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Student Data May Go Online
Apr 15, 4:39 PM:

FL Senate approves bill to create online student database. In addition to funding, the data affects school grades and teacher pay. Parents are concerned about who has access. The House is reviewing proposal to delay access to >

Spot On Standards
Apr 9, 6:52 AM:

Opinion piece where local TN principal applauds new social study standards.  Once disconnected, new curriculum is cumulative, well sequenced, connects events with locations.  Also praises TN history component that goes beyond >

Reasons For Cheating
Apr 8, 10:23 AM:

In light of court proceedings from Atlanta, GA, cheating case, the Wall Street Journal Review & Outlook pushes back on teachers union excuse that high-stakes testing puts pressure on educators and admins to cheat.

Welfare Linked To Student Performance
Apr 5, 8:52 AM:

News Sentinel editors say there is "serious disconnect" in high-profile TN bill linking welfare benefits to student achievement. Sponsor says proposal will force parents to become involved in schools, while opponents claim it >

Standardized Test Boycott
Apr 4, 2:24 PM:

NJ parents keep students home from school as a boycott against state testing. Schools use tests for measures of teacher quality as well as student performance, but parents argue the tests aren't accurate measures. Will the middle >

Dire Situation For District
Apr 3, 2:45 PM:

Many sacrifices must be made in order to fill the budget gap in the Philadelphia School District - 30 schools have already been closed. Article hints at the partisanship being experienced in the face of similar financial stress >

Protesting Standardized Tests
Apr 3, 11:32 AM:

Anti-testing activists urge FL parents to opt out of FCAT, citing too much pressure test puts on teachers, students. Legal consequences of not taking tests explored. Real consequences of not educating students, which is what >

Quite An Honor
Apr 1, 5:13 AM:

TN high school seniors face tougher graduation requirements this year, including benchmarks to qualify for state honors.  Article highlights one grads story about missing honors by a slight margin.  State says honors scores set >

The State of Schools In Camden
Mar 27, 11:22 AM:

NJ state has taken over Camden City school district where 23 out of 26 of the schools are in the lowest 5% academically in the state. The history of state-run districts has been spotty at best - but how does this compare to the >

Closing Achievement Gap: Not Worth Much
Mar 27, 4:37 AM:

Nashville looks at new school performance plan that gives little value to closing the achievement gap.  Academic performance, college readiness and public survey components make up the remaining measurement.  Plan created after >

Not One Size Fits All
Mar 25, 10:05 AM:

FL lawmakers look to create diploma designations to get more students to graduation. Clear sense that this is reaction to stricter standards, but left wondering how diploma tracks will impact students after graduation.  >

Considering Common Core Bill
Mar 13, 4:41 PM:

A bill that would repeal AL's adoption of Common Core education standards will be voted on in the state Senate. The Governor and the State Superintendent of Education are at odds on this one, but what are the two sides for? >

Districts Ahead Of Common Core
Mar 11, 1:12 PM:

CA school districts are already implementing plans to be ready for Common Core requirements when they take effect in 2015. Provides examples of how districts prepare but what gives little information on Common Core.

Costs and Benefits of Consolidation
Mar 11, 12:18 PM:

Closing a public school is always a tough choice, but it's hard to separate the real downsides from the nostalgia. All the arguments against consolidating failing schools are true on their face, but they only highlight the >

Is Closure Killing or Letting Die?
Mar 11, 11:48 AM:

W. Palm Beach must decide whether to turn around some of its failing charters or close them. Regardless of the alleged lack of district support, the issue is simple: charters that can't prove themselves early on should be closed. >

Misleading Numbers, Tired Solutions
Mar 11, 11:28 AM:

Achievement in Omaha Public Schools is grossly inadequate, but that's about all we can glean from this article. The author claims that some schools have narrowed the gap, but persistently misleads by comparing black students in >

Is Holding Kids Back Tough Love?
Mar 11, 10:58 AM:

More states are passing laws to retain children in 3rd grade who don't make the reading proficiency cut. It's true that retention doesn't address the root of the problem and that gains for retained kids fade over time, but the >

School Choice Bill “Changed”
Mar 11, 10:22 AM:

AL state senator prepared to testify in court that school choice bill approved by Legislature is not the same. Alabama Accountability Act is the bill in question, paints a clear picture of the argument but what is the actual bill >

WV Reform Bill Raises Big Questions
Mar 8, 12:41 PM:

Gov. Tombiln's ed reform bill touches on many issues including hiring of teachers, and the TFA program. Gives a good overview of main issues but no real background for WV ed legislation.

Common Core and Tech. - A New Standard
Mar 8, 12:02 PM:

Some CA districts are using technology in conjunction with traditional methods to implement their Common Core State Standards. Touches upon blended learning and Common Core issues but doesn't go into either in any kind of depth. >



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