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Try Again On Teacher Contract Savings
Apr 12, 1:43 PM:

NJ Gov says bill to force districts to use money saved from renegotiating contracts to avoid layoffs is unclear and doesn't encourage "shared sacrifice." Makes changes and returns to Legislature. Good update, but framing it in >

RI Rep Needs Lesson On Charters
Apr 8, 5:25 AM:

Bill introduced that would allow private and charter school teachers to purchase retirement credit from state. Analyze more data, such as cost of program.


Rep calls charters "for-profit" schools. Charters are public >

AL On Eval Bandwagon
Apr 5, 6:21 AM:

Bill proposes AL teachers can be fired for "consistent or pervasive record of inadequate student achievement." All attention given to teacher outcry on this and potential pay cuts. How about info on how this would help students? >

Criticizing Credentials
Mar 25, 3:23 PM:

No push beyond quotes from Teach For America skeptics in OH reacting to legislation. Frown upon lack of traditional credentials and certification. Because those are proving to work so well? Don't think so.

Lamenting New FL Law

Governor's Office official photo
Mar 25, 5:07 AM:

FL Gov signs bill tying teacher evaluations to student performance. Quotes from teachers who think law is too harsh. You mention tenure in title but fail to even explain what it is and how it keeps subpar teachers in classrooms.  >

Retiree Resurgence?
Mar 24, 7:35 AM:

RI Commissioner urges lawmakers to pass bill permitting retired teachers to work as contractors to help implement new standards. Only "the very best" will be selected -- and that would be how? Is eval system reliable?

Jersey Fight To Continue?
Mar 15, 6:36 AM:

NJ governor's task force on teacher evaluations calls for student performance to be a central part of the new system. Fighting continues in state over how to fix evaluation system and is becoming less about working toward a >

Down And Out?
Mar 11, 12:11 PM:

OK City board dismisses teacher from school that has lost 24 this year through resignation or firing. Failed to file required special ed plans. Percentage of turnover said to be high but compared to what? Under "turnaround" of >

Shortening “You’re Fired” Process
Mar 9, 4:22 AM:

Competing OK bills deal with firing a "career" teacher. One would make decision by school board to fire final, ending teacher's ability to appeal to court. The other would allow career teacher fired by school board to request >

Bare the Bills
Mar 8, 8:55 AM:

ID legislators debate two bills -- one to end teacher tenure and ignore seniority when enacting layoffs and the other to institute performance-based pay. Third bill that would cut nearly 800 jobs (via laptop computers) and >

Alternatives to Finding Teachers
Mar 8, 8:49 AM:

Alternative teacher pathway signed into law in MN this week. Specific to math and science teachers, where there is often a shortage, bill will make it easier for college-educated professionals in these fields to receive a >

Walk Down New Path
Mar 8, 8:46 AM:

New MN law creates alternative avenues to becoming a licensed teacher, in effort to close nation's second-highest achievement gap. Lets unlicensed teachers work in underperforming schools. Take a look at how new teachers will be >

Testing Merit Of Evaluation Excuses
Mar 7, 1:00 PM:

Suggested statewide evaluation system taking heat for not being best way to measure NJ teacher effectiveness, especially when working with atypical students. Challenges shouldn't be an excuse to lower standards -- no mention of >

Will Sun Shine on Reform?
Mar 7, 8:17 AM:

FL legislative session begins this week and education reform bills on the table again. Second chance to pass bill that would end tenure and introduce performance pay and achievement-based evaluations. Last year, fight against >

Prolonging The Agony
Mar 3, 7:14 AM:

NV Dems propose a bill they believe will reform teaching. Would introduce bonuses and give poor performing teachers 3 years in the classroom before termination--"giving them a chance to improve." Only one Republican on committee >

Teaching For The Money
Feb 25, 8:54 AM:

TX faces budget shortfall like rest of nation, predicts 1,000 teacher layoffs over next two years. Legislation proposes that within 15 days of pink slip, teacher can request hearing to keep job. Reporting fails to mention if >

Age Discrimination Laws And Seniority
Feb 23, 9:40 AM:

With FL GOP in charge, more likely to pass broad reform bill that includes eliminating tenure and merit pay for new teachers, tying student achievement to teacher evaluation, annual contract. Unions cry foul. Worried ending >

Restructuring Report
Feb 22, 1:23 PM:

AP story reviewed by the Bullpen ("No Reasoning Behind Bills") now has additional info on OK Senate approving board restructuring. Focus strictly political -- lawmaker mentions change makes board "more accountable to citizens", >

No Reasoning Behind Bills
Feb 22, 8:48 AM:

Bills pass through OK Senate that expand charters and eliminate court appeals for fired teachers. No explanation of firing process or why legislation considered -- attention only given to union skepticism and "attack on public >

Devil Is In The Details
Feb 18, 8:55 AM:

FL Senate bill aiming to reform teacher contracts, pay, and evaluations now has competition from House bill on same issue. Absolutely zilch on particulars of either proposal. Is this akin to legislation in NJ and IN targeting >



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