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Budget Cuts, But For What?
Jul 2, 6:14 AM:

Chicago mayor proposes $175 million tax increase and $200 million budget cut to pay teacher pensions. Includes Union VP, mayor, and CPS chief administrator's commentary, but none from students, teachers or parents.

Philly Charters Feel The Pressure
Apr 23, 6:42 AM:

School funding shortfall affecting both charter and traditional public schools. Charters often receive less per-pupil, advocates claim charter administrators use funds more efficiently. Governor's budget proposal inhibits charter >

NY Charter Aid
Apr 6, 7:33 AM:

Recently approved state budget allocates $25 million to the Senate for which charter schools are eligible. New aid money estimated at $225 per-pupil increase for charter schools statewide. Allocation enables legislators to target >

NY Passes Budget
Apr 1, 5:36 AM:

Legislators approve budget after extensive talks, compromises. Budget requires changes to teacher evaluations, attaches funding increases to locally approved evaluation systems, extends tenure probationary period to four years. >

Funding Aid In ID
Feb 25, 7:10 AM:

Bill sent to House will give more support to schools and teachers that tend to have influxes of transfer students later in the year. Potential to reach any schools, but will most likely help charters and virtual learning >

Duncan Voices Displeasure
Feb 24, 9:27 AM:

Education Secretary criticizes House of Representatives bill reauthorizing Elementary and Secondary Education Act. Cites analysis claiming bill would defund large education districts that serve minority populations. Primary >

Tax Credit For Private PA
Feb 3, 7:40 AM:

Catholic schools in Lancaster receive money for tuition scholarships from Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit program. Tax credit must go towards students in schools performing in lowest percent, which helps students who need it >

Philly Spends Differently
Jan 16, 7:16 AM:

Philadelphia school system spends less in per-pupil funding than other major cities. Analysts point to lack of funding formula, increased state aid as reasons for differences. Commission formed to make future recommendations on a >

Where Does The Money Go In AL?
Dec 3, 9:40 AM:

Critics of Alabama Accountability Act believe it reduces public school spending, while proponents point to other laws that cap spending regardless. Addresses both sides of issue and the complexities of tax credit legislature.  >

More Fun(ding)
Dec 3, 7:20 AM:

DC middle schools receive extra funding to go toward hiring staff, paying for field trips, school sports teams, and more. Provides details of money allocation, but does not address at-risk students benefiting from the bill. >

Reducing Class, Raising Cost
Nov 18, 7:09 AM:

Initiative to reduce class size passes but comes with issues on tapping into funding that doesn’t exist. Provides detailed information on legislation but includes unnecessary statements and lacks impact.

Throwing Off Balance
Oct 22, 9:01 AM:

Although new funding cap that most states face aims at leveling playing field between wealthy and less affluent districts, disparity between rich and poor is clear. Local philanthropic support in wealthier neighborhood raises >

Philly Forges Ahead In Tough Times
Sep 5, 7:29 AM:

Superintendent in Philadelphia pushes for tehcnology and innovation in the face of fiscal woes. Claims that new schools will have chance to be transformative, because they had to weather less of financial storm than pre-existing >

Who Will Foot The Bill?
Aug 1, 8:39 AM:

Charter school officials in WI refuse to accept $1.3 million fee proposal to offset taxpayer money to purchase facilities.  Clearly illuminates and describes key issue at stake while providing diverse perspectives.  >

Making Ends Meet
Jul 23, 8:13 AM:

IL schools expect continued cuts as state tries to balance its budget in a face of looming deficit. Subtle pitting of charters against traditional schools balanced by the inclusion of diverse perspectives. 

Pressing Mayor To Reform
Jun 25, 8:20 AM:

De Blasio introduces reforms to remove barriers to entry in NYC private schools for special needs children. Little context or background provided on how proposal came about, and only provides quotes from mayor.

Supply Should Meet Demand
Jun 19, 7:30 AM:

Community desires more funding for limited new voucher program in NC set to disburse via lottery. Voices views of elected officials on issue with intent to foreshadow future decisions while no concrete steps thus far are >

PA Key Vote Expected
Jun 18, 5:42 AM:

The state Senate is poised to vote on Wednesday on a bill that overhauls the way the state distributes special education funding to public schools. Amendment to be provided to placate concerns of charter sector. Bill still needs >

Charters Cause All Problems?
Jun 17, 6:11 AM:

"Excuse, not reason" given by Bethlehem, PA district as to why taxes went up and financial woes plague them: charter schools.  Balance provided and claims backed up with financial data, board held to account.

Belt-tightening Proposals
Jun 3, 6:40 AM:

Insufficient funding in TN schools may cut crucial education programs and prevent teacher raises. Presents inadequate coverage of facts and lacks fluidity, making it hard to follow. 



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