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School Choice To Stay
Apr 12, 9:39 AM:

Framingham, MA Super Hiersche advises against dropping School Choice -- says won't save money. Take a look at School Choice's inception in district and its impact. How are schools in the district faring in terms of achievement >

Charters Modern-Day Magnets?
Apr 12, 6:19 AM:

St. Paul, MN will end nearly half of its magnet programs. Thorough background on inception and purpose of magnet schools. Sounds similar to charters, but you don't draw comparison for readers. How has state's strong charter law >

NJ Vouchers Not A Done Deal
Apr 11, 10:38 AM:

Voucher bill stalls in State Assembly and Senate, faces difficult road ahead. Dems don't support bill as written, and even if amount of voucher or number of districts decreased, future doesn't look bright.


Politics are >

All Complaints, No Suggestions
Apr 11, 9:23 AM:

Critique of all of FL's school choice efforts and changes to union rules, tenure and teacher evaluation. Doesn't trust parents to make strong decisions and thinks oversight is being left behind. No alternative offered.


Choosing Choice
Apr 8, 2:20 PM:

School choice program debated for new MA school district. For schools that have participated, more revenue and more opportunity for students. How has the option affected student learning? And give more insight into the >

Supporting School Choice
Apr 8, 1:52 PM:

Future of school choice plan uncertain in Clarksburg. Helps balance budget, but can it impact students positively? Discuss strategies for successful integration of transfer students. How do other districts handle this issue? Let >

Expanding Choice Through Expanded Choice Program
Apr 8, 12:46 PM:

NJ's Public School Choice Program recently expanded to apply to any school district. Goal is to address declining enrollments. Schools noted are theme based. Win-win point of view dominates. Shows how districts get more state aid >

Politics Dash Reform
Apr 8, 8:29 AM:

OR lawmakers express frustration at House Ed Committee, fear no ed reform bills will be passed this session. Politics taking focus away from bigger issues. Bills for school choice, charters and teacher reform all likely to die in >

Choice Transfers Decline
Apr 7, 9:47 AM:

Two Jackson, TN schools required to offer school choice transfers for not meeting state achievement targets. Both report decline in transfers. How were parents notified and how are schools preparing to make progress?

Tax Credit Spurs Funding Debate
Apr 7, 9:14 AM:

SC Senate votes to move tax credit bill to Education Committee for debate. State budget report argues program will cost money, rather than save, but choice supporters disagree. Need more research on programs elsewhere.


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Number Crunching Tax Credits
Apr 7, 8:58 AM:

Tax credit bill in SC met with opposition, some claiming it will cost state more in long run. Supporters of bill say it will save districts money when students choose private over public schools. New budget report muddies waters. >

Vouchers’ Next Battleground
Apr 7, 8:36 AM:

US Supreme Court upheld AZ tax credit program, agreeing program does not link church and state. Individuals make donations, not the gov't. Article looks to vouchers as next phase of school choice, but what's the backdrop?


Precedent Set In Supreme Court Decision
Apr 7, 6:26 AM:

Op-ed applauds and explains legal precedent set in U.S. Supreme Court's decision on AZ tax credits for private schools. Says ruling stopped challenge to choice and limits use of fed courts to "second-guess" legislation. Succinct >

Worcester Choices
Apr 7, 6:08 AM:

MA city's public school enrollment has grown because of economy. Reporter only mentions one charter school, even though district superintendent talks about "schools of choice." Figure out how state's charter law could be >

Supreme Court Judged Wrong
Apr 7, 5:54 AM:

Similar to today's MBP piece on Wash Times op-ed, LA Times clearly defines and describes decision in AZ choice case. Offers different take: Wrong to limit citizens' right to challenge establishment of religion. Agree or disagree, >

Parents Choosing More In Denver
Apr 7, 5:50 AM:

Choice easier in Denver. New rules make parents aware of options, standardize applications, provide transportation. Shows common sense of helping parents match child's needs with right school.

Healthy Choice in Memphis
Apr 6, 11:15 AM:

Public school specializing in healthcare, preparing students for jobs. Partnerships with hospitals help educate and inspire students. Any plans to copy this model, open more specialist schools? Weak TN charter law could be >

NJ Students Go Public
Apr 6, 10:52 AM:

Families' choice of public over private schools causes budget headaches for Absecon district. 55% of 8th graders go to traditional and charter high schools, up from 10% in past. Shows how improvements and choice make public >

Voucher Debates Continue
Apr 6, 6:31 AM:


IN proceeds with voucher bill, and even with positive US Supreme Court ruling on AZ school choice, expect legal challenges if bill is passed. Move away from rhetoric on both sides and proceed with coherent facts.


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School Choice Bill Revamp
Apr 5, 2:27 PM:

SC lawmakers consider 4th rework of legislation that would help parents offset the cost of private tuition. Only a quick sketch of changes, examples of tax credit's impact, here. What’s the history? What did lawmakers like, >



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