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LA Reforms On Trial
Nov 30, 8:13 AM:

Overview of provisions of lawsuit teachers unions and 43 school boards filed challenging constitutionality of voucher system and other changes Legislature approved. Includes local St. Tammany Super's reaction and recaps expert >

TN Choice Report
Nov 30, 8:03 AM:

Gov. Haslam's voucher task force releases plan outlining how program would work. Describes lack of dollar value, possibility could be used for private or public schools, and limiting availability to low income students. >

More Time For School Assignments
Nov 30, 7:36 AM:

Group working on changes to Boston's school choice program now has until mid-January to make recommendations. Describes why extension needed -- to let researchers complete work on system intended to help predict how families >

Nashville Choice Application Deadline
Nov 30, 7:33 AM:

Today's the last day for students to apply to go to district's "option schools." Attention on charters, magnets and immersion programs offered in effort to keep parents from sending kids elsewhere. Looks at demographics and how >

Simplifying Choice In Nashville
Nov 30, 6:16 AM:

Applications due for students wanting to attend system's magnets and other "option" schools. Notes later deadline for charters. Attention here on streamlined, online process for requests. Includes numbers.

TN Choice Expansion Proposal
Nov 26, 5:37 AM:

Gov's task force weighing voucher program to release recommendations. Previews possible scenario allowing parents to choose private or high-performing public schools, crossing district lines. Looks at arguments for/against. >

IN Court Hears Voucher Case
Nov 21, 1:22 PM:

State's highest court explores question of who is benefitting most from program. Briefly recaps pro/con argument from both sides and notes how ruling to be closely watched.

IN District More Choice
Nov 21, 7:28 AM:

State's voucher program expanded and stats show significant growth in number of students taking advantage. Describes 500 additional Fort Wayne families choosing them. Overview of statewide figures and criticism of fact not >

LA Choice In Court
Nov 15, 7:08 AM:

Overview Tangipahoa Parish board legal quest to block implementation of new  voucher funding. Describes schools claims of resegregation and money drain. Most attention on arguments about 11th Amendment concerning fed interference >

Voucher Recommendations
Nov 14, 12:52 PM:

Agreement and differences outlined in TN Gov's task force on vouchers report. All say limit program to low-income. But more disagreements, with defining issue pitting choice philosophy vs. just academic improvement.

Vouchers On Agenda
Nov 14, 7:09 AM:

New chair of TX Senate Ed Committee favors vouchers, but another district's rep does not. Vouchers will be hot issue this session. Covers some of the already-underway political posturing on topic.

TN Speaker On Vouchers
Nov 14, 6:38 AM:

State House leader raises fear factor of allowing Muslim schools as well as Catholic or Baptist under potential voucher laws. Refers to Gov's task force on vouchers. Distinguishes charters from vouchers.

“Choose My Future”
Nov 13, 7:43 AM:

Philly's Catholic schools launch marketing campaign to increase enrollment. Archdiocesan web site includes school profiles. No mention of independent rating of student achievement in these schools, but notes strong profiles. >

Polling Fort Wayne Parents
Nov 9, 3:54 PM:

IN district conducting survey to find out why choose certain schools are chosen. Describes reasons for effort -- increased competition from charters and availability of vouchers.

Catholic Success And Scholarships
Nov 8, 5:46 PM:

Catholic school leader encouraging Philly businesses to contribute to scholarship fund. While his HS is not on brink of closure, it could use more students to keep tuition down. Should mention success of Catholic schools in inner >

What Do Parents Want
Nov 8, 5:29 PM:

IN district surveys parents to see what they look for in school. Super says parents have many choices and know best the needs of their children. Survey is attempt to attract families given competition of charters/vouchers.

IN Election Ed Message
Nov 8, 7:57 AM:

Analysis of defeat of state Super Tony Bennett and implications for sweeping reforms he enacted concerning vouchers and choice. His replacement opposes many of them. Notes lawmakers say won't roll back any changes.

Voucher Proponent Wins
Nov 8, 7:56 AM:

Newly elected SC lawmaker makes passing choice bill high priority. Article more on loosening gun laws and her "icy" relationship with outgoing incumbent, though.

OR Homeschool Group Gets Space
Nov 8, 7:05 AM:

Evans Valley Community Assoc. reaches deal with Rogue River district to use closed elementary building for student activities. Describes agreement. Provides background on property and why parents began teaching.

FL Amendment 8 Falls Short
Nov 7, 12:55 PM:

Brief look at what measure would have done and explores pro/con arguments each side provided. Supporters saw it as way to lift barrier for new voucher programs. Opponents, including teachers union, critricized as blending of >



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