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With COVID Aid Pouring in, School Funding Ballot Initiatives Scarce This Year
Sep 22, 9:21 AM:

Education issues may determine who wins top political offices in November. But we're not seeing the usual raft of school-related ballot initiatives

Seattle teachers approve new contract following strike
Sep 21, 10:34 AM:

Teachers in Seattle have approved a new, three-year contract following a strike that delayed the start of the school year in Washington state’s largest district.

Randi Weingarten touts report about struggling schools despite having hand in closures
Sep 20, 9:43 AM:

The report highlighted underfunding, unsanitary conditions in schools and failing infrastructure. Some consistent problems included broken air conditioning and rusty water drips from ceilings, which, according to the report, have >

School to start Wednesday in Seattle after weeklong strike
Sep 14, 5:21 AM:

Classes will begin Wednesday in Seattle following a weeklong teachers strike that delayed the start of the new school year.

Parents Can Leave the Failing Public School System
Sep 14, 5:19 AM:

It was cruel COVID-era policies – implemented by teachers’ unions, education bureaucrats, and negligent school boards – that caused test scores to plummet.

Seattle teacher strike persists, no classes Monday
Sep 12, 10:32 AM:

Students in Seattle on Monday will miss a fourth day of school as teachers strike over pay and classroom support.

The school district Sunday afternoon announced the cancellation of Monday classes and said negotiations with the >

National teacher shortage: One-third of educators plan to leave job, survey finds
Jul 26, 8:59 AM:

More teachers are planning to leave the education field due to dissatisfaction in their job — adding to the persistent crisis of teacher shortages across the United States.

The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) member >

(Opinion) School choice winning but teachers union empire striking back
Jul 21, 8:05 AM:

The school choice movement is winning like never before, but government school defenders are doing all they can to protect their monopoly.

Educator job dissatisfaction spikes to 79% in AFT survey
Jul 21, 7:46 AM:

Workload, compensation, work conditions, disruptions and support were all identified as factors impacting educators’ negative sentiments.

Opinion | Those destroying public schools don’t want you thinking about alternatives
Jul 18, 8:14 AM: Public schools are in a serious downward spiral. The options are fixing them, which hasn’t worked for decades, or letting parents get their kids out.
Teachers Unions Are Why More Parents Want School Choice
Jul 18, 8:12 AM: Los Angeles and the country’s other major liberal urban and suburban areas, in alliance with teachers unions, perpetrated what The Atlantic recently called “the biggest disruption in the history of American >
GOP Leads on Handling Education in Poll from Randi Weingarten’s Teachers’ Union
Jul 14, 9:44 AM: Voters believe that the GOP is better equipped than the Democratic Party to handle education issues, according to a poll from one of the largest and most progressive teachers’ unions in the country.
Teachers Union Sues to Keep School Closed
Jul 13, 7:27 AM: During the pandemic, teachers unions fought to keep schools closed and thereby deprive students of a meaningful education. Now, the United Federation of Teachers is suing to keep shuttered a school in the Bronx, as recently >
Randi Weingarten gets schooled for tweet about classrooms becoming ‘too politicized’
Jul 12, 8:49 AM: American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten tweeted about culture wars and 'political attacks on teachers'
Jill Biden to headline teachers union convention
Jul 12, 8:32 AM: First lady Jill Biden will headline the American Federation of Teachers Convention in Boston on Friday, marking the convention’s first in-person gathering since 2018.
Twitter blocks Locke’s exposure of teachers’ union agenda
Jul 7, 5:54 AM: Terry Stoops, director of the Center for Effective Education, landed in “Twitter jail” after tweeting out some of the discussion topics listed on the NEA conference website. Twitter removed four of his tweets and prevented him from >
NEA teachers union proposes resolution to change ‘mother’ to ‘birthing parent’
Jul 7, 5:28 AM:

The National Education Association proposed a resolution that would change the word "mother" in contracts to "birthing parent" for the purpose of being inclusive to the LGBTQIA+ community.

Largest teachers union: Florida is 9,000 teachers short for the upcoming school year
Jul 5, 8:46 AM: A Florida Education Association report showed more than 9,500 teaching and support staff positions across the state of Florida are vacant.
Prince George’s schools at impasse with teachers union in contract talks
Jun 27, 7:51 AM: Prince George’s County Public Schools reached an agreement with four of its five unions following a vote by the school board last week, but it remains at an impasse with its teachers union.
Teachers unions causing schools and students to fail
Jun 7, 9:31 AM: Teachers unions claim that right-wing boogeymen are responsible for the horrible state of public education. The reality is that the teachers unions pose the biggest threat to school quality, student learning, and the civil >



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