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When will conversion charters begin? Details, questions about Davis Elementary plan
Nov 21, 7:54 AM: Davis Elementary will be the first of three Montgomery public schools converted into a charter when it opens in the fall of 2020.
Editorial: It’s time to stop ‘failing’ our public schools
Nov 20, 7:18 AM: By mere association, the students, administrators, teachers and support staffs of these schools are painted with the broad brush of failure with little regard for what’s actually taking place in the classrooms. That stigma >
Gov. Kay Ivey wants to stop using ‘failing’ label on Alabama schools
Nov 15, 7:26 AM: School officials who have been wanting to drop the “failing” label given to low-scoring schools found a powerful new ally today in Gov. Kay Ivey.
Alabama Policy Institute launches campaign to change state’s ‘dead last’ k-12 ranking
Nov 15, 6:42 AM: API is also advocating for reforms such as the expansion of school choice through charter schools and scholarships; the wise use of tax dollars and not simply increasing spending for the sake of increasing spending; and >
Deeper look into conversion charter schools versus start-ups
Nov 14, 6:44 AM: Davis Elementary is the first up, the first one to become a charter school through conversion after the county school board voted Tuesday night 5 to 1 to begin the process.
MPS board approves contract for conversion charter schools
Nov 13, 7:39 AM: An effort nearly three years in the making, the Montgomery Education Foundation gained approval to convert three Montgomery public schools into charters.
More than 700 students use Alabama Accountability Act to attend private Montgomery schools
Nov 8, 7:12 AM: Of the more than 4,000 students who received scholarships through the Alabama Accountability Act, 718 used the scholarships to attend private Montgomery schools, according to state figures released Thursday. Of those, 42% >
Opinion | Education solution lies in breaking the status quo
Nov 8, 6:38 AM: In fixing Alabama education there should not be a single call for more money. Not. One. Call. The money is there, and it is there for the child not for the system. Alabama’s per capita spending on each child is greater >
Opinion: Off With Their Heads! Alabama education in last place
Nov 7, 6:22 AM: Alabama has been limping behind the pack for decades and this year’s “Nation’s Report Card” by the National Center for Education Statistics represented a final bottoming out. Give us more money they said! Well, they got >
Okaloosa County School District approves contract for Destin charter school
Nov 6, 7:46 AM: The Okaloosa County School District approved the contract Friday for a proposed charter high school in Destin. The Governing Board can now finalize its 501 (c) 3 standing and begin with Phase Two of the Capital Campaign. >
How much money could Montgomery Public Schools earn if conversion charters are approved?
Nov 5, 8:40 AM: As part of the Alabama School Choice and Student Opportunity Act, Montgomery Public Schools could be paid to oversee the three schools the Montgomery Education Foundation is hoping to convert into charters.
Editorial: The achievement gap
Oct 24, 7:12 AM: If Barbour County’s school district were a student, it would surely be held back a year to repeat a grade. In the recent school report card issued by the Alabama Department of Education, Barbour County Schools came in last >
Virtual school: Is the future of Alabama public education online?
Oct 11, 6:46 AM: More than 5,400 public school students in Alabama today get their education entirely through a computer connection. Parents of students enrolled in virtual schools say it’s working better for their children: no more >
Op-Ed: Charter schools In Alabama continue national trend of waste, fraud and corruption
Oct 11, 6:00 AM: Corruption and waste associated with charter schools is well known and has been seen in states throughout the country. In Pennsylvania alone, there has been more than $30 million in taxpayer dollars lost to waste, fraud >
Highest graduation rates ever reached by Phenix City and 2 counties, early data shows
Oct 8, 6:15 AM: The high school graduation rates in Phenix City, Russell County and Lee County have reached all-time highs using the federal formula, according to the latest data available. The three Alabama school districts in the >
LEAD Academy charter school names Ibrahim Lee as new principal
Oct 8, 5:39 AM: A former Montgomery Public School principal and current member of the Alabama Public Charter School Commission has been named the new principal of LEAD Academy, Montgomery's first charter school.
EAD Academy Board tackles list of concerns in wake of leadership change, email to staff
Oct 3, 4:30 AM: Following the unexpected change in leadership at Montgomery's first charter school, another issue has come to light concerning a LEAD Academy board member who sent an email to staff members critical of mayoral candidate >
LEAD Academy principal: Charter school not in compliance with state laws
Oct 2, 6:55 AM: The former principal of Montgomery's first charter school said she was let go after raising questions about whether the school was following state laws on charters.
School board approves application for Montgomery charter schools proposal
Sep 25, 6:50 AM: The Montgomery County Board of Education considered a proposal to convert some Montgomery Public School facilities into charter schools at Tuesday night’s meeting.
MPS calls public meeting to consider creating 3 charter schools
Sep 23, 7:31 AM: Will Montgomery Public Schools turn three of its facilities into charter schools? It’s on the table. Now, a public hearing has been scheduled to consider the proposal.



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