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Analyzing FL AP Class Results
Dec 24, 8:07 AM:

Questions whether Advanced Placement courses worth it for students. Looks at pros/cons. But really consider fact that statistically, any time more take test, number of those not passing will also increase. Doesn't necessarily >

Audit Questions Achievements
Dec 21, 8:18 AM:

Columbus (OH) internal probe shows student data changes boosted districts grade on report card and means grad rates should also be looked at. Recaps state investigation of attendance info, but lets Super give reasons/excuses >

Banding Against Testing
Dec 21, 7:52 AM:

Charlotte (NC) Super speaks out against state exams. Notes other Supers joining testing opposition. Excuses like needing more time to develop good tests hog spotlight. Fails to mention fact that kids across U.S. are graduating >

OK Accountability
Dec 20, 7:09 AM:

State DOE collects demographic data and will release it along with school grades hoping it will provide context. Doesn't explore whether or how info will be used to address performance issues revealed in report.

OKC One Kid Challenge
Dec 19, 8:24 AM:

Looks at new initiative pairing struggling students with adult volunteers to boost math and reading performance at Oklahoma City middle school receiving "D" grade in statewide eval. Outlines attendance and academic challenges. >

GA District In Crisis
Dec 18, 12:22 PM:

Accreditation agency puts DeKalb Co. on probation, accusing board of in-fighting, mismanagement and letting academics slip. Looks at potential impact of decision and options for change, including state removal of leadership. >

MD School Performance Measures
Dec 18, 5:48 AM:

Montgomery Co. Super criticizes aspects of state's new rating system even though his district fared well. Notes complaints about new labels based on test data, but doesn't say how he'd change things to better demonstrate >

New FL Schools Chief
Dec 17, 1:52 PM:

Tony Bennett Q&A covering school choice, teacher evals, testing and other issues. Notes need to communicate better. Gives assessment of election loss in IN, saying wasn't rejection of reform efforts.

DeKalb District Decision Day
Dec 17, 7:05 AM:

Regional accrediting agency to report results today from investigation into complaints school board mismanaged finances and interferred in personnel decisions. Briefly looks at potential penalties and impact on community.

Charter Achievement Questions
Dec 17, 6:16 AM:

New report says DC charters fail to show gains since 2007. But, no background on nonprofit or potential pitfalls with research, which are only lightly mentioned near end of article when charter official warns about knowing how >

MT Schools Revamp
Dec 14, 7:34 AM:

State lawmaker unveils reform plan calling for implementation of Common Core Standards and funding changes. Describes bill provisions and reasons behind push for proposal. Doesn't look at prospects for passage.

High Performers Earn Freedom
Dec 13, 8:09 AM:

GA schools getting "As" or "Bs" to receive flexibility in how they use state resources. Describes state lawmaker's comments about revising funding formula. But, story also addresses charter amendment. Doesn't make connection >

FL Leader On Voucher Testing
Dec 13, 7:46 AM:

Gov. Scott says students attending private schools on tax-credit scholarships should take same FCAT exams as those in trads, something that currently doesn't happen. Looks at how similar to critics' arguments. But, nothing impact >

WY School Power Move
Dec 13, 7:26 AM:

Select committee calls for legislation taking accountability duties away from state Super's and ed agency and giving them to BOE. Lots of lawmaker comments and info on consultants' criticism, but nothing clearly states exact >

WI District Seeks Academic Solutions
Dec 13, 7:13 AM:

Madison Super and local gov leaders brainstorm on ways to close achievement gap, saying strong core curriculum and community support needed. Doesn't include stats showing scope of problem or explore teachers' role in making >

Buffalo Schools Transformation Model
Dec 13, 7:08 AM:

Overview of NY district's plan to transfer principals out of low-performing schools if they've been on job 3 years. Looks at rules governing process, employees impacted and potential threat of legal action against system. >

NJ District School Woes
Dec 13, 6:56 AM:

New report finds Newark's most disadvantaged students attending city's poorest performing trads and charters. Doesn't say if study look at reasons for failure. Only briefly notes 7 successes. No mention of what they're doing to >

State Dollars, Same Exams
Dec 12, 2:32 PM:

FL Gov says private schools accepting vouchers should be required to give students standardized tests given to those in public classrooms. Describes split with fellow GOPers but doesn't say whether he'll push lawmakers on issue. >

“A” Is For Accountability
Dec 12, 7:10 AM:

New grading system for OH schools on Legislature's agenda today. Looks at how students to be measured and uncertainty of what it takes to earn specific letter grades. Notes state BOE and DOE still have to outline criteria. >

Ranking American Students Globally
Dec 11, 5:37 AM:

Two new reports compare performance of 4th and 8th graders with international peers. Describes how trail in math and science, but notes results closer in reading. Exam info doesn't fully explore exactly how test takers chosen. >



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