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Opinion | Do you really want Marsh to hand pick State School Board?
Sep 19, 7:56 AM: Let’s cut right to the chase. If the voters of Alabama approve a constitutional amendment next March that switches us from an elected to an appointed state school board, Senate majority leader Del Marsh will be in total >
Commentary: It’s back to school and we need to better serve rural students
Sep 17, 6:56 AM: As students in rural communities return to school, lawmakers and legislators throughout the heartland and the nation must be reminded of the serious and significant education gaps limiting rural students.
Meet the woman behind Birmingham’s first charter school
Sep 12, 5:43 AM: Birmingham’s educational landscape changed forever in August, when Legacy Prep, the area’s first and Alabama’s third public charter school, opened its doors to 130 students in Kindergarten, first, and second grades. The >
Alabama education officials ask public to take survey
Sep 10, 5:24 AM: In the survey, participants are asked to rate---from not important to very important---items in 22 areas. Everything from social media ethics to access to fine arts to recruiting and retaining effective teachers is >
Virtual School: Enrollment could exceed 2,500
Sep 3, 6:14 AM: Alabama Connections Academy, a statewide virtual schools based in Limestone County, may see its enrollment balloon past 2,500 students this year, an official said.
Alabama charter school commission remade, here’s their track record so far
Aug 27, 7:35 AM: The Alabama Public Charter School Commission will look a lot different when it meets Tuesday in Montgomery. Half of its 10 members are new.
Opinion: The Alabama Education Association protects the status quo by opposing charter schools
Aug 26, 7:54 AM: There are good things happening in education within the state of Alabama, but overall, the quality of education in this state lags behind the rest of the country.
Alabama spending $800,000 to grow charter schools
Aug 23, 6:47 AM: In a move to open more public charter schools in Alabama, lawmakers quadrupled the amount of money flowing to the state commission in charge of approving them.
Former Alabama superintendent opening state’s largest charter school
Aug 21, 5:48 AM: Alabama’s former state superintendent Tommy Bice led the groundbreaking ceremony today for what will be the state’s largest charter school to open, located in the Woodlawn area in eastern Birmingham. >
School choice’ also means ‘tax choice’ in Alabama
Aug 21, 5:20 AM: Then Webster learned about the tax-credit scholarship program created in 2013 by the Alabama Accountability Act that serves roughly 4,000 low-income, mostly minority Alabama students. She applied, and Carlos received a >
Historic day: Montgomery's first charter school welcomes students
Aug 20, 7:08 AM: Students and parents marched into LEAD Academy on Monday, eager to take part in a historic moment for Montgomery as its first charter school opened its doors.
MPS says no to making money: Board votes against providing food service to charter school
Aug 16, 7:43 AM: Days before Montgomery's first charter school is set to open, the Montgomery County Board of Education voted against providing food services to the school, which would bring much needed revenue to the public school >
Alabama teacher association sues charter school, alleges fraud
Aug 5, 7:42 AM: School employees in south Alabama today filed suit against a planned charter school, alleging the charter’s approval and contract was obtained through fraud and deception. The lawsuit also alleges the charter is illegally >
Here’s how much each Alabama school spent on students
Aug 5, 7:26 AM: As the result of a new requirement under the federal Every Student Succeeds Act, the public is getting a close look at how much money public schools—not just districts---spent educating Alabama’s children. >
Alabama Education Association files lawsuit against Soner Tarim
Aug 2, 7:55 AM: The Alabama Education Association (AEA) has filed a lawsuit through its members and affiliate in Washington County against Soner Tarim, a Texas-based man seeking to open a charter school in rural southwest Alabama. >
Analysis: Alabama’s charter school law has a number of problems
Jul 31, 6:13 AM: The Alabama charter school law is an absolute mess, filled with loopholes and nonexistent instructions that make it possible, if not likely, that the state will endure countless bad charter schools that rob taxpayers and >
Rural charter school stokes religious fears, roils community in Alabama
Jul 22, 4:58 AM: In a rural corner of Alabama, just north of Mobile, the battle over a public charter school has spilled across social media, pitting neighbor against neighbor, dragging in state officials, giving rise to claims of >
Educators have renewed optimism for MPS charter schools
Jul 18, 7:57 AM: Local educators are revisiting an idea to create new conversion charter schools in Montgomery.
Improving education is everyone’s business’: Over 3,300 teachers gather in Mobile
Jul 16, 6:22 AM: The Alabama Department of Education’s MEGA Education Conference, featuring dozens of different sessions loaded onto a color-coded phone app, will end on Friday. Over 3,300 teachers were registered today and more are >
Alabama-based Apprenticeship Readiness Program graduates first students
Jul 15, 7:24 AM: Hard work pays off. That was a lesson learned by participants of the Central Alabama Building Trades’ Apprenticeship Readiness Program (ARP) hosted by Jefferson State Community College. The first Alabama-based ARP program >



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