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Housing Our Schools
May 30, 5:06 AM:

NYC will fund facilities for 3 charter schools for next 3 years. Focus on price tag coupled with adjectives intended to convey sock designedly generates dissonance among readers, misses boat on larger charter funding inequity >

Ranking Education Spending
May 23, 8:46 AM:

OK in bottom five states in terms of public education spending, was hurt by the Great Recession.  No connection to student achievement, focus is only on inputs; little investigation completed.

Districts Tighten Belt
May 21, 8:09 AM:

CA Legislature attempts to bail out teacher retirement fund; school districts expect cuts.  Discusses general long-term cuts and politics, while on-the-ground impact on students needs more attention; could use input from >

Politics Of Public School Funding
May 19, 6:41 AM:

KS activists protest in public school funding school funding with Brown v. Board of Education backdrop.  Takes into account only state-level politics, no thorough examination of facts, and few interviews of stakeholders. >

Lost Art Of Education
May 14, 5:33 AM:

Baton Rouge arts magnet principal fires visual arts teacher to cut costs, sparking parental outrage. Outlines larger budgetary issues, voices disenfranchised parents and burdened teachers, and points to general trend of >

Busing Funds Questioned
May 5, 6:29 AM:

KY counties up state funding to bus students to private schools. Describes scale and impact of program, constitutional questions, and key implications for public, private schools if program were cut; would benefit from parent >

Disagreements On Financial Plan
May 2, 7:11 AM:

Louisiana Senate rejects school funding formula due to unwillingness to support mandatory increases. Explains context of legislative climate but overlooks implications and solutions.

Proposed Budget Declared Immoral
May 1, 6:03 AM:

Philadelphia School District’s proposed budget cuts spark outrage against School Reform Commission. Data shows impact of cuts and interviews give voice to all sides, but school statistics, systemic issues, and practicable reforms >

Parents And Politicians Seeing Green
Apr 23, 4:26 AM:

Alaskan parents and legislators clash over revising school funding policy. Exposes strengths and flaws in arguments, asks critical systematic questions, provides informative data, but heavy on political perspective. 

Local Groups Index Schools
Apr 8, 9:00 AM:

A ranking of the neediest schools in Los Angeles is released and asks for the district budget to focus on mainly those schools.  As the state's budget gets finalized, community members ask for comprehensive approach.  Systemic >

New Jersey Officials Debate Budget
Apr 4, 6:35 AM:

Leading NJ education officials defend the upcoming year's budget and stressed that implementation of programs is not rushed, rather thought out and concerted.  Balance is provided yet mostly stays in its own backyard, and no deep >

Detroit Schools Struggling Financially
Mar 20, 7:30 AM:

Detroit's public school district's deficit has jumped by the tens of millions in three short months.  Clear systemic problems are not addressed, while blame is placed on the Education Achievement Authority.   >

Transparency For New Money In CA
Mar 18, 6:20 AM:

Across Los Angeles, community members are demanding that funding increases should go to the needy students it was planned for.  Although it's not said outright, the idea of spending inefficiencies gets through.   >

Principals In PA Take A Hit In Salary
Mar 18, 6:17 AM:

Pay cuts and a new performance-based salary scale will be implemented in Philadelphia for administrators.  Some say that it was financially unavoidable while some principals and others say it was "putting students' needs first". >

DC Mayor Pledges Education Funding
Mar 12, 4:44 AM:

In his annual address on the state of the district, DC's Mayor Gray proposed a large increase in education funding.  Article shows many different opinions on the money's focus, which has yet to be determined between actual >

FLs Budget Winner: Education
Mar 4, 10:35 AM:

FL state coffers overflowing, lawmakers head back to session, expect to make education funding a budget priority.  Story looks at impact of broad cuts made by Gov since 2011, particularly for preschool vouchers and basic aid  for >

Blaming Cyber Charters For Budget Problems?
Feb 21, 7:54 AM:

One PA school board is denying payment to several online charter schools to help remedy a budget deficit.  Only the board members were interviewed in the article, no voice from the cyber charters is heard.

Philly Budget Request
Feb 20, 7:56 AM:

Superintendent wants $320 million in new funding to support multi-layered school improvement plan. Includes boosting reading levels, college readiness and revamping failing schools. Uncertainty surrounds labor concessions and >

FL School Stats: Slicing And Dicing
Feb 11, 10:34 AM:

FL Gov says his budget proposal provides highest level of money ever for schools.  Critics say it is all in how you spin the numbers, note budget's proposed  per-student spending below 2007 levels. Article explores number game as >

FL Funding Avenues
Feb 6, 6:11 AM:

Proposed budget allocates half of capital outlay funding to go towards charter schools, roughly other half to traditional schools. Funding intended for facility maintenance and repair, provided charters meet certain conditions. >



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