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House passes bill changing appeals process for teachers
May 26, 10:00 AM:

Starkly different interpretations of changes to AL teacher dismissal process, but Advertiser doesn't really clear up the confusion. Examples of how the current process is failing would emphasize need for a change. Or >

School boards meet today, still await state budgets
May 26, 9:39 AM:

Brief report that county school boards will be making final decisions on teacher layoffs. We know state budget calls for a reduction in 1200 teachers, but no hint as to impact in Andalusia. A little background on staff >

Former Wares Ferry principal plans to appeal school system's decision to cancel contract
May 26, 9:30 AM:

Montgomery elementary principal's court case illustrates need for tenure reform. No hint of what she's accused of here; only that she has been on paid leave since January without a hearing. Paying teachers to do nothing >

Alabama education budget passes Senate and heads for governor
May 25, 1:13 PM:

Compromise budget passed by AL Senate would cut 1125 teacher posts (2.3% of total) Spells out details of funding process, but misses any info about impact on schools. How many teachers will be laid off, as opposed to >

Time to cool the rhetoric: Just pass the tenure bill
May 23, 6:56 AM:

Sardonic editorial takes both sides of AL tenure bill to task. Trivial political posturing will garner nothing but ill will between unions and reforms, which will prevent anything from being done on behalf of students. >

Republican leaders say teacher dismissal bill has first priority in Alabama Legislature
May 19, 3:15 PM:

AL House promises to get to teacher dismissal bill immediately after break. State Senate already passed it. Opponents say legislation "has serious flaws," but you fail to research what they are. Public needs to know how >

Cuts and changes for Chilton County School System
May 18, 2:02 PM:

Chilton County cuts 15 non-teaching staff to balance budget. Asking assistant principals to teach part-time seems smart solution to tight budget. But many questions left unanswered -- who will cover for >

All Baldwin County High students to get laptops under $2 million program
May 18, 11:50 AM:

Laptops for everyone: bond program will enable low-income school to provide students with computers. Highlights success of a similar program in a nearby school and points to necessity for future. Would be interesting to >

OUR VIEW: Birmingham schools Superintendent Craig Witherspoon launching career academies to help lure families back to the city.
May 17, 1:23 PM:

Birmingham Super turning six schools into curriculum-specific career academies. Editorial supports mission, but doesn't tell us how curriculum will increase test scores and meet No Child Left Behind and other federal >

Shelby County meets high standards, low enrollment for state-funded preschool
May 16, 3:13 PM:

New report finds state tops in pre-K education. Rigorous state standards for funding pre-K reason given for high scores. Yet, only 6% of preschool population enrolled in pre-K. Lack of state funding blamed. Is lack of >

Overhaul of Alabama's tenure law for school employees draws closer to approval
May 9, 8:35 AM:

State Senate votes 18-16 on tenure bill. Legislation expected to meet resistance in House. Focus is on control when it should've been on what removing tenure would do for students. Research exists on ineffective >

Alabama Senate OKs school budget
May 5, 2:54 PM:

House and Senate reach near agreement on budget bill. Notes numbers; but also mentions programs that will be kept and that attrition should account for teacher cuts. Hmm. Much better to eliminate based on quality >

Loss of schools tears at communities across Ala.
May 3, 9:19 AM:

After tornados, rebuilding schools is high priority in South. In Hacklenburg, AL, report shows emotional impact and students' determination as they salvage books from ruins. With funds already tight, a huge effort is >

Lawmakers consider charter school proposal
May 2, 11:41 AM:

New AL Gov considers pilot charter school program after unsuccessful proposal last year. Don't just repeat concerns about charter failure rate; look at results in 39 states that have them. Charters don't drain money from >

AL Senators vote for ed. budget that cuts teachers
Apr 28, 12:32 PM:

AL Senate votes to cut about 2% of state's teachers, similar to House version of bill. Foes say it will increase class size, but no note of research that says that's not an issue. Supporters say attrition can handle much >

Alabama Senate committee set to begin work on school budget
Apr 28, 9:07 AM:

AL Senate committee begins work on new $5.6 billion education budget. 1,125 teaching positions to be cut. No a lot of specifics here. We know tight budget times mean tough decisions, but priority should always be on >

They’ want to use ‘our’ football field
Apr 28, 6:28 AM:

Controversy surrounds KIPP public charter using football field at traditional public school for new soccer program. Excellent piece about pettiness in overall debate. Good analysis of benefits of more partnerships in and >

Birmingham Board of Education rejects consolidation plan for three schools
Apr 27, 2:35 PM:

Birmingham, AL plan to consolidate three elementary schools denied. Parents of one school successfully lobbied to protect their school. Board members listened. Now all will have to work together for best ed for all three >

Mountain Brook students make up schoolwork on e-day
Apr 25, 9:41 AM:

AL district institutes e-day, a plan to make up snow days online. All details of strategy covered, but the bigger issue is educational quality. Innovative energies should be focused on improving learning. Students here >

Parents considering private education as alternative to city schools
Apr 25, 9:25 AM:

Fearful of budget cuts, AL parents considering home and private schooling. Neglects to mention state’s lack of charter school legislation or school voucher program -- both relevant to parent choice. More description of >



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