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New Nashville teacher cooperative chips away at public, private partition
Jul 26, 7:24 AM: Teachers aren’t only good at teaching students. They’re good at teaching each other, too. That’s why Gregory O’Loughlin decided to form a network of teachers in grades 3-8 from across public and private schools in >
Utah school board schedules public hearing for new route to license teachers without education train
Jul 13, 6:40 AM: Members of the state school board are scheduled to hear public feedback this month on a new policy that allows individuals without education training to work as classroom teachers.
New route to teacher certification gets an F, Utah House Democrats say
Jul 8, 7:25 AM: A month after state education leaders created a new path to a teaching license, a dozen Democratic legislators are giving the route a failing grade.
Nevada looks to refresh dry pipeline of teachers, and fast
Jul 5, 7:45 AM: Nevada is struggling with a chronic teacher shortage that mirrors problems in other parts of the country as fewer students enroll in teacher training programs. At the Washoe County School District, the state's second largest behind >
Teach for America marks 10th year in Memphis with increased diversity and enhanced local training
Jul 5, 7:41 AM: Teach for America, a nonprofit that recruits corps members to commit to teaching two years in urban schools across the country, is celebrating its 25th year nationally and 10th anniversary in Memphis this year.
Alaska repeals teacher evaluation plan
Jun 27, 7:53 AM: In a win for Alaska’s teachers, the State Board of Education has repealed a requirement that teacher evaluations include student achievement data.
Regents act to provide schools with teacher evaluation help
Jun 15, 6:40 AM: The New York State Board of Regents today adopted rules that provide school districts with more flexibility in meeting teacher and principal evaluation requirements by the September 1, 2016 statutory deadline for state aid >
Report: Gates reforms brought mixed success, slow improvement to Hillsborough schools
Jun 13, 6:28 AM: Bill Gates wanted poor and minority students to have a fair shot at getting the best teachers public schools had to offer. That's a key reason his foundation plowed hundreds of millions of dollars into teaching reform efforts >
Teaching the teachers
Jun 9, 7:41 AM: Many factors shape a child’s success, but in schools nothing matters as much as the quality of teaching. In a study updated last year, John Hattie of the University of Melbourne crunched the results of more than 65,000 research >
Study Questions Value of Teacher Development
Aug 5, 9:02 AM:

Investments in ongoing training for teachers usually didn’t improve their performance, and schools should rethink how they try to bolster their teachers’ skills, according to a study released Tuesday by a national nonprofit >

Skandera drops student test scores in some teacher evaluations
Aug 5, 7:24 AM:

Hanna Skandera, New Mexico’s Cabinet secretary of public education, is dropping a small part of her controversial program for evaluating teachers. But Skandera says she will keep most of the system intact, continuing to mostly >

Official Bonus Details
Jul 28, 7:23 AM:

Teachers and school districts now have official guidance from the state on the controversial teacher bonus based on ACT and SAT scores.

Teachers Hard To Find
Jul 21, 6:01 AM:

Growth in STEM jobs will outpace other fields but it is increasingly hard to find those qualified to teach in these fields. Universities are working to launch teacher-training programs. Offers insight and context. 

Continuing Controversy
Jul 20, 6:55 AM:

FL teachers speak out about legislation that gives bonuses based on their SAT/ACT scores. Many who didn't qualify and want to retake tests complain they will miss deadline. Explains situation well and includes teacher voice, but >

What Bad Ratings ?
Jul 16, 7:27 AM:

New Jersey published new data today with the school-by-school and district-by-district results of teacher evaluations under the state's new system for rating its educators.

CA Teacher Changes
Apr 20, 7:44 AM:

Series of new bills introduced regarding teacher employment practices. Legislation seeks to increase role of student assessments in evaluations, expand ratings system. Lawmakers opt for legislative action, recognizing judicial >

CA Low Support For Tenure
Apr 13, 8:51 AM:

Poll findings indicate low support among voters for last-in-first-out teacher retention policies, high support for longer tenure probationary periods. Many believe in merit pay, easier process to fire a poorly performing teacher. >

N.J. Steps Up Teacher Requirements
Feb 5, 7:56 AM:

State proposed rules would require additional training time for student teachers and higher standards for substitutes. Proponents argue need for an initially high expectations. Also proposes data collection on teacher preparation >

NC Tenure Questions Remain
Jan 23, 7:31 AM:

Appeals Court hears arguments in challenge against new teacher employment structure. Lawyers question whether lawmakers who currently have tenure get to keep it. Legislative changes make teacher employment protection >

VA Tackles Teacher Quality
Dec 31, 8:23 AM:

Report urges state to increase number og high-quality teachers in poor and minority schools. State officials point to preexisting efforts. Experienced teachers of core learning subjects have increased. 



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