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Isn’t Name-Calling For Students?
Mar 10, 7:35 AM:

NJ gov. shakes up status quo and teachers union takes it personally, resulting in proliferation of lobbying in media. Nothing here on why leader wants changes, just a "he said, she said" battle. Sure would be nice to know who is >

Talking, Not Walking, To Compromise
Mar 9, 3:09 PM:

South Burlington board and union leaders braved snowy weather to reach compromise on contracts. Reporting highlights atypical meeting structure -- no mediator and third conference room booked for one-on-one discussions. >

Back To the Spending Future
Mar 9, 12:20 PM:

Due to economic constraints, PA Governor Tom Corbett proposes cutting budget to 2008, pre-stimulus level. Wants teachers to waive contracts, agree to pay freeze. How other states are addressing economic crisis and how Corbett's >

National Model, Not So Much
Mar 9, 10:19 AM:

District-commissioned study harshly criticizes Rochester, saying its national model for teacher improvement is merely a rubber stamp rewarding seniority and time served. Teachers union up in arms -- does not acknowledge any of >

Tenure Changes Coming to ID
Mar 9, 8:10 AM:

ID legislature passes bill to end tenure and restrict collective bargaining for teachers. Allows districts to fire ineffective teachers, not just newbies. Unions cry foul; blame legislators of trying to silence teachers. Broader >

Conflict Hogs Spotlight
Mar 9, 7:42 AM:

Ohio gov.'s State of the State yesterday addressed big changes coming to education, but reporting only scratches the surface. Coverage focuses on clash between bureaucrat and unions instead. Citizens would be better able to form >

ID Tenure Reform First Step
Mar 9, 5:43 AM:

Bill to end tenure and curb bargaining rights passes Legislature, onto Gov. First of 3 reform bills under debate this session. Merit pay bill set for House debate this week, and bill to provide funding for program and others >

Tallahassee Taunts Tampa’s Protesters
Mar 8, 3:15 PM:

Competing FL rallies -- pro-union in Tampa and pro-Gov in Tallahassee. Gives sense of passion on both sides, gives less on depth of issues they are fighting over.

Sharpton’s Back In Buckeye State
Mar 8, 3:00 PM:

Rev. Sharpton is back in Ohio, this time to defend public labor unions and not the infamous mother jailed for sending her kids to a school outside of assigned zone. Focus is on old case without any mention as to why Sharpton's >

Competition is a Good Thing
Mar 8, 11:02 AM:

Column uses history of free society, Adam Smith economic ideals to advocate for the need and want of school choice in the US. Required union membership has caused a major schism between teacher/union and student wants and needs. >

Lost In Data Translation
Mar 8, 7:31 AM:

Achievement in unionized PA is less than stellar, and allowing teachers collective bargaining rights doesn't translate into increased student performance. Editorial predicts whining from state's educators about budget cuts likely >

Classroom Accountability Clash
Mar 7, 3:07 PM:

Buckeye State Senate bill takes aim to restore balance of power between management and unions by giving employers more flexibility on what they can pay and when they can hire and fire. Teachers layoffs would be pegged to >

Lookinglass For UT Unions
Mar 7, 1:55 PM:

The state of teachers unions in UT, given current nationwide climate of merit-pay and elimination of tenure. Could have better interwoven stats to support arguments and used data from non-advocacy groups to eliminate bias, but >

Nothing Smart About Status Quo
Mar 7, 12:14 PM:

Reporter lashes out against weekend rally, opining TN educators should be embarrassed to show faces when state performance ranks 46th nationally. Denounces standards and testing, but no hint how rankings would otherwise be >

No Choice in Teacher Layoffs
Mar 7, 10:56 AM:

356 NYC arts teachers could potentially face pink slips in upcoming layoffs, but are just a fraction of the 4,600 projected. Article decries impact on arts instruction, but doesn't look at specifics of losses in other subject >

Stalling Tactics

flickr, US National Archives
Mar 7, 10:15 AM:

With school year almost over, NYC and teachers union can't agree on how to evaluate teachers in 11 poorly perfoming schools. Big questions remain about how they can work together on broader evaluation bill for all teachers in all >

Cryin’ for R-E-S-P-E-C-T
Mar 7, 7:18 AM:

MI teacher voices discontent over current reform climate that seems to blame problems on educators. Diane Ravitch even gets ink siding with teachers and unions, claiming proposed evaluations demonize teachers. Readers left >

Writing On The Bias
Mar 4, 1:11 PM:

Surprised paper so readily accepted Portland Super's explanation as to why union-district contract was signed-sealed-and ready-for-delivery behind closed doors. Sausage-making may be ugly, but public deserves to know what's going >

Ineffective Teacher Issues
Mar 4, 10:42 AM:

Termination and tenure an issue in Prince George's County, MD, but no idea how and when changes can be made. Talks ensuing with union but to what end? What's your proposal, Mr Executive? Reporting doesn't tell us. >

Take Account of Accountability
Mar 4, 10:12 AM:

Bill making tenure harder to achieve and retain passes from committee to full Senate vote in TN, despite Dem, union opposition. Critics want time to study, with pending evaluation system in place and tested. Would be good to know >



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