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Rachel Blackmon Bryars: Alabama board of education member says school choice is trying to ‘destroy a whole race of people’
Nov 13, 9:00 AM: Alabama board of education member Ella Bell, D-Montgomery, spoke out during a work session Thursday claiming that Alabama’s landmark tax credit scholarship program for low income families was part of an effort to “destroy >
#RedForEd: Teachers rally at Alabama Supreme Court hearing
Nov 8, 7:41 AM: The #RedForEd campaign to raise support for public schools and teachers made its way to the state on Wednesday as hundreds of Alabama educators wearing red t-shirts and windbreakers filed into the Alabama Supreme Court >
Clicking for classes: Local students opt for online schooling
Nov 6, 6:27 AM: The Opelika resident recently spoke with the Opelika-Auburn News about her family’s experience with the online public school. Jayden attended Beauregard Elementary School when he was younger, but his mother decided to try >
Alabama Accountability Act scholarship recipients up slightly from last year
Nov 1, 5:57 AM: The first quarterly report by Alabama's Scholarship Granting Organizations, which receive donations to grant scholarships through the Alabama Accountability Act, shows a slight rise in the number of recipients compared to >
Struggling Sumter schools face more questions as charter opens
Oct 15, 7:18 AM:

James said the charter school’s opening woke the community up to see the kind of education that is possible. James originally protested against public charter schools but now sees the good things happening for students >

Three Alabama charter schools win $1 million each in federal education grants
Oct 10, 5:35 AM: Three Alabama public charter schools have received federal grants worth more than $1 million each when fully paid. The federal education grants were made available to help those wanting to open or replicate high-quality >
Here are the Alabama private schools enrolling the most students on tax-credit scholarships
Oct 9, 5:59 AM: Nearly 3,700 students enrolled in 147 private---and two public---schools using scholarships made available through the Alabama Accountability Act during the 2017-2018 school year, according to reports filed with the >
Opinion: The Alabama Education Association does not care about Alabama or education
Sep 28, 5:03 AM: Alabama’s schools as a whole are not good. By any metric you want to use, the state’s schools in totality are near the bottom of the barrel.
Education Association calls for end to state “failing schools” list
Sep 27, 5:38 AM: Each year, the State Department of Education is required by law to produce a list of the lowest 6 percent of schools in Alabama based on standardized assessments. Students attending schools on the list are then eligible to >
Op-Ed: In defense of the Alabama Accountability Act
Sep 24, 6:54 AM: The Star’s Sept. 13 editorial (“Average results again about Alabama education”) portrayed the Alabama Accountability Act as “middling legislation that’s produced tepid results” based on a University of Alabama report. >
Alabama Accountability Act: Does changing schools improve student achievement?
Sep 12, 4:37 AM: The Alabama Accountability Act was created to provide school choice to impoverished students, some of whom attend so-called “failing” schools. However, a recent independent report questions if switching schools improves >
LEAD Academy's future uncertain, awaiting decision on opening
Aug 31, 6:29 AM: LEAD Academy would have been Montgomery's first charter school; that was until the Alabama Education Association filed a lawsuit against the school, postponing it's opening.
Dual school system, need for better option led to Sumter County's charter school
Aug 29, 7:21 AM: Though the general reaction was somewhere between 'it's about time' and 'what a great story of hope,' the question of how a public charter school with a commitment to racial diversity came to be in a historically >
Concern that IRS rule may hurt private school scholarships
Aug 29, 5:37 AM: Advocates of a state-supported private school scholarship program are concerned that donations could drop under proposed new Internal Revenue Service rules by reducing the tax break that donors get.
Military families live apart because of under-performing schools, Maxwell general says
Aug 22, 5:18 AM: More than 56 percent of airmen in last year's Air War College came to Montgomery without their families, said Cotton, the commander of Air University at Maxwell Air Base. Schools were the No. 1 reason given in surveys to >
Charter schools are keeping promises
Aug 20, 7:02 AM: Regardless of the specifics, Alabamians should be thankful for the good that charter schools and other innovative education options have created for students across the country. We must not, however, neglect to learn from >
New charter school at UWA brings integration
Aug 15, 5:51 AM: Black students and white students were learning side-by-side in integrated public school classrooms in the West Alabama county. More than half of the school’s 300-plus students are black, while just under half are white. >
Rural Alabama charter opens as first integrated school in Sumter County
Aug 14, 4:56 AM: At 7:50 on Monday morning, when school started at the University Charter School in Livingston, in west Alabama's Sumter County, students in kindergarten through eighth grade began a new era, hardly aware of the history >
Online public school gives students an alternative to the classroom
Aug 8, 6:33 AM: Alexis Ethridge , McLin’s daughter, is an upcoming second grader who utilizes the online program. Due to health complications, Alexis has to commute to Montgomery from Dothan roughly two to three times a month to visit her >
Opinion: Every time the media talks about the Alabama Accountability Act, they make the argument to expand the program
Aug 8, 5:31 AM: Anything that lets a poor kid leave a public school, it limits the power of the education bureaucrats and elected officials that cater to them. Any school choice or voucher program will be resisted for this reason. The >



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