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OH Accountability Plan Vote
Nov 28, 7:43 AM:

State House action on new, tougher school standards and report cards could come as early as tomorrow. Describes lawmaker efforts to get bill finished. Recaps opposition from critics worried moving too fast and that some systems >

Grad Rate Gap
Nov 28, 7:39 AM:

Analysis of 26-percentage point difference in number of white and black OH students who earn HS diploma. Looks at state-by-state comparison of fed stats. Notes acting state Super's call to raise expectations.

State Keeps Control Of MO District
Nov 28, 7:24 AM:

Academically-troubled Riverview Gardens schools will continue to be governed by Special Administrative Board. Recaps system's struggles. Describes coming change in leadership.

School Achieves Despite Challenges
Nov 26, 2:12 PM:

Northern KY elementary earns top honors for performance. Profile explores students demographics -- large #s of ELLs, low-income and special needs, and how emphasis on goal setting, parental involvement and teachers adapting to >

OH Exam Changes
Nov 26, 1:55 PM:

Q & A on forthcoming shift to tougher, standardized tests measuring college readiness. Info here on when new requirements begin, how/why implemented and where factors into students' final grade.

Detroit Accountability Battle
Nov 26, 6:29 AM:

Looks at legal fight over city's failing schools and effort of board to retake control of them following repeal of state's emergency manager law. Describes lawmaker efforts to keep EAA. Outlines changes made as well as >

LA Improved Performance
Nov 26, 5:42 AM:

Explores jump in high school scores statewide. Lots of numbers to show growth rate. Also notes  expected challenges ahead with transition to tougher Common Core standards.

Testing Ratchets Up For OH
Nov 21, 8:05 AM:

More rigorous testing expected, with equally tougher Common Core-based instruction. Students will take the college-readiness exam and subject tests. Readiness exams not yet developed. May use ACT.

STAR Students Shine
Nov 20, 10:48 AM:

Profile of Pittsburgh school's academic accomplishments under new effort rewarding progress on state tests. Explores how works, improvement in scores and bonuses for teachers.

CT School Success
Nov 20, 10:07 AM:

Profile of St. Bernard that credits faculty for student AP scores that best state and national averages by double digits. Describes teacher experience levels and longevity as well as other factors thought to contribute to high >

WY District Boosts Performance
Nov 19, 1:43 PM:

Elementary and middle schools in Fremont Co. raise test scores and end downward spiral. Describes process and changes made to curriculum as well as impact of geographic remoteness on system.

CA Latino Student Achievement
Nov 19, 11:45 AM:

Merced Union High and Ceres Unified rank near top in nation for Hispanic grad rates. Describes challenges faced and how each addressed them to produce success.

CO District Achievement Changes
Nov 19, 11:33 AM:

Explores state's move to new standards, noting how Garfield Re-2 staffers volunteered to help re-tool curriculum to reflect new concept-based learning.

OK Money On Hold
Nov 19, 11:22 AM:

Describes how Title I funding for low-performing schools not distributed because state hasn't yet identified "Priority" or "Focus" sites necessary for dollars to be released. Looks at impact on classrooms and districts. >

IA School Success Model
Nov 16, 12:22 PM:

Profile of Davenport's Madison School turnaround from one of worst to best performers. Notes given award. Describes "Direct Instruction" teaching technique credited with turnaround. Includes student views as well as teachers. >

OH Schools National Honor
Nov 16, 12:13 PM:

Showcases Arcadia HS as one of 6 in state earning National Blue Ribbon designation. Notes but doesn't explore test scores and standards needed to get award.

NE Curriculum Fault Lines
Nov 16, 11:46 AM:

Statewide teleconference on content of social studies classes and standards for them showcases politics of climate change and American exceptionalism. Describes debate over what to teach and arguments from both sides.

KS Board Issues
Nov 16, 11:34 AM:

Overview of subjects on state BOE agenda at recent meeting. Most attention student-teacher relations. Statewide testing and science ed need closer look given confusion about subjects described here.

TX On Track For New Rating
Nov 16, 7:17 AM:

Ed head says lowering achievement gap will be top consideration as state reworks its school rating system. Other measures are test scores, student growth and post-HS readiness. Approach so far has child advocate's approval. >

LA Tests More Difficult
Nov 15, 1:48 PM:

Describes changes to annual assessment and explores how it'll be tougher. Notes new schedules provided to districts and that results won't fully count until 2014-15.



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