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Lawmakers say school-aid fund formula needs boost
Jan 5, 9:20 AM:

State legislators who say they want to change an “outdated” education funding formula are hoping to pump >

Public schools still receive most Indiana education funding
Jan 3, 6:25 AM: Indiana annually spends more money on elementary and high school education than any other budget component, a trend likely to continue when the General Assembly convenes in January to determine how to spend anticipated revenue for >
Choice Funding In Philly
Oct 31, 7:38 AM:

Children’s Scholarship Fund grants 2,000 low-income Philadelphia students money to attend nonpublic schools. Based on lottery system and funded by tax credits and donations.

Superintendent Pay Called Into Question
Feb 13, 6:53 AM:

A proposal in HI to cap superintendent pay is supported by a large amount of stakeholders in education, and is drawing scrutiny to the salary in general.  Others say the salary is not important and the professional experience of >

Race To The Top Grants Running Out
Dec 31, 8:21 AM:

One NC county is facing some tough planning ahead of the expiration of its grant money from the Race to the Top program.  The money has funded "Renaissance Schools" which have established new policies and procedures to varying >

Aiming High In Ohio
Sep 11, 4:22 PM:

Ohio schools will compete for $250 million in innovation frants available from the state's new Straight A Fund. Gov Kasich's administration will be looking for grants that, among other things, aim to improve student achievement >

Who Makes Decision
Jul 23, 6:29 AM:

AZ Supreme Court judges hearing arguments on appeal to lower court's decision to allow legislative branch to approve voter-approved law that mandates lawmakers give schools annual funding increase even in "lean" years. Voter >

What Can Brown Do For You
Jul 8, 9:59 AM:

CA Gov Jerry Brown was named Education Gov of the Year by the NEA, the largest education union in the nation. The distinction is given to gov's who improve public education through legislation. The crowning achievements, Prop. 30 >

OH Continues Tax Cuts
Jul 1, 2:52 PM:

Large tax cuts eliminate 12.5% property-tax reduction for new school levies, meaning higher property taxes for homeowners. The cuts promise a state surplus. Article fails to mention education budget (cut in 2012-2013 by $1.8 >

OH Introduces Novel Law
Jul 1, 2:41 PM:

House bill has been introduced seeking to reform school debt. Indebted school districts would have option to consolidate with another district, resulting in dissolution of indebted district and forgiveness of that district's >

Vetos Hurt SC Education
Jun 28, 3:11 PM:

Gov. Haley has vetoed $419 million worth of bills and $110 million is accounted for by ed bills. $95 million was in the first year and direct classroom spending and teacher salaries made up $60 million and came from a one-time >

Creative Ways to Fund Schools
May 28, 4:49 PM: A FL school may lease its land to a cell phone tower to bring in revenue. The school board is currently reviewing the offer. Supporters say it won't be much, but will offset a $19 million deficit.
The Board That Cried Wolf
Apr 26, 3:10 PM:

After a campaign to raise money for schools, voters in Seminole County, FL approved a tax increase. At the last school board meeting, there was no mention of how the county may use the extra money, leaving tax payers wondering if >

Schools Chip In On District Debt
Apr 17, 1:39 PM:

A FL judge asked schools to contribute funds to the district’s debt, promising that they will be repaid. There are guidelines as to which funds can be used for contribution. Schools are using funds from school-care accounts and >

Officials Try To Solve Money Problems
Apr 9, 4:37 PM:

A recent audit showed that a FL school system has been misappropriating funds. These problems are reoccurring and officials hope that new tools and procedures can be put into place to fix problems more quickly.



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