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MI Teachers Feeling Underappreciated
May 24, 1:45 PM:

MI teachers feeling underappreciated as reforms loom. Quotes raise one question that needs an answer: why are teachers opposed to student performance being an aspect of their evaluations? One comment—that it would deter teachers >

Post-Katrina Layoffs Go To Trial
May 24, 10:44 AM:

Court case over massive New Orleans layoffs after Katrina coming to a head this month. Times-Picayune preview leaves the most important question—have reforms produced better results?—to the end with minimal detail. While state >

AL Dismissal Details Deserted
May 19, 3:15 PM:

AL House promises to get to teacher dismissal bill immediately after break. State Senate already passed it. Opponents say legislation "has serious flaws," but you fail to research what they are. Public needs to know how >

Evaluations Need More Details
May 17, 1:30 PM:

Brief glance at proposed WI bill allowing teacher evaluations to be used for discipline / dismissal. If there are other problems, this seems reasonable step in giving districts more flexibility. But concerns about fairness of >

Find IL Reform’s Classroom Connection
May 16, 7:26 AM:

Wide variety of reactions to new IL legislation, Performance pay and tenure draw praise and ire from predictable sources. Lip service is paid to benefit for state’s students, but that should be the heart of such a follow-up >

Closer Look Needed At IL Teacher Reform
May 13, 6:50 AM:

Chicago Sun Times editorial calls teacher eval reform bill heading to Gov's desk "ambitious." A closer look would've revealed that it really isn't. Ties student performance to teacher reviews, but tenure remains. So what happens >

PA Layoff Bill Eases Process
May 12, 1:37 PM:

Bill would loosen regulations on teacher layoffs as districts deal with budget cuts. One refreshing element: under some circumstances, district could circumvent seniority in favor of highly performing younger teachers. Some >

TX Teacher Bill Hits Speed Bump
May 9, 7:28 AM:

Bill that would increase class sizes, cut salaries and furlough teachers hits legislative hiccup. All-too-brief summary that leaves us uninformed. Opposing sides’ talking points can’t both be right. Analyze the bill instead of >

OK Raising Retirement Age
Apr 28, 11:59 AM:

OK Leg approves bill that increases teacher retirement age. Affects only hires after Nov. 1. Plenty of budget numbers to consider, but little consideration for what this could mean for education. Performance pay recently passed >

Rewarding Top Teachers
Apr 27, 8:13 AM:

NM Gov wants to reward top teachers. Recommendations expected in Sept. Great step to reward performance. Public support seems to be catching on here too. Retaining the best teachers will boost student achievement.


Input >

Importance Of Advanced Degrees
Apr 26, 2:55 PM:

NV teachers worried about losing extra pay for advanced degrees because research shows they have little impact on student achievement. No details about research. Tell us source of info, who did the research, and impact on >

Proper Praise For IL Reform
Apr 22, 6:15 AM:

Editorial voices support for education reform bill in IL legislature. Praises switch to performance-based layoffs, streamlined dismissal process and power for Chicago school boards to increase hours and days.


Bemoans >

Technicality Trumps Teaching
Apr 18, 11:27 AM:

State audit found school district withheld 2009 pay for retired substitute until 2010; board president says had no choice when state denied exemption. Case of bureaucracy impeding what’s best for students. 


Why was one >

Teach for America Now in Ohio
Apr 14, 10:20 AM:

Gov Kasich intends to sign bill that will open Ohio classrooms to Teach for America participants. Teachers unions, opponents say inexperienced instructors will put students at disadvantage. No data to back that claim.


How >

Try Again On Teacher Contract Savings
Apr 12, 1:43 PM:

NJ Gov says bill to force districts to use money saved from renegotiating contracts to avoid layoffs is unclear and doesn't encourage "shared sacrifice." Makes changes and returns to Legislature. Good update, but framing it in >

RI Rep Needs Lesson On Charters
Apr 8, 5:25 AM:

Bill introduced that would allow private and charter school teachers to purchase retirement credit from state. Analyze more data, such as cost of program.


Rep calls charters "for-profit" schools. Charters are public >

AL On Eval Bandwagon
Apr 5, 6:21 AM:

Bill proposes AL teachers can be fired for "consistent or pervasive record of inadequate student achievement." All attention given to teacher outcry on this and potential pay cuts. How about info on how this would help students? >

Criticizing Credentials
Mar 25, 3:23 PM:

No push beyond quotes from Teach For America skeptics in OH reacting to legislation. Frown upon lack of traditional credentials and certification. Because those are proving to work so well? Don't think so.

Lamenting New FL Law

Governor's Office official photo
Mar 25, 5:07 AM:

FL Gov signs bill tying teacher evaluations to student performance. Quotes from teachers who think law is too harsh. You mention tenure in title but fail to even explain what it is and how it keeps subpar teachers in classrooms.  >

Retiree Resurgence?
Mar 24, 7:35 AM:

RI Commissioner urges lawmakers to pass bill permitting retired teachers to work as contractors to help implement new standards. Only "the very best" will be selected -- and that would be how? Is eval system reliable?



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