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Alabama Voices: Every child in Alabama deserves access to a quality education
Mar 13, 5:41 AM: I firmly believe that every child in Alabama deserves access to a quality education that prepares them for a successful career and fulfilling life. But far too many students in Alabama do not have this option. >
Alabama Supreme Court rules in favor of LEAD Academy, overturns circuit court decision
Mar 12, 5:09 AM: The Alabama Supreme Court ruled in favor of LEAD Academy, reversing the decision of a lower court regarding lawsuits that were filed by the Alabama Education Association.
Teacher shortage hits hardest in rural Alabama
Mar 4, 8:31 AM: There have been many news reports in recent weeks about Alabama’s teacher shortage. State and local education officials say there are many reasons for the teacher shortage, and many, including state Superintendent Eric >
Plan for 4 charter schools in Montgomery stalls
Feb 20, 8:32 AM: Today was the deadline for the Montgomery Board of Education to approve a contract with the Montgomery Education Foundation to operate Sidney Lanier High School and three feeder schools for Lanier -- Bellingrath Middle >
Guest viewpoint: Four myths for Alabama Accountability Act
Feb 20, 6:26 AM: Gov. Kay Ivey recently proclaimed this “Alabama School Choice Week” and thousands of families are celebrating reforms created by the Alabama Accountability Act, including scholarships so low-income parents can transfer >
New charter school could be coming to Tuscaloosa by 2020
Feb 11, 6:39 AM: Even as she and others were organizing the Capitol School more than 25 years ago in Tuscaloosa, Barbara Rountree hoped the new school would become Alabama’s first charter school.
Letter: Alabama Opportunity Scholarship Fund
Feb 7, 6:58 AM: For the past five years, she’s been thriving in a school where she is encouraged to get the best education possible. The scholarship has made it possible for my granddaughter to receive an education that will allow her to >
Opinion: JeffCo school board votes to repeal AAA. Will Alabama teachers finally take a stand?
Feb 6, 6:37 AM: The Jefferson County Board of Education on Monday voted to pass a resolution calling for an end to the Alabama Accountability Act — the Republican-passed tax scam that funnels millions of dollars every year out of public >
Alabama charter school commission adds new charter, expands others
Feb 5, 6:24 AM: A new public charter school will open in the city of Tuscaloosa in fall 2020, approved by the Alabama Public Charter School Commission at its meeting in Montgomery on Monday.
17 years old? Don’t count on a public education in Alabama
Feb 4, 6:53 AM: Nix said he couldn't believe that Alabama county school officials had the right to deny him a public education solely based on his age. Nix took a job at the local yarn factory, but still yearned for that high school >
Charter school to open in west Birmingham
Jan 31, 7:27 AM: Birmingham’s first public charter school has found a home. Legacy Prep, known as STAR Academy when it was approved two years ago, will be located in west Birmingham in the Daniel Payne Community Plaza. >
Why aren’t Montgomery’s charter schools following the rules?
Jan 31, 6:35 AM: When the Alabama Legislature passed the law allowing charters in the state, they spent some time putting together a written plan with steps that must be followed. Things like: any organization wishing to start a charter >
Alabama seeing more school choice, but fights continue over what works best
Jan 30, 7:30 AM: The most controversial school choice program by far is the tax-credit scholarship program part of the Alabama Accountability Act. That program allows low-income students and students in schools labeled “failing” to use >
Birmingham’s first public charter school to open at multi-use site
Jan 29, 8:05 AM: Birmingham's first public charter school, Legacy Prep, has secured a location in the Daniel Payne Community Plaza.
Are Alabama’s latest high school graduation rates real?
Jan 28, 8:51 AM: Federal high school graduation rates for the 2016-17 school year are out, and once again, Alabama finds itself at or near the top of the list. This time Alabama touts the highest graduation rate among all states and the >
Birmingham Denies Application For Woodlawn Charter School
Jan 25, 6:10 AM: This is the third time the Birmingham school board has rejected a charter school application. Charter organizers can appeal the local school board’s decision to state. If the state approves the application on appeal, the >
76 Alabama schools on ‘failing’ list
Jan 23, 7:45 AM: For the second year in a row, the Alabama State Department of Education on Friday quietly posted the new list of schools declared "failing" under the Alabama Accountability Act.
Commentary: Four myths to dispel during Alabama School Choice Week
Jan 23, 6:33 AM: Gov. Kay Ivey recently proclaimed this “Alabama School Choice Week” and thousands of families will celebrate reforms created by the Alabama Accountability Act, including scholarships so low-income parents can transfer >
Birmingham charter school applicant, I3 Academy, holds hearing
Jan 11, 6:11 AM: The founders of Birmingham’s next charter school hopeful, I3 Academy, heard from supporters and opponents at a meeting in Birmingham Thursday evening.
Coalition forms to support children, parents seeking better schools
Jan 11, 5:59 AM: The AAA Coalition includes schools, children’s advocacy organizations, scholarship funds and a business organization. The group’s name is derived from the Alabama Accountability Act (AAA) which is the law put in place to >



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