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School In Charter’s Clothing
Mar 18, 11:35 AM:

Elementary in CA county "built specifically to cater to workers and commuters" in Bakersfield City School District. Gives history, selection criteria, and personal anecdotes about lottery process for this high-performing school. >

All About The Kids
Mar 18, 6:17 AM:

Editorial reminds readers that kids need to be the focus when it comes to making decisions about schools. Choice is necessary for students to thrive, and legislation currently before the IN Senate would expand options. Valid >

Pro-School Choice in Denver
Mar 18, 5:58 AM:

A local district adopts a voucher program for up to 500 students to attend private school, a pathbreaking action that draws praise from the Denver Post, albeit caution.  Giving choice in itself is worthy, especially since >

Selling The Status Quo
Mar 17, 8:36 AM:

Traveling salesman for the status quo talks to Rockford, IL, district about opposing reform. Accuses charters and choice advocates of swooping into districts and promising change. But isn't some kind of change needed in >

Competition At Work In Baltimore
Mar 17, 5:37 AM:

Catholic schools decide not to lease one of their closed-down school buildings to charter. Cites competition for enrollment as factor. Thoughtful piece shows competition at work as Catholic schools try to "reinvent" themselves to >

Putting The Brakes On Busing
Mar 16, 9:05 AM:

St. Paul, MN, school board approves a plan to do away with the magnet school/citywide busing model and send kids to schools closer to home. But while ethnic makeup of student bodies is less crucial  than curriculum changes, it is >

Choice Waiting Game
Mar 16, 7:24 AM:

Two NJ school districts continue to wait for word on whether they can participate in Gov. Christie's new public school choice program. Story updates readers on programs schools had hoped to start next year. Few answers, though, >

School Border Patrol Needed?
Mar 16, 7:16 AM:

Philly suburban schools fight influx of students from outside their districts. Border-crossing kids called "illegals" and conjures images of people attempting to sneak into the U.S. from Mexico. Not sure if this is supposed to >

Choice And Cuts In OH
Mar 16, 5:57 AM:

Roundup of budget belt-tightening throughout the Buckeye State, including a look at education. Points to Gov's call for expansion of choice scholarships, lifting charter caps and teacher merit pay plan, as well as an end to >

PA Pushing For Open Market
Mar 16, 5:56 AM:

Not only does the state have a voucher bill percolating in the legislature, but also a bill that would open enrollment for students to any school throughout the state. Very short article offers only praise for end-of zip-code >

Touring For Choice
Mar 15, 6:11 AM:

School choice advocate voicing support across Indiana for HB 1003, which would increase funding for current tax credit program. Recognizes need for choice because public school isn't for everyone; nor is choice a "silver bullet." >

Marketing Success
Mar 14, 1:32 PM:

AZ district displays ads before movies in effort to attract out-of-district students. More students translates into more per pupil funding from the state. Campaigns are funded from cash obtained by renting school facilities, so >

School Closing Weighed
Mar 14, 11:52 AM:

School district considers closing a Thousand Oaks, CA,  elementary school, which a small, mostly low-income enrollment.partly to provide more future space for a charter school, which has a waiting list. Much ado about whether >

Choice Option Questioned Upstate
Mar 14, 10:57 AM:

Greece, NY, interim supt. wants to end open enrollment option for parents to select the public school their children attend, and would assign by zones. School board to study, defer decision until a hearing is held and maybe until >

Voucher Expansion Fight Begins
Mar 14, 9:50 AM:

GA senator introduces bill to expand special education voucher program to include foster children and children of active military. Support for bill along party lines, but state supt. and governor siding with choice opponents. Not >

No Free Ride for Choice?
Mar 14, 5:56 AM:

Framingham, MA, parents using the district's School Choice program may soon have to pay for their kids to ride the school bus. Kids living 2 miles or more aware from school get free service, others pay fee. Concern that parents >

Expect Bias At Choice Forum
Mar 11, 5:57 PM:

All-too-short editorial announces that a FL county foundation for public schools will host a conversation about "neighborhood schools versus school choice." Says county spends $50 million on busing, and implies school choice >

Charter For Farmworker Families
Mar 11, 10:37 AM:

Proposed CA charter requests sponsorship from school board, would serve miigrant and farmworker families by extending school day and year. Could benefit from thoroughly interviewing both supporters and critics of proposal, and >

CA Charter Appeal Denied
Mar 10, 12:16 PM:

Riverside County board denies appeal to open Manzanita Academy as a charter. Cited weaknesses in petition were lack of a sound educational program, unclear discipline provisions, and inadequately described middle-school program. >

Memphis Votes To Close To Consolidate
Mar 9, 5:39 AM:

City only votes to disband its school system, with hope of consolidating with wealthier county. Unfortunately, county is not on board.  More focused on emotional impact of adults than on education impact on the kids, as there is >



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