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FL Union Bills On Table
Mar 8, 7:27 AM:

Full picture of battle over public employee union legislation -- from ending automatic dues deduction from paychecks to re-certification of only teacher unions who fall under 50% membership --  introduced in Legislature. No >

Philly’s Rubber Room
Mar 8, 7:20 AM:

Principal who gave bus tokens to kids to help protest conversion of her failing school to charter status sits in "rubber room" getting paid for waiting for termination, while NAACP jumps to defend her. When is bad and failing not >

OK Pension System Not Okay
Mar 8, 6:04 AM:

Advocates reform of teacher pension system and issues are similar to what's going on in other states. Lawmakers called to step up to plate and tackle the growing unfunded liabilities. But, will union play ball? Are there bills >

Performance, Pay And Teachers
Mar 7, 5:31 PM:

Puts NC school district on national stage when it comes to performance pay. Hearing more about the national study that the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools are part of and the details of the "value-added" test score measure for >

Accountability’s Here To Stay
Mar 7, 5:25 PM:

CA columnist gives attention to retired dean/current Vista board member on changing culture of teaching. Future educators will be attracted to profession because of accountability and evaluation pressures. Interesting insight, >

A Broader Investment
Mar 7, 12:57 PM:

AL teacher posts $5000 request on DonorsChoose.org for field-trip transportation after receiving smaller amounts for supplies. Budget cuts creating new normal, and bake sales aren't enough. How does laudable teacher initiative go >

Nothing Smart About Status Quo
Mar 7, 12:14 PM:

Reporter lashes out against weekend rally, opining TN educators should be embarrassed to show faces when state performance ranks 46th nationally. Denounces standards and testing, but no hint how rankings would otherwise be >

Look Into Lying
Mar 7, 11:27 AM:

Nationwide survey found 34 schools in MI should be investigated for dramatic standardized test score anomolies. State's Education Dept. says it will do so. Much attention paid to the stress of tying test scores to teacher >

No Choice in Teacher Layoffs
Mar 7, 10:56 AM:

356 NYC arts teachers could potentially face pink slips in upcoming layoffs, but are just a fraction of the 4,600 projected. Article decries impact on arts instruction, but doesn't look at specifics of losses in other subject >

Making Smart, Hard Layoff Choices
Mar 7, 10:16 AM:

Budget realities in PA may lead to layoffs in the school system, but newly proposed legislation would allow schools to look at factors other than seniority when deciding. Need to see numbers of enrollment growth vs. staff growth >

Cryin’ for R-E-S-P-E-C-T
Mar 7, 7:18 AM:

MI teacher voices discontent over current reform climate that seems to blame problems on educators. Diane Ravitch even gets ink siding with teachers and unions, claiming proposed evaluations demonize teachers. Readers left >

Reforming A Profession
Mar 4, 5:29 PM:

While making a play for the heartstrings in introduction of financially struggling teacher hurt by challenges to her "value to society," goes on to suggest various reasons why teaching profession is on the firing line -- state >

Rising To A Standard
Mar 4, 12:54 PM:

Iowa district considers adopting "standards-based" grading used in surrounding districts. Students cannot advance until they demonstrate mastery of a class. Could use a deeper look at how this system is working in the other >

Ineffective Teacher Issues
Mar 4, 10:42 AM:

Termination and tenure an issue in Prince George's County, MD, but no idea how and when changes can be made. Talks ensuing with union but to what end? What's your proposal, Mr Executive? Reporting doesn't tell us. >

Where Does the Buck Stop?
Mar 4, 8:36 AM:

Parents cry foul over expanding technology budget for NYC public schools in face of potential teacher layoffs. Identify what the tech outlays are for: Teacher and student evaluation and achievement data to identify what's working >

Deal Struck Over Pizza
Mar 4, 7:13 AM:

Who said lawmaking wasn't fun? Sounds like a blast in MN, where dinner gatherings yielded compromise among varying political parties to allow people other than teachers to join the ranks mid-career. Unions not happy but reformers >

Toxic Brew or Tonic?
Mar 4, 5:41 AM:

A different and broader view of NJ Gov Christie's task force on educator evaluation emerges in this pub, which tells us more than other coverage today about the recommendations, including how and who would decide about retention >

House Panel Passes Reforms
Mar 3, 5:43 PM:

Bills to end tenure for new teachers, limit collective bargaining and introduce merit pay as part of gov's reform plan have been approved by the Idaho House Education Committee. Main bill in state Senate would boost technology, >

Emergency Hires, Supt. Search
Mar 3, 12:54 PM:

Palm Beach board eases hiring freeze to ensure classes and legally-mandated special ed services are covered. Also begins search for supt. taking ideas from GA, MD and elsewhere, and taps a recruiter to help. A public board >

Finding A Balance
Mar 3, 12:34 PM:

Canon City School District in CO is bracing for budget cuts and argues that they are being taken back 10 years, financially speaking. With continued enrollment declines, the only arguments for more money are teacher raises and >



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