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DeSantis administration allows Florida veterans without degrees to teach in schools
Jul 22, 10:41 AM:

The new directive permits military veterans and their spouses who completed at least 48 months of military service to receive a five-year certificate allowing them to teach in the state's public schools, even if they have not >

Pa.’s teacher shortage is now a ‘crisis.’
Jul 19, 8:29 AM:

The state Education Department on Monday laid out a road map for bolstering its number of teachers in the next three years, vowing immediate action to stem its “educator workforce crisis,” illustrated in the number of teachers it >

BSU is studying these Idaho schools, forced to hire teachers who aren’t certified
Nov 6, 6:47 AM: Idaho’s teacher shortage is hitting south-central Idaho the hardest, particularly in rural areas. With fewer applicants for teaching jobs, schools are increasingly hiring people who don’t have traditional teaching credentials in >
Commentary: Opposing sides must work together on teacher certification
Jul 9, 5:43 AM: New York's education leaders are staring down a landscape of stubbornly mediocre academic results and fewer new teachers entering the profession. The Board of Regents and SUNY could set aside the costly disagreement and join in a >
Content Knowledge Over Certification
Sep 16, 12:02 PM:

IA Board faces scrutiny for suggesting experienced individuals in fields like math, science, chemistry, etc., be allowed to teach. Uproar about professionals not having teacher licensure. But, teachers should have background >

Checking In On NV Teachers
May 19, 1:23 PM:

NV legislature to consider bill requiring teachers to self-report arrests. An appropriate idea; schools shouldn’t find out from media reports or background checks years after the fact. Raises the question, though: is this a >

Teacher Certification Needs A Change
May 12, 6:32 AM:

Editorial makes case for revamping teacher certification, freeing charter schools to hire educators outside traditional molds. Observes, correctly, that current model has not worked, and charters are ground for experimentation. >

Accelerated Training For New Teachers
May 12, 6:02 AM:

University of Washington planning alternative certification to Teach for America educators. An opportunity to improve those teachers and assess training’s quality. The popular program has provided new lifeblood to teaching ranks, >

NYT: Sarcasm Missing Balance
May 12, 5:03 AM:

Gail Collins paints a colorful picture to suggest charter schools should be kept out of for-profit corporate control. But she never offers any evidence as to why charters in the hands of non-profits are inherently superior. She >

Preparing Tomorrow’s Educators
May 11, 11:07 AM:

Former Teachers College president pleads for reforms to education system for teachers. Thoughtful, informative narrative of history that presents valuable advice on ways to improve system. Universities should work with >

Exposing Education Schools
May 10, 7:25 AM:

National Council on Teacher Quality evaluates teacher prep programs for U.S. News and World Report. Focuses on bitterness some schools feel towards endeavor. More important to talk about "needed improvements" to ed schools >

Alternative Certification For NC Teachers
May 9, 12:53 PM:

Guilford County offers training program for lateral entry teachers. No explanation of how this differs from classic licensure. Would be nice to know how program's teachers are doing compared to traditionally certified teachers in >

Charters Nix Stringent Credentials
May 9, 8:24 AM:

New IN law lets 10% of educators at a charter teach without a license. Data presented and teachers interviewed. Would've helped to look into components of traditional certification. Also would've been better to compare success of >

Certification Equals Teacher Success?

Apr 25, 6:02 AM:

Licensure rules keep top teachers from charters. Lawmakers propose waiver. Ed community split. Left dangling: Union quote that charters "cherry pick" results. Some bias in favor of waiver, but hard to argue common sense.


CO Licensing Logjam
Mar 29, 10:58 AM:

Backup of teacher license applications means five months wait, with more graduates soon in pipeline. Much ado, but where's the fix? Is the license really an indicator of quality anyway? Look at how it works in other states and >

Roadblocks To Excellent Teachers
Mar 25, 7:41 AM:

Getting National Board certification (and extra money for it) won't make teachers better nor help struggling WA students. So take on bigger ed workforce problems that will: Easy tenure, teacher prep, union contracts.

Going Native in AK
Mar 21, 9:31 AM:

Sixteen classroom teacher aides in Chevak -- native Cupik speakers -- working toward their bachelor's degrees and teacher certifications online and through visiting state university instructors. An innovative approach to meeting >

Pennsylvania: Fight For Independence

Jan 20, 12:28 PM:

Incoming Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett confronts need for reduced spending while promoting school choice. Will reduced budgets lead to a  rethinking on how education is delivered by using technology and alternative teacher >



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