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Doing education differently: Rampart High to pilot new blended learning model
Feb 25, 7:49 AM: Later school start times, flexible schedules, moving faster or slower through curriculum and learning by a combination of online and classroom instruction are among the differences in a new program coming in the fall at Rampart >
IPS Renews Innovation Pact With Phalen, Delays Enlace Vote
Dec 20, 6:09 AM: Indianapolis Public Schools granted its first renewal for an innovation network school and delayed a vote on approval for another operator.
OH School Tries Blended Learning
Nov 20, 7:19 AM:

Using blended learning in math classes has been successful for one OH high school, since students both like the program and have been able to finish the entire years' curriculum in one quarter.  The model was boosted by a >

Using Computers Effectively
Sep 30, 6:54 AM:

AZ district Super wants blended learning. Way of incorporating technology lets students pick learning method that's best for them, and has potential to expand course offerings. Important to note that throwing computers in schools >

Blended Learning Promoted
Sep 23, 5:59 AM:

Dog-and-pony show by blended learning experts for ed reporters promotes this school choice with examples of success across the nation. Implicit is that this type of environment works for all kinds of kids. Teachers not replaced, >

Uploading Homework
Sep 15, 6:26 AM:

Students at Westchester, NY, high schools will be swapping textbooks for videoconferencing, and writing blogs instead of term papers. Online electives offered in 8 districts aim to prepare kids for "real world." Blended approach >

Utilizing Blended Learning
Sep 6, 12:27 PM:

CA teacher wins national award for utilizing learning software to build reading skills of struggling students. Educators calls success a "team effort" and credits work of parents and other staff. By using balanced approach with >

America’s Promise On Blended Learning
Aug 31, 5:46 AM:

Four school districts will launch blended learning programs, funded by America's Promise Alliance. The districts represent diverse school settings in order to examine how the cyber-brick-and-mortar approach works. In OK, credit >

School For 21st Century
Aug 30, 12:57 PM:

New Boston launches 1st blended school in OH. Aims to prepare kids for 21st century jobs, and help those who've struggled in traditional schools. "Conversion" school will be run by district, combining online classes with learning >

Learning From Blended School
Aug 12, 7:13 AM:

OK Super holds up AZ "blended" school as model. With 350 students and just 6 teachers, kids learn mainly online, but with individualized help. Despite 60% low-income students, Yuma school is in AZ top 10. She calls for focus on >

Preaching Benefits Of Blended Learning
Aug 10, 1:29 PM:

PA district reaches initial understanding with virtual academy to provide online classes for students. Superintendents explains the importance of blended learning: they offer flexibility and individual attention that sometimes >

Building On Success Of Blended Learning
Aug 5, 1:41 PM:

AZ charter expands into Phoenix after winning national attention for high achievement and blended learning model. Yuma school combines 4-day week with online lessons. Also considering campuses in Washington DC and IN. Families >

Blended Learning Goes Statewide
Aug 5, 7:15 AM:

Blended learning program run by highly touted charter school expanding in AZ. Students work online at home and visit a brick-and-mortar school once a week for seminars and testing. Plans to expand nationwide.  Big plus: not only >

Learning Through Technology
Aug 2, 7:10 AM:

GA school's "blended learning" model uses online resources with traditional teaching. Encourages kids to produce own web content as part of music and language lessons. Some intriguing ideas which could  engage students, prepare >

Behind Blended Charter Expansion
Behind Blended Charter Expansion
Photo by lynnefeatherstone
Jul 8, 7:23 AM:

IL charter creates online component to individualize current students' experiences. Aims to expand offerings to students not enrolled in charter. Missing is any hint of virtual or charter scene in IL. Clue us in on why state >

Benefits Of Blended Learning
Jul 6, 10:54 AM:

Chicago charter earns approval with blended learning curriculum. Quick rundown of school's learning plan hits on all the major points, but misses an opportunity. Tell us why blending learnings works more than traditional styles >

Blended Learning Alive In OH
Jun 28, 2:55 PM:

Blended learning, which combines on-line instruction with classroom guidance by teachers, is part of state's long-term ed reform. Elaborate on point that one way to pay quality teachers is to give them a percentage of their >

Blended Learning Benefits
Jun 23, 1:32 PM:

Blended learning saves money and helps kids master basic skills. Leaves teacher time to teach higher-level skills. Examples of charters using technique. No mention of traditional public schools using method. Tell us if there's >

Melding Technology With Learning
Jun 2, 8:10 AM:

Program for WV students blends technology and learning. Excellent anecdotal examples of the unique learning opportunities offered, but story could use some wider perspective. How does this fit into the growing effort to >

Getting To Graduation
Mar 30, 7:23 AM:

IL H.S. uses online courses to help students graduate in four years -- which plays a role in district's federal funding under No Child Left Behind. State and U.S. DOE support online courses, but is there any resistance?  >



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