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School Attendance Predicts Success
Sep 1, 8:44 AM:

The nation’s large and persistent education achievement gaps are rooted in a largely hidden crisis of chronic absenteeism from school, especially among low-income and minority children, according to a new report that compiles >

Diplomas In The District
Dec 15, 7:41 AM:

In effort to improve graduation rate, plan implemented to allow students credit for time spent outside of classroom and speed up graduation time. Some believe that the gap-closing plan will create more issues. Provides in-depth >

More Diplomas In Los Angeles
Oct 6, 6:08 AM:

Rise in graduation rate after new administration adjustment efforts; increased charter school enrollment of high-need underperforming students may contribute to result. Provides relevant data and gives insight to other potential >

Upgrading State Tests
May 2, 5:47 AM:

OH state tests enter last round before next year's change to online testing.  Look ahead to implementation and anticipates problems, considers solutions.

Growth Good, But Gap Persists
Aug 15, 7:04 AM:

New test results find gap closing between Hispanic and white kids in CO. Bad news:  At this pace it will take 30 years to close the gap.  Same holds true for low-income vs. wealthier kids.

Not Up To Par Under NCLB
Jul 31, 9:39 AM:

Number of ND schools have failed to meet AYP, standards established under No Child Left Behind. State has not received NCLB waiver, schools could face sanctions. 

Common Core Losing Support
Jul 15, 10:01 AM:

Testing controversy has found home in MI as concern over federal involvement leads Rep leaders to successfully bar Common Core funding. Exposes theoretical and historical background both locally and nationally.

Keeping NH Parents Informed
Jul 8, 10:48 AM:

Manchester Super works to improve curriculums in part by informing parents of class outlines. Hopes to follow Common Core by 2015, but for now districts retain autonomy from Common standards.

Better, But Long Way To Go
May 23, 5:40 AM:

Louisiana students are improving, according to latest data, but have long way to go. Traces scores across state. Voucher students included, but smartly notes that their group of only 500 makes comparison and stats difficult. >

Volunteers Flake on Commitment
May 21, 11:04 AM: The committee set up to close the achievement gap in a FL county will see a change in its bylaws after members have missed too many meetings to be effective. The bylaws will outline meeting times, training procedures and >
Cincinnati Prepares For Core
Oct 18, 3:25 PM:

As Common Core approaches, parents and educators discuss what the more rigorous standards mean as the city's ed report card drops this year. Not much insight, though, except that parent involvement is key.

High-Quality Goals
Oct 18, 1:47 PM:

Foundation provides University of NM funds to improve Latino preparedness, enrollment and completion of college. Program part of Goal 2025, with goal for 60% of population to have "high-quality" degrees/credentials.

Partnership For Preparedness
Oct 18, 1:40 PM:

Indiana State U collaborates with local HSs to help students and families know what it takes to succeed in college. Part of program is for ISU to train school staff. It's part of statewide initiative. 

STEM Grant From Verizon
Oct 18, 12:37 PM:

MA HS beneficiary of tech grant from Verizon. Funds target teacher training on incorporting iPads into insstruction. STEM subjects main focus. Company also launching student mobile app competition.

Not Enough On Reading Intervention
Oct 18, 10:58 AM:

CA district officials report that 2 reading intervention programs appear to be successful with kids struggling to read. No real data given (percents over time). No distinction provided between programs for younger & older kids. >

Achievement Gap Persists
Oct 18, 6:09 AM:

Boston-metro districts find minority students continue to not achieve at the same level as white counterparts. Multiple factors work against top performance. Successful district says everyone- can-learn culture is key. >

Race-Based Goals Wrong
Oct 18, 6:05 AM:

Outrage over FL Board setting race-based achievement goals. Plans defenders say what's needed is "honest conversation." Others, including Gov, argue it sends "wrong message." No hint if plan will be re-visited.

A “Hard Conversation”
Oct 18, 4:45 AM:

FL's setting of race-based achievement goals as interim step to all races achieving at same level by 2018 is being disavowed by some advocates, supers. Puts this "hard conversation" in context of NCLB and other state plans. >

Graduation Rates Drop
Oct 16, 6:12 AM:

New way of calculating who graduates leads to drop in graduation rate for most OH HSs. Focus now on tracking each individual. Lots here on numbers game, not much on what it takes to keep kids in school and learning.

Self-Paced Learning
Oct 12, 2:20 PM:

Individualized scheduling that allows a student to work in serious extracurriculars helping students in ME.  Video available that follows one student through her schedule. Unfortunately no data given on effectiveness.



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