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NJ District Diploma Dilemma
Dec 10, 6:12 AM:

Takes state BOE to task for not asking why Camden's grad rate dropped while those across state grew 3%. Notes 23 of 26 schools under partial state control because failing. But, doesn't look at what's happening at other 3. Are >

Report Finds NY Falling Short
Dec 10, 5:46 AM:

Columbia Univ. researchers say poor school districts still struggling years after state mandated to spend more on ed. Attention on $$ but no mention of issues regarding how it's spent, which makes difference. Doesn't note data >

NYC School Of One
Dec 10, 5:39 AM:

Profiles personalized, student-centered learning approach used at 4 schools in city and in DC and Chicago. Notes showcased in RttT application. Couples examples of test score success with criticism based on study of just 1 year's >

OH Report Card Update
Dec 6, 8:17 AM:

State lawmakers adjusting new grading system to give schools credit for making sure students college or career ready. Describes reasons for change in wording following criticism from educators.

Schools Report Findings Bleak
Dec 5, 8:01 AM:

Study of Nashville classrooms shows poor performance in math and reading and lessons not engaging enough to keep student interest. Outlines results and profiles individual learning plans and other changes to attempt turnaround. >

Grad Numbers Mixed Picture
Dec 4, 1:05 PM:

Looks at stats on how many FL students receiving HS diplomas in 4 years. Notes Highland Co. 2011-12 rate lower than state, but outlines growth from previous years.

Improving Student Achievement
Dec 4, 7:42 AM:

5 low-performing Nashville (TN) schools to be part of national pilot program aimed at boosting performance. Looks at extended instruction time that's at core of effort and describes how school day can be expanded.

Opposing MI Takeover Power
Dec 4, 6:51 AM:

New coalition of educators joining forces to try to derail legislation on fast track to make Educational Achievement Authority stronger. Recaps ability to take charge of low-performing districts and opponent arguments. Background >

Frequent Moves, Lower Test Scores?
Dec 3, 2:01 PM:

Study finds students who change schools a lot don't do as well on tests. Describes in-depth look at results in OH's largest urban districts, but notes is problem in suburban and rural ones, too.

Detroit Math Time
Dec 3, 1:41 PM:

Teachers replace digital clocks with old-fashioned analog ones to help students learn more than how to tell time. Describes how used to teach fractions and geometry concepts.

Longer School Days And Years
Dec 3, 5:43 AM:

Overview of pilot program extending class time for students in some schools in CO, CT, MA, NY and TN. Outlines pro/con arguments against backdrop of need to improve performance and global competitiveness. Cites research from both >

New Measure Drops DC Diploma Numbers
Nov 30, 5:58 AM:

City's 4-year grad rate worst in nation at 59% in 2010-11, down from 76%. Describes change in method used to calculate figures and how supposed to improve accountability. Notes critics point out flaws in comparing different >

Reform Backlash Warning
Nov 29, 6:10 AM:

IN's outgoing Gov warns national ed conference about ongoing pushback from school choice and accountability opponents. Recaps ouster of state's Super and replacement with teacher and union leader and defeat of reform initiatives >

OH Accountability Plan Vote
Nov 28, 7:43 AM:

State House action on new, tougher school standards and report cards could come as early as tomorrow. Describes lawmaker efforts to get bill finished. Recaps opposition from critics worried moving too fast and that some systems >

Grad Rate Gap
Nov 28, 7:39 AM:

Analysis of 26-percentage point difference in number of white and black OH students who earn HS diploma. Looks at state-by-state comparison of fed stats. Notes acting state Super's call to raise expectations.

State Keeps Control Of MO District
Nov 28, 7:24 AM:

Academically-troubled Riverview Gardens schools will continue to be governed by Special Administrative Board. Recaps system's struggles. Describes coming change in leadership.

School Achieves Despite Challenges
Nov 26, 2:12 PM:

Northern KY elementary earns top honors for performance. Profile explores students demographics -- large #s of ELLs, low-income and special needs, and how emphasis on goal setting, parental involvement and teachers adapting to >

OH Exam Changes
Nov 26, 1:55 PM:

Q & A on forthcoming shift to tougher, standardized tests measuring college readiness. Info here on when new requirements begin, how/why implemented and where factors into students' final grade.

Detroit Accountability Battle
Nov 26, 6:29 AM:

Looks at legal fight over city's failing schools and effort of board to retake control of them following repeal of state's emergency manager law. Describes lawmaker efforts to keep EAA. Outlines changes made as well as >

LA Improved Performance
Nov 26, 5:42 AM:

Explores jump in high school scores statewide. Lots of numbers to show growth rate. Also notes  expected challenges ahead with transition to tougher Common Core standards.



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