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What Bad Ratings ?
Jul 16, 7:27 AM:

New Jersey published new data today with the school-by-school and district-by-district results of teacher evaluations under the state's new system for rating its educators.

CA Teacher Changes
Apr 20, 7:44 AM:

Series of new bills introduced regarding teacher employment practices. Legislation seeks to increase role of student assessments in evaluations, expand ratings system. Lawmakers opt for legislative action, recognizing judicial >

CA Low Support For Tenure
Apr 13, 8:51 AM:

Poll findings indicate low support among voters for last-in-first-out teacher retention policies, high support for longer tenure probationary periods. Many believe in merit pay, easier process to fire a poorly performing teacher. >

N.J. Steps Up Teacher Requirements
Feb 5, 7:56 AM:

State proposed rules would require additional training time for student teachers and higher standards for substitutes. Proponents argue need for an initially high expectations. Also proposes data collection on teacher preparation >

NC Tenure Questions Remain
Jan 23, 7:31 AM:

Appeals Court hears arguments in challenge against new teacher employment structure. Lawyers question whether lawmakers who currently have tenure get to keep it. Legislative changes make teacher employment protection >

VA Tackles Teacher Quality
Dec 31, 8:23 AM:

Report urges state to increase number og high-quality teachers in poor and minority schools. State officials point to preexisting efforts. Experienced teachers of core learning subjects have increased. 

CO Teacher Pay Disconnect
Dec 18, 7:21 AM:

Reports reveal lack of understanding among teachers about workings of bonuses and merit pay. School officials drafting guidelines to simplify and explain the payment system better. Under a state program, teachers are eligible for >

TFA Tiff
Dec 10, 5:56 AM:

Teachers upset with district plan to use Teach For America to fill vacancies at several struggling schools, say openings result of inadequate teacher pay.  Story covers board discussion, teacher protest, but omits big picture >

Questionable Teacher Ratings
Dec 4, 5:47 AM:

FL releases teacher ratings that show “unusually” high number of effective teachers.  Story questions validity of evaluations, notes instances where low performing schools have high number of top-rated teachers.  Value added, >

Teachers Failing In MD
Oct 29, 9:02 AM:

Number of ineffective teachers tripled after new evaluation system put into place. Teachers with better performance can raise salary, but more analysis must be done before conclusions about evaluations' validity can be drawn. >

The Fault In Our Teachers
Oct 29, 5:42 AM:

Failing school district selected for turnaround initiative blames teachers for issues. Uses irrelevant quotes and comments and omits crucial information regarding situation at hand.

Keeping MO Accountable
Oct 20, 5:58 AM:

MO on track to becoming first state to ensure majority of teacher evaluation results relies on student performance. Hones in on potential new law and thoroughly addresses multitude of potential issues.

Nashville Aims High
Oct 9, 5:44 AM:

District sets goal to hire 100 high-quality teachers in next three months, offering pay incentives and leadership opportunities.  Highlights other program ideas to help priority schools that need help the most.

Meeting Parents In St. Louis
Oct 8, 5:51 AM:

Many St. Louis-area schools implement teacher home visits in last decade, but not all have stuck with it. Obstacles include teachers crunched for time and families resistant to opening their houses to school staff. Participating >

Poor Kids Get Least-Effective Teachers
Aug 21, 5:54 AM:

No news flash to FL district that their most novice teachers are concentrated in low income areas.  Officials urge community looking at new report to consider all factors, note some recent improvement.  Researchers behind report >

Opposition Resists Teacher Accountability
Aug 7, 4:34 AM:

Proposed MO constitutional amendment links teacher evaluations to student performance, but local interest group seeks to block.  Dwells on shaky claims that law would reduce local autonomy, and ignores failings of current >

Tenure And Elections
Aug 4, 8:21 AM:

Teacher tenure looms as likely hot-button issue in the 2016 presidential races. Some national candidates make opposition clear, others silent to balance calls for reform and teachers union support. Much of American electorate >

NJ Test Scores Take Back Seat
Jul 28, 7:58 AM:

Governor scales back weight of test scores in teacher evaluations under new Common Core structure. Differing perspectives on question of teacher accountability. Rollback viewed as a compromise, use of test scores still being >

Governor Won’t Take Stand
Jul 24, 8:03 AM:

CA Gov. Brown stays silent on ruling weeks after Vergara tenure decision. Attorney general requests additional information, but executive offers no opinion on broken tenure system struck down last month. Fails to explore >

CA Teacher Ratings Classified
Jul 24, 8:01 AM:

State appellate court rules teacher performance ratings to stay secret, overrules lower court decision supporting public disclosure.   Parent perspective absent, but makes clear need for accountability and questionable basis of >



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