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Jailed For Caring About Education
Jan 31, 10:46 AM:

A mother thrown in jail for sneaking her daughter into a better school. A thoughtful and reasonable story about an incident of extremism committed by a school district against better education, choice, and compassion.

Half-Truths in Advertising?
Jan 31, 10:15 AM:


Left unexamined is what really constitutes a school system offering real "choices" for parents. Were charters -- which are public schools -- participating? What charters and private schools serve the public in Fort Wayne?   >

Choice For Students Gaining Traction
Jan 28, 11:19 AM:

Provides good, albeit short, coverage of what charter schools can provide. Would be interesting to see discussion of charter school performance and public school performance.

Succeeding in Providing Real School Choice

Jan 26, 1:50 PM:

Arizona's success with choice shows the beef is there, but let's taste it.  Students from underserved populations, who have benefited from choice are worth looking at in more detail. 

Vouchers Make Sense
Jan 26, 12:46 PM:

Opens up the discussion on voucher programs and provides a good explanation, and ends with a great question: "How do we improve on the overall education so that all students have the opportunity to succeed?" 

Alternative Schools Updating Education
Jan 26, 11:51 AM:

The article talks about an alternative option for students and families, and highlights the school's focus on technology. Does Mass. provide equal funding to alternative schools, though, or school choice options? 

Pennsylvania Public Pushes Choice
Jan 26, 10:55 AM:

Article calls attention to parents and students who desire more choices, and mentions why this student-centered approach might not become a reality-- because of school governance institutions. Thank you, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette! >

Families, Lawmakers Want Choice
Jan 26, 10:52 AM:

The writer highlights the desire of families and lawmakers to have school choice, but I would like to know more about Georgia's plans for charter schools and school choice.

Signed, Sealed, Not Delivered
Jan 26, 10:26 AM:




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