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Louisiana Voucher Lawsuit
Jun 21, 7:19 AM:

Usual suspects jump on board lawsuit against LA's voucher program. Goes for drama in quotes ("victimized"  school systems). No context of system failure; nothing on voucher trends nationwide; nor on other lawsuits. >

Voucher Survey Inconclusive
Jun 21, 7:11 AM:

CO district stamps poll results that include voucher question inconclusive due to so few responses. Provides context of vouchers in DougCo, commentary on low response. Present analysis of Qs to see if there is inherent bias. >

Lynch On Voucher Veto
Jun 21, 6:32 AM:

NH Gov touts why he vetoed vouchers; takes money from districts and doesn't continue to target low-income families. Explains provisions & projects override. Fails to point out that $$s are not for systems, but for students. >

Common Sense On Vouchers
Jun 21, 6:28 AM:

Pleased with Obama's "grudging" support for D.C. Opportunity Scholarships. Takeaway: Vouchers don't drain $$s from traditional schools.  "Giving parents a choice and improving public schools are not mutually exclusive."  Pass the >

On Right Track With DougCo Survey
Jun 21, 6:15 AM:

CO district's parent survey has low response rate, which effects results. Includes low % of respondents/compares to industry standard. Includes some Qs. Take next step and evaluate how Q is phrased.



MT Takes Election-Year Spotlight
Jun 20, 6:22 PM:

Lawmaker and leading advocates of school choice converged in Missoula to educate and rally, as state readies for legislative showdown in 2013. Interviews elected officials, organization leaders, and school administrators >

Choice and Expanded Enrollment
Jun 20, 4:01 PM:

Wisconsin district provided three additional months for parents to decide where to enroll their child.  This change resulted in increased applications and a slight increase in district's enrollment.  

Voucher Program Revived
Jun 20, 3:41 PM:

A compromise was reached between the White House, House Speaker John Boehner and Senator Joe Lieberman to continue funding DC's voucher program.  No discussion of history or relevant evidence provided. Questions raised without >

SC Tax Break Bill Dies
Jun 20, 3:09 PM:

Bill proposing tax deductions for families with children in private school and contributors to scholarship funds is dissolved. Comprehensive coverage of issues surrounding proposed bill including corruption, little impact on >

Tax Credits Vetoed
Jun 19, 6:05 AM:

NH Gov's veto slams into wave of pro-tax credit crowd who challenge the accuracy of his reason to end bill. Broad coverage. Points out heavy role of politics in veto and calls for overturn. Probe possibility of reversing veto. >

D.C. Scholarships Back In Business
Jun 19, 5:31 AM:

White House does about-face, agrees to deal with Congress that expands vouchers. Cornucopia of info -- history, politics. Left wondering if Obama's change of heart has anything to do with Romney's stand on choice. >

Vouchers March On
Jun 19, 5:30 AM:

Congressional leaders reach agreement with White House to expand D.C. Opportunity Scholarship program. Bare facts don't consider history of vouchers nor their success.

Eternity Christian’s Licensure Woes
Jun 18, 2:52 PM:

Private school applied for vouchers but lacks the mandatory occupational license.  DoE granted temporary operational approval, but 2 yr-old school's participation in voucher program is in jeopardy without a site visit and >

Voucher Recipient Under Question
Jun 18, 2:23 PM:

LA school set to receive voucher funding, however court records show director has history of financial mismanagement and court order not  to hold any position of financial authority during probation.  Site checks and regulations >

Slower Growth
Jun 18, 7:51 AM:

Spotlight on change in demand for vouchers Toledo (OH) system. Notes slight increase in applications from last year, reversing recent trend. Delves into what change means but assumption demand waning premature since program based >

WI Choices Grow
Jun 18, 5:53 AM:

Number of students taking advantage of choice increases. Extending open enrollment period could be part of reason, but stops short of exploring other reasons, like more parents simply wanting options. 

LA Court Challenge
Jun 18, 5:49 AM:

Gov. Jindal's reforms face lawsuits from teachers unions and possibly school boards. Attention on state constitution and language regarding how state funding can be used. Describes issues in-depth and administration's response. >

Avoiding Donor Controversies
Jun 14, 7:40 AM:

Looks at LA law expanding opportunity scholarships. Spotlights problems in other states with similar programs and efforts to avoid them. Pretty thorough examination of safeguards in place. No mention of amount donated so far. >

Choice for Arundel Middle Schoolers?
Jun 14, 6:27 AM:

Illustrates divide within ME school board and town representatives over choice. Context--last year's decision to send Arundel students out of district to Thornton Academy M.S.--mentioned but not explained. Financial and quality >

Voucher Constitutionality Challenge
Jun 14, 6:24 AM:

Local LA board joins other districts planning to stand against statewide voucher expansion. Nothing besides what districts opposed to, like how Supreme Court ruled OH voucher program constitutional. 



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