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Prolonging The Agony
Mar 3, 7:14 AM:

NV Dems propose a bill they believe will reform teaching. Would introduce bonuses and give poor performing teachers 3 years in the classroom before termination--"giving them a chance to improve." Only one Republican on committee >

Teaching For The Money
Feb 25, 8:54 AM:

TX faces budget shortfall like rest of nation, predicts 1,000 teacher layoffs over next two years. Legislation proposes that within 15 days of pink slip, teacher can request hearing to keep job. Reporting fails to mention if >

Age Discrimination Laws And Seniority
Feb 23, 9:40 AM:

With FL GOP in charge, more likely to pass broad reform bill that includes eliminating tenure and merit pay for new teachers, tying student achievement to teacher evaluation, annual contract. Unions cry foul. Worried ending >

Restructuring Report
Feb 22, 1:23 PM:

AP story reviewed by the Bullpen ("No Reasoning Behind Bills") now has additional info on OK Senate approving board restructuring. Focus strictly political -- lawmaker mentions change makes board "more accountable to citizens", >

No Reasoning Behind Bills
Feb 22, 8:48 AM:

Bills pass through OK Senate that expand charters and eliminate court appeals for fired teachers. No explanation of firing process or why legislation considered -- attention only given to union skepticism and "attack on public >

Devil Is In The Details
Feb 18, 8:55 AM:

FL Senate bill aiming to reform teacher contracts, pay, and evaluations now has competition from House bill on same issue. Absolutely zilch on particulars of either proposal. Is this akin to legislation in NJ and IN targeting >

Look Beyond The Statements
Feb 18, 8:52 AM:

Legislators face union and PTA challenges over proposed overhauls to ID's Ed system, including: replacing tenure with merit pay, increased class-size, 770 teacher layoffs, and requiring online courses for students.  What is class >

ID Still Split On Renewed Ed Plan
Feb 15, 9:17 AM:

State Supt. changes ed plan in response to widespread opposition, reducing online reqs and restructuring teacher pay. Some say concerns are still not met but alternative proposals are nowhere to be found here.

Ed Bill Rewrite Leaves Questions
Feb 11, 10:15 AM:

Bill sent back for edits after intense debate over ID plan to increase classroom tech and eliminate teacher tenure. Must have been a big discussion but you wouldn't know it from here. People need more info on what's actually >

Legislation Sparks Debate
Feb 10, 1:03 PM:

Prospective ed system overhaul in ID meets flurry of activity from both supporters and detractors.  Impassioned pleas over class size, teacher pay and tenure. What's the record on those things?

Evaluating Teacher Evaluations
Feb 7, 5:21 PM:

Dispute on how to assess educator effectiveness. But failure to mention why teachers are being evaluated in the first place -- to increase student learning.



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