charter students
Feb 5, 6:46 AM: The midyear closure of Discovery Creemos Academy, a Goodyear public charter school, was an unusual occurrence in Arizona. And it's left parents and nearby schools scrambling to find new classrooms for what could be >
Judge won’t block school voucher vote
Feb 1, 6:27 AM: A judge has refused to block voters from getting the last word on whether they want to expand a system of vouchers that uses public funds to send children to private and parochial schools.
Goodyear charter school abruptly closes, locking out hundreds of students
Jan 31, 7:09 AM: Hundreds of students were suddenly left without a school this week after a financially and academically struggling Goodyear charter school closed its doors.



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