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Don’t Say Gay
Apr 21, 10:16 AM:

TN Senate committee approves "don't say gay" bill banning K-8 teachers from discussing homosexuality. Seems a wasted political gesture in face of major education needs. Need to hear from parents focused on better reforms as well >

No Licenses, No Dropouts
Apr 20, 1:30 PM:

MN lawmakers think keeping teenagers from getting driver's licenses will prevent dropouts. Study linking school attendance and driving priveleges backs proposal, but doesn't consider needs outside of metro area. Do lawmakers >

Does Age Matter?
Apr 20, 8:33 AM:

AL House passed bill to lower age for kindergarteners from 7 to 6 years old. Some concerned that parental choice taken away. Question remains whether getting kids in school earlier helps them throughout their education.

Game On For All
Apr 18, 8:23 AM:

NC bill to open interscholastic competition to students not enrolled in traditional public school. Athletic associations, opponents say teams' viability at stake and checking eligibility would be increasingly difficult. No data >

Aloha New Board Members
Apr 15, 10:14 AM:

Hawaii confirms nine new school board members, including bank CEO, attorney and charter school co-founder. A diverse group with some interesting ideas, but want more on how they plan to change culture and improve state education. >

PA Helping Homeless Students
Apr 14, 10:41 AM:

Redefinition of homeless students' rights spotlighted with pending legislation establishing task force to improve ed access. Good background and details on extent of problem, but unclear how tight budget impacts issue.


Also >

OH Calamity Days Increased
Apr 13, 12:57 PM:

State school districts once again have five snow days they don't have to make up. Previous ed reform cut to three. Clear outline of change in days, but no details on resultant cost savings. And what was the rush all about, which >

Recalculating Grads
Apr 13, 5:54 AM:

New calculation for OK graduation rates may be lower at first, but will be more accurate. Good explanation of how the math will change and what it will mean for percentage and future state policy.


What are the new federal >

Tracking Students For Success
Apr 12, 3:38 PM:

St. Louis area school part of the ACCESS Academies tracks students' progress through high school and college to encourage success. Good story, but unclear whether ACCESS is parochial or private. Also, how do students get in? >

Pitiful Prevention
Apr 11, 9:57 AM:

Orange school district's use of restraint on disabled students, nearly a quarter of FL cases, a major concern. Legislation now aimed at ending both restrain and seclusion practices. Look at alternatives for preventing troublesome >

Long Way To Go in Idaho
Apr 11, 9:50 AM:


Education bills signed by Gov last week face additional obstacle before plans are in play. State board must approve action items of new laws and have oversight over implementation. Bureaucracy could slow needed changes.


Truncated Reform Testimonial
Apr 8, 4:16 PM:

OK State School Super Barresi brings her reform agenda to congressional committee, sees problems with Dept. of Ed guidelines. Expand on her thoughts about education delivery and detail her 3R agenda. Not enough here.

OR Ed Committee Standoff
Apr 8, 3:29 PM:

GOPers in evenly divided House say their reform ideas aren't getting a fair hearing by ed panel. Dems disagree. What, you thought they'd agree? No surprise in this typical back and forth. Politics covered. Missing -- impact of >

Tobacco Prevention
Apr 8, 12:35 PM:

FL students celebrate commitment to fight tobacco use. Data show county youth do worse than state average. No word from community on student's tobacco use. Look at research, though, on how to help students develop certain values. >

Schools At Quake Risk
Apr 8, 10:21 AM:

CA state regulators failed to enforce earthquake safety laws, meaning tens of thousands of kids in schools with possible structural flaws. Top marks to reporting team who uncovered failures in system. Now safety must be first >

Safety Disconnect
Apr 7, 3:14 PM:

"Keep All Students Safe Act" would protect students from physical restraint and seclusion. Important to have national guidelines because some states have "no law on the books." Law for what? Highlight weakest child abuse laws to >

Single Sex Classes In Court
Apr 7, 8:40 AM:

Appeals court refuses to dismiss suit against single-sex classes at Vermilion, LA middle school. Parents and ACLU claim discrimination. No info on why school has policy. Show evidence of single-sex achievement elsewhere.

No-Go ND Education Change
Apr 6, 8:59 AM:

Proposal to give voters a voice in how education system should be overhauled doesn’t make it through Senate committee. House bill would eliminate 2 separate offices and create a single Dept. of Education. What would be gained?

Snow Not Only Problem
Apr 6, 5:33 AM:

OH Dems mad at GOP provision about busing to alternative schools for snow days. What's rationale behind suggestion anyway? Why focus on political spats when you could be enlightening public about take-home and online >

Not Taking Any Chances
Apr 5, 6:40 AM:

ID lawmakers not taking any chances with new education reform laws and enacting emergency clauses. Would put laws into effect immediately instead of July 1 due to planned referendums to repeal them.


Do these bills and >



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