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Misleading Numbers, Tired Solutions
Mar 11, 11:28 AM:

Achievement in Omaha Public Schools is grossly inadequate, but that's about all we can glean from this article. The author claims that some schools have narrowed the gap, but persistently misleads by comparing black students in >

Is Holding Kids Back Tough Love?
Mar 11, 10:58 AM:

More states are passing laws to retain children in 3rd grade who don't make the reading proficiency cut. It's true that retention doesn't address the root of the problem and that gains for retained kids fade over time, but the >

School Choice Bill “Changed”
Mar 11, 10:22 AM:

AL state senator prepared to testify in court that school choice bill approved by Legislature is not the same. Alabama Accountability Act is the bill in question, paints a clear picture of the argument but what is the actual bill >

WV Reform Bill Raises Big Questions
Mar 8, 12:41 PM:

Gov. Tombiln's ed reform bill touches on many issues including hiring of teachers, and the TFA program. Gives a good overview of main issues but no real background for WV ed legislation.

Common Core and Tech. - A New Standard
Mar 8, 12:02 PM:

Some CA districts are using technology in conjunction with traditional methods to implement their Common Core State Standards. Touches upon blended learning and Common Core issues but doesn't go into either in any kind of depth. >

Common Core In TN
Mar 8, 7:24 AM:

Local education leader details the debate surrounding federal common core standards in TN and finally concludes that time will be the final factor in determining their effectiveness.

All Grades Are Not Created Equally
Mar 6, 1:06 PM:

OK considers restructuring school evaluation system to make grades more fair and less harsh. Shows that not all grading systems are created equal, but leaves out most details on how new system will be different.

Grad Rate Hot Potato
Mar 6, 12:35 PM:

Logos Public Charter School faces difficulty of graduating students that are not suited for the school model. Acknowledges that graduation rates may not be completely accurate, but does not propose a reliable plan for actually >

Achievement Transparency
Mar 5, 7:15 AM:

Opinion piece supports legislation that would make SAT and ACT data part of schools' report cards. Thinks this information will help public, parents have better understanding of students' college-readiness.

GO For Community Action
Mar 4, 3:30 PM:

CA Great Oakland Public Schools releases academic performance report with the intent of increasing accountability and community involvement. While the sentiment is great, it leaves one questioning what will be done to actually >

Big Data, Meet Big Ed
Mar 4, 12:17 PM:

Comprehensive K-12 student data systems offer promising tools to educators, and they're shaping up to be the story to watch at the SXSWedu conference in Austin. There's no way that big data will "save education in America", but >

NCLB Waivers Obscure Grad Rates
Feb 13, 12:34 PM:

New study finds many states that received waivers from NCLB are not following federal rules for reporting graduation rates. It's strange that the waiver plans were approved if this is true, can't the feds enforce their own rules? >

VA Moves On Grading, Takeovers
Feb 6, 7:16 AM:

State Senate passes state takeover and A-F grading of schools legislation. Opposition mainly from Dems, saying A-F grading just a gimmick & questioning what state will do differently than local boards. Would benefit from looking >

Testing Pushback
Feb 4, 5:29 AM:

Well-known reformer goes on TV to promote new book. Addresses focus on standardized testing, which has increasingly come under fire as of late. Resistance to testing largely from unions. Rhee pushes back, emphasizing system too >

Closer To Grading VA Schools
Feb 1, 6:03 AM:

Senate panel passes measure to assign schools A through F grades. Measure allowing state to take over continually failing schools also passed. Grades help parents & public understand school quality. No look outside VA though at >

Upset By School Closings
Jan 30, 5:51 AM:

Protestors gather outside US DOE pushing for stop to school closings nationwide. Budget shortfalls, competition from charters cited as reasons for closures. Told little research exists on impact closings have on achievement, but >

Changing DC Grad Requirements
Jan 25, 6:53 AM:

Board wants to increase PE, art, & music requirements. Concern rules would take away time for AP classes or extra help. Zero here on rationale behind proposal that's likely a result of recently released graduation rates.  >

Controversy Over Student Achievement
Jan 25, 6:28 AM:

Changes to the way PA dept looks at charter data stirs controversy. Ignores debate about new data system, but focuses on series of events leading up to new measurements.

Growth And Gaps In Durham
Jan 24, 4:59 PM:

NC schools noting some progress, but still behind on key issues. Graduation rates increasing, but reading levels still lagging behind. No mention of specifics as to what is the plan of action to correct course.

Grad Rates Just One Measure
Jan 22, 6:30 AM:

National graduation rate is highest its been in 40 yrs. Lots of attention on formula changes, progress among demographic groups. Slight mention of economic impact, but nothing about global competitiveness or how quality of degree >



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