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Graduation Uptick
Jan 22, 6:21 AM:

National grad rate of 78.2% up about 3% from last year, but U.S. competitiveness still a concern. Offers explanations for uptick while emphasizing economic importance of graduating. Can't forget quality of degree, not just act of >

Common Core v. Indiana Standards
Jan 17, 7:49 AM:

A state hearing on whether or not to keep the Common Core would have been a great opportunity to explore if the opponents of the new national standards are right about Indiana' s standards being better and providing insights into >

Common Core Questions
Jan 15, 7:31 PM:

State senator wants IN to not use national Common Core Standards. He feels, as many opponents do, that original state benchmarks were higher. No explanation of whether or state standards were higher but both sides in debate are >

WVA’s New Gov on Reform
Jan 15, 7:17 AM:

EIther Gov Tomblin didn't know what else the state has discussed to improve schools or he just didn't mention it, but he made education a priority at least, it was caught by the press and this suggests the Charleston Daily will >

Rethinking #1 Rating
Jan 10, 6:06 AM:

MD rated number one again in Quality Counts report. But ratings include factors like school funding and teacher support. Doesn't it make more sense to rate states according to their outputs, not inputs? At least recognition here >

Grading Schools On Outputs
Jan 10, 5:50 AM:

Parents of "well-regarded" Okla. school shocked by "C" grade from state. Explains states across nation starting to grade schools based on outputs, like progress among lowest performing students. Would've been perfect opportunity >

Deliver Results Or Shut Down
Jan 9, 5:37 AM:

26 schools on NYC closure list prompts discussion of how much time a school should be given to prove itself. Union president points out only 6 of 24 schools saved last yr. (by union-prompted lawsuit) reappear on this year's list. >

Portland Plan Go Far Enough?
Jan 8, 8:43 AM:

OR district looks to improve 63% graduation rate. Gist of report is raising expectations and finding programs that offer students best fit. But, all suggestions are within current system -- no pause to consider how reforms that >

Homework Turned Classwork
Jan 8, 8:15 AM:

NM math teacher questions if homework truly effective, and allows class time for students to complete would-be homework problems. Biggest question is when kids learn techniques and fundamentals. Practice sounds a lot like flipped >

PR For TN Blob
Jan 8, 8:14 AM:

Opposition in TN to StudentsFirst policy report hogs spotlight here. Critics say report is just tool to advance an agenda and what really matters are things like small class size. Too bad that's a tactic that's been tried and >

Goodbye Graduation Test
Jan 7, 8:34 AM:

As part of its move to the common core, OH is among the states changing their testing regimes, moving to end-of-course tests based more on what kids are learning.  Limited view of the challenges that this state faces.

School Grants Yield Little Results
Jan 7, 6:57 AM:

Sad story of only 7 out of 27 Paterson NJ third-graders who passed the state's reading test, despite an "infusion of milions of dollars in federal grants."  Yet school gets credited for minute gains without any real intensive >

New State Report Card
Jan 7, 5:37 AM:

Another report card for states, as Students First releases its new policy report, heavily focussed on teacher quality measures.  No As, 12 F's, and many states have lots of work to do, but then, that's been clear for years and >

Math Excitement In Detroit
Jan 3, 7:46 AM:

MI district uses Project SEED to get students excited about math. Program engages students, but untold of results elsewhere in nation. History of Project SEED put in context of U.S. students lagging globally.

Changing School Culture
Jan 2, 8:10 AM:

Mixed results for turnarounds in NM district. Biggest impact is change in school culture, but difficult to measure. Left out of discussion is other turnaround methods and how long students have to wait for this turnaround method >

GA Students Catch “Math Bug”
Dec 28, 1:17 PM:

New campaign aimed at improving Dade Co. K-12 students' lagging math scores. Describes push for hands-on, real-life lessons and community and business involvement. Showcases innovative ways of teaching subject.

WI Implementing Common Core
Dec 27, 2:31 PM:

Looks at transition to tougher curriculum in math and reading in schools in state. Gives examples of how lessons different. Recaps what standards supposed to accomplish.

LA Tougher Standards
Dec 26, 3:12 PM:

Overview of transition to Common Core and implications for students and teachers. Looks at more stringent testing and how educators must shift how they do jobs.

Gearing Up For Common Core
Dec 26, 7:36 AM:

All about Common Core implementation in FL. Costs, aim of comparing student achievement state-by-state, controversy of standardized testing all covered, yet there's nothing on why some think Common Core isn't a good idea because >

Analyzing FL AP Class Results
Dec 24, 8:07 AM:

Questions whether Advanced Placement courses worth it for students. Looks at pros/cons. But really consider fact that statistically, any time more take test, number of those not passing will also increase. Doesn't necessarily >



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