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Sides dig in as Alaska Legislature continues education funding debate
Apr 23, 4:26 AM:

Alaskan parents and legislators clash over revising school funding policy. Exposes strengths and flaws in arguments, asks critical systematic questions, provides informative data, but heavy on political perspective. 

Conference committee set to resolve education bill versions
Apr 22, 4:28 AM: The Senate finally passed the education bill Monday afternoon, little changed from the version on its agenda since last week.
Lawmakers plan to power through on education
Apr 21, 7:39 AM: After blowing past midnight on what was supposed to be the last day of session, Alaska lawmakers planned to plow on with their work on Monday in a bid to resolve their differences on education.
School advocates raise the heat on legislators
Apr 11, 5:42 AM: Public school advocates stepped up their pressure on the Legislature on Thursday, declaring at a Senate hearing that the House-passed education bill was too miserly and had to be expanded before the state can consider >
Plan to offer tax credit funds to Alaska private schools emerges
Apr 8, 6:01 AM: The critics are calling it "voucher-lite," an attempt to send state money to private and religious schools that’s now part of Gov. Parnell's education bill, which includes additional school funding. >
House changes little as state education bill advances
Apr 3, 4:36 AM: House Finance Committee members needed six hours Wednesday to work through 17 proposed changes to the revised omnibus education bill.
Education panel hears Fairbanks' Tammie Wilson’s tenure measure
Apr 1, 6:36 AM: A Fairbanks lawmaker sponsoring a bill that would extend the probationary period for public school teachers said districts should be able to grant tenure to teachers whenever the district sees fit.
Editorial: Forget public funds for private schools
Mar 28, 5:09 AM: Alaska lawmakers, led by Sen. Mike Dunleavy, should end their drive to amend the Alaska Constitution to allow public money for private schools. They should let Senate Joint Resolution 9 die and instead work to make our >
House Finance tackles charter school worries
Mar 20, 5:24 AM:

The House Finance Committee on Tuesday continued its discussion of Gov. Sean Parnell’s omnibus education bill, focusing on the charter schools.

Private school principals hopeful but leery of voucher impact
Mar 17, 4:21 AM: Although nobody knows for sure what a school choice program would look like in Alaska, one buzzword has been thrown around quite a lot since the start of session: vouchers.
School voucher bill pulled from Senate floor, avoiding fatal vote
Mar 13, 5:19 AM:

A constitutional amendment to codify school choice in AK was saved from a mortal "no" vote in the state senate.  The article focuses on "for-profit" and religious schools and is not based in data, rather than shedding >

Panel questions charter student transit
Mar 11, 7:23 AM: A provision in Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell’s omnibus education bill that provides for transportation for charter school students raised questions Monday in the Senate Education Committee.
Legislators worry that bill could create more school districts
Mar 6, 5:35 AM:

Members of the state House Education Committee raised concerns on Wednesday that Alaska could end up with more school districts if charter schools are authorized by entities other than local school boards.

Preliminary education task force report answers few questions
Jan 6, 8:41 AM:

A preliminary report in AK released by a task force did little to answer questions about the state's public education funding.  There are no deadlines to develop the final report, but the first draft does mention the >

Parnell proposes $5 million digital learning initiative
Dec 16, 7:58 AM:

As part of budget proposal, Governor announces $5 million digital learning initiative geared around STEM courses. Slated to be pilot program for first three years, aimed at improving graduation rate and number of >

Parnell announces digital learning initiative aimed at rural students
Oct 25, 6:33 AM:

In a state with school districts of varied population across expansive rural areas, AK Governor Sean Parnell announced that to ensure access to the best instructors he is preparing a digital learning program.  The >

Az ranks near bottom for per-pupil school spending, again
Jun 4, 2:26 PM:

Despite low ranking for overall per pupil spending, Arizona spends more on student services than on administrative costs compared to other states. Article omits how funding ratio, types of schools and specific student >

State school board wants teacher evals based on student performance
Dec 28, 2:54 PM:

AK board ups student performance component to 50% of teacher evals. Typical complaints about using test scores, but districts can determine other 3 assessment calculations. Consensus that linking student and teacher >

Wait lists are long for popular Anchorage alternative schools
Aug 16, 5:54 AM:

Charter and alternative schools show long wait lists in AK district. Lotteries for enrollment are open twice a year. District streamlined waitllist process, but has no plans to add more choice schools.

School board, superintendent push back on AYP findings
Aug 15, 5:05 PM:

Juneau officials voice why AYP not an accurate picture of progress, claiming MAP tests are better. Ends with understanding that leaders shouldn't be so quick to dismiss AYP, and can learn from others meeting AYP goals.




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