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Project RED
Nov 9, 4:52 PM:

National program partly sponsored by INTEL selects 20 districts to participate in creating effective use of technology in classrooms. Several schools from PA chosen.  Goal is to become model tech districts.

TN’s Achieving Schools
Nov 9, 4:27 PM:

The state's "shapeless" Achievement School District takes on some of the 10 low-performing schools in Memphis area, while charters takeover the rest. Teachers already notified and could be re-hired. Pay based on student >

NE Standards Feedback
Nov 9, 2:28 PM:

State posts new social studies guidelines on DOE website for public comment. Describes who is speaking out and what they're saying. Notes debate about subject matter included/excluded.

Future Achievement Questions
Nov 9, 12:37 PM:

PA district Super worries about students continuing to meet ever increasing standards. Describes current successful performance but doesn't explore reasons for saying there's no way higher goals can't be met.

Capitol Commitment To Graduate
Nov 9, 6:57 AM:

D.C. changed the way it counts grad rates to "on-time" measure, which saw drop in grad rate this year. Reports on charters, which beat traditional average. Magnets had highest grad rate, though.

LA School Celebrates Achievement
Nov 8, 1:37 PM:

Profiles Haynes Academy in Jefferson Parish, which is home to more National Merit Semifinalists than any other in district and 4th most in state. Describes test-prep course. Recaps performance of overall system.

Instability Of Student Mobility
Nov 8, 8:31 AM:

OH study finds significant mobility of students, particularly in several districts including Columbus. Test scores of movers drop. Steers toward solutions, which will look at impact, if any, of choice.

Overcrowded Solutions
Nov 7, 1:48 PM:

RI Board calls for extra teachers or aides in classrooms that are overcrowded. Concern is that kids will fall behind in large classrooms. Ignores research that suggests size doesn't matter, but teacher quality does.

IL District Performance Reviewed
Nov 6, 2:40 PM:

Good news, bad news for Bureau Co. schools on statewide achievement tests. Lots of numbers and rundown of schools. Looks at those meeting/exceeding standards as well as ones whose scores fell. Also notes who did/didn't make AYP. >

OR Elementary’s Uphill Climb
Nov 6, 1:34 PM:

Profile of what Title I school, Mapleton, is doing to improve student performance after low ranking. Describes state's new intervention plan and work of coach assigned to help out.

KY Ranking Reaction
Nov 6, 12:40 PM:

Chronicles mixed reviews of state's new testing system. Describes educator concerns, including whether they school and district comparisons fair. Looks at whether results surprising.

Testing Trauma
Nov 5, 4:26 PM:

Role of state testing talking point at MA public meeting. Participants, teacher/labor/local leaders, say initially tests were to be diagnostic, but now they are punitive. Urban kids fare poorly and teachers "forced" to teach to >

TIght Budget But Top Scores
Nov 5, 2:03 PM:

An OH district earns top scores from state DOE and does it all on a tight budget.  It spends about $2,500 less per student than other districts.  Adds in history of delay in school report cards due to cheating scandal around >

Benefits Of Arts Education
Nov 5, 1:11 PM:

Glimpse into arts program intertwined in one of Louisiana parish's schools. Details on some elements of program and how arts is tied into academia and common core standards.

AYP’s Impact
Nov 5, 12:37 PM:

While IL waits to see if fed grant it NCLB waiver, schools assessed based on AYP. Most do poorly. One generally high-performing HS deficient with special need population. Super pooh-poohs low rank, denying "no child" in NCLB. >

PA School Honored
Nov 5, 12:23 PM:

Stevens Elementary recognized for student achievement. Explores how success accomplished with those from disadvantaged background and  showcases "Catching Kids Up" program. Notes has made AYP for several years.

At-Risk Online
Nov 5, 8:23 AM:

Charges waged against traditional FL district for "strongly encouraging" failing students to withdraw to boost school stats and, instead, attend off-campus online learning program. Complaints that online is sub par. Compares to >

Report Cards Tell Partial Story
Nov 5, 6:21 AM:

Comparison of trads and charters performance in OH and specifically Lima. Looks at numbers, but doesn't fully consider how much ground at-risk students have to make up nor does it list any year-to-year numbers to judge >

Heats On In ID
Nov 2, 4:51 PM:

Campaigning for/against 3 reform props heating up. Pro side claims national unions putting up big bucks to stop reform, similar to 1986 right-to-work battle. Supporters: Wiithout measures, big losers are accountability & kids. >

“A Mountain To Climb”
Nov 2, 3:01 PM:

KY released new test scores based on more rigorous tests and Super notes they have "a mountain to climb." Overall, discouraging news. Lots of data points on schools and districts.



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