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Birmingham School Board denies charter school applications
Jan 29, 6:46 AM: Birmingham School Board members voted to reject two charter school applications. It happened during a late special called meeting Tuesday night.
MPS approves charter application for St. Jude campus
Jan 15, 8:02 AM: LIFE would join LEAD Academy as startup charters in Montgomery. Three traditional Montgomery public schools are also slated to be converted to charters, starting with Davis Elementary in fall 2020.
Opinion: Empowering every child in Alabama to succeed in school
Jan 14, 6:54 AM: In fact, the type of school environment where a child spends more than six hours a day can be life-changing. And, if children benefit from environments that tap into their strengths -- while nurturing and invigorating them >
Community expresses support for new proposed charter school
Jan 10, 9:13 AM: Montgomery Public Schools held a public hearing Thursday night to discuss a proposal by LIFE Academy to operate a start-up charter school in Montgomery.
Opinion | Only one kind of ‘school choice’ matters
Jan 8, 8:43 AM: In reality, educational success is determined by resources. Which is why the folks who can afford it dump 30 times as much money into their school systems as the poorest districts that lack the resources. And that’s why >
First LGBTQ-focused charter school could open in Birmingham
Jan 8, 8:12 AM: Two more charter schools are hoping to open in Birmingham, but they’ll need approval from the Birmingham school board. The community got a chance to learn about the schools at a hearing Tuesday at the Lincoln Professional >
From last place in math to more charter schools, the top Alabama education stories in 2019
Dec 30, 8:31 AM: All signs point to more charter schools opening in Alabama. The number of public charter schools doubled in Alabama, from two to four, when school opened in August. More charter schools are scheduled to open in 2021, >
Civics program helps students become 'Super Citizens'
Dec 18, 9:23 AM: Students at Elkmont Elementary School studied what it takes to be a "Super Citizen" recently thanks to a traveling program focused on civics, financial literacy and recognizing community heroes.
Opinion | Problems continue for Montgomery’s first charter school
Dec 17, 9:23 AM: As former LEAD Academy principal Nichole Ivey-Price prepares for another hearing in her ongoing wrongful termination lawsuit against the charter school, a number of current and former LEAD employees have told APR that the >
Opinion: Empowering Alabama With Education Opportunities
Dec 12, 9:53 AM: Education is an amazing tool. It can transform the lives of both the young and old. A quality education empowers the powerless and provides opportunities in otherwise bleak circumstances. It can provide a path out of >
'For most kids, this is the last chance': Mobile charter school targets at-risk teens
Dec 12, 8:16 AM: Opened in 2017, the state's first charter school was designed to serve students who might drop out or already have, and the school could be a possible model for addressing students' needs in Montgomery. >
$18.3 million in tax credits for scholarship program unclaimed
Dec 11, 7:29 AM: Contributions to Alabama’s K-12 tax credit scholarship program are way down, causing concern among some that the 4,000 students who attend private schools through the program might lose their scholarships next year. >
From car dealership to education: Trendy virtual school opens
Dec 11, 7:14 AM: The school with its online-based curriculum, part of a growing trend in the U.S., officially unveiled a new 22,000-square-foot home on Monday in Daphne. It’s believed to be the largest standalone building to house a >
Alabama cyber school is seeking potential students
Nov 27, 7:05 AM: Gov. Kay Ivey announced the new school in her 2018 State of the State address. It will be similar in some ways to the state’s two other magnet schools - the School of Fine Arts in Birmingham and the Alabama School of >
2 Alabama charter school founders chosen for fellowship
Nov 26, 7:22 AM: Two Alabama charter school founders have been chosen for the New Schools for Alabama’s pilot program, the School Founders Program.
When will conversion charters begin? Details, questions about Davis Elementary plan
Nov 21, 7:54 AM: Davis Elementary will be the first of three Montgomery public schools converted into a charter when it opens in the fall of 2020.
Editorial: It’s time to stop ‘failing’ our public schools
Nov 20, 7:18 AM: By mere association, the students, administrators, teachers and support staffs of these schools are painted with the broad brush of failure with little regard for what’s actually taking place in the classrooms. That stigma >
Gov. Kay Ivey wants to stop using ‘failing’ label on Alabama schools
Nov 15, 7:26 AM: School officials who have been wanting to drop the “failing” label given to low-scoring schools found a powerful new ally today in Gov. Kay Ivey.
Alabama Policy Institute launches campaign to change state’s ‘dead last’ k-12 ranking
Nov 15, 6:42 AM: API is also advocating for reforms such as the expansion of school choice through charter schools and scholarships; the wise use of tax dollars and not simply increasing spending for the sake of increasing spending; and >
Deeper look into conversion charter schools versus start-ups
Nov 14, 6:44 AM: Davis Elementary is the first up, the first one to become a charter school through conversion after the county school board voted Tuesday night 5 to 1 to begin the process.



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