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New effort to re-invent online learning as a flexible option
Aug 24, 10:45 AM: For years, online learning in elementary and high schools has been largely an all-or-nothing option, with students choosing between full-time traditional learning in a classroom or full-time online learning. The two could cross >
For High Schools, Let’s Preserve Variant Of Hybrid Learning After COVID
Aug 4, 11:14 AM: As school communities ponder what new COVID-induced practices they should maintain post-pandemic, high on the list should be a variant of hybrid learning for high schoolers.
More than 40,000 NYC students enrolled in blended learning: de Blasio
Apr 12, 7:24 AM: The families of at least 40,000 fully remote New York City public school students enrolled their children in blended learning during the hybrid model’s most recent opt-in window, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Friday.
Schools in Fort Smith modify blended learning for students
Dec 22, 7:42 AM: The blended-learning model of on-site instruction, a school district news release stated, "allowed students to listen to lectures, complete assignments at home, and attend on-site classes when they believed they needed help with >
A Mississippi teacher alternates between two groups of students, and she knows one is falling behind
Sep 28, 7:38 AM: Danielle Whittington teaches 40 fourth-grade students each day but she has not met all of them in person. In her hybrid classroom, 15 are at home, and the rest are in school — and, she says, she is worried that the two groups are >
Families face the demands of online and hybrid learning
Sep 17, 6:36 AM: As the coronavirus pandemic surges into autumn, California’s students, teachers and families are embarking on an extraordinary school year. Most of the usual back-to-school traditions have been scrapped. Now, students in most parts >
How blended learning will differ at Staten Island public, private, Catholic schools
Sep 2, 6:24 AM: Many Staten Island students will receive in-person learning partially each week and learn remotely the rest of the week under a blended learning model -- but how remote instruction will be delivered will differ by school.
As schools, libraries & businesses pivot, the new pandemic-era buzzword is hybrid (CER in the news)
Aug 5, 8:23 AM: While the early days of the pandemic saw a mad scramble to move offerings completely online or cancel them entirely, providers now have six months of experience behind them, as well as better public health data. That’s allowed some >
With a hybrid learning model and proper safeguards, schools can successfully open
Jul 14, 8:46 AM: The rethinking of schooling that was forced by the pandemic can serve as an opportunity to introduce some long-overdue reforms and improvements to better serve students, particularly students of color. The task ahead of us is not >
Schools Tell Ed Tech Leader They Expect Lots More Blended, Hybrid Learning in the Fall.
Jul 7, 8:56 AM: Uncertainty surrounds the start of the 2020-21 school year. Districts around the country must prepare for three types of learning environments: the in-person style they’ve known for decades, the distance learning most were tossed >
Madison schools to take ‘hybrid’ approach to reopening in fall as state releases guidance
Jun 23, 7:31 AM: The state Department of Public Instruction released its guidance Monday for reopening schools during the COVID-19 pandemic, suggesting smaller class sizes and some students attending school possibly only two days per week.
Infante-Green: Return to school in R.I. will involve hybrid of in-person and online classes
Jun 5, 6:53 AM: When classes begin again this fall, students will take a mix of online and in-person classes, and districts will have some flexibility over how they offer this hybrid model.
State tells schools to prepare blend of in-person, online education
Jun 5, 6:11 AM: The Arkansas Division of Elementary and Secondary Education on Thursday directed Arkansas school districts to prepare an education program for the coming school year that relies on face-to-face and online instruction with the >
Blended learning could be the way of the future for schools in Osceola County
May 28, 7:09 AM: Blended learning would allow parents who are comfortable bringing their kids to school to do so, but it would also give a digital option to those who feel safer at home.
The Coronavirus Pandemic Has Unleashed A Revolution In Education: From Now On, Blended Learning Will
Apr 13, 8:30 AM: In other words, online teaching will no longer simply be an option. Next year, institutions that are unable to offer a blended methodology that seamlessly integrates face-to-face and online teaching will increasingly find >
Doing education differently: Rampart High to pilot new blended learning model
Feb 25, 7:49 AM: Later school start times, flexible schedules, moving faster or slower through curriculum and learning by a combination of online and classroom instruction are among the differences in a new program coming in the fall at Rampart >
IPS Renews Innovation Pact With Phalen, Delays Enlace Vote
Dec 20, 6:09 AM: Indianapolis Public Schools granted its first renewal for an innovation network school and delayed a vote on approval for another operator.
OH School Tries Blended Learning
Nov 20, 7:19 AM:

Using blended learning in math classes has been successful for one OH high school, since students both like the program and have been able to finish the entire years' curriculum in one quarter.  The model was boosted by a >

Using Computers Effectively
Sep 30, 6:54 AM:

AZ district Super wants blended learning. Way of incorporating technology lets students pick learning method that's best for them, and has potential to expand course offerings. Important to note that throwing computers in schools >

Blended Learning Promoted
Sep 23, 5:59 AM:

Dog-and-pony show by blended learning experts for ed reporters promotes this school choice with examples of success across the nation. Implicit is that this type of environment works for all kinds of kids. Teachers not replaced, >



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