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House panel changes $1.9 billion school funding proposal
Aug 1, 7:42 AM: A bill that promises to pump more than $1 billion more into the state’s public education system underwent a last minute change on Monday before a House committee voted on it and advanced it again to the full chamber.
What teachers and students get out of the state’s school overhaul
Jul 18, 6:00 AM: Much of the discussion about Washington’s new K-12 school reform has focused on how it might affect taxpayers. But the state’s plan to pour about $7.3 billion of new state money into public schools over the next four years will >
Rauner-CPS feud could hold up school money for rest of state
Jul 14, 6:11 AM: Parents, teachers and students throughout Illinois could have a turbulent start to the school year if Democrats who control the Legislature and Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner don't reach an agreement on education funding before the >
Despite extra dollars for schools, controversial bill remains a concern for many
Jun 5, 7:08 AM: Advocates of traditional public education welcomed Gov. Rick Scott's demand on Friday that lawmakers redo the K-12 education budget for next year and boost it with $215 million in additional spending.
School funding reform measure headed to governor
Jun 1, 5:22 AM: Illinois lawmakers late Wednesday approved a school funding reform measure, the first significant overhaul of the state’s system of funding public schools in decades.
House budget outlines sharp differences with Senate
May 26, 6:29 AM: Funding for the Opportunity Scholarships school voucher program would expand, but students who use the vouchers to attend a private or religious school would have to take a standardized test, and state officials would study the >
State Funds Pilot Tech Program
Jul 2, 6:13 AM:

ID pilot tech program pushing equity and access through grants to schools. Eligibility criteria includes full integration, designed to improve achievement,, economically efficient.  11 schools selected.

Rebirth of Education
May 6, 6:00 PM:

FL school officials and lawmakers are feeling warm and fuzzy over this session’s education legislation that included merit pay raises for educators and dual diploma options for students. Officials say that this legislation >

FL Lawmakers Say Yes to Education
May 6, 11:53 AM: In this past session, lawmakers approved $407 more in pupil spending, teachers get raises, charter facilities get a boost, virtual learning increases, and high-schoolers get two diploma options. The parent trigger bill failed, as >



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