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Wisconsin posts largest white-black graduation gap
Oct 18, 6:26 AM: Wisconsin's high school graduation rate of 88.4% in 2015 was 6th highest nationally, according to new federal data that revealed a record high U.S. graduation rate Monday, but the state retains the unfortunate distinction of being >
Nation’s high school graduation rate reaches new record high
Oct 17, 7:08 AM: The nation’s high school graduation rose again in the 2014-2015 school year, reaching a new record high as more than 83 percent of students earned a diploma on time, according to federal data released Monday.
New survey ranks NM’s education system almost last in the nation
Aug 2, 8:07 AM: Out of 50 states and the District of Columbia, New Mexico’s education system ranks as the 50th worst, only slightly better than Louisiana, which came in dead last, and slightly worse than Alaska, according to a survey conducted by >
Not one Polk high school improves on Florida Standards Assessment test
Jul 14, 7:18 AM: Lakeland is not the only Polk County high school whose grade was lower. Not one of the 17 high schools received a higher grade this year than last.
Schools Can’t Accurately Measure Poor Students
Jul 1, 8:08 AM:

It's becoming more difficult for schools to accurately gauge the number of poor students they enroll – an important metric that's used for everything from doling out federal aid to tracking academic performance and measuring >

PARCC will count in CPS teacher and school ratings
Jun 30, 7:47 AM: A controversial computerized test will have real consequences for Chicago Public Schools teachers and students as soon as September 2017, according to CPS’ latest testing plans.
State plan promoted by Wyoming Department of Education
Jun 27, 7:01 AM: The Wyoming Department of Education has set up a website to allow people to track improvement as the state implements new policies.
Summertime Study
Jun 12, 8:50 AM:

Two FL districts follow national trend, use summer break to helps students in need of improvement.  Story looks at reading intervention for elementary level and remedial courses for at-risk high school students.  Online >

Reform Plans Ready
May 5, 6:17 AM:

Group of failing elementary schools in Broward County, FL outline turnaround efforts as part of state mandate to improve.  Plans result of community input, include changes in staff and coursework.  Story details building by >

Class Size Relief
Apr 23, 8:59 AM:

FL lawmakers don’t think it makes sense to fine schools that violate state’s class size law, consider bill to ease off.   Plan would allow districts to keep the fine money and use an average for the calculation.  Story notes >

MI Failing No More
Apr 17, 6:17 AM:

Twenty-seven school removed from priority schools list after demonstrating academic improvements. Superintendent praises use of data, learning gains. Schools must demonstrate continued gains, submit improvement plans.  >

Mini Testing Respite
Apr 15, 10:23 AM:

FL Governor signs bill to eliminate certain state mandated tests, suspends state grades until entire assessment system can be validated.  Advocates approve of measure, but say it doesn’t go far enough.  Unions want relief from >

Buffalo’s Mayoral Takeover
Apr 13, 5:47 AM:

Mayor expresses readiness to take over public school system to improve chronically failing schools. Cites too much infighting among Board of Education members. State Assemblywoman moves to authorize mayoral control before law >

Duncan’s Demands
Apr 10, 9:35 AM:

Education Secretary Arne Duncan lays out priorities for Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) reauthorization. Applauds bipartisan approach in Senate, calls for passage of some form of legislation. This weekend marks 50th >

FL Testing Roll Back
Apr 10, 9:33 AM:

FL lawmakers approve plan to shrink number of state tests, pause grading system until independent study of assessments complete.  District leaders pleased; have questioned validity of assessments for years.  Story notes surprise >

Senate Unveils NCLB Proposal
Apr 8, 8:39 AM:

Bipartisan proposal to reauthorize No Child Left Behind released by Senate Education Committee. Bill gives latitude to states and districts over how to spend federal funds for teacher evaluations and low-performing schools, >

FL Class Size Wiggle Room
Apr 7, 5:55 AM:

FL lawmakers try again to reverse cap on class sizes, say law does nothing to improve student achievement.   Proposal allows districts to use average across all classrooms to meet requirement. Story gives detailed history of >

Dallas Turnaround Plan
Apr 3, 7:06 AM:

District plans to improve six schools that are struggling. Changes include removing ineffective teachers, extending school day, requirements to improve failing assignments. Similar to other efforts in cities across country.  >

NV Hears About Takeover Bill
Mar 30, 7:18 AM:

Officials testify to describe legislation that would create statewide Achievement School District. District would be last resort for schools that fail to show progress. Schools could leave Achievement School District after >

Modest Mid-Year Improvement
Mar 27, 10:12 AM:

School chief in Duval Co (FL) recognizes more work needs to be done, but pleased with preliminary reports that show district’s worst schools are making progress.  School board still concerned about teacher turnover and large gap >



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