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Blind Eye To Choices
Oct 13, 5:54 AM:

Hazleton Area leaders unsure of PA voucher plan. Also don't see point of charters. Mentality that keeping money in the system will work, even though  80% of PA districts rank better. Indication that system hasn't stepped up yet, >

Voucher Criticism Getting Old
Oct 13, 5:47 AM:

Local PA Supers slam vouchers. Too bad research reveals vouchers boost grad rates and can save districts money. Sentiment that taking anything away from traditional schools (via vouchers or charters) needs to end. 

Vying For Vouchers
Oct 12, 6:45 AM:

PA voucher plan doesn't deserve criticism, opines editorial. It's limited to low-income families and is only one piece of Corbett's reform package. Need as many avenues as possible with stats like only 8.7% of students meeting >

OH’s Voucher Expansion Questioned
Oct 12, 6:10 AM:

Favors vouchers; questions expanding them. False premise: kids in "good" schools don't need vouchers. Recent Global Report Card debunks that myth. Examining effectiveness of voucher  fine, but include school environment, drop-out >

Argument Not Made Against Choice
Oct 12, 5:54 AM:

Blasts Little Rock's "Billionaire's Club" for bypassing traditional publics in favor of choice. Says that's bad for economy, among other bits of nonsense. Since when does the economy distinguish between jobs created in charter or >

Stop Paying For Injustice
Oct 12, 5:50 AM:

Vouchers an outlet for PA parents to use tax dollars as they best see fit for child's education. Concern about expansion and draining resources, even though 25% of funds would remain with district. Gives district resources to >

Camden’s Comprehensive Charter
Oct 12, 5:34 AM:

One of NJ's poorest cities boasts a charter focused on closing an achievement gap by beginning with early ed. Sadly, 2000 kids on wait list for city's charters. Expand options now.

Critical Of PA Reform
Oct 12, 4:55 AM:

Gov already hearing backlash on vague plans for charter improvements, vouchers, and teacher evals. Worry of voucher costs, even though they're limited to low-income families. Plus, vouchers typically less than total per pupil >

Bureaucracy Bungles For Homeschoolers
Bureaucracy Bungles For Homeschoolers
Photo by woodleywonderworks
Oct 11, 5:43 AM:

Homeschoolers thwarted at schoolhouse door when they try to enroll in music or sports due to change in policy that says they must be at least part-time in school for state funding. Don't they pay taxes, too? 

Voucher Uncertainty
Oct 10, 6:01 AM:

Editorial unsure about local impact of vouchers in Green Bay, WI. District officials think vouchers aren't needed because quality of schools is fine. But even school systems with quality schools have students who are struggling >

Waiting On Keystone State Reforms
Oct 6, 6:40 AM:

PA Gov says ed reform is focus for the fall. Sure wasn't last summer when lawmakers pushed choice legislation aside. Idea still exists that vouchers take money away from district. Reality is they're cheaper for districts -- >

Fear, Loathing Over Vouchers
Oct 6, 6:14 AM:

Bill to expand voucher program in NJ has some ed leaders in Newark and elsewhere upset. No sense that dollars follow student, nor that some families are desperate for academic rigor in a calm environment. Go figure. >

Limiting Vouchers
Limiting Vouchers
Photo by midnightcomm
Oct 6, 6:10 AM:

WI lawmakers want to block vouchers from expanding to districts statewide. Dems never wanted expansion, and GOP wanted vouchers only for Racine but couldn't specify in policy. But why limit when vouchers have shown boost in grad >

Art Of Choosing
Oct 4, 6:04 AM:

Students participating in Fine and Performing Arts Academy via NJ's Interdistrict School Choice program praise their ability to follow their interests while taking high school and college-level classes. One more reason why >

Growing Choices In Garden State
Sep 30, 6:04 AM:

4 Sussex Co. districts offer public school choice now that NJ expanded program. Spots available to students can be limited due to space constraints. But, Gov is all about options for students, and this is only one piece of the >

Choices Beyond Cities
Sep 29, 5:48 AM:

Transfer problems with unaccredited to accredited school transfers in MO stir talk of expanding choices further. Charter expansion and open enrollment on horizon. Not bad idea since regional limitations currently restrict charter >

Choosing To Close Achievement Gap
Sep 20, 5:57 AM:

NBER study shows NC students in public school choice program have better college-going and completion rates. Not only that, but choice diminishes "nearly 75% of black-white" graduation gap. Proof that quality choices can uplift >

Students Like Choice
Sep 19, 6:10 AM:

Some OH students say open enrollment is perfect prescription for finding schools that best meet their needs. Policies vary district to district statewide, but key is giving parents and students options and letting them choose >

Super Thinks He Knows Best
Sep 16, 6:06 AM:

Springfield, OH, official tells parents not to transfer students out of schools identified as underperforming according to NCLB. Gutsy move to tell parents what's best for own kids. Clearly some subgroups aren't being served and >

Weighing Choice Options
Sep 15, 6:10 AM:

Weekend conference in Marlborough, MA, aimed at helping parents figure out what type of schooling's best for their children. Choice is key, even in good districts, since each student learns differently. Good to see this kind of >



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