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Fostoria Board Against Vouchers
Dec 23, 12:53 PM:

OH district formally opposes voucher legislation being considered in the State House. Focus here is on following the money, even though it's more critical to explain how vouchers help stuck students who might not otherwise have >

Voucher Enrollment Possibilities
Dec 23, 7:59 AM:

Possibility that IN's voucher requirement of attending public school for 1 year could cause reverse migration. Bottom line is vouchers help stuck children. More important than worrying about "what-ifs."

A Studious Governor
Dec 22, 7:29 AM:

Favors TN Gov's call for 1-year study of vouchers.Unsure why study necessary when vouchers work elsewhere. And, notion that voucher kids are type of students to save failing publics has it backwards. Schools should save kids. >

Voucher Use
Dec 19, 6:59 AM:

Voucher program prompts more students to leave IN district schools. No pause to think about why some districts see greater number go. Sign that district schools need to shape up and better serve students. 


Figuring Out Voucher Failure
Dec 19, 6:52 AM:

PA lawmaker with 2 kids in cyber charters tries to figure out why SB 1 failed after passing state Senate. Opposition from union "demonizing vouchers" doesn't help; will take work to get truth out about choices. 

Voucher Day In Court
Voucher Day In Court
Photo by steakpinball
Dec 19, 6:11 AM:

Next phase in court case against IN's voucher program begins today as Superior Court will hear case. Very brief report gets in most key points of voucher saga.

Voucher Roadblock

Photo by NathanReed
Dec 16, 6:36 AM:

Gov Haslam takes voucher bill off of table and forms study group to determine how it "would fit into Tennessee's overall education reform strategy."  According to paper, everyone accepts the delay. Not.


Included Religious With Vouchers
Dec 15, 8:22 AM:

Reports on IN Gov's visit to "unapologetically" Christian school that enrolls voucher students. Shows Gov's unapologetic support for including religious schools. Voice of opposition barely heard.

Amending Language For Vouchers
Dec 15, 7:23 AM:

FL union opposes putting proposal to lift Blaine amendment to voters. No surprise union wants to keep $ in schools for organization's benefit. Would've been nice to let readers know FL Supreme Ct. already ruled vouchers violate >

Bitter Defeat In PA
Dec 15, 7:03 AM:

State House says no to vouchers and charter law overhaul. View that vouchers divert public dollars to private schools wins, even though it's about families taking allocated funds to school that best educates their kids. >

Drilling Away Students’ Opportunities
Dec 15, 6:07 AM:

PA House pushes gas-drilling bill forward, but stops short on SB1. Unfortunately for students, these lawmakers gave into political pressure even though state Senate had courage to pass voucher/charter authorizer bill earlier this >

PA Voucher Debate
Dec 14, 4:00 PM:

Senate Bill 1 expected to top agenda of forum featuring school supers, ed reform advocates and state lawmakers. Reader left guessing who supports measure, who opposes it and which issues need to move forward. Context and clarity >

Battling Voucher Money Myth
Dec 14, 8:27 AM:

Mansfield, OH, district vehemently opposes voucher bill. Belief that vouchers leave districts in dire financial straits uncontested. 

NJ Choice Deadlines
Dec 14, 7:30 AM:

Some parents upset they missed public school choice program deadline. Second round disallowed; officials need to figure out budget. Reporting forgets charters, which set own enrollment deadlines, can be another option.

Strangling Choice
Dec 14, 6:15 AM:

Op-ed argues for new way to draw and enlarge Boston (MA) zones to enroll kids in schools closer to home. Says this allows for "element of choice". And, no fear being tied to zipcode since all schools are improving. Really? No >

San Diego Choices

Photo by http2007
Dec 13, 7:30 AM:

CA district ranks 4th in Brookings' ECCI index. Discussion around balancing neighborhood schools and choices forgets key part of movement -- accountability. If enough students leave a school, it's a sign that it should be shut >

Voucher Negativity
Dec 13, 7:22 AM:

All criticism of OH voucher program's proposed expansion, which has been scaled back. Problem is there's no comparison to what strong voucher legislation looks like. IN's voucher program has drawn praise, why not start there? >

Voucher Drain Reality
Dec 13, 7:19 AM:

OH lawmaker agrees to scale back voucher plan because of outcry about strained district budgets. Drain will only happen if flood of students leave though, which begs the point that schools aren't serving majority of students >

Hoosiers Happy With Vouchers
Dec 12, 7:23 AM:

IN officials, parents pleased with vouchers. Program didn't hit cap, which will expand next year, but reaching limit isn't what it's all about -- it's about giving students and families choices. 

Anti-Voucher Bias
Dec 9, 7:32 AM:

OH voucher proposal being revised to appease school boards who fear losing dollars to privates. Loaded language shows anti-voucher angle. Education, and money attached, tagged to students not systems.



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