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Flesh Out State Education Bills and Postures
Feb 24, 10:01 AM:

Indy GOP lawmakers agree not to revive bill limiting unions' collective bargaining rights after Dems flee state to prevent legislation from moving forward. Dems still refuse to return in hopes of having demands regarding other >

Unions Set to Rally For Tenure
Feb 24, 8:09 AM:

Memphis teachers ready to rally against bill that would eliminate collective bargaining in state. Explores union rhetoric that tenure needed for "due process." Doesn't mention all the time and resources spent on making sure >

Teachers, Unions Need to Change
Feb 23, 9:56 AM:

District officials, union leaders and teachers gathered in Denver at federal govt urging, although LAUSD and NYC couldn't put aside differences long enough to attend. Talked about how to fix problems between adults, but how about >

FL News Masquerades as Opinion
Feb 22, 8:42 AM:

Plan by public employee unions to protest Gov. Scott's budget cuts akin to Wisconsin, reads more like an announcement, giving clues to how best to get involved, rather than information about the state of the budget and realities >

Look At Impact On Students
Feb 17, 11:39 AM:

TN legislature introduces bill to end collective bargaining between teachers' unions and school boards just before Gov. presents his own Ed reforms. Focus on fight between teachers and senators ignores potential effect on >

How Many Kids Are Home Today?
Feb 17, 10:12 AM:

Wisc. teachers cut class under union protest of reform bill that takes the teeth out of collective bargaining for all state employees. Absent the details, we can only imagine that there is more to the story. Missing is the >

One-Eyed at Christie

Feb 17, 10:06 AM:

Leading NJ paper makes Gov. speech about reforms sound like a rant about funding and education, rather than providing details on why he thinks substantive proposals will make schools better. Addresses getting rid of tenure, >

TN Union Changes
Feb 17, 7:52 AM:

Forward movement in Senate effort to abolish collective bargaining rights in the Volunteer State highlighted with cause, purpose and data, as well as cheers from supporters, jeers from the teachers who are organized to fight.  >

One-Sided Union Portrayal
Feb 14, 11:54 AM:

Says it is "exploring" the teachers union in ID.  Sounds like its only resource is union handbook.  Get specific on how, or if, collective bargaining helps students achieve to high levels.   Need more than one perspective. >

Unions Oppose MN Ed Pay Freeze
Feb 11, 9:05 AM:

Senate bill avoids layoffs by freezing public and charter ed employee salaries and prohibiting strikes and bargaining deadlines amid union grumbling. A word or two from supporters would help public grasp on the issue.

Union Rallies Teachers Against Reform
Feb 9, 11:21 AM:

Teacher union protests merit pay, vouchers, etc. outside Ind. Statehouse.  One-sided slam dunk where union voice dominates.  Inject reality.   Offer counterpoints to outrageous comments like merit pay means no teacher >

Judge on Teacher Quality, Not Age
Feb 7, 5:57 PM:

Chastises NYC teacher union for supporting "last in-first out" for lay-offs.  Focus on quality of teaching rather than age -- for both sides of dispute -- to get best in the field in front of the class.

Teacher Unions Slammed

Feb 4, 2:04 PM:

Sharp review of the problems with unions. It cost N.J. $220,000 to fire an abusive teacher! Why should teachers get special treatment when all other jobs are evaluated on performance? Great attention to a critical issue.

Charter Opposition in Calif.
Feb 3, 3:53 PM:

Charters wanted to boost black students' achievement in Sacramento. Focus should be on what the county and state as a whole are doing to help all underachieving students.

Rochester On The Brink Of Reform

Feb 3, 12:09 PM:

Effective opinion piece in support of Supt. Brizard’s push for teacher accountability in Rochester. Teacher unions resist the reform. A comparison with other sch. districts implanting similar measures would add a lot. >

Do Tell Us But Back It Up!

Feb 2, 1:03 PM:

A teacher's voice in the mix! Too bad it is so empassioned that no data or evidence is provided. How exactly is the teacher union "standing behind" her and how is merit-pay going to take away her soul?

Teacher Unions Are Failing Their Own Members

Jan 31, 2:16 PM:

 Commentary rightly notes public school teachers who are doing a good job.have their successes undercut by their union. More statistics would be helpful, but  students are not served by keeping ineffective teachers in place.  >

Gov. Chafee, Who Are Your Real Friends?
Jan 31, 2:14 PM:

Will Gov. Chafee please his friends in the Teachers Union or follow the suggestions of education groups? What is the best for Rhode Island schools? He faces that predicament according to a to-the-point article.

“Last In, First Out” Policy Hurts Students
Jan 31, 1:18 PM:

Teacher unions back "last hired, first fired" policy in response to budget-driven layoffs, but is this the best policy for students? Why aren't teacher standards considered rather than date of hire?


Union Label And Falling Grades

Jan 26, 1:19 PM:

Not one statistic showing how kids are doing in Newark, Camden public schools. That's the real issue. Would reporters get lifetime tenure for  failing to write stories? Yet, teachers get it while their students flunk.






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