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Tricks of the Trade
Mar 3, 11:53 AM:

Analysis of 2010 salary data for Orange County, CA, public school teachers and staff shows just how much the district spends on payroll alone. Highlights perks such as tutoring sessions and vacation cashouts bringing average >

Effective Governing
Mar 3, 7:41 AM:

Popular columnist equates Gov's cutting budgets with publicity seeking and political pandering. Preposterous. Distinguishes between pure spending and investments for future, adding education is one of those investments. But, how >

Reform No Easy Task
Mar 3, 6:21 AM:

Editorial reflects on parent trigger law issues in CA, since same law touted in Chicago Mayor-elect's reform plan (along with teacher evaluation based on student academic gains). Opines legislation won't meet same difficulties >

Stuck In The Quagmire
Mar 2, 12:16 PM:

Providence teachers "dismissed," not "laid off," eliminating certain salary benefits when they opt to work as long-term substitutes. Confusion between the mayor and the union over whether "laid off" teachers would continue >

Pay-for-Performance Insights
Mar 2, 9:42 AM:

FL legislators revisit version of Crist-vetoed bill tying 50% teacher pay to student test performance. Big surprise: Teachers unions don't like it. Volusia County working with union to develop a different evaluation system. Look >

Age is Just a Number
Mar 2, 9:05 AM:

NY State Senate passed a bill to end teacher layoffs based only on seniority, but faces tougher battle in Democrat-controlled State Assembly. Looks like some people are starting to get it -- merit-based evaluations are key to >

Looming Evaluation Changes In MA
Mar 2, 7:27 AM:

Group disagrees with "last-in, first-out" staffing policy and pushes for greater teacher accountability in light of upcoming union contract expiration. School officials claim teachers already evaluated, but details missing as to >

Bitten by Bureaucracy—Count the Ways
Mar 2, 6:54 AM:

Open market retirement supplement for teachers in CA is massive, cumbersome and expensive for teachers. Not a good alternative to pensions likely to be reduced or eliminated with budget cuts looming. Only 30 percent of teachers >

Blind Leading The Blind
Mar 2, 6:17 AM:

Editorial backs Providence Mayor's decision to dismiss teachers. Takes his statement at face value that cuts made "in a way that best serves our students and the community". But are there other options for getting budget back in >

Charter Law: Unions Over Schools
Mar 2, 6:08 AM:

The mission of KIPP and others in Maryland who try to operate outside the boundaries of typical school systems (longer day, Saturday school, teachers on call) conflict with union rules, which the editors of the Post question, >

Lost In Teacher Salary Stats
Mar 1, 12:16 PM:

Now that average teacher salaries throughout Orange County, CA, schools have been divulged in state report, what does this say about how well teachers are doing their job? Nothing. Lots of ink, but no meaningful connection to the >

Collaboration Exception To Rule
Mar 1, 11:51 AM:

Informative piece urging public to think before automatically criticizing unions as roadblocks to reform. Yes political battle takes attention away from nationwide examples of cooperation, but large protests like recent one in WI >

Punch Holes in Seniority Case
Mar 1, 11:45 AM:

Public Counsel Law Center threatens litigation to force San Diego Unified to avoid laying off teachers based on seniority. Lists which schools will be hardest hit by laying off newer teachers but completely missing is POV of >

And The Alternative Is…
Mar 1, 6:53 AM:

UT Senate passes bill proposing statewide teacher evaluation system based on student performance, instructional quality, and parent and community satisfaction. No clue how each is measured or if each carry same weight in >

Easy As 1, 2, 3—Not
Feb 28, 4:21 PM:

Teacher and principal evaluation system overhauled in WY school district, in line for final approval. Prior evaluation did not provide guidance on how to improve. Says consolidated standards and clarified language means employees >

Teacher Retirement Mystery
Feb 28, 12:37 PM:

Retirement incentive program means 32 veteran teachers may leave TN school system. Mysterious "increased guidelines" in Race to the Top mean some teachers may decide to retire anyway. Mysterious because there is no mention of >

Livin’ In the Dark Ages
Feb 28, 11:16 AM:

It took a NC school board 15 months of "heated debate" to decide that all children, despite being poor, can achieve at high levels.  Is this a new discovery? Board said it needed to add this belief so that teachers would stop >

NYC Teachers Face Big Chill
Feb 28, 11:11 AM:

City Education Dept. releases list estimating layoffs. NYTimes says 80% of  schools could lose 1 to 5 teachers if funding isn't increased and if preference for seniority continues. City union chief calls list a tactic to "create >

Virtual Credentials
Feb 28, 9:21 AM:

Questioning teacher certification and other licensing rules for online teachers in WI. District and union leaders keep fighting this alternative schooling. Not enough focus and analysis on fight against virtual charters and >

The 6% Teacher Solution?
Feb 28, 8:42 AM:

NY Legislature poised to vote on layoffs which officials say will require them to layoff thousands given fiscal constraints and seniority rules. Last hired go first, removing principals' ability to select staff.  Some younger >



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