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Maine OKs 1st religious school for tuition reimbursement
Sep 23, 7:43 AM:

Maine is ready to fund tuition for some religious school students for the first time since a Supreme Court ruling in June ordered the state to treat those schools the same as other private schools regarding tuition reimbursement. >

School Choice Fosters Pluralism
Jul 28, 9:56 AM:

Parental dissatisfaction with Covid school closures and woke curricula has sparked renewed interest in school choice in all its forms, but the recent Supreme Court decision in Carson v. Makin may increase public support for >

Catholic Schools Not Ready To Convert
Aug 2, 10:24 AM:

Catholic schools aren't sold on NJ conversion bill. Leaders assert that policy, which would allow them to adopt charter status, would force them to abandon religious identity. Another option would give tax breaks to corporations >

Shrinking Enrollment Closing Catholic Schools
Jun 9, 7:11 AM:

Editorial dutifully records falling enrollment at DE county's Catholic schools, but stops short of assigning a reason for trend. High tuition seems a likely candidate. Talk to some administrators about why they believe their >

Catholic Schools Fading
Jun 6, 9:42 AM:

Times documents shrinking number of Catholic schools in NYC and elsewhere. Full of details, although one number draws attention: 2,000 students are on waiting lists for city's remaining parochial schools. So why is enrollment >

Why Is NYC Catholic School Closing?
May 26, 10:12 AM:

NYC parochial school administration throwing parents for a loop with announcement to close doors. No background provided, though, on why the school is on such thin ice. Outpouring of parent support should signal that the school >

Unfair Accusations Against WI School Choice Supporters
May 16, 2:08 PM:

WI parochial schools eyeing plans to broaden state voucher program. Allows opponents to propagate myth that choice advocates want to destroy public schools. Where is the evidence? Irresponsible to assign nefarious motivations >

Parents Bonkers In Yonkers
Apr 12, 6:54 AM:

Parochial schools are closing, and NY district Super worries about financial effect of 96 out of the 393 displaced students entering public system. Parents pay taxes and should be able to send kids to district schools, so how's >

Mayor Wants New District
Apr 5, 1:37 PM:

Farmers Branch, TX residents vote next month on nonbinding proposal to form an independent school district. Get beyond mayor's view: Why's it needed and what would it offer? Featured parents aren't interested. Are others? >

Starting Them Early
Mar 17, 9:13 AM:

ID college reaches out to sixth-graders, hopes to teach them the value of a college education. A "money game" seems to dominate though the students also visit a planetarium, a reptile show, and a brief lecture. Does this sort of >

Where is Less (Summer) More?
Mar 9, 12:25 PM:

To maintain momentum throughout the year, a Catholic pre-K through eighth grade school plans to shorten the traditional 12-week summer vacation to six weeks, with longer breaks provided in fall, spring and winter. Want to see >

More Credit For Private Tuition
Mar 9, 8:09 AM:

AZ Senate votes to boost by 50% taxpayer credits for donations to scholarships that help send kids to private schools -- while declining a family income cap for recipients. One senator claims the policy will save on state aid to >

Stop Hair Tearing of Parochial School Parents
Mar 1, 6:10 AM:

Philly Catholic school closures on the rise (7 set for June) due to declining enrollment but no discussion what the recourse is for parents/kids. A look at vouchers and other education reform measures pending in the Statehouse >

MO Church School Ban And Choice
Feb 17, 12:56 AM:

House member wants state constitution amended to permit vouchers for children attending parochial schools. Another bill would ease conversion of reg. public to charter schools or provide a voucher option. No discussion of what >



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