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“A Mountain To Climb”
Nov 2, 3:01 PM:

KY released new test scores based on more rigorous tests and Super notes they have "a mountain to climb." Overall, discouraging news. Lots of data points on schools and districts.

KY School Rankings Released
Nov 2, 2:45 PM:

Another story on state's school report cards, profiling 3 districts at bottom of heap. New model has different categories than NCLB. KY Ed Chief says between label of "needs improvement" and NCLB's "failing." No news on any >

Teacher Innovates Lessons
Nov 2, 1:02 PM:

Profile of Kennesaw (GA) teacher combining music, art and history to educate students and provide "deeper understanding" of each subject as mandated in new state core curriculum. Describes method and showcases class projects. >

IL District Beats Average
Nov 2, 12:35 PM:

More than 90% of Naperville schools meet or exceed goals on state tests. Describes report card, noting also shows little to no growth over last year's results as NCLB mandates. Lots of numbers, including rundown of individual >

New Exam, Lower Scores
Nov 2, 11:11 AM:

KY is 1st state to adopt national Common Core Standards and test on them. Describes results showing 70% of schools ranking in "needs improvement" category and outlines reasons why. Lists high and low performers. Recaps reform >

KY Unbridled Accountability
Nov 2, 11:00 AM:

Jefferson Co. scores place district near bottom of state's new ranking system based on Common Core Standards, though some individual schools have high scores. Outlines how performance measured and includes lots of numbers. Tells >

Unbridled Learning Program
Nov 2, 10:54 AM:

New test scores from new system show which KY schools met mark and which failed. Context on testing, particularly as part of Common Core. New Super, head of bottom-scoring school, says we expected as much & are working to turn >

KY District Achievement Results
Nov 2, 10:48 AM:

Brief overview of Jefferson Co. schools performance on statewide tests now based on Common Core Standards. Notes near bottom of rankings and describes warning given that scores might be lower because of new system.

Testing Changes
Nov 2, 6:27 AM:

KY's latest test finds nearly 70% of schools "need improvement." Prior to release, ed officials tried to prep parents that scores would be lower because bar was raised. In some cases, high-performing schools "tripped up" because >

NE Standards Set Expectations
Nov 1, 3:13 PM:

Overview of addtional info in state's revised social studies requirements. Describes content areas addressed and effort to give guidance but not set curriculum. Notes criticism that plan is too vague. More attention needed on >

Report Card Data
Nov 1, 2:39 PM:

TN district finds moderate to significant improvement in newly released report card. State Ed head says report cards offer parents broad-based info on condition of education. He and others say focus on closing gap key.

Reading Growth, Math Lags
Nov 1, 2:31 PM:

One TN elementary school boasts improvement in reading, science and social study scores, but not in math. Other grade schools met or exceeded bar. District leader says more attention must be paid to all, including sub groups. >

Honors For Improvement
Nov 1, 2:25 PM:

Top performance and largest improvement bring kudos to 3 GA county Title 1 schools. Weaves in congratz from key officials and a bit on what schools did to encourage students forward.

Actions Invalidate Student Scores
Nov 1, 1:37 PM:

Nearly 2 dozen CA schools won't have their Academic Performance Index (API) numbers released. Describes various "adult testing irregularities" cited as reasons, what they really mean and impact on students.

Achievements And Challenges
Nov 1, 1:12 PM:

TN districts meet accountability standards and do well on state tests but continue to struggle with year-over-year student improvement. Doesn't look at what may be causing problem.

TN District Top Achievement
Nov 1, 12:35 PM:

Wilson Co. schools get straight A's on state report card. Explores performance, including efforts to close achievement gap and increases in scores of African American and Latino students. Notes role of data collection in helping >

Withdrawal Of Funds
Nov 1, 7:30 AM:

State funds to improve schools cut off to 5 of CO's lowest-performing ones since no forward movement detected. Appeal process in place, but districts must be very clear on how they will improve.

Information For Parent Power
Nov 1, 7:12 AM:

TN's school report cards arm parents with info to choose best school for their child or to stir up changes in their school. Both achievement & value added testing included. Overall state making gains in achievement. >

GA Title I Academic Gains
Nov 1, 7:07 AM:

Looks at performance of state's "Reward Schools" and progress made in closing achievement gap. Notes new accountability system. Doesn't provide numbers but lists individual districts and names high performers.  >

The Academic Challenge
Nov 1, 6:32 AM:

MO school promotes the Webster Challenge, with goal to decrease achievement gap. Entire staff involved as mentors; college info trips planned; increases access to scholarships. Need data to compare to non-Challenge schools. >



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