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Comeback For No Child Left Behind
Dec 1, 8:49 AM:

Incoming committee chairman in Senate makes improvements to No Child Left Behind law top priority. Recognizes political reality that compromise necessary to receive presidential support. Currently, states operate under waiver >

Teacher Prep Improvements
Nov 26, 9:39 AM:

Obama administration proposes new rules that would penalize teacher-training programs that turn out ill-prepared graduates. Training programs that work well will be eligible to receive federal grants. Unions condemn the new >

CA Tight Superintendent Race
Oct 24, 5:47 AM:

Competitive race underway for California superintendent, between union backed incumbent and reformer labeled challenger. Race viewed as referendum on  state education system. Observers say it's historically been a low profile >

ELL Testing Pressure
Oct 20, 11:27 AM:

FL students who speak other languages have two years to learn English before state begins counting their test results.  Feds want to include English learners immediately, threaten to yank education waivers if state does not >

PA Unexpected Turn
Oct 10, 6:09 AM:

York City teachers and school officials surprised by alternative district turnaround plan. Initially under impression district would undergo complete charter conversion, now officials might try blended approach. Schools to be >

Safeguard For Failing Schools
Oct 7, 6:36 AM:

Parents in Brevard, FL concerned that some F-rated schools earn B-ratings, question integrity of “safety net” law protecting schools from dropping more than one grade. School officials say high turnover, school closures and >

Charter Kids Shine
Oct 7, 5:07 AM:

FL charter serving low income families awards over $30K in cash to students with high FCAT scores. Leader is grateful for private donor, says money used as incentive much like in business field.  Individual stories and school >

Testing New Evaluations
Oct 1, 6:51 AM:

NYC is changing school evaluation system by replacing grading system and test scores with focus on other crucial factors. While transparency is progressive and evaluations will be more accurate, notes less parental accessibility >

More Funding, No Progress?
Oct 1, 5:34 AM:

New Hanover, NC magnet schools receive additional funding but still find trouble in test score performance and fail to meet growth standards. Addresses where money is allocated but omits data to back-up improvements happening >

Tabling Testing
Sep 30, 9:13 AM:

FL superintendents present list of testing concerns to State Boad of Education, ask state to postpone grading system until districts can work out issues related to technology and public perception.  State Board member says many >



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