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Why Deprive Students Of Choice?
Jul 29, 5:51 AM:

Columnist frames school choice as freedom "from" public schools. Allows opponents to characterize proponents as trying to "dismantle" public schools, tacitly agreeing with them rather than forcing someone to prove the case. >

School Choice Campaign Falls Flat
Jul 27, 6:48 AM:

Peabody, MA, schools open doors to out-of-town students -- but none apply. Considers reasons for lack of interest, as district struggles to balance budget without expected $120K revenue. With no details of schools' performance, >

School Choice Proves Popular
Jul 26, 5:45 AM:

Editorial encourages Utah's citizens to embrace school choice, as other states have done. Paints voucher programs as an expanding trend that shows little sign of stopping and points to programs in OH, IN and WI as proof. State >

Parents Willing To Fight For Vouchers
Jul 22, 11:03 AM:

Parents hope to join fight against lawsuit that would halt implementation of IN voucher program. Rightfully claim they have a stake in the outcome and wish to testify in upcoming hearings. Offers a well detailed summary of court >

Making Sense Of School Choice
Jul 21, 7:03 AM:

Column laments FL school-choice policy that allows students to transfer almost without restriction. Makes some cogent points that should be addressed by state officials: why is choice program using a metric deemed insufficient by >

Real Choice In LA
Jul 21, 6:43 AM:

Editorial argues changes to LA reform program may be well-intended, but are likely to hinder, rather than help, improvement. Illustrates how proposals could discourage parent involvement and put outside bidders at a disadvantage. >

Good Side To Vouchers Missing
Jul 21, 6:33 AM:

Some FL private schools receiving taxpayer dollars haven't complied with voucher regulations. Details on rules missing. Makes private schools sound completely unregulated. They're not. It's called accreditation. Don't let a few >

Hobson’s Choice
Jul 21, 6:12 AM:

Only transfer option for kids at struggling Highlands Co., FL, schools is online school. No bricks-and-mortar ones made adequate yearly progress. While virtual schooling suits some families, it's not an option for everyone. >

Teachers Vs. Public Funds For Privates
Jul 21, 5:35 AM:

FL teachers union, up in arms over proposed constitutional amendment that would lift ban on public funding of religious groups, sues to take it off ballot. Clearly defines issue and varied perspectives. When union complains of >

District Embraces Student Choice
Jul 20, 7:15 AM:

MI district takes strides to offer choice to its students. An all-online school, an alternative high school and new community education center are a few examples of its plans. Story summarizes ambitious agendas in a satisfactory >

Opting Out Of Subpar Schools
Jul 20, 6:50 AM:

New FL laws expand definition of a failing school. Designation based on FCAT scores. Other criteria aren't mentioned. Worry that districts can't prepare for transfers. Doesn't say how districts handled switches last year, only >

“Get Educated” On Choice
Jul 20, 6:43 AM:

Just a bit too much "he said/she said" from a "Get Educated" summer series on educational choice, but what they said makes the article informative. Various speakers explain public choice options, from homeschooling (which is >

Curious About Cincinnati Choices
Jul 19, 7:07 AM:

OH district to open Gifted Academy in the fall. Part of plan to become "district of choice." Details missing on how that works. So is info on city's other gifted programs. Tell us about other options for students and how this >

New Law Helps Special Needs Students
Jul 18, 2:05 PM:

NC family spearheads effort that leads to legislation giving tax credits for private ed for special needs students. Lots of good background info on family and struggle to get quality ed for child. Although measure approved with >

Current Choices Aren’t Enough
Jul 15, 12:28 PM:

TN district rezoning upsets family who moved to area for schools. Attempts to get child into popular magnet have failed. Disconnect with statement from Metro Schools spokeswoman saying "lots" of choices available. Clearly, more >

Cincinnati Choice Plan Unclear
Jul 14, 9:27 AM:

Local OH board votes to make all schools, not just high schools, "schools of choice." Students within district no longer assigned to neighborhood school. Move aims to bring students back to district. Story missing on why they >

Who Should Control School Choice?
Jul 14, 7:21 AM:

Community is fumed over proposed changes to Los Angeles's School Choice program, saying they undermine intent of initiative. Would give in-district groups first choice on low-performing schools. Also eliminates plan to hold a >

School Performance Masks Struggling Students
Jul 6, 8:37 AM:

High-performing MI district doesn't like Gov Snyder's open enrollment plan. State Rep. will hold forum to talk pros/cons of plan. Sounds like schools can opt out though, so what's the fuss about? Bet there are students in schools >

Voucher Program’s Constitutionality Questioned
Jul 5, 10:41 AM:

Recently passed IN voucher program now heading to court as opponents dispute constitutionality. Satisfactory summary of the constitutional questions in plan. Notes strong demand for vouchers from state's parents and students. One >

Vouchers Go To Court
Jul 5, 10:39 AM:

Mixed results for editorial about IN vouchers going to court. From one perspective, court is probably best venue for a definitive ruling on whether vouchers are constitutional. No argument there. But then Star Press makes >



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