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Super Unfazed By Evaluation Lawsuit
Aug 15, 10:29 AM:

NY state superintendent confident new teacher evaluation standards will be upheld in court. Unions has sued, angered by inclusion of standardized tests as up to 40 percent of evaluation. Claims system violates collective >

Are Good Teachers Enough?
Aug 11, 3:27 PM:

Leading ed journalist Steve Brill's new book argues good teachers can overcome inequality among students. Best-known for expose of New York's "rubber rooms" for negligent teachers, he now focuses on wider reform issues. Explores >

Evaluating Teacher Evaluations
Aug 9, 5:16 AM:

New UT teacher evaluations are "a good thing," editorial says. Student achievement will be a primary factor, but with sensible additions. Student progress from year to year will be considered. So will observations and input from >

Teachers Friending Students
Aug 5, 2:23 PM:

New law requires local school boards to create policies that stipulate appropriate use of electronic media -- from texting to Facebook. Some teachers in uproar, arguing that they are not "perverts" and use the site to reach out >

Too Old For Kindergarten?
Aug 3, 10:41 AM:

80-year-old kindergarten teacher sues NYC Ed Dept, claiming she was forced out due to her age. Classroom assignment made it difficult to take kids to restroom with her bad knee. Also subjected to "humiliating" psychological exam >

Mystery Reforms Don’t Sit Well With Teachers
Jul 19, 10:58 AM:

Teachers react to IN reforms. Criticisms hog spotlight, despite one teacher's vocal support for changes to the profession. Details of "education changes" totally left out. Include facts so readers can judge reforms on their own. >

Teacher Performance Problem, Or Wrong Race
Jul 11, 1:12 PM:

Lawsuit filed on behalf of teachers let go by AK school district. Teachers charge race-based discrimination. District says it was due to poor performance.  But, no accounting of why teachers' performance was ranked so low.  Was >

Is Litigation The Answer?
Jul 7, 10:19 AM:

OK district considers suing state to fully fund its employee health benefits costs. Would be interested in hearing more about the legal basis for their argument. Only alluded to here. State shouldn't saddle districts with those >

Questions Loom Over Layoffs Legislation
Jul 1, 11:52 AM:

Chaos ensues after CA lawmakers approve legislation that could, depending on the interpretation, rescind proposed teacher layoffs. But nobody seems to know the specific implications of new policy. Should be talking with >

Evaluations Burden Principals?
Jun 27, 5:15 AM:

Globe frames debate over revised teacher evaluations in a strange light, asserting new provisions may "burden" principals. Takes time to talk with both sides of issue, but fails to ask most pertinent question: Isn't ensuring >

Grading Teachers And Principals
Jun 23, 10:37 AM:

New bill in MI legislature raises accountability standards for school leaders and instructors. Student achievement would account for half or more in evaluations. Article details legislation but doesn't assess its chances of >

Assessing Teachers And Students
Jun 15, 8:52 AM:

Thorough reporting on reform bill making its way through KY legislature. Would institute new evaluation system for teachers and overhaul statewiding tests. Plenty of details on new programs with one caveat: too much ambiguity on >

ID Politicking, Overblown Or Problem
Jun 3, 1:58 PM:

Inappropriate politicking stirs ire in ID; Super Luna complains most political activity at school against his "Students Come First" campaign. Unclear if it's misuse of emails to encourage parents and others to support or fight >

Rhee: PA Schools Need Reform
May 31, 10:13 AM:

Michelle Rhee makes case for teacher evaluation as factor in layoffs and expanding PA charter system. Lays out all the standard arguments, but needs some more meat to back it up.


Instead of saying that "research shows," >

MI Teachers Feeling Underappreciated
May 24, 1:45 PM:

MI teachers feeling underappreciated as reforms loom. Quotes raise one question that needs an answer: why are teachers opposed to student performance being an aspect of their evaluations? One comment—that it would deter teachers >

Post-Katrina Layoffs Go To Trial
May 24, 10:44 AM:

Court case over massive New Orleans layoffs after Katrina coming to a head this month. Times-Picayune preview leaves the most important question—have reforms produced better results?—to the end with minimal detail. While state >

AL Dismissal Details Deserted
May 19, 3:15 PM:

AL House promises to get to teacher dismissal bill immediately after break. State Senate already passed it. Opponents say legislation "has serious flaws," but you fail to research what they are. Public needs to know how >

Evaluations Need More Details
May 17, 1:30 PM:

Brief glance at proposed WI bill allowing teacher evaluations to be used for discipline / dismissal. If there are other problems, this seems reasonable step in giving districts more flexibility. But concerns about fairness of >

Find IL Reform’s Classroom Connection
May 16, 7:26 AM:

Wide variety of reactions to new IL legislation, Performance pay and tenure draw praise and ire from predictable sources. Lip service is paid to benefit for state’s students, but that should be the heart of such a follow-up >

Closer Look Needed At IL Teacher Reform
May 13, 6:50 AM:

Chicago Sun Times editorial calls teacher eval reform bill heading to Gov's desk "ambitious." A closer look would've revealed that it really isn't. Ties student performance to teacher reviews, but tenure remains. So what happens >



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