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De-Classifying Virtual Education
Mar 3, 8:36 AM:

Army rejects grad of cyber charter high school, classifying him as second class applicant. Rejection of students from a virtual setting shows uninformed bias of socialization and potentially keeps strong, technology-savvy >

Online Money Caught in Web
Mar 2, 11:55 AM:

Utah bill to fund online learning fails in state Senate vote. Cost cited as a reason. A look at the growth and success of online learning throughout the country and the ways in which it's being funded would lend some perspective. >

Track Resistance to Reform
Mar 2, 9:57 AM:

FL Gov Scott's pick for education chair signals gov is serious about reform, will advance the school choice ideas of former Gov Jeb Bush. Emphasis on vouchers and digital learning -- why not provide info on their effect on school >

Point Of Legal Battle Missed
Mar 2, 7:12 AM:

City attorney who went to court for OK online charter requests student contact info to inform families about virtual options. One school Superintendent retroactively informs parents they can opt out of providing directory info. >

Virtual Sponsor-Hopping
Mar 2, 6:45 AM:

University backs out of sponsoring OK's first online charter. Another deal made with Graham public schools so virtual learning still an option. Aside from details missing on why UCO reversed decision, report doesn't tell us why >

Help With Hybrids
Mar 1, 12:06 PM:

New Salt Lake City area 4-7th grade charter will use blended web/face-to-face teaching to help economically disadvantaged and minority students via individualized curricula. Tailored learning at one's own speed sounds like a good >

Virtual Credentials
Feb 28, 9:21 AM:

Questioning teacher certification and other licensing rules for online teachers in WI. District and union leaders keep fighting this alternative schooling. Not enough focus and analysis on fight against virtual charters and >

No Military Salute For Cyber Charter Grads
Feb 28, 9:19 AM:

Cyber charter high school grads face low admission quotas for joining the military because their diplomas are considered less desirable than a traditional diploma, due to history GEDs' poor retention history, etc.. Aspiring >

Virtual School Changes
Feb 25, 9:32 AM:

Administrative issues override content in coverage of changes at WI Virtual Learning charter school. Chit-chat about state aid and loan arrangements.  Okay.   Notes attorney who is working with board.  That's nice.  Date of >

Virtual Quantity Over Instructional Quality?
Feb 25, 8:24 AM:

Demand for virtual learning in VA prompts York county to offer own program, with courses at $550 each. Waiting for state approval to open enrollment beyond district boundary. Confusing information on who is charged and who isn't. >

No Excuses Technology
Feb 23, 10:32 AM:

Internet brings lessons to students, allows for easy alignment with state standards, and centralizes communication with students and parents in MO districts. Examples abound, but no clue about cost or scalability. How are these >

Facts On Virtual Schools
Feb 23, 9:14 AM:

Georgia Cyber Academy, part of national trend, is expanding. Has been running for 3 years, shows student growth in math/reading at all grades. Growth planned and demand high. Would love more description of how the Cyber Academy >

PA Cyber Lauded
Feb 22, 1:01 PM:

Harrisburg-based cyber charter unites parents and teachers union. While some might know what is different about a cyber, this doesn't exactly educate and inform the reader, but it's a start.

More Tutoring Or More Monitoring
Feb 22, 12:21 PM:

Jasper AL schools seeking ways to focus teacher assistance to struggling students. City schools falling below state standards. New software is one approach, to allow close monitoring of student progress. What's missing is focus >

Technicalities With VA Virtual
Feb 22, 12:10 PM:

Policy allows private provider, K12 Inc., to maximize profits by partnering with poorest district. Gov. McDonnell wants expansion to meet parent/student demand, but Senate proposes cap to study funding issue. Other states might >

On The Screen, Here And There
Feb 22, 11:46 AM:

RI schools increasingly using $500  iPads, other tech. means of delivering ed. Can save tons on book costs, allows expanded access to information, study from home, quick interaction with teachers. Presentation of aggregated costs >

Local Charter Funding In The Works
Feb 21, 11:00 AM:

A State House panel voted last week to approve a one-time stimulus for area charter schools that receive only state and federal but no local funding. A separate bill would allow future local funding. Data on charter student >

My Teacher, The Computer
Feb 18, 12:20 PM:

New tech in NY's East Hampton District allows students to videoconference with their teacher in Beijing. A pass-fail elective pilot project. Interesting concept but we find no comparison with what is actually achieved compared >

Digital Textbooks: Unproven Success
Feb 18, 11:18 AM:

PA school district consortium wins grant from the State Department of Education for digital textbook program. Conflicting info presented here whether digital textbooks affect achievement. 

Textbook Publishers Behind Times
Feb 18, 10:06 AM:

Cautionary tale about jumping too soon onto bandwagon of iPad and other tablets.  One problem:  Not enough textbooks and other books published this way.  Check in with publishing companies to find out why they aren't making their >



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