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Taking Summer School to Get Ahead, Not Catch Up
Aug 16, 8:07 AM: As the competition to get into the most selective colleges intensifies, high-achieving students are attending academic summer schools to turbocharge grade-point averages or load up on the A.P. courses seen as gateways to top-tier >
State school board names new Alabama schools superintendent
Aug 12, 5:45 AM: The State Board of Education today named Michael Sentance, former secretary of education in Massachusetts, as new superintendent of public schools in Alabama.
Education policy expert tapped as president of state education board
Jul 28, 6:55 AM: The Maryland State Board of Education has tapped an education policy expert who helped found a charter school as its new president.
Racial Tensions Flare as Schools Resegregate
Jul 26, 7:57 AM: And perhaps that pervasive racism starts early, in schools. After all, in some parts of the country schools are more segregated – and white students and students of color more isolated – than they’ve ever >
Education Reformers Reflect at 25 (CER in the news)
Jun 29, 8:03 AM: It’s been a quarter-century since the nation’s first charter school opened in Minnesota, prompting many self-proclaimed reformers to step back and reflect on their movement’s progress.
Education Reform Does Not Come One-Size-Fits-All (CER in the news)
Jun 22, 7:17 AM: Lately, education scholars at Washington, D.C.-based, nominally conservative think tanks have spun themselves into a tizzy about the education reform movement’s splintering into quarreling factions.
Jeanne Allen calls out school choice movement (CER in the news)
Jun 21, 7:04 AM: Jeanne Allen, founder and CEO of the Center for Education Reform, delivered a stark message to her allies in the school choice movement last week, saying “the movement to ensure educational attainment for all is at a >
Center for Education Reform Taps Businesses, Charter Schools for Innovation
Jun 17, 7:46 AM:

The Center for Education Reform, a long-time charter school advocacy organization, says innovation and momentum within the sector of independent schools has slowed, and needs an infusion of new ideas that incorporate new >

Education reformer calls on school choice movement to reform itself (CER in the news)
Jun 16, 7:43 AM:

Jeanne Allen, founder and CEO of the pro-school choice Center for Education Reform, called on the education reform movement to change, boldly claiming that the movement saw more success in its first nine years than in the last >

Group vows to rescue L.A. students one good school at a time
Jun 16, 5:32 AM: Organizers of a controversial educational reform effort that initially sought a massive expansion of charter schools in Los Angeles now say they will support any effective programs – including traditional public schools – to bring >
In Mississippi Town, Some Fear School Desegregation Ruling May Backfire
Jun 6, 7:21 AM: At a time when the percentage of the nation’s schools that are overwhelmingly populated by the poor and racial minorities is climbing, Cleveland is wrestling with a quandary quite different from one it faced during the days of >
Magnets Are Our Future?
Jul 30, 6:28 AM:

Magnets, which let students choose schools with specialized themes, emerged in Charlotte in the 1990s in an attempt to comply with court-ordered desegregation. Today they’ve evolved to get students ready for college and careers >

Community Igniting Change
Jul 29, 8:07 AM:

Organizers in Jefferson County on Tuesday turned in more than double the signatures needed on petitions to order a recall election on three school board members in the second-largest school district in the state.

Poverty and Performance
Jul 27, 5:31 AM:

The many factors that contribute to a student being successful in the classroom interweave into a complicated tapestry, and one that has grown even more intricate in the last decade.

Personal undermining Professional
Jul 24, 5:34 AM:

Becoats, now a newly hired top school district administrator in Philadelphia, has resigned from two previous jobs, including Charlotte, following accounts of his alleged misuse of public resources, the Daily News has learned. >

ID Investigates Shorter Week
Jul 21, 7:27 AM:

ID experimented with four-day school weeks to attempt to save their district money. Schools instead forced to spend more on enrichment activities for students, brings economic issues into focus.

Veto The Veto
Jul 15, 6:03 AM:

CT governor vetoes bill that stated education commissioner must have advanced degree, five years of experience as a teacher and three as an administrator. Not clear why veto occurred, but seems to be looking at it in only one >

Magnet School Reform
Jul 14, 7:30 AM:

Dothan City Schools reform nearly every aspect of magnet schools. Misleading title, not only entrance requirements revisted. Discuss what reforms put in place, no detail given why these reforms are implemented. Exhaustive but >

Girls Rule
Jul 10, 7:50 AM:

Chicago public schools expand to accomodate more girl sport teams. Explains background and what it will take to implement program. Does leave out the student input.

Online Academy to Open
Jul 9, 7:56 AM:

Museum in Denver, CO set to open an online charter school for 100 students this fall.  Lacks input from future students but explains program they will participate in.



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