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Magnet School Reform
Jul 14, 7:30 AM:

Dothan City Schools reform nearly every aspect of magnet schools. Misleading title, not only entrance requirements revisted. Discuss what reforms put in place, no detail given why these reforms are implemented. Exhaustive but >

Girls Rule
Jul 10, 7:50 AM:

Chicago public schools expand to accomodate more girl sport teams. Explains background and what it will take to implement program. Does leave out the student input.

Online Academy to Open
Jul 9, 7:56 AM:

Museum in Denver, CO set to open an online charter school for 100 students this fall.  Lacks input from future students but explains program they will participate in.

Montgomery Implements Lottery System
Jul 8, 7:57 AM:

For the first time, Montgomery Public Schools filled vacancies in magnet schools with lottery. The system uses numbers rather than names. Llacks background and reason for the switch but does offer some waitlist data. 

MD Governor Setbacks
Apr 15, 7:10 AM:

Governor's agenda faced resistance from legislators as legislative session ended this week. Some bills never made out of committee, charter school bill heavily amended. Question of whether Governor will veto legislative changes. >

DC Wait Lists Expand
Apr 9, 6:16 AM:

More than 8,500 students are on wait lists for one or more charter schools this year, nearly 7,000 for at least one traditional school. Both represent increases from prior school year. Demand high for speciality learning >

LA Home School Surge
Apr 2, 6:58 AM:

Home schooled population increases as private school enrollment falls. Common Core cited as reason for increase. Home-schooled still remains very small share of student population. 

NY Budget Reforms
Mar 24, 5:24 AM:

Governor's education proposals under consideration in legislature. Compromise includes spending increase in exchange for school choice, teacher evaluation reforms. Weight of test scores in teacher evaluations contentious issue.  >

NY Standoff
Mar 10, 6:05 AM:

Assembly Democrats reject governor proposals to reform teacher evaluations, expand charter schools tied to increased education spending. Opponents of governor's plan seek more mayoral control over New York City school system. >

TX Plans For The Future
Feb 17, 5:51 AM:

Governor sees education plan as key to sustainable future. Priorities include quality preK, career pathways in higher education, nothing specific on school choice. Critics decry lack of funding increase to public schools.

Jindal’s National Reform Plan
Feb 10, 8:31 AM:

Gov. Bobby Jindal introduced a national education platform, similar to what he has supported at state level. Outlines school choice, teacher tenure reform and Common Core repeal as key priorities. 

AZ Facility Access Point
Jan 30, 6:40 AM:

Legislative proposal would give charter schools access to unused school facilities. Opponents want decisions left to local school boards. Bill details still being finalized.

Boston’s Longer School Day
Jan 29, 7:39 AM:

Forty minute school day extension approved by School Committee. School and union officials hope longer school day will increase student achievement. Lone opponent skeptical because of upcoming spending cuts. 

CO Pomp And Circumstance
Jan 23, 9:40 AM:

Graduation rate increases slightly and dropout rate decreases slightly statewide. School officials cite greater emphasis on completion as reason for improvement. Larger districts in state also show better trends.

Reading Into Improvement
Dec 8, 9:54 AM:

Afterschool literacy tutoring in Los Angeles helps students with writing, reading, and homework. Includes information on funding, data, and results and shows how nonprofit tutoring programs make a difference.

Questionable Intentions?
Oct 22, 6:16 AM:

Developer Carl Paladino’s ethics under microscope regarding for-profit charter schools. Facts released that Paladino later deemed false, provides little information regarding financials.

Knowledge To Get Involved
Oct 20, 8:32 AM:

Teachers in Oklahoma contend more parent involvement is necessary due to low attendance rates at parent-teacher conferences.  But, researchers raise questions and say parents need to know most effective ways to get involved. >

The Home School System
Sep 22, 7:55 AM:

New Jersey families share stories of home schooling, and why they chose home school option. Families say home school is rewarding experience.  Number of home schooled kids in United States has more than doubled in past 15 years. >

Young Students Advance
Aug 13, 9:52 AM:

NC high school students take advantage of community college courses nearby, many of those students excel in doing so despite diversity.  "Middle college" idea not flushed out, provides student perspective.

Investigating Charter Leader
Aug 5, 8:20 AM:

Head administrator of NM four charters takes leave amidst FBI investigation. Offers head's brief history, but no info as to what investigation is taking place or why head plays important role in the matter. 



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