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Former Huntsville City Schools CFO earns same salary despite resignation
Jun 17, 11:06 AM:

Resigned chief financial officer for AL district still collecting same salary despite having fewer duties. Journal-Constitution coverage misses the big question: why did he step down in the first place? Simply says he >

Teach for America to add 55 teachers to Alabama schools
Jun 9, 2:08 PM:

New Teach for America teachers coming to AL. But isn't there a better way to underscore their success in schools than pointing to high percentage of principals who say these teachers have "positive impact" in classes?  >

Bessemer school board to name superintendent today
Jun 7, 9:50 AM:

Two finalists competing for top job in Bessemer. Details here on candidates' previous positions and what they bring to the table. Would like to hear from parents and see more info on what they think Bessemer district >

Analysis: Huntsville school closures a challenge
Jun 7, 9:48 AM:

Facing $20M debt, Huntsville school system looks at closing and/or consolidating. Detailed look at each school and problems posed by change. Unclear why losing students. Tell reader whether it's due to aging population >

Montgomery magnet programs ranked among best schools
Jun 1, 2:14 PM:

2 Montgomery magnet schools ranked among best public schools nationwide by Washington Post. Vaguely credits "parent and community involvement". Tell us more about results and teaching methods. What can other schools >

Editorial: A new tenure law, yet again
May 31, 11:22 AM:

Messy politics in AL teacher tenure debate. State must strike balance between allowing fair arbitration for teachers while easing process for districts to remove ineffective ones. Huntsville Times doesn't see it >

Tri-county area graduation rates best state
May 27, 2:33 PM:

Hails 10-point rise in Montgomery Co. graduation rates, now ahead of statewide average. Credits new career academies and programs to help struggling students. Equates pre-K investment with lower dropout rate -- would be >

OUR VIEW: The state Legislature has no business passing a bill to set meeting times for the Birmingham Board of Education
May 27, 2:31 PM:

Editorial takes issue with bill that would mandate Birmingham Ed Board start its meetings no earlier than 6pm. Makes argument for local control and against legislative meddling. Valid points, but does this issue really >

House OKs bill to elect Montgomery superintendent
May 27, 1:29 PM:

Controversial bill would allow Montgomery voters to elect their superintendent. Some charge legislation is politically motivated. Maybe, but why not take the time to look at nearby districts who have adopted policy. Has >

House passes bill changing appeals process for teachers
May 26, 10:00 AM:

Starkly different interpretations of changes to AL teacher dismissal process, but Advertiser doesn't really clear up the confusion. Examples of how the current process is failing would emphasize need for a change. Or >

School boards meet today, still await state budgets
May 26, 9:39 AM:

Brief report that county school boards will be making final decisions on teacher layoffs. We know state budget calls for a reduction in 1200 teachers, but no hint as to impact in Andalusia. A little background on staff >

Former Wares Ferry principal plans to appeal school system's decision to cancel contract
May 26, 9:30 AM:

Montgomery elementary principal's court case illustrates need for tenure reform. No hint of what she's accused of here; only that she has been on paid leave since January without a hearing. Paying teachers to do nothing >

Alabama education budget passes Senate and heads for governor
May 25, 1:13 PM:

Compromise budget passed by AL Senate would cut 1125 teacher posts (2.3% of total) Spells out details of funding process, but misses any info about impact on schools. How many teachers will be laid off, as opposed to >

Time to cool the rhetoric: Just pass the tenure bill
May 23, 6:56 AM:

Sardonic editorial takes both sides of AL tenure bill to task. Trivial political posturing will garner nothing but ill will between unions and reforms, which will prevent anything from being done on behalf of students. >

Republican leaders say teacher dismissal bill has first priority in Alabama Legislature
May 19, 3:15 PM:

AL House promises to get to teacher dismissal bill immediately after break. State Senate already passed it. Opponents say legislation "has serious flaws," but you fail to research what they are. Public needs to know how >

Cuts and changes for Chilton County School System
May 18, 2:02 PM:

Chilton County cuts 15 non-teaching staff to balance budget. Asking assistant principals to teach part-time seems smart solution to tight budget. But many questions left unanswered -- who will cover for >

All Baldwin County High students to get laptops under $2 million program
May 18, 11:50 AM:

Laptops for everyone: bond program will enable low-income school to provide students with computers. Highlights success of a similar program in a nearby school and points to necessity for future. Would be interesting to >

OUR VIEW: Birmingham schools Superintendent Craig Witherspoon launching career academies to help lure families back to the city.
May 17, 1:23 PM:

Birmingham Super turning six schools into curriculum-specific career academies. Editorial supports mission, but doesn't tell us how curriculum will increase test scores and meet No Child Left Behind and other federal >

Shelby County meets high standards, low enrollment for state-funded preschool
May 16, 3:13 PM:

New report finds state tops in pre-K education. Rigorous state standards for funding pre-K reason given for high scores. Yet, only 6% of preschool population enrolled in pre-K. Lack of state funding blamed. Is lack of >

Overhaul of Alabama's tenure law for school employees draws closer to approval
May 9, 8:35 AM:

State Senate votes 18-16 on tenure bill. Legislation expected to meet resistance in House. Focus is on control when it should've been on what removing tenure would do for students. Research exists on ineffective >



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