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Board Candidates Woo Voters
Sep 15, 2:22 PM:

Eight of nine candidates vying for three seats on Modesto City (CA) school panel campaign at Latino Roundtable. Questions centered on how to get more Latino students to stay in school and how to improve academics. No easy >

Wide Open Race For Board Seats
Sep 8, 6:16 AM:

Change in election law means IA board seats will be wide open. Officials seem hopeful new rules will inspire more community members to take interest in local races. Increased voter turnout is also an expected side effect. What no >

Open Forum For Board Candidates
Sep 7, 11:47 AM:

Candidates tout necessity of working within district's financial restrictions and addressing increasing enrollment. Communication will be key, they all agree. Many overlaps in suggestions, although there is enough difference to >

Question Union’s Role In Elections
Sep 7, 11:03 AM:

CA district's teachers union hosts debate for board candidates. Funding cuts dominate conversation. Candidates predictably pander to union positions. There is a deeper issue here: should union endorsements hold so much weight? >

Elections Split Reforms From Status Quo
Sep 6, 1:50 PM:

Typically low-profile race fo La. board seats has become major race for all parties in wake of recent reforms. Governor also expected to play part in election shakeout. Two narratives seem to be developing: one painted by >

Union Holds Candidates Forum
Sep 6, 11:50 AM:

CA district's teachers union organizes forums for school board candidates to discuss their positions on various issues. After the meetings, union will decide who to endorse for upcoming election. What issues will be prioritized, >

No Candidates For Boards
Sep 2, 5:38 AM:

Several CO districts cancel board election because of lack of candidates. Current members offer suggestions for trend: no pay and long hours amid period of tough budget cuts. It might not be worth the "hassle," says one. Or, as >

Political Group Seeks Fundamental Reform
Sep 1, 10:54 AM:

La. PAC announces intentions of supporting reform candidates during upcoming election for state board. "The present system is not working," says official. Fundamental disagreements currently exist on board between those who >

Board Candidates Take Positions
Aug 30, 5:56 AM:

Nine candidates vying for 3 seats in CO district's board. Teachers unions and reform groups expected to dump cash into race with hopes of influencing future policy. One common theme from most candidates is increased cooperation >

Who Will Fill Board Seats?
Aug 18, 12:18 PM:

Candidate field for CA boards starting to take shape. Common theme: swath of candidates vying for limited number of sites. Little exploration, though, of issues that disricts are facing. Filing period has been closed, and >

Education At Campaign Forefront
Aug 17, 7:34 AM:

IN candidate for governor extols virtues of charters and vouchers. Asserts that competition between schools is beneficial to both sides. Asks rhetorically why state intervention laws wait six years before state steps into a bad >

Board Election Heats Up
Aug 11, 9:28 AM:

Race shaping up for four open seats on OH district's board. Write-in candidates vie for attention, and one of them is projected to win seat. Comfort and familiarity with charters seems to be a strong suit, as all candidates are >

Seeking School Reform Leaders
Aug 10, 11:22 AM:

Op-ed calls on reform leaders to run for La. schools board. Union opposition and lack of leadership threaten movement towards more charters, accountability, teacher evaluations. Can be struggle finding candidates for unpaid, >

State Board Politics
Aug 9, 4:29 PM:

Fall elections for LA. board of education have critical implications for reform movement .  Board's slim 6-5 majority favor charters, accountability,etc., but finding candidates willing to run for a demanding position with no >

Candidates Propose Education Plans
Aug 5, 6:37 AM:

Indy mayoral candidates stake out positions on education. Opposing candidates would establish a "chief education officer" with focuses on charters, early childhood education and outreach to public schools. She would also place >

Candidate Puts Schools First
Jul 29, 2:12 PM:

Phoenix mayoral candidate says education should be top priority in building economy.  Bio of leader in polls, setting out his vision for city. He'd advocate for early childhood ed, after-school programs. Says all the right >

Charter Leader Challenges Senate Prez
Jul 28, 10:04 AM:

Charter school executive enters race against controversial AZ Senate President. He's staying tightlipped on policies, apart from extending focus beyond illegal immigration. More details on his resume and achievements would be >

Candidates Stake Out Education Positions
Jul 26, 7:18 AM:

Bridgeport mayoral candidates air their positions on education following state board's decision to remove local board. Records their positions on matter and reviews expected consequences from new policy, if implemented. Makes it >

Education Issues Key In Election
Jul 25, 12:46 PM:

Education is issue in upcoming race for state Senate seat in MS for one GOP candidate. Clarion Ledger notes his views, including connecting educaiton with economy. No mention of other candidates' position on ed issues, nor state >

Union Joins Recall Effort
Jul 6, 10:51 AM:

Teachers union reveals plans to recall MI lawmakers who supported reforms to tenure laws. Offers both sides of the debate. Predictably, the union says legislators want to destroy unions; GOP says union's acting in own best >



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