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Superintendents want quick action on funding reform
Aug 24, 4:48 AM: Several downstate school superintendents Wednesday said lawmakers still need to move quickly to enact a revised school aid formula to ensure state education money is soon distributed to schools.
Madigan cancels school funding override vote ‘in light of progress’
Aug 23, 5:49 AM: Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan canceled a Wednesday House session — and a planned override of Gov. Bruce Rauner’s veto of a school funding measure — “in light of progress” made during lengthy leaders’ meetings about school >
Illinois House schedules school-funding veto override
Aug 17, 6:09 AM: The Illinois House will attempt to reverse Gov. Bruce Rauner's veto of a public school funding revamp next week, the speaker said Wednesday after a failed vote on legislation Democrats introduced to gauge support for the Republican >
“Disappointed” House accepts Senate’s changes to school finance bill
Aug 16, 4:52 AM: After three hours of private negotiations and almost two hours of public debate Tuesday, the Texas House decided to agree with the Senate's decision to strip funding and reforms from a school finance bill.
Rauner attacks Democrats a day after they moved to override his education veto
Aug 15, 6:37 AM: The bill now heads to the House, where lawmakers have two weeks to try to override the governor. If they do nothing, or an override fails, the state will remain unable to cut checks for schools.
Texas House, Senate move toward school finance compromise
Aug 15, 4:58 AM: After days of staring each other down over whether and how to improve the way the state funds its public schools, the Texas House and Senate both blinked Monday, with each passing the other's priority school finance >
Senate overrides Rauner school funding veto, but House hurdle remains
Aug 14, 5:10 AM: Senate Democrats on Sunday voted to override Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner's veto of a measure to overhaul how tax dollars are parceled out to schools, but a key hurdle in the House remains before checks can be sent to the state's >
Lawmakers hear how education-funding impasse will affect schools
Aug 10, 8:16 AM: With both state legislative chambers set to return to Springfield next week, Illinois House members on Wednesday heard testimony that put a spotlight on how schools across the state are dealing with the impasse over education >
Texas Senate leaders reject $1.8 billion House school finance fix
Aug 9, 5:01 AM: Senate Republicans on Tuesday rejected a plan pushed by their GOP counterparts in the House to inject $1.8 billion into the beleaguered Texas public education system over the next two years.
Rauner: Special sessions for school funding start Wednesday
Jul 25, 5:45 AM: Pressure is building to resolve the issue because no state money is available for K-12 education unless a new school funding formula is put in place. Both Republicans and Democrats agree the current formula is flawed and that a new >
Kansas House rejects combination K-12, tax bill; search for new deal goes on
Jun 6, 5:39 AM: The governor went on to say he supports maintaining a “pro-growth taxation system,” a single-bracket tax system and school choice for low-performing students.
Lawmakers say school-aid fund formula needs boost
Jan 5, 9:20 AM:

State legislators who say they want to change an “outdated” education funding formula are hoping to pump >

Public schools still receive most Indiana education funding
Jan 3, 6:25 AM: Indiana annually spends more money on elementary and high school education than any other budget component, a trend likely to continue when the General Assembly convenes in January to determine how to spend anticipated revenue for >
Choice Funding In Philly
Oct 31, 7:38 AM:

Children’s Scholarship Fund grants 2,000 low-income Philadelphia students money to attend nonpublic schools. Based on lottery system and funded by tax credits and donations.

Superintendent Pay Called Into Question
Feb 13, 6:53 AM:

A proposal in HI to cap superintendent pay is supported by a large amount of stakeholders in education, and is drawing scrutiny to the salary in general.  Others say the salary is not important and the professional experience of >

Race To The Top Grants Running Out
Dec 31, 8:21 AM:

One NC county is facing some tough planning ahead of the expiration of its grant money from the Race to the Top program.  The money has funded "Renaissance Schools" which have established new policies and procedures to varying >

Aiming High In Ohio
Sep 11, 4:22 PM:

Ohio schools will compete for $250 million in innovation frants available from the state's new Straight A Fund. Gov Kasich's administration will be looking for grants that, among other things, aim to improve student achievement >

Who Makes Decision
Jul 23, 6:29 AM:

AZ Supreme Court judges hearing arguments on appeal to lower court's decision to allow legislative branch to approve voter-approved law that mandates lawmakers give schools annual funding increase even in "lean" years. Voter >

What Can Brown Do For You
Jul 8, 9:59 AM:

CA Gov Jerry Brown was named Education Gov of the Year by the NEA, the largest education union in the nation. The distinction is given to gov's who improve public education through legislation. The crowning achievements, Prop. 30 >

OH Continues Tax Cuts
Jul 1, 2:52 PM:

Large tax cuts eliminate 12.5% property-tax reduction for new school levies, meaning higher property taxes for homeowners. The cuts promise a state surplus. Article fails to mention education budget (cut in 2012-2013 by $1.8 >



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